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Dahboo77 Live Stream: Something Huge Is Underway!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 9:58
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  • Josie

    Thanks goodness, you scared me with that header. Finally we have a chance to take our country back. Thank you Jesus…

    • Debbie

      Don’t count on anything this old jewish CIA Agent says…psyops is his specialty…the CIA and FBI were very much involved in 9/11 – inside job….do you really imagine that now they will come forward to save America from Communist Hillary?
      This likely just more psyops…as we stand by and watch them steal the election for Hillary…we can relax because the CIA and FBI and military have this covered…just don’t hold your breath waiting for that soft coup….

      • HitleryforPrison

        I want to destroy America and my Bill want your girls because he is a serial pedophile and rapist. This makes America stronger. What difference at this point does it make!!!?

        • HitleryforPrison

          So many young girls to rape such little time.

  • Canderson

    One thing is for sure she did not at all serve the American people. You should have States United, and we all come together in Nations United.

  • Canderson

    The Hillary is CFR, so are William Clinton, and also Chelsea Clinton. Besides that it seems like Hillary got some “hanky-panty” on her own going on, that is not allowed in organized crime.

  • Sisyphus

    Great job Dahboo77. Here is some evidence to ponder. All links were disabled for security. Remove spaces, then copy and paste into a browser.

    The data below comes from the Inspector General’s evaluation of Clinton’s State Department mismanagement of nearly $6 billion dollars in contracts, while she was SOS. It covers six years and five of them occurred under her command.

    The value of the contracts in the 33 missing files totaled $2.1 billion.

    The value of the contracts in the 48 incomplete files totaled an additional $2.1 billion.

    Also, in a joint audit with SIGIR, … we reviewed four task orders from the Worldwide Personal Protective Services II contract, with an estimated total cost of $1 billion as of May 29, 2008, and found that COR files maintained in both Washington, DC, and Baghdad, Iraq, were not accessible, complete, or maintained in accordance with Department policy.

    In sum, over the past 6 years, our audit work has uncovered significant contract file management deficiencies in Department contracts/task orders with a total value of more than $6 billion.

    Source: http s:// oig. state. gov/system/files/224580.pdf

    Why is the FBI, DOJ and MSM still silent on this?

    If Trump mismanaged $6 billion, it would be on MSM 24/7 for months because of very high ratings.

    Clearly, the FBI was right. Clinton was extremely careless with national security. Clinton put the children of America at risk and does not care about it as long as she got paid using her husband and the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

    Per the FBI notes, she stated that should could not remember or recall 40 times when asked important questions about her illegal email server usage while she was SOS.

    Here’s All 40 Times Hillary Clinton Told the FBI She Couldn’t Remember Something.

    Source: htt p:// ww w. mediaite. com/election-2016/heres-all-40-times-hillary-clinton-told-the-fbi-she-couldnt-remember-something/

    Because Clinton speaks with a brilliant and powerful voice, how can she also be extremely careless, grossly incompetent, suffer extreme memory lapses and behave utterly stupid?

    None of that makes sense to me. The only thing that fits the data is that she deliberately abused national security.

    The report was dated March 20, 2014 and the span of time for the report was six years. That means that the mismanaged $6 billion occurred between between 2008 and 2013. Hillary was SOS between 2009 and 2013.

    Those that happened in 2008 were unfixed when discovered by the IG.

    Hillary was an incompetent boss of bosses and subverted our government agencies. Now, she wants to be an incompetent POTUS.

    Hillary wants Syria’s Assad removed, while Putin wants him retained. War with Russia is coming, get prepared.

    Lucifer is the master of lies and deceit. Clinton is a master of lies and deceit. Yes, Clinton has much in common with Lucifer.

    • Uncle_Scam

      Yeah, except Lucifer didn’t kill anyone directly or indirectly unlike that malevolent jealous god who killed all the egyptian first born males(nice baby killer god) and probably billary- leaving Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 there to die and maybe even watched it remotely for all we know. But don’t forget Rumsfeld announced the missing 2.3 trillion on 09/10/01. Of course the next day the pentagon accounting offices were destroyed.

