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Sister Lucia of Fatima – “Russia is going to punish The World!” 3rd Secret revealed.

Saturday, October 17, 2015 4:55
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Sister Lucia of Fatima – “Russia is going to punish The World!” 3rd Secret revealed. According to prepperfortress “Besides the Message of Fatima given by Our Lady to the general public in the series of apparitions from May 13th to October 13th, She confided on July 13th, 1917, a Secret which was to be given later to all the faithful by Sister Lucy and the Church authorities.”

“This Secret is divided into three distinct parts and Sister Lucy with the approval of her bishop revealed the first two parts in 1941. The third part was written down between January 2nd and January 9th, 1944, under holy obedience to her bishop and after Our Lady of Fatima appeared to Sister Lucy confirming that indeed God wanted the third part of the Secret to be now written. (This third part of the Secret is commonly referred to as the Third Secret). The Pope and the Bishop of Leiria could read it immediately.”

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  • unidentified

    the vatican has had plenty of predictions go pass without happening

  • magusincognito

    The Vatican has no credibility. The 6th Post-Atlantean Epoch will be the Russian Epoch. And there are specific (esoteric) reasons for this. Get over it.

  • Cara

    Maybe that is so, but that is not what Pope John Paul II said about the Third Secret, when asked, at Fulda, Germany in 1980.

    “Given the seriousness of the contents, my predecessors in the Petrine office diplomatically preferred to postpone publication so as not to encourage the world power of Communism to make certain moves.

    “On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this: if there is a message in which it is written that the oceans will flood whole areas of the earth, and that from one moment to the next millions of people will perish, truly the publication of such a message is no longer something to be so much desired.”

    • truthseeker4809

      So there were two different Fatima prophecies.
      First one is in the process of being fulfilled. No one knew how Russia could be involved in the world affair.

      Now we have to wait for the next one that is going to the real kicker. People will be killed by the worldwide flood. The real reason the DUMB was built.

      • Judge Roy Bean

        There is no world wide flood coming.

    • albertan

      That was not the true Third Secret. It was made up to appease the masses We will never hear it. Listen to Father Malachi Martin talk to Art Bell about it on the Coast to Coast radio show in the early 1990′s. That’s as close as we will get to hearing what it is about. Father Martin was privy to reading it when he was in the Vatican. Worth the listen.

  • my2pesos

    Smiles Not ~ Sin Molest

  • AngeloBB

    I’ve been away from the Catholic Church for 15 years (I’m in my early 30′s) and I hated Christ and the Catholic Church. I didn’t believe in Christ, even worse the corrupt Catholic Church. But something called me back one night as I saw the world in decay…I can’t believe that Catholic priests are not aware of the many prophecies the church has approved that is happening right this minute. I learned so many things that I almost had a panic attack when I found that Jesus Christ is very real, and Satan is also very real. Even more shocking was the only Church of Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church. The reason people think so poorly of her is because the masons have infiltrated and destroy it from within and Satan has had an all out attack on priests. These are things predicted 400 years ago , search Our Lady of Good Success. As for the third secret of Fatima, I know parts of it but I rather not scare people with it. But it is the more horrifying thing in the history of the world…it’s one billion times worse than a nightmare. I have never be so close the Christ and his mother. It’s important that people learn the truth Catholic faith and watch out when leaders of the Church even as hight as the Pope is preaching ….you have no idea who many of those people are. For the most part many are not even Catholics…they are imposters. Pray hard people and remember salvation is only through the Catholic Church.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Salvation is not thru the great whore church called Roman Catholicism. It is a hybrid church that teaches like the Pharisees did, for the tradition of men rather than the commandments of Yahweh. Real Christianity is not tied to organized religion and follows the bible not men.

      That means these Christians don’t mess with paganism and keep the Sabbath day along with the other nine commandments.

    • UselessEater

      No way!

      The Bible tells us to abandon her! (purper ropes, that’s vatican all right)

      two simple things:

      1 The holy Spirit is the replacement of Jesus on Earth, not the Pope!!
      2 Scripture tells us not to make idols, what do Catholics have? yep statues of maria and such.

      You’ve got it all wrong, in the end days Jesus tells us to get out of the church because off the many false prophets whom will manifest them self’s..

    • Aeneas

      “…I know parts of it but I rather not scare people with it…” Lucky we have your great wisdom and judgement to determine what we can and cannot handle. The scariest thing I can imagine is having you being the arbiter of truth and the censor of god’s message to humanity. Jesus Christ is the truth, you aren’t. In denying us your knowledge of the secret you’re withholding the truth. You’re nothing but an end-times anti-christ (lower case ‘a’ is intentional). Tell us the secret or fuck off.

  • TruthSeeker

    Russia is saving the world

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      For what? To be screwed by the filthy jew bag money changers again? If Russia would kill every single International Banker that would be impressive- but they better get every lawyer, lobbyist and filthy used-car sales/Politician on the planet while they are at it. Plus killing all religions before religions kill all the people would be necessary to ‘save’ the world- but still I ask for what?

  • Klemens

    The third part of the secret revealed at the Cova da Iria, Fatima, on July 13, 1917:

  • Klemens

    Consecration of France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus 1689

    King Louis XIV. did not make the Consecration of France!
    1789 – exactly 100 years later the Freemasons took over France in a very bloody terrorist act!

    Next year we do have got 99 years of no Consecration of Russia.

    • Jax

      The links you posted are sending readers to web pages controlled by free-masons.
      They are all lies; Stay away from those.

      Here is an original copy penned and signed by sister Lucia herself with her own thumb print as proof.

      The links @Klemens provides shows the fraudulent letters penned by the free-mason group known as
      Franciscanos Capuchihos of Portugal. Below is a photo of them posing “The Hidden Hand” which clearly
      proves they are a free-mason group. Page down towards the bottom for photo.

      The point of all this is to post the truth in contrast to the lies of above poster @Klemens
      I am in no way religious and always for truth.

  • Aristotle

    How does a benign Deity send floods and fires on all, when some on earth have done nothing to deserve such indiscriminate slaughter? Who wants a God like that? Fatima “secrets” really do not appear t have been by way of apparitions at all. They were made up. All knew there was going to be another World War in 1917 and all knew Russia was a monster founded by Bolshevik Jews.


    Discovery of the century and no one is talking about it. Connect the dots and see the significance. It will blow you away.

  • Pink Slime

    I read the Catholic church may have KILLED the most people in the world! More than Stalin, more than Mao, etc. So how can they EVER have the truth?

    • albertan

      If you are referring to the Christian Crusade, yes, the Christians killed a lot of Muslims IN SELF DEFENSE! They didn’t start it, the Muslims did.

      • Pink Slime

        Catholics aren’t really Christians. It’s a man’s religion. 666.

  • sean michael blacab

    Oh ya Russia takes the high ground,oligarchs scumbags and putin
    is a 33 degree mason.GALEN WINSOR WATCH and see what he
    says was given to russia at the close of WW2.You fight for life,
    or you fight for death simple,carry a gun you are fighting for death.
    Carry your heart fight for life and CHESTAHEDRON.Good people
    of the world,you are behind enemy lines evey system is a system
    of ABOMINATION,ABC,123.When you reach a world and see what
    you see here on earth you will know now what slavery is.This is your
    lesson most don’t even care.What a waste of good air.


    I fight for all the forgotten heroes that have die for you and me,
    there are many,Jesus was just ONE,there are millions.

    All for One, One for all.

  • wiseoldlady

    What is really suspect that the visions were even from Heaven is always appearing on the 13th day of the month. Isn’t there symbolism with numbers???
    Just suspicious since Jesus did everything in 12s. Another thought….12 tribes of Israel…. the 13th tribe is the synagogue of Satan….satan can appear as an angel of light….. he will do anything to distract Gods word about no one can come to the father except by the blood of Jesus…… not Mary’s intervention. Peoples faith have given them miracles when they visit Fatima….. but…..
    Also who knows if words were twisted in retelling to the priests. The RCC is notorious for altering scripture. Then the RCC WAITED DECADES before the alleged disclosure of the 3rd secret….. many even suspect that Lucy was replaced with another false Lucy so as the church could hide or alter the truth of the 3rd secret. If Fatima was real, am sure the RCC was condemned in that 3rd secret. Did anyone ever ask Malachi Martin why he left the church??? He stated he had read the secret. This is a job for Sherlock Holmes.

