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Who Is John Galt?

Saturday, November 26, 2016 12:04
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What you are about to read below is the compilation of a brilliant 5 year exposé of the infiltration of America condensed to the conciseness needed for a sound-bite nation and brought to you by I hope you have a chance to visit their page and thank them for being light in darkness and speaking the truth to the lies of our government.
The profoundness of the truth behind the words of their article and their respective links speaks to its authenticity and is only surpassed by the sheer horror of it and of a nation that is blind to its own free fall.
Heaven help us if we remain silent any longer.

- I am John Galt. 


Dear Readers,

5 years ago we launched a simple project. We collected internet links to selected news articles, sorted them into categories and made them available to the public on our website. We had no idea where this project would take us. Our journey was shocking, unimaginable, a nightmare.

Via our research, we learned:

We initially supposed that shining a light on this situation would solve it, but no more. We have learned, by studying history, the only way to stop this fascist insanity is to stage a multi-million-person, peaceful, sustained siege on Washington D.C., like the one-day protest we attended below. There are more of us than them, and they will back down if enough people organize and peacefully, legally resist. They know this and so they fear us.

However, with one party control of government and media, we no longer see this option happening in the near term unless a unifying event occurs or uncorrupted leaders emerge with the ability to reach and organize masses. As evidence of this assumption, even the most flagrant, obvious lies and crimes, such as the IRS scandals and Benghazi are effectively ignored by both parties, law enforcement, courts and media, and left unpunished.

There is enough evidence already captured on our website site to cause any reasonable person to see a sustained, deliberate pattern of organized crime on a massive scale and to demand an unbiased, independent investigation, trial and conviction of every treasonous member of Congress and Government involved. Therefore, we are ceasing in our daily reporting and placing our energies on new initiatives. Commercial-free, adware-free, money-influence-free, and political-correctness-free daily news reporting comes to an end, but our website remains to inform our fellow citizens of the Government’s lawless tyranny that occurred from September 2009 to September 2014.

Now it’s time for us to take a new path. We faithfully served our 5-year tour of duty as a reporter in America’s 100-year-old war against Communism without any form of compensation or personal recognition.

Who of you will pick up the flag next? Who will document and help stop our Government’s treason and crimes so we can prosecute the traitors? Who will show us how to restore what they have destroyed when this illegal form of Government is ultimately overthrown in the 2nd American Revolution?


I am. You are.

Let’s roll.
– C.B.
 Like Yuri said: ‘It’s not James Bond… It’s all right out there in the open.”

Wake Up, America! Commies are Running Our Country and It’s Time to Get Rid of Them Now!

Page Last Updated: Monday, September 8, 2014 8:55 PM


BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

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  • 2QIK4U

    George bush jnr and Dick cheneys signature is on the document that gave the “israeli art team” instant access to the world trade centre.💣

  • YourNumbr1Fan

    “The Democratic Party is now a communist/socialist party funded by and aligned with Islamic terrorists.”

    Not true! They are funded by and aligned with JEWISH terrorists!!!

    Who the hell INVENTED communism to begin with?! JEWS, that’s who. :idea:

    The so-called “Islamic terrorism” is but a multi-faceted JEWISH program designed to use “Islamic radical extremism” as a BATTERING RAM against Europe and America… funded by uber-rich Jewish elite (does the name George Soros ring any bells?), Jewish-dominated media, banking, NGOs, and controlled by Israel’s MOSSAD. Many of us are nowhere near as stupid as most of these “gate-keepers” like John Galt think we are!!! You can call us “Nazis” until the cows come home… but the TRUTH is the TRUTH. Very powerful communist JEWS are the Hidden Hand behind “radical Islam” and terrorism, behind the WHITE GENOCIDE being carried out in Europe (due to the flooding of European nations with brown and black people, called “refugees”, mostly Islamic), in South Africa (due to the Jewish-funded and controlled anti-White hatred), and in the USA (under the guise of “multiculturalism”).


    The age of propaganda and misinformation is OVER. This is the age of the Internet, with instant access to “politically incorrect” knowledge.

    14/88!!!! :twisted:

  • YourNumbr1Fan

    Saudi Arabia are the stooges ISRAEL have thrown under the bus for the 9/11 planning!!! The REAL perpetrators are the ISRAELI MOSSAD and a core of JEWISH elite. Saudi Arabia were and are mere “Patsies”.


  • YourNumbr1Fan


    If the masses knew what I know about Jews, there wouldn’t be one left on the planet by the end of the week.

    Their horrible monstrousness knows no bounds. Language fails to adequately define the Jew whose deadly cancer worms through history like a malevolent, parasitical creature whose tentacle’s touch is absolutely fatal.

    If there were no Jews, there would be no Bible, no Koran, no Talmud, no Jesus, no Christianity, no Mohammad, no Islam, no Moses, no Abraham, no Judaism.

    There would be no communists, no Stalin, no purges, no mass starvations, no gulag death camps, no Hitler, no “Nazis”, no Hallowedhoax.

    Without Jewish mentors, there would be no need for them.

    There would be no slavery, save perhaps among the most primitive cultures. There would be no internecine conflicts like civil wars, and there would be no Lincolns or Cromwells to administer them.

    There would be no assassinations, no Garfields, no Ferdinands, no vom Raths, no JFKs. There would be no Wilsons, no Roosevelts, no Nixons, no Bushes, no Clintons, no Reagans, no Trumps; no Spanish American wars, no Korean police actions, no Panamas, no “Nams”, no “Desert Storms”.

    There would be no political correctness, no pornography, no racial or cultural suicides. In fact, present history would not exist in any manner related to what is now not only recognized, but accepted as the norm.

    There would be no Mafia or “organized” crime, the very concept which was created by Jews millennia ago to be aped by others.

    Most of all, there would be no Israel — no country serving as a university offering degrees in advanced criminality.

    There would be no world wars, no revolutions, no nuclear weapons, no “genocides” — even the word wouldn’t exist — no false flags like the trade towers, and little if any perversions, racial hatred and animosity between brethren cultures. There would be little, if any, corruption tolerated among those chosen for leadership positions and it would most certainly not be funded.

    The Jews’ hateful, malevolent influence is in fact so pervasive, it literally twists and perverts every aspect of the world in which we live. The list is long. So long that a world without Jews would be unrecognizable, if not unthinkable, to its present inhabitants.

  • The Real Deal

    Kick the Jews out of our government and banking system… problem solved.

  • KingofthePaupers

    Jct: John The Engineer Galt, Atlas Shrugged” who ran away to hide out in Shangrila until the sheople had overthrown the bad guys and invited the “men of the mind” back to lead them. As if there wouldn’t be leaders who couldn’t duck out. Check out John “The Engineer” Atlas Shrugged Not.

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