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Planet X Nibiru Here Is What Will Happen When it Arrives

Monday, February 13, 2017 8:32
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The “Wrecking Ball of Civilizations” – the Destroyer, the incoming Nemesis-Nibiru system. The signs of its imminent approach to our home planet are everywhere: the extreme weather (getting even more extreme); seismic and volcanic upheaval at unprecedented levels; the shifting of both the magnetic poles and the geophysical poles.

The Earth wobble and its resulting affects – sink holes, landslides , etc.; and the frenzied preparations into underground sanctuaries of the world’s elite that may well end up being their tombs. People everywhere are sensing “something” is about to happen even if they quite can’t grasp what.

Red Star Kachina 2017

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  • Central Scrutinizer

    ^^^ “People everywhere are sensing “something” is about to happen even if they quite can’t grasp what”.

    I feel like that a lot when I am sitting on the toilet the following day after putting a few too many serrano peppers in my civiche! :mrgreen:

    Poor Agent 7, the little critters of nature. They don’t know that they’re ugly.

  • dj dawg

    Come on doomsday lets hope they are right this time

  • Syco247

    Bullshit, :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

  • LifeIs

    Well, I don’t have an unfocused, vague impression. I have a connect-the-dots understanding of what government has been doing for two-and-a-half decades.

    What we have been told, by certain people, jibes with what government has been doing. Starting in the early 1990s:

    (A) Burying the evidence that Planet X disturbed the orbits of the outer planets, with a new “computer model” that requires old information to be re-written, about the mass of Neptune.

    (B) Burying Robert Harrington

    (C) Putting infrared telescopes at the South Pole and on Mt. Graham. First in 1993, upgraded since. Hosting officials of the internal security agency of Russia, the FSB, at the new infrared South Pole Telescope in 2007.

    (D) Selling trillions of dollars of US government bonds, and losing trillions from the Pentagon budget, and spending on covert underground facilities. And moving some government facilities to Colorado.

    (And later putting out “Hunger Games,” which is propaganda to make teens expect hardship and Colorado-based tyranny.)

    (E) Starting a disinformation project (Zeta Talk) to discredit the idea of Planet X, and to lose real information in a deluge of false information. And giving us the 2012 end of the world story, to discredit the idea of global disaster.

    (And subsequent end of the world movies and TV, to make people think of it in terms of fiction.)

    (F) Burying Rodney Marks –and subsequently others.

    (G) Making up nonsense to explain the Pioneer anomaly, then refusing to tell us how far off course subsequent space probes got.

    (H) Ignoring unusual waves, tides, earthquakes, and volcanic activity, as our solar system’s barycenter moves around, with the movement of Planet X.

    (I) Ignoring increases in meteorites and small asteroids, which are being pushed into our path by the charge field of Planet X.

    (J) Ignoring the brightening/warming all over the solar system, and changes in the Sun, and Saturn, and changes in our weather, caused by changes in the flow of electricity through the solar system. Caused by Planet X.

    (K) Ignoring the change in the orbit of Mars, which left it further south of the ecliptic than it should be.

    (L) Occupying oil fields and encircling Russia, in advance of the expected disaster.

    (M) Not caring about the US dollar losing value, the result of money-printing. Not caring about snowballing government debt.

    (N) Not caring to do anything about carbon dioxide in the air, while pretending to believe it causes unusual weather.

    (O) Israeli infiltration of Patagonia, which will have a different climate after the axis shift.

    (P) Not caring enough to assassinate the populist who won the 2016 Presidential election. Not caring enough to pull his corrupt and sick and unpopular opponent out of the race.

    (Q) Many military sources have been advised to get away from the coasts.

    We know from geology about rapid climate changes, and changes in magnetism of rocks. We know about rapid subsidence. We know from history and legends that the tilt of the Earth changes. The last time was around 11,000 years ago.

    We know from Mary at Fatima (per Lucia Santos, per Father Malachi Martin) that a global disaster will occur prior to the 100th anniversary of Mary’s appearances there. (May 13, June 13, July 13, August 19, September 13, October 13 of 1917)

    The part of her message “forever sealed” by Pope John 23d gives the time frame, according to Father Martin, who read it. Pope John Paul II at Fulda in 1980 suggested it said that millions would die, from one moment to the next. From oceans sweeping across land.

    That’s what happened last time. It left us with Great Flood stories, in various parts of the world.

    Father Martin said, “It’s worse than that. It’s worse than you could imagine.” And he said the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope was built to track “an incoming object.”

    Put it all together. Book II Item 142 of Herodotus, where the Egyptians told him the path of the Sun across the sky had changed in the past. The Kun Kun creation myth of China, where the Earth tilts relative to the stars.

    The subsidence of the New England seamounts, which still have dead algae on them. 3,000 feet down in the freezing cold dark. The sudden freezing of eastern Siberia, when the ice cap on our side of the world was melting. The rain forest underneath Antarctic ice.

    Put it together. It happened before. It will happen again. And soon.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Now ^^^ that is a Capt. PE quality List.

      Glad to see you finally awoke from your Boxing Day salt and hat induced coma!