  • Greybeard

    it has nothing to do with Russia it is about the fact the Catholics have no god, and that they lack faith in that they know they have no god being a book they complied with fragments of other beliefs to gain control of its people and as it states there is no return of Jesus, being a lie, in fact the Vatican is responsible for most of the enlightened deaths by saying they were witches, demons or whatever, it was to stop people from realizing the full potential of what you are and the power every individual has which can destroy countries and civilization, one person can do that if they fully realize what the scriptures truly are, a pathway to become a god

    also the Catholics have no faith, yet tell you to have faith in their god, yet they drove around in a bullet proof vehicle telling you to have faith and yet they do not, that’s why the balcony scare, the one true god making a point hence they got rid of the pope car, for god loving people notice how they say nothing of god, why because they have people brainwashed into thinking anyone that has powers is a devil or Satan and hence mob rules and the Vatican does not have to get its hands dirty

    even if Satan was to turn up all scripture says to embrace the one coming, sent by god, and why would you not???? they have power and can teach that power, when has the Vatican shown you how to fly and traverse the stars???? or do anything amazing yet all those of god do amazing things and they teach that enlightenment, so what do the Catholics teach??? any for that fact

    so in these times that everyone is on about scripture coming to life yet they say nothing nor honor or pray to god or announce anything yet years ago when an earthquake happen it was god is here the apocalypse has started etc etc and yet say nothing about anything and now talk of global warming which it is not, and yet ask nothing of their god

    everyone knows that the Vatican was involved with Hitler and deals were struck, everyone carries on about the jews and the holocausts but Hitler was also killing off Jehovah witness’s why is that??? and why not other catholic denominations?????

    we should ask Putin if the Catholics made a deal with him?????

  • Greybeard

    and anyone, such as Catholics want to hide prophecy should be taken with a grain of salt, why??? because they can alter to suit what they plan and not released prior so a lie, but all their plans will be fruitless just like the world leaders plans will be

  • Anonymous

    One thing to take away from this: clean up our minds and our actions, whether we are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Moslem. Serve others. Look unabashedly at our own shortcomings and rectify them.

  • Amminadab

    The only thing that happened at Fatima was people being fooled by demon.

    Mary is dead. She has not and can not speak or appear to anyone.

    • Louis

      To say St. Mary is dead is irrational because She may not be dead.

      If She is not dead, then you have insulted God and the Mother of God by saying St. Mary is dead.

      Only irrational (insane) people publicly or privately state the God’s Mother is dead.

  • Болеслава

    Russia already punished the world. They gave us the current USA and Israel when the rats fled the Russian christian awakening and took up residence in the halls of power in those two countries.

  • Louis

    As usual, Ale is all mixed up.

    Here’s what Our Lady of Fatima said about Russia:

    “If they (mankind) heed my requests, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. If not, she (Russia) shall spread her errors throughout the world, promoting wars and persecutions of the Church; the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will suffer much; and various nations will be annihilated. In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and it will be converted, and an era of peace will be granted to the world.”

    This message is not contained in the third part of the Fatima secret, but is part of the message’s main body.

  • Ecclesia Militans

    The full Third Secret of Fatima was not revealed by the Vatican in 2000. It will pay heavily for failing to obey Our Lady.

    • W. Willow

      good grief :roll:

  • albertan

    The Vatican has never released the Third Secret and never will, because it makes them look bad, which they are. If you want a hit of what it is, listen to Father Malachi Martin on the Art Bell Coast to Coast radio program. He read it personally but swore he would never let it out, although he does give hints. Worth the listen.

  • Light_Prevails

    This is wrong. THis is not what the third secret says.

    This story is just anti-Russian propaganda.

    The third secret was already released and had nothing to do with Russia.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    If Russia is going to punish the world then it is what Yahweh has called for and will allow to fulfill prophesies but Russia is not Gog or Magog of Ezekiel 38 and 39. That belongs to Turkey.

  • Jacko

    God is an invention of man as a tool of control. To scare you and stop you from thinking. To keep this money system in place.


    the most incredible discovery of the century and main stream media ignores it! Why? The earth is YOUNG and the Bible is truth!

  • VirusGuard

    The world still turned before a groups of people wrote a best selling book and called it the bible but if god had a message for us then it would not be wrote by the hand of man and it would be wrote in such a way that no one could argue with it.

    Seeing visions inside your head does not make it true, calculated guesses have nothing to do with religion at all

  • VomitO

    more satinist garbage from demon worshiping catholickers

  • Captain Spaulding

    no. the 3rd secret is that rome is to usher in the reign of the old foe.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Fatima brand cigarettes, anyone remember those?

  • Theron

    Sister Looselips of Our Lady of Divine Flatulence.

  • Anonymous


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