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Jesus the Essene Taught in India 18 Years and Defeated the Demiurge and Archons

Thursday, September 22, 2016 8:17
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David Vose: Jesus is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. You MUST know who he was. This is the whole history of Jesus and his followers. He did not worship in Jerusalem nor did Jesus sacrifice and keep Sabbath.

Jesus spent 18 years in India and he is mentioned in Eastern Holy Scripture. The Muslim faith calls him Isa, this is how he is called in India, it is the original name that the Greeks wrote. In Greek, “Iesous” (Jesus) literally translated is Iesu, the ending ous being the tense of the verb.

It is then pronounced Isa. It is written in Arabic and in Indian writings as Isa. His Father was not Jehovah but a higher one, the Father of all, El Elyon, the Most High.

This Divine being is referred to by Jesus all the way through the New Testament as Father ANU, which in Greek is written Ouranous, the ANU being the Root, and again the ous being the tense of the verb.

Anu was the original Sanskrit word for heaven. Both Anu in Sumerian and Ouranos in Greek mean Heaven, the Father of the Divine beings. Jesus was a Nazarene, not a Jew. He taught the Pagan teachings and the Esoteric knowledge from Ancient Egypt.


David Vose

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  • A little too much ‘ale’ there john….to go with your superstition.

    I have little doubt that next you will reg’ale’ us with tales of how earth is flat and sits atop 4 giant elephants standing on the back of a sea turtle….

    Good Journeys

  • Vose is a disso – period. Yashua Messiah was in Britain, NOT India with the Cushites. The first churches planted outside Jerusalem were in Britain in 35 AD. He told His Learners in no uncertain terms:

    Matthew 10:5-6 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: 6 But go rather to the lost sheep of The House of Israel.

    Here are the ‘Lost’ Tribes or The Twelve Tribes of Israel:

    (Joseph) Ephraim = Anglo-Saxon England (The Saacae or Saaka – Isaac’s sons = Saxons) and Her Anglo-Saxon Commonwealth – Australia, Canada, NZ and S Africa (Now stolen).

    (Joseph) Manasseh = Anglo-Saxon USA (The Saacae – Isaac’s sons)

    Simeon = Scotland (The Scythians) and Scottish descendants everywhere.

    Levi = Wales, (The Druids = descendants of The Levitical Priesthood with many butchered by the Romans in 46 AD) Cornwall and The Walloons of Belgium and Welsh descendants everywhere.

    Judah (The Jutes) (Royalty to Yashua Messiah, King David and British Royalty) = Northern Ireland and Scotland and some still dispersed in Western Europe with some in Germany.

    Benjamin = Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

    Dan = (The Tuatha de Danaan) Southern Ireland and Irish descendants everywhere.

    Reuben = Northern Gallic France and Gallic French descendants everywhere.

    Zebulon pronounced Zeebulon – a haven for ships = Holland (the Zuider Zee) and Dutch descendants everywhere.

    Gad = Flanders (modern Belgium).

    Issachar = Switzerland.

    Naphtali = Finland.

    Asher = Sweden and Swedish descendants everywhere.

    13 tribes listed in all due to Joseph’s two sons Ephraim & Manasseh both inheriting.

    • The Zarah line of Judah, at least a portion settled in Ireland, possibly Scotland and England as well. They would not have been calling themselves Jews or even acknowledge or know who their ancestors were just as the 10 tribes who settled the west after they left their captivity in Assyria.

      Great Britain is the ultimate in the Ephraim inheritance giving to the House of Joseph and the other son Manasseh has prophetic fulfillment in the settling of America.

  • Anu is the boss of the heaven in Sumerian texts and not the highest god.
    El Elyon is way above him and he is the highest Gode.
    I find no “anu” in my Sanskrit dictionaries that in any way would mean could mean “heaven”, even considering 4 kinds on “n” in the Sanskrit writing and both a short and a long “a”.
    But for the rest I agree. Jesus was sent by Christ to warn us against the demiurg and usurper Yahweh, who wanted to be the only god.
    See and
    The original Christians were the Gnostics, who came out of the inner circle around Jesus and knew that Yahweh is an impostor. That is why Yahweh had Jesus crucified and the Gnostics replaced by a fake Christianity through Paul.
    Yahweh is the one called Enlil in Sumerian texts, an Anunnaku.

  • Jesus has never been in India?
    Well, how do you then explain this.
    When the first Europeans came to Kerala in India in medieval times, they were astonished to find a society of Christian people, the Thomas Christians. How could that be?
    Jesus had told Thomas to go there.
    Why? We may assume that Jesus had been there himself.

    I once in a Jesuit center outside Calcutta found a book about Christianity in India in the library.
    There it was written that the Thomas Christians had many scriptures, which were all taken away from them by the Church.

  • not in my bible, sounds like “another gospel” to me…see Galatians 1:8

    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    • Whatever you prefer to believe, that about the Thomas Christians in Kerala is a historical fact.
      There is also a Gospel of Thomas among scriptures of the Gnostic Christians.
      The Gnostics were the first major Christian movement, before Paul, and originated out of the inner circle around Jesus. Cf. links in my post above.

      That then certain texts for political reasons were by men not included in the Bible gives more weight to the Gnostic texts…

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