      Welcome back…. :mrgreen:

      • Central Scrutinizer

        I will admit, I skipped (E) through (Q), as I got bored. The remainder is just re-re-re-hashed nonsense. PASS!!! :mrgreen:

        • Syco247

          I left B-thru blahh blahh blahh out LOL
          :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

    • Andy

      it happened once, about 3,500 years ago, when Nemesis flew past earth before interacting with Mars – fortunately, we gave Nemesis a new name


    • b4

      hey LIFELS–will you please get a hold of Dr. Eric Becklin–he is the foremost expert of infrared technology –his last project is the sofia -a 747 with a 8 ft infrared tele like hubble–it flies on the edge of space for nasa-he has done lots of work for caltech,jpl,nasa,ucla–his email is on line–when he tells you what he told me about planet x please let us know and please hurry..thanks

  • Anonymous

    There are millions of amateur and professional astronomers on this planet with billions, if not trillions, of dollars in equipment. If Nibiru were anywhere near the ‘Erf, even remotly close there would be pics and coordinates of it’s location literally everywhere on the internet. But *sigh* there is nothing. So, Nibiru ain’t anywhere around these parts.

    Now, if you are lucky enough to have a pair of the new BINNER GLASSES with the NEW SOLAR SHIELD for only $99.95, that would be a different story because then you COULD see Nibiru as it hides behind the sun, or behind the moon.

    • LifeIs

      How many have been watching the southern sky, checking to see how each dot of infrared light is moving, from one night to the next.

      How many have seen even one of the 20-to-40 ton dark comets, that disintegrate just above our atmosphere, every minute of every night.

      How many spotted the Crater 2 dwarf galaxy, which occupies twice as much of the sky as the full Moon.

      How many can see anything in the daytime sky.

      How many rely on what they are told by official, controlled sources, for absolutely everything they know about the sky. To the point that they ignore the evidence of their own eyes.

      Father Martin told us in April of 1997 of a global disaster, “It isn’t 20 years away.” Pope John XXIII said, when he decided against disclosure in 1960, “It is not for our (his) time.” It is time to wake up.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        “every minute of every night.” So, what you are saying is #BlackCometsMatter only come at night?

        “can see anything in the daytime sky.” I can see the Sun, clouds, birds, sometimes the Moon, and even an occasional rainbow in the daytime sky.

        “Father Martin told us in April of 1997 of a global disaster” Still with the creepy kid fantasy story? I figured you newfound intake of quality Himalayan Pink Salt would have helped with you tendency to peddle Fe@r Porn. Guess not.

        Oh well, Mr. “I’ve got a date and two good eyes” despite looking like a complete Maroon. What your next date you would like to peddle? Maybe I can buy you a set of Binners 2.0 and we can watch it together. :mrgreen:

        • LifeIs

          Good of you to admit the small, dark comets exist. When they were accidentally discovered, in the 1980s, by a satellite, astronomers did not like it.

          (1) Black comets, so close to the Sun, with no comas or tails, destroy the existing theory of comets.

          (2) Carl Sagan had, about 10 years earlier, claimed that if Venus was formed recently, as Velikovsky suggested, there would be debris left over. And here was the debris, to prove the solar system was not sitting here, unchanged, for billions of years.

          So astronomers set an impossibly high standard of proof. (Simultaneous observation of each tiny flash of light by 3 ground based telescopes and one satellite.) They underestimated the technology, however, and the existence of the comets was proved.

          So, astronomers work really hard at forgetting about them.

          (Velikovsky was wrong in thinking Venus was brand new. Venus was, however, demolished by a near-collision and re-formed. This is why the surface is new, with only 900 craters. The Moon has 300,000. And it is why Venus has a canyon like the Grand Canyon or Copper Canyon, formed by electrical arcing. And it is why the retrograde spin of Venus is synchronized with the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.)

          You can’t see much that is relevant to our discussion, in the daytime sky.

          The grown-ups of the Catholic Church take Fatima very seriously. You never wondered why they spent their money on telescopes? They could have had a really nice party, for themselves, but no.

          Yes, you do have a time frame and eyes. Your normalcy bias has a shelf life, so to speak.

          And so do you.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            I admitted nothing of the sorts. All I said was #BlackCometsMatter. Apparently, all comedy is lost on you.

            So what’s the timeframe? You were horribly, horribly wrong in August of 15, your were even more wrong on Christmas of 16, so what’s it going to be? You finally grew a pair and came out of hiding, what’s the new “Date of Infamy”?

            You are like a slow motion trainwreck, you want to look away, but you just can’t…… :mrgreen:

          • LifeIs

            1. I’ve been here posting, all along.

            2. My guesses are one thing. Based on what governments are doing and not doing. The TIME FRAME you have was written down in 1941, from a message spoken to Lucia Santos in 1917.

            It was translated for Pope John XXIII in 1960, and he decided it would remain “forever sealed.”

            THAT is the time frame he alluded to, it’s the time frame given to us by Father Malachi Martin in an interview in April of 1997. Based on the message Lucia wrote and which he, Father Martin, was permitted to read.

            He referred to a disaster “worse than you could imagine” and said, “It’s not 20 years away.”

            Those are his exact words. Note what happens 20 years from April of 1997. The very next month is the 100th anniversary of the first Fatima appearance of Mary.

            You don’t have to sort through disinformation and make guesses. Because the latest possible DATE is given. We’re out of time for guesses.

            There is a slow-motion train wreck in progress, and it is headed right for you.

          • Sulletje

            @LifeIs I just don’t understand how people, like you, still believe this nibiru nonsense after a decade of lies. Can you even breathe on your own??

          • Syco247

            Of course not, these fairytale bible humping idiots need instructions to so much as piss.

          • LifeIs


            1. So far, I can breathe. But, we have a 13 mile high equatorial bulge, and the sea water is going to slosh, during the pole shift.

            And I’m way too close to sea level.

            2. You actually need to research each item that I’ve listed for you, and think it all through.

            That’s how you come to know what is going on.

            3. If one is blinded by know-it-all conceit *looