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Planet X Nibiru and Space Wars NASA Insider Tells All in November 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016 6:52
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BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

Planet X, Space Wars and battle planets. Planet X not what you think it is ? NASA whistleblowers will blow the lid off today. This show is jam packed with information and live video feeds in space showing ET wars, Nibiru and Planet X. Recorded November 2016. 

Zecharia Sitchin is a world renowned scholar, author, and archeologist. I’ve heard enough reports to understand that Zecharia Sitchin occasionally says that X is very close to passing. He will not elaborate on why he says this or give an exact date. This is hearsay and is not something he does regularly or will admit to on the record. So with this in mind take it anyway you see fit. 

Insiders in NASA & the military privately confirm that many are quietly building dome-homes (strongest structure know to man) in the upper USA (one of the safest areas). Make a few calls about domes & confirm this for yourself.  Trusting the Pentagon/gov’t to guard itself & relay needed information to protect you is clearly illogical.

Planet X is Nibiru, Wormwood, or THE MOST REVERED HEAVENLY BODY IN ALL ANTIQUITY. After 3600 years on its regular orbit it will pass again in SPRING 2003. It’s RECORDED IN ANCIENT TEXTS & the SCIENCE OF ARCHEOLOGY shows its effect on Earth with each passage. Yes, some conspiracies are without merit, ignoring history and science is another matter. The faint red cross to the left of this red object in the middle may be X.=

Read no further if you don’t want to understand how, why and when the earth’s surface is going to change so abruptly, as to possibly leading to taking out as much as 90% of the population in many areas.

You’ll find why these changes happen regularly, how often, who knows it, and how the information is being given out. You’ll also grasp why this may be your first exposure to this knowledge, or at least the first untainted divulging.

There’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Our sun’s 10th Planet disrupts the surface of every planet in our solar system as it passes on its regular orbit. Earth is not being singled out. Only a few hundred million people will survive.

Now ask yourself this question.

Do you want to be one of them?

Do you have a sincere desire to pick up the pieces and help build a new one?

This world’s culture has unhealthy and healthy of all ages.

Are you healthy and mature enough mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to give it a go?

If not, forget you ever read this.

The details and sources will be worthless to you in the short life you have left. Just keep living from day to day like there’s no tomorrow. If you’ve any unhealthy personal habits like drug use, lack of exercise or over eating, don’t worry about changing them. Most won’t live any longer doing so. So enjoy whatever small pleasures guilt free from this point on. The things you’ve been putting off, do them now. You may never get another chance. If you don’t like doing something, stop it. There’s no point anymore.

Now for the rest of you who want a tomorrow, to be informed, forewarned and attempt to place a reservation for yourself and loved ones in the aftertimes, this could be the hardest hitting book you’ll ever read. The controllers of the media, money markets and the world’s government leaders are fully aware and prepared.

They are not going to announce the impending calamities, although Russia’s leaders did pretty much let the story slip out at least once, which I’ll detail a little later on here. For the most part they’re only allowing this information out through grass-roots sources. So escape with me here among the grass, and you’ll find out the many roots this information is being brought to you from.

Keeping this story out of the major media will delay the collapse of the world’s economy, stock markets and real estate prices until the very last days costing billions of lives. From this point on, don’t expect the price of energy to come down much. These corporate energy controllers are fully aware that this is their last hurrah to gouge money from you

I am not the origin for the information that follows. I have simply gathered together several sources for your perusal. I did not discriminate from where I obtained the information. Part of my motivation is to get you directly involved in looking inward to your own gut feelings and doing your own research. Many already sense something is wrong big time with Earth but can’t put their finger on it. Be careful how you view this material.

Some have a tendency to ignore all the sources in a body of information that causes great consternation if they determine just one or more are not acceptable. This kind of thinking is illogical. The utmost seriousness has gone into putting together this work of warning. A myriad of sources from the sciences, government, history, politics, legend and spirit is combined here.

You will do yourself and loved ones a great disservice if your mind set is to discount all you consider credible when presented side by side with sources your cultural experience and educational programming have not deemed worthy of consideration. Before the time of the greatest events, the overwhelmingly vast majority will see, hear and experience enough to know that our earth is about to change dramatically again. By the time your awareness peaks into realization, it may be too late to repair if you don’t begin to get up to speed on the situation now. 

I’ve spent my time researching, accumulating, organizing, discussing, and weeding out side agendas. I present this subject in such a way as to bring a quick clarity to the layman or someone who is completely unfamiliar with it. If you’ve never read anything about the when and why for earth changes before, this work may be all you’ll ever need.

Reading up on endless conspiracies, for the most part, will not help you with your life. Understanding only this one may be important for your survival. Nailing down the science, that shows the regularity of these events is important to see clearly how close to the end of this cycle we are.

Questions will come to mind when the acceptance of what is about to happen does sets in.

  • Will I have time to make it to a safe area?

  • Am I there already?

  • Will I have resources enough to sustain myself over an extended period of time, or the ability to create needed sustenance on an ongoing basis?

  • Do I care to leave all which I hold dear to start anew?

  • Am I just too married to or fearful of leaving my things, lifestyle and community, even at the expense of my life, if I can’t take them with me?

Watch your thinking carefully as you read.

Your mind may make up unsound reasons for ignoring the obvious to avoid the discomfort of having to prepare. It is an honor to be a vehicle or messenger of this information. I’m one of the many that have chosen or have been chosen or some combination thereof, to do this work. I’m sure I’ll meet some people in the aftertimes that acknowledge me for warning and helping them survive one of the most severe physical calamities Earth has gone through.

On the other hand, others may wish they never learned or prepared because of the difficulties presented then compared to their lifestyle before. At that time I would simply say that YOU were primarily responsible for drawing the information toward yourself and determined your level of personal preparation. I’m not fishing now for your future thanks, but am trying to avoid you berating the messenger. Just learning now and not being able to prepare because of family ties or financial binds could end up causing needless worry, prior to your passing on. So, be careful before you jump in too deep here. It’s not always better to know.

My belief system tells me that there is a reason for everything. Science is finding greater evidence for order in chaos at every turn. For those who would label me a messenger of doom, please do you and me a favor, DON’T READ THIS BOOK. My focus is to find people who want this information, or who have been drawn to it by whatever means to make their right choice. Staying alive might be a good one. The fact that you’re reading this perhaps means that your gut instinct is telling you something is not quite right with the world, and the reasons you’ve run across thus far have been less than adequate. 

There’s no doom in being made aware that you live on the railroad tracks, the train is approaching and what time it will arrive, so you can pull up your roots to get the hell out of the way. It’s ignorance that will put you in harm’s way during the up and coming cataclysms. There will be many places that have a good chance of being safe. I’m now going to paint a word portrait using some of my words and mostly those of others. In order to view the mosaic, look at it in its entirety. Focusing too closely on one part or another might result in your missing the big picture. 

This work could have been 10,000 pages or more. There is much more than that volume of material confirming all that is presented here. Studying the data and the myriad of different sources becomes very repetitious. I strongly urge you to do your own research if you need more information. Much more related truth is out there.

Since I’ve outlined where to look and what to look for, it will be easy to obtain more sources for this subject matter. If you’re like me, once you’ve seen enough of it, you’ll quit looking for more, even though you’ve come to the understanding so much more exists. You’ll then make your plans and go back to living your daily life. On the back burner of your mind you’ll know there are some wild times and big changes just around the corner.

Plus, you’ll know, more than likely, that you’ll survive them because of your ace in the hole of being informed. Are you getting my drift here? These events are going to be exhilarating, adventurous and monumental. Doom, gloom and fear shouldn’t be your mind-set whatsoever.

The most exciting, serious, unbelievably dramatic scenes you’ve ever viewed at the movies will be played out in your real life from day to day shortly, whether you watch the previews of this book or not.

BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.


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  • Central Scrutinizer

    ^^^ Now ask yourself this question.

    Self, Do you really want to believe in this fantasy nonsense?

    Self, Do you have a sincere desire to sit through yet another epic Capt. PE list on this fantasy subject?

    Self, Why is the lock on Agent 7′s cage left off, AGAIN?

    Self, Where did I put my $99.95 pair of BINNERS?

    Self, What do you think a salty hat actually tastes like? :mrgreen:

    • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

      Do you really want to believe in this fantasy nonsense? :lol:
      Planet X Nibiru don’t show up! you stop from posting Planet X Nibiru :idea:
      Flat Earth V.S. Round Earth = God V.S. Science? Which Side Are You On?
      Has Science Buried God? :lol: god he probably doesnt care how much you worship him :lol:

      • Central Scrutinizer

        ^^^ “Planet X Nibiru don’t show up! you stop from posting Planet X Nibiru :idea:

        Your logic is severely flawed. Think about it.

        Planet X DOESN’T show up, Nibirutards continue to post up meaningless videos, crappy lens flare photos, and impending doom dates, and I continue to poke fun at them, all the while making people laugh with my biting wit.

        Planet X DOES show up, I have egg on my face, Capt. PE doesn’t have to eat his hat, and the Nibirutards all get to go “nah, nah, na nah, nah”!!!!

        [But only for a fleeting time, as they all burn up in the fiery inferno from the incoming comets, before that fire hopefully gets put out by the ocean's sloshing as a result of the pole shift. Seems legit, right?] :mrgreen:

  • Anthony Delamarcus

    Great article! Very revealing!

    • PaulTarsuss

      John Ale starts off the article by saying he’s heard enough reports to understand….blah…blah…about Sitchin. Then goes on to write about Sitchin in the present tense. Even attributing current actions to the man who has been dead for over 6 years….

      Nibiru means: ‘gullible child’ in Swahili

      Good Journeys

  • Hayduke

    It DID NOT surprise me at all that the people who have actually seen Nibiru up close and personal have bought our NEW AND IMPROVED BINNER GLASSES for just $99.95. Nibiru IS NOT a laughing matter, IT IS ON THE WAY, HIDING JUST BEHIND THE SUN!!! But the new BINNER addition of the new dark glass actually makes Nibiru visible even THROUGH the sun!!! DO NOT DELAY!!! Nibiru is due and you want to be the very first person on your block to view it with confidence!!! And be sure to warn everyone in BINNERLAND when you see Nibiru FIRST with your new BINNERGLASSES!!!

    • The Clucker

      Are they an upgrade from my current pair? I think I just have the standard ones. I can only see the tail of comet Ison and the Black Knight Satellite. I’ll never get this right. :sad:

      • Mayhem

        The new and improved glasses might work, Clucker, but i got in early and bought the prototypes that turned out to have Nibiru painted onto the lenses. I tried for a refund/replacement but haven’t heard back in over 6 months.

        Wanna start a class action?

      • Mayhem

        If your answer is be yes it most fortunate for you because i am New Zealand royal family distant cousin and your discretion is assured for you. There is big chance we make 8.5 million US dollars by suing BINNERS INC but must acting fast.

        I will file documents with the International Court of Settlements, with the using my royal connections, and will need initial fees of whatever you have in the bank is yours. Please to forward your details and PIN number to – 419scams@

        It is true that most people make publicities in the internets that they have been scammed but if you were from NZ, you would have known that such publicities are made to cover up monies transferred to here.

        I eager to do business for you, Prince, twice removed, Mayheem Weedstash.

        ps-this not scam.

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          Not another claiming to be from some dying dynasty like the goddamn frenchie??

          • Mayhem

            You what?

      • Hayduke

        The upgrade with the NEW BINNERGLASSES is in the new DARKGLASS edition. This DARKGLASS edition actually allows you to see RIGHT THROUGH THE SUN which is where Nibiru hides. The new DARKGLASS just clips on over your new improved BINNERGLASSES and the DARKGLASS is only $49.95, A REAL BARGAIN!!!

        • Central Scrutinizer

          Sign me up for 2 pairs of DARKGLASS!!!!

          I can’t wait to use them on my Beta version of the BINNERS, and the new, as well as my ‘New, Improved’ pair.

          Frankly, without mitch51 and his AMAZING product, who could have ever seen such a large, inbound, Erf’ killing planetary body. All Hail mitch51!!! :mrgreen:

        • You People Are Nuts

          Easier and more effective by just dropping some LSD every once in awhile

  • paNix3d

    one of the first things the video tells you is that its no threat. lol; fail.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    I cannot believe “pizzagate” is not getting talked about more here.

    I know, the name is moronic, and that person on the internet should be ashamed, but the facts are real.

    The e-mails make it obvious, the underage sexual imagery on the owner of Comet Ping Pongs accounts and websites is very telling.

    It is a very real thing that has been going on for decades.

    The reddit for it has thousands and thousands investigating.

    Yet here’s BIN contributes still posting about a make believe threat.

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      From the Podesta emails:

      “We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      How about the fact that John and Tony Podesta are old friends of Jeffery Epstein, Dennis Hastert and Clement Freud, three convicted child molesters? Who has so many child rapists as friends? Who stays friends with child rapists after they’re exposed and convicted?

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

      In terms of national systemicity, the statistics are eloquent. The International Centre for Missing Children (ICMEC) estimates that 8 million children are reported missing each year around the world. Of that number, according to U.S. Department of Justice research, an estimated 800,000 children will go missing in the United States alone — a rate of over 2’000 missing children each day — with 466,949 of those cases entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database in 2014. With a current child population (aged 0 – 17) of around 74 million in the United States, the U.S. Department of Justice figures equate to around 1 child in every 92 going missing in the United States each year.
      This looks like a systemic problem indeed. Childhood disappearances outnumber cancer deaths in the United States by one third.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        ^^^ Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm??????

        Nice mustache???? :mrgreen:

  • Eggzactly

    Hi, My name is Keith and I am also a ‘inside source at NASA’ here today to tell you all that there is no Planet BooBoo. Never was and never will be. Get on with your lives and stop worrying about the intergalactic Boogeyman that doesnt exist. Go for a walk, Paint a picture, Go birdwatching, Drive your car fast down the highway, Get out there and live your lives and stop worrying about this Nonexistent NONSENSE! :eek:

    • Hayduke

      You need a new and improved pair of BINNERGLASSES. Then you will be singing a different tune. And still only $99.95!!! And you can add on the DARKGLASS for only $49.95, to see THROUGH THE SUN where Nibiru is hiding. DO NOT DELAY!!!


    No really its coming in 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,12,13,14,15,15,17, no really..

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