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Breaking: What Putin Just Said to Trump Just Shook the World to its Knees

Thursday, November 10, 2016 12:27
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Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, The media and the Democratic party used Russia as a scapegoat for their problems throughout the entire election. We knew that. They accused Russia of hacking the Democratic campaign emails to undermine Hillary Clinton. That was a lie.

source: The Next News Network 

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  • PaulTarsuss

    …”shook the world to it’s knees”……

    I checked a few international live video streams, it seems your hyperbole knows no bounds.



    • The Clucker


      • HitleryforPrison

        Trump will repair all the $hit Butt-rock and I have fuced up over the past 8 years…Dammit!!!

        • Jack Shlitz

          Yeah! But what difference at this point does it matter?!?! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Jack Shlitz

      He’s using the same cheesy catch phrases Lyn & Lisa use… :roll:

  • Anon-e-mouse

    The US/Russia relationship will be repaired five minutes after the US troops leave Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine… OK, so it may take a while.



    • THOTH

      That is me waiting to be “shook to my knees”

      • The Clucker

        I bet Lyn works for a prestigious knee pad manufacturer and this whole article is just a conspiracy to sell overpriced knee pads.

        • THOTH

          I wonder what they paid her for creating such a high demand for their product? Maybe the manufacturer just sent her some complimentary pairs, which she intends to employ while perusing some of her other passions? (0)

  • Wity

    People don’t ” Trump ” to conclusions….

    The media of the west sells bullshit 24-7-365…..

    O-dama has tea with Trump… ” Michae “l has tea with Melanie…..

    Kerry goes to Antarctica ???

    Historical Religions and World History tell us there will be a 3rd World War…
    There is Alien participation and CERN is very busy…..

    The Islamic overrunning of NATO and NWO countries has not stopped….

    As O-dama the Antichrist has said ~ Its All About Change 666

    Watch For The False Flag……………………………………………..

    Babylon, The Tower Of Babel and the Purple Whore Must Fall………..


    • Wity

      To the Minus posting ~ PROVE ME WRONG OK !


      SOON TO BE :-



      • b4

        ok–i printed out your prediction–we will see–my own thinking is russia and the usa will become the best of friends like edgar cyace predicted–build the greatest wealth the world has ever known–just a guess–trump is man who has lived as a king his whole life who always gave credit to the people around him–obummer is a small minded two face liar–just another maggot living off the people–gave nothing back

        • Wity

          b4 ~ You should read up on human history since the beginning of recorded time…..

          Never in human history has there ever been a time of :- NO CONFLICT

          Trump is a white O-dama not a Putin….

          Life on Earth is built around conflict Fact!

    • THOTH

      “The Islamic overrunning of NATO and NWO countries has not stopped….”

      The mass migration was organized by Jewish lobbyists (NWO operatives) to destroy the western nations that Israel has leeched off of to get to the stage its at now. Drain them of all their worth and leave them too weak to retaliate. They’ve done the same thing to every other country they’ve parasitized in the past. As western nations go further into debt fighting this phoney “war on terror” and toppling countries existing between the borders of the Nile and Euphrates, Israel shares the illegally occupied Golan heights with ISIS, without a single hair on a Jewish head being harmed. All the while, they (Israel) continue to receive their illegal welfare from everyone. All the money borrowed to fight this phoney war on terror is provided out of thin air by international moneychangers and everyone knows controls the financial capital of the world. They are attempting to fulfil a Talmudic prophecy that suggests Jews will hold all the wealth of the world in the days before the coming of their messiah (anti-Christ).

      The Jewish daily forward openly admitted that Jewish lobby groups are the ones championing the open border policies allowing mass migration from the Middle East into western countries. Originally, It was Leo Pfeffer (Former President of American Jewish Congress (AJC), Senator Jacob Javits (NY), Congressman Emanuel Celler (NY) and Norman Podhoretz (Writer and Member of The Council of Foreign Relations), who opened the flood gates with their open border policies in 1965, as well. What do all of these men have in common? (All Jews) Why do you think it is, that Israeli lobby groups pressure western governments to embrace multiculturalism and accept more immigrants, while they fight to keep Israel a Jewish only state? It’s no accident that many migrants from the ME flooded into Europe through Greece, directly after the Greek economy crashed. Lack of funds insured that none of these immigrants coming from the ME into Europe would be properly screened and documented. Only top players could have arranged something like that.

      Multiculturalism is pushed by Jewish lobby groups for the purpose of destroying national/cultural identity, while they fight to keep their own ‘state’ a Jew-ish only one. We are witnessing the premeditated murder of every nation that might challenge Israel’s dominance as the headquarters of the long planned, satanic jew world order.

      Who benefits from toppling Muslim nations all over the Middle East and sending millions into western countries? Oded Yinon’s plan for “Eretz Israel” details how Muslim nations existing between the borders of the Nile and Euphrates would need to be divided along sectarian lines, making them easier to subjugate. It’s no accident that the countries existing within the borders of the proposed Eretz Israel, are the same countries mentioned by former supreme allied commander of NATO, Wesley Clark, when he told of the plan to topple seven countries in five years in the wake of 9/11. He said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” As you can see, only two remain and one of them (Syria) is on the brink.

      NATO has played a major role in advancing the NWO agenda. Now they need to be dismantled, to avoid any potential resentment and backlash. Using bribes, concessions and propaganda to gain influence in a nation to advance your goals and then leaving those nations too weak to retaliate after you’ve bled them dry, is straight out of Theodor Herzl’s diaries. It’s no secret.

      Obama does what he’s told by his handlers, who happen to be Penny Pritzker, Betty Lu Saltzman, Valerie Jarret, Lester Crown, and Abner Mikva. (All Jews). He is not the anti-Christ, he is merely a puppet for the synagogue of Satan.

      Just for the record, I was not one of the ones who down voted your comment.

      • THOTH

        My comment is for Phd

        • THOTH

          Correction: “…everyone knows ‘who’ controls the financial capital of the world.”

          • THOTH

            “The white elite NWO 666″

            Don’t let them hear you call them white. The top el-ites hate the white race more than anyone. Although they themselves appear to be white, they swear to be Semitic Jews, which of course, they are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. The best reference to 666 that I’ve seen is the star of moloch shown on Israel’s flag. A six pointed star, composed of six, sixty degree angles .

      • Mina

        As you probably know, the NWO operatives are not “Jews” of the Semitic race. They are Europeans engaged in a political movement called Zionism which is Communist at its core and attempts to destroy all religions while brilliantly cloaking itself under the name “Jew” in order to shield itself from criticism by labeling those who might oppose it as anti Semites.

        Here’s a 16 min. video on this movement “The Hidden History of the Khazarian Empire!”

        • THOTH

          I’m well aware. Good points though, thanks.

          Less than 3% of today’s Jews are of the Semitic race, as proven by peer reviewed genetic studies and craniometry studies. The large majority of Jews today are of Eastern European descent. The proper name for them is AshkeNazi. As in, from the biblical land of Ashkenaz between the black and Caspian Sea, later known as Khazaria. This nation of about 20 million converted to Talmudic Judaism in 740 ad and spread all over Europe when Khazaria was split up. That being said, not all of these Ashkenazi Jews are Zionists either. In fact, the first Zionist conference had to be moved from Frankfurt Germany to Basel Switzerland, due to mass protest from the European Jewish community. In the beginning, very few European (Ashkenazi) Jews wanted to move to Palestine. It took WW2 to terrify them all into fleeing there for their lives. That was the whole point. There would have been no Jewish state without Hitler. Israeli scholar, Israel Shahak, documents how the Israeli government bribed the Iraqi government to strip Iraqi Jews of their citizenship and properties, so that they would flee to Israel and they did. The Israeli government tried the same thing with Iran, but Iran refused. Former Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, vowed to “pull the rug out from under the diaspora so that they will run to us crying. Even if that means I have to blow up a few synagogues, I don’t care.” What is erroneously described as “Antisemitism” today, has been employed by Zionism to achieve their goals. After all, you can’t have a jew-ish state without Jews. So if they’re not willing to move there, Zionist agents will persecute them into fleeing there for their lives. That’s exactly how modern Israel was founded.

  • Anonymous

    people get along sometimes

    lets do better than that

    corporations compete and cant get along

    that will never change in a competitive environment

    stop the deadly games.

    competition is bad if your armed to the teeth and you can simply kill the audience if you cheat or lose.

    corporate armed competition is threatening humanity with extinction.

    we must do better locally first.

    that means at home with your family and neighbors and public servants

    negative thought forms will be reduced all around if we work locally first.

    sometimes people just get along.

    sometimes we can act better than we did before

    i work hard for that .

    voting is just a tiny part.

    be free from the negative or don’t and learn from that mistake or don’t and repeat the lesser behaviors so that everyone can decide if they like it.

    do something or don’t

    you will be OK or you wont

    i love every one and every thing sometimes….

  • ecclesiatical

    Did he bring you to your knees?

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