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Obama’s 3 Head Scars and Hillary’s 9/11 Seizure Explained: The Beast Has its Head Wounded

Thursday, September 22, 2016 10:24
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C. Ervana: Time is up. A beast described in Revelation 13 is here. His number is 666. Please believe Jesus of Nazareth as Messiah and repent of sin. What was witnessed at the 9/11 event was intentional. Hillary Clinton fell ill. It wasn’t Pneumonia, which I debunk in this video. Even Bill Clinton is confused by lie after lie coming from Hillary’s campaign.

He stated that Hillary has “the flu,” which is a completely different illness. Hillary’s Pneumonia was a coverup for what really happened at 9/11, she had another seizure, and the doctor traveling with her administered the autoinjector to prevent a spectacle.

Despite this, Hillary’s legs still went flaccid and her knees buckled. She passed out. However, a body double came out posing as Hillary, convincing lame media sources like NBC that she was just fine and completely healthy.

The following strange details must be pointed out about the 9/11 event:

1) Hillary was allowed to walk without any assistance after collapsing.
2) Hillary fainted in roughly 75 degree weather, but then was allowed to go back out in 90 degree midday humidity.
3) Hillary was allowed to be around politicians and diplomats with active Pneumonia.
4) Hillary was allowed to embrace a little girl with active Pneumonia.
5) Hillary has Pneumonia despite receiving a Pneumonia vaccine in 2012.
6) Bill said Hillary had the “flu,” which is a completely different illness cause by a virus.
7) The Diazepam autoinjector appears to have been utilized at the scene and a part of it dropped on the ground.
8) Hillary was allowed to be around her daughter, a postnatal mother with two children. Even if Chelsea wasn’t at the residence at the time, Hillary’s presence there could spread the pneumonia infection.
9) Hillary Clinton has attended rallies in the past and left early for a reason that wasn’t related to Pneumonia. 
10) Dr. Bardack diagnosed Hillary with “Non-contagious Bacterial Pneumonia.” Except, this diagnosis does not exist and fundamentally defies the nature of biological pathogenesis.

Looking at all of this evidence, I have concluded that Hillary did not have Pneumonia at all. Though it is hard to see her up close in the video footage, she looks like she is having another complex partial seizure. I wonder if this could have been a 9/11 ritual. I do believe Hillary is sick, but the whole scenario seems a bit too ritualistic, occurring on the exact day as a commemoration event.

If we look at Hillary alongside some of her colleagues in the Senate, her fellow secretaries and diplomats, we can see that several individuals who worked for or with Obama have developed brain anomalies including brain tumors/cancer, dementia, and seizure disorders. Joe Biden has a history of brain aneurysms and has had brain surgery to correct them, his son Beau Biden just died of a brain tumor.

Beau Biden was an up-and-coming politician in the Democrat Party. Arlen Specter, a Republican, had a previous bout of brain cancer and ended up dying of a third bout of cancer in 2012. Obama’s former secretary of commerce, John Bryson, who was responsible for promoting the market concept behind Obamacare (a role of the commerce secretary, not the HHS secretary), suffered a seizure while driving, crashed his car, and was later diagnosed with “complex partial seizures” in 2012.

This was the same diagnosis as Hillary Clinton, who fell and hit her head in 2012. John Roberts, the Chief Justice and Jesuit who stunned the world after passing Obamacare on two occasions, suffers from Epilepsy. While the Vatican has denied rumors by one of Italy’s largest newspapers that Pope Francis is suffering from benign brain tumors, it appears that Francis has fallen on multiple occasions and something is indeed wrong with him.

It was leaked that Francis was being treated for his brain tumors by a Dr. Fukushima. Jimmy Carter, who called everybody racist who opposed Obama’s initiatives after Freemason Joe Wilson interrupted Obama during a key speech on the Obamacare health initiative, has a secondary metastatic brain tumor. Edward Kennedy, a primary proponent of early Obamacare initiative in the Senate in 2009, received a diagnosis of a Glioblastoma. He is now dead.

Obama himself has been the subject of a barrage of rumors about his own head scar, which looks like he had an operation called a Craniotomy done. Craniotomy’s often involve a bone flap is made to allow the brain to swell, and after this is done, the bone is put back into the incision, but sometime the bone can’t be reinserted and is replaced with titanium plates.

Obama has three head scars on the right temporal parietal frontal area, the left temporal parietal incision, and a large occipital incision that extends up to the parietal bone. Whatever he had done, it was not to one region of his brain, but performed to the entirety of his skull.


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  • You’re as bad as that donkey rump of a frenchie.

    • The shills protecting Hillary are pathetic.
      What will they do when Hillary’s lost the election?
      Why did they support a black homo like Obama to begin with? He’ll end up in a dark JAIL soon.

      • Let’s see if people are open to the truth: before now people have been closed to the truth and oblivious of reality…. Obama’s the Antichrist because the Number of the Antichrist 666 was drawn in the lottery of his homestate the day after his election.
        I’m the only one spread that news which makes me be THE ONE and I’m also the “Man of Wisdom” of the Bible (The Messiah and Jesus) because I explain the meaning of 666 as being Obama’s money because what a lottery means, is money.

      • What will you do when “the antichrist” leaves office in January, hands over the nuclear codes and goes to play golf and tour the lecture circuit?

        Who will the 2017 antichrist be for the King of Shambhala?

        Dalai Lama -> Harry Potter -> Obama -> ???

        • Watch out for trolls heckling my articles for years.
          Those are deranged people.
          Just saying, Wikipedia says trolling is a mental illness and one must ignore trolls by “denying recognition” so not feeding the trolls is the way to go about it.

        • Ignore GeeperAids, a homo troll supporting Obama’s homo agenda that’s killing millions.
          Homos are responsible for 95% of HIV says Obama’s disease-control website “CDC” so the homo agenda is murderous.
          Jesus said to leave Sodom (homosexuality) behind and not turn back towards it because sodomy is evil, bearing of sickness and murderous.

          • The trolls in the comments here are oblivious to the outside world.
            Hitler also was oblivious to outisde reality and closed himself in on his dream-world which is the hallmark of all Malignant Narcississts.
            Obama’s finished and is heading straight for court and jail (forging a birth certificate is the worst crime in the history of Humanity…. seeing Htler never got the nukes) – and lasting out his full term is out of Obama’s reach now, and to still hold onto the hope of it is totally illusory.

          • “…and closed himself in on his dream-world which is the hallmark of all Malignant Narcississts.”

            Good to know you’ve been reading up on malignant narcissism! How’s that whole “I am Jesus and I am foretold by Buddhist prophecy and the world will end in 2012 and everybody here is gay” thing going?

      • Look at new video showing Obama in a padded cell.

        Must See: New Video Shows Unheard-Of Disrespect 4 Black President. Homo Obama Locked Up In Padded Cell + Threatened /alternative/2016/09/must-see-latest-video-shows-unheard-of-disrespect-for-black-president-homo-is-obama-locked-up-in-padded-cell-and-threatened-3415927.html

      • Great, now use your power and be our champion and rid us of these demons

    • The Marks are from where they get there head’s stuck up thier own asses! :cool:

  • artichoke

    What happened on 9/11/16 looks like an arrest to me. Since then I think we’ve had nothing but body doubles for Hilary. If they can’t spring the real one before the debates, they’re stuck. The doubles are healthier, but on close examination they have physical differences (e.g. at least one of them is shorter and wears low heels to add height; Hillary has worn flats for years.) and won’t have the sharpness of Hillary in the debate.

    So I agree with you about the woman who came out from “Chelsea’s apartment” in the afternoon. Body double. They were still figuring out what story to go with, so things were inconsistent.

  • Both had head injuries. So nice….. One became your leader and the next one wants to be one. :cool:

  • That is a handcuffed, shackled, leg iron clad dummy being loaded into the black van. Several versions are available, some with obvious handcuffs and some not. The same with ankle irons and waist shackles. Why? Killary needs a presidential pardon or her, Bill Clinton, Bush43, Bush41, Don Rumsfeld, Richard Armitage, John Negroponte, and who knows how many others. Lots of decoys and red herrings flying about today.

  • Hilllary was arrested and cuffed. Look at the video again carefully. Her hands are behind her back all the time. If you have problems walking, you don’t keep your hands behind. You hold on to the people helping you.

    • If Hillary really was arrested and cuffed perhaps she just dropped dead on the sidewalk next to the van from the shock of it all.

    • Trump would still be laughing about it if that was true. The metal piece that dropped on the ground was the safety clip on the doctors Autoinjector. Just as she started fitting they injected her. I think that’s video of her dying maybe? We can only hope

    • Oh the guy on her right is holding her arm and just before she hits the deck you see her right hand come to the front as the guy is holding her hand. Then she fits gets injected and drops.

  • Promoting delusional thinking does nothing to hurt Hilary, or promote the truth. I read a lot of that in the comments.
    Diazepam injectors are not metal, she wasn’t in handcuffs, it wasn’t a dummy loaded in the van.
    Probably was a body double that came out later in the day.

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