  • Enjoykin4


    Iraq army have discovered a great number of US-made missiles from a terrorists position of the ISIS in the Southern part of Mosul

    New Obama Cabal weapons for Jewish Iluminati Cabal ISIS TERRORISTS !!

    Take a look !!

  • jdpent01


    • Jack Shlitz


  • The end is upon us

    telling us something without telling us anything

    • Canderson

      But it’s your fault when everything goes to hell,, it is. The secret .. it is always our fault because we got psychopaths at the top, madness, and they only got a mask of sanity in front of us, all is fraud. And they are raving lunatics.

      • Canderson

        John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton

        “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. That is the point at which the negation of Catholicism and the negation of Liberalism meet and keep high festival, and the end learns to justify the means.”

  • Debbie

    It takes only a minute or two on Steve Pieczenik’s Wikipedia bio to see him for what he is…

    >>> Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD (born December 7, 1943) is an American psychiatrist, former United States Department of State official, author, and publisher…

    Pieczenik was born in Cuba of Jewish parents from Russia and Poland and was raised in France…

    Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker. His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare…

    In 1982, Pieczenik was mentioned in an article in The New York Times as “a psychiatrist who has treated C.I.A. employees”…

    Pieczenik has consulted with the United States Institute of Peace and the RAND Corporation.

    As recently as October 6, 2012, Pieczenik was listed as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). According to Internet Archive, his name was removed from the CFR roster sometime between October 6 and November 18, 2012. Publicly, Pieczenik no longer appears as a member of the CFR. <<<
    Pieczenik is another Establishment minion, like Paul Craig Roberts, who has been tasked by his bosses to play the role of controlled opposition and do limited hangouts and propaganda operations in support of the NWO narrative. Isn’t it amazing how much of the truth movement is based around the “revelations” of “former” Establishment apparatchiks with backgrounds in psychology / psychiatry and psychological warfare?…

  • Mr. R. West


    • The Watcher


  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger


    Vince Foster was killed in 1983.

    The Cubans and the Russians began running submarines in the Rim Canal of Lake Okeechobee. They also built bunkers as they murdered off Americans English speakers in Miami in exchange for the Cocaine gold. Vince Foster came to South Florida with Hillary and Pelosi in response to my report of these mini-subs. Being the total corrupt idiots that they are, they began playing games and Vince Foster ended up dead. Hillary and Pelosi panicked and Foster’s body was carried outside to his car and my gun was placed in his hands to frame me. The investigator is none other than Mike Volin who is also the birth certificate investigator. Come on, people, it ain’t rocket science here! Why is it that Mike Volin can never seem to solve any of the cases that he’s on?

    • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

      Crooked politicians need contract killers to keep their cocaine supply running. You don’t kill your kings. They guesstimated that cocaine would be legalized on day and that, in the end, none of this would matter. But, at the same time they really don’t want to give up control so they kill off any of their competitors. Again, you need people like me to make that happen. They control with threats of death or imprisonment which is what happened to me with Mike Volin AFTER I earned a degree in Journalism from Palm Beach Community College.

      Bill was not there at the 1983 Vince Foster murder. I know some of the wound markings on the REAL Vince Foster. I know that his blood ran to his back. But, that his body was propped upright in his car. I know that he has a bite mark and a knife cut on his leg about the size of a small steak. Nancy (notice the repeating of the name NANCY during the 80′s both high and low) Pelosi rightfully guessed that no investigator would be convinced that his body in his car was the scene of the murder and, I suspect, that’s why Mike Volin, a heroine user and a cop, did the investigation as the “first” one on the scene.

  • Enjoykin4


    SAA and Russian Army invites all the citizens who wish to exit the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo to use the 6 corridors that were identified earlier.

  • tatsmaki

    US dollar collapses in mid-November, 2016.
    Financial crisis occurs. US economy collapses.
    New civil war occurs from NY State and expands nationwide.
    New American working people’s revolution wins.

  • Canderson

    Tragedy and Hope 101 interview with author Joe Plummer–LFW_8

  • No Body

    Did the federal mafia thing for 100 years it got the real people nothing but war theft rape murder slave credits slavery and so on time for a change…..
    the music industry… all those who know, had loyally showed to them through their fans your fellow citizens..

