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CNN Is in Ruins: Look What Trump Just Did to Destroy Them This Morning (Video)

Friday, January 13, 2017 6:40
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Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, With only 10 days to go before he is sworn in as America’s 45th president, the political establishment went insane in the brain. They released a blast of “leaked intelligence reports.

They were released by CNN and Buzzfeed. These documents contain unverified information about intel ties between Russia and Trump and says that Russia holds sexual blackmail material over Trump.

Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, CNN is going down in flames right now and there is not a damn thing they can do but sit back and WATCH IT BURN!

Trump quite literally RUINED the credibility of CNN at his press conference today when he called them what they really are…FAKE NEWS!!

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  • truthseeker4809

    They are making up Pizzagate style blackmail that will haunt their ass against Trump. There is no moral in this world.

  • Jack Shlitz

    Re-elect TRUMP 2020

    • Just me

      Obama was put in office to erode our 2nd amendment rights, and Trump was put into office to erode our 1st amendment rights. NWO – right on schedule.

  • Deputy Dawg

    This may be a little off the subject, but it is relevant to the overall conversation. Keep watching as the CIA walks into yet another Trump trap set for them. I suspect that those CIA agents involved in the seditious actions will soon all be identified and arrested for treason. This rouge agency has been allowed for decades free reign. Unrestrained by the rule of law or the constitution they’ve evolved into one of the worst and most powerful criminal enterprises on the planet. God has shined a light on their dark misdeeds, following will be a time of reckoning.

    If according to his assessment the corruption within the intelligence agency involves too many subversives the president elect has the authority to immediately shut down the entire CIA as a matter of national security. He can have those he has appointed and trusts in the CIA point out all those behind or participating in the seditious anti-Trump campaign. Trump can then have the Department of Justice/FBI arrest every member of the CIA involved. The FBI hates the CIA and will be most accommodating in this regard.

    Reestablishing the agency isn’t really necessary as the CIA currently subcontracts most intelligence work to private companies anyway. With the NSA scheming on everyone everywhere the only thing the CIA is good for is arming terrorist, false flag operations, conspiring with the Nazi George Soros, overthrowing legitimate governments, smuggling drugs and selling weapons to terrorists. It is a criminal organization not a government entity.

    The CIA has proven itself a destructive force against the nation, it is in no way an asset. It should be noted that the intelligence the CIA provides is seldom if ever accurate. Their intelligence is gathered and distributed more often to manipulate American officials and populace. What exactly are we taxpayers really paying for? It’s time we ended this criminal enterprise. Let’s all hope ending the CIA is what President Trump has in mind. I suspect this is the plan, but we will see!


    • wiseoldlady


    • truthseeker4809

      Don’t forget the CIA head quarter that is beneath Lake Geneva in Switzerland is under the control of Vatican.

      • truthseeker4809

        Not to mention that the CIA was behind the assassination of JFK.

        What is the common denominator of Vatican, Zionists and Moslem the core terror groups in the modern world?

        Abrahamic Cult!!!!!

        Let’s solve this problem once and for all…

  • Just me

    There is something wrong with people who applaud the destruction of the free press. Free speech is about allowing ideas you don’t agree with. Anything less is fascism.

    • Spikey Norman

      Ideas you don’t agree with are one thing.

      Deliberate malicious lies, deceptions and Libel are something very different.

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      If you are referring to the MSM, they are NOT free press. They are Gov. propaganda organs.
      Glad to see their richly deserved fall!

    • Andy

      i agree, however the MSM is NOT FREE PRESS – it is a propaganda machine

    • Pedro

      And you classify CNN as “Free Press”? I would have thought you would consider CNN a “Bought Propaganda Organisation”, but evidently you are delusional.

    • Eggzactly

      CNN< MSNBC< ABC< CBS< NBC< Just flatout lie to Us and that's not News. Maybe you should learn the difference. :roll:

  • without prejudice

    Breaking News: Classified Information from XYZ Intelligence Agency

    Donald Trump has affair with Dora the Explorer!