  • Enjoykin4


    President al-Assad: United States and its Western allies are to blame for failure of latest ceasefire


  • Gil Carlson

    Planet X has always been one of those subjects that has always puzzled me. I was very curious about what the real story was and the more I searched for answers, the more I floundered in all the guesses, scare tactics and religious hype. Planet X scared the crap out of me, but if it there was any truth to it, I wanted to know it so I could be prepared.
    So several months ago I started an endeavor to dig as deep and wide as I needed in order to pull up and test all the facts. So after I put it all together, information from scientists, NASA and other government sources, as well as very credible facts that countered the official line, and tons of historical data and calculations.
    I put it all together in a big book that was fairly easy for most of us to understand and at the same time included so many facts in a format that makes it easy to dig deep. Now you can read all about and discover what and why the government has been covering up. If Planet X does get close to Earth, what is likely to happen and where, and what you can do to prepare.
    While there are many predictions from astronomers and others included in this book, what was really fascinating to me were the predictions of two ordinary people. We’ll maybe not really that ordinary. You see a contacted two psychics. Before you say “What!” let me explain. These are not the kind of psychics that are on TV or offer to help you for huge sums of money. These two psychics live quiet, ordinary lives but are extremely accurate. I know both of them and I’m always amazed with their accuracy. Whatever they are tuned into, it is very real and powerful! So, independently, I contacted both of them and got some interesting and shocking answers. What amazed me was that both of them predicted the same year! While it’s not this year, it is still close enough that we need to be prepared!
    But, please, I don’t want you to rush off to a mountaintop or neglect your duties here on Earth or bury your head in the sand. And I don’t want you to take all my opinions as fact. The purpose of this book is to present you with all the credible facts in one easy to understand book so you can make your decisions and come up with the right conclusions for yourself!

  • El

    The people who are going to save as much as they can of America have been planning to do so for a long time. Most branches of our military will stand with us, just the appointed leaders won’t and a few of their flunkies. The Militia, and the national Guard in most states will obey their governors and not the Feds and that is their legal right. But i feel real sorry for the states who have governors who pander to Obama and the Elite Agenda. It will be bad in the free states, but far worse in the split states. The CIA is who has been flying all those unmarked planes spewing out heavy metals and toxins and molds and viruses, and bacteria and who knows what else all over the world. But they have been making our lives miserable because they use those heavy metals in the clouds to help them control the weather patterns and they have gotten very good at causing whirlwinds like Mega Tornadoes and Hurricanes and Floods that seem to never end and Droughts and Fires from lightening strikes in those dry places. They have Hitler like concentration camps all over the U.S., and I would seriously advise that you store up clean water and food, and when the banks close, don’t go anywhere, stay home and stay in. FEMA is not our friend, at least the people in FEMA at the top of the food chain. It remains to be seen who is friend and who is foe. Do not get on a train or a FEMA bus even if you are starving, you may not come out of that FEMA camp alive. Our legislators actually got conned into passing bills fast like the Obamacare thing that they were told if they didn’t sign it into law , Obama would withhold the Social Security checks from the elderly and all military pay. The same threat got them to pass a budget that screwed us again, and made them pass the National Defense Act that had hidden in it’s many pages a law that is just like Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933. It allows them to arrest without charges anyone who says anything negative about the government on suspicion of being a danger to the state. They can hold a person indefinitely without charges, and they automatically lose all rights of citizenship. Hitler did that to people in 1933 in opposing political parties. He arrested every leader who was anti Hitler. He arrested 200,000 German citizens that first year, way before the war started. Most died in the first Concentration Camps built in Germany. Most of the FBI are on our side, most State Police are on our side, most retired generals, etc, are on our side, and most Ex-Military are on our side. and most of the national Guard are too..So are most people in active service. But it won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty and China and Russia are not interested in Nuking us, but Obama is, because he has allowed the CIA and Terrorists to get the bombs that disappeared in Benghazi into this country. If we get Nuked, it is because Obama is allowing it and plans on blaming it on Russia to start WW III.

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