    After years of keeping this information hidden from the public and using agents from Cool World to help keep this story under wraps, a confidential informant for XYZ Intelligence Agency has confirmed, yes they have confirmed that the Donald was sleeping with fictional cartoon character, Dora the Explorer.

    Keep posted of this hot news story with our friends at CNN and Buzzfeed for they will keep ongoing, 24 hours, cycle of fake news to keep you misinformed.

    CNN and Buzzfeed, you both are a joke.

    • Andy

      there weren’t enough letters in your alphabet soup

      and on another note, my daughter is going to be crushed when she learns Dora has been tainted

  • Citizen of Arizona

    Donald Trump isn’t destroying CNN and Buzzfeed, they are doing a great job themselves.

    However, it’s not just them who are involved in propaganda and fake news; it’s also all other networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Bloomburg, Wall Street Journal, Public Broadcasting Service, BBC, Washington Post, NY Times, Google, Youtube, Drudge Report, etc etc etc.

    Yes, even the Drudge Report is involved in fake news because they keep broadcasting news stories from these corporation. Drudge is also involved with presenting the same solutions as everyone else which is continued participation in the United States corporation as they operate via a Democracy instead of a Constitutional Republic.

    I cannot even get the Drudge Report to contact me or respond to prior messages.

    Let’s just lay this all on the line so we can examine what’s really happening before us and stop playing that game.

  • Detergent

    The more the President Elect bashes CNN, the more dear he makes CNN to the leftists. Everybody else had already decided CNN was NWO garbage. He hasn’t ruined CNN by any stretch of the imagination. He has only solidified CNN as the darling network of the left.

  • jdpent01

    JDP…CNN and buzfeed should never be asked to cover any political events. Trump should have the dept of commerce pull their business licenses to broadcast for putting out salacious news.

    • Citizen of Arizona

      The thought of getting permission to travel with a drivers license…
      getting a permit to have a gun
      getting a permit or license to exercise our right to speech
      getting a license to work

      Where in the Constitution of the United States of America or in the first ten Articles in Amendment or in the Declaration of Independence of A.D. 1776 does it say anything about “inalienable Rights’ – in-a-lien-able Rights? Is it not “unalienable Rights” = un-a-lien-able Rights?

      The moment you get a permit or license for a Right you already have, you have abandoned the Republic and have entered into a Democracy and you have waived all your private Rights and taking on a status of a subject where you are getting benefits and privileges in exchange for a Right you already have.

      When I hear people complain that the government is taking away their right to bear arms, yet they have registered their guns and themselves to get a permit, then I think, you foolish people—you just gave up your freaking Rights!!!! It is not the government who are taking away our Rights for they have NO AUTHORITY TO REQUIRE LICENSES OR PERMITS because these Rights belong to the People and were given to us by God or by Nature’s Creator.

      However, prior to going out there and tearing up those licenses and permits, it might be wise to understand how these contracts and political systems work for if you do not understand, you will be tricked by their agents and their judges and you will be subject to penalties for violating their laws.

      I travel all the time without a drivers license for I do not “drive” nor “operate a motor vehicle” nor am I engaged in “traffic” nor am I in “commerce”. I also am not a “U.S. citizen” nor a “resident” in their system. Do you see what I’m showing you??? The use of their legal terms, binds one to a law and a duty to that law. So if you think you’re going to just bow out of that madness without understanding the tricks they play, you will find yourselves in jail.

      • Judge Roy Bean

        Embassy of Heaven – State-Free Church

      • freakneck

        You’ve got that backwards dumbass……you give up rights as it is, in a republic, because you allow another to vote for you. A democracy would have everyone voting for themselves.

        …”The use of their legal terms, binds one to a law and a duty to that law.”….eh? What binds you to a law is being in that village/town/city/state/country, not using “their legal terms”.

  • Redlist Renegade

    Lonney Toons !!! CNN ; The “Cartoon” News Nutwork !!!

  • Zabwe`

    Open Sesame…..Portals lead back unto themselves…..Not sure what they have sent through the portals – Diseases and Rocket science maybe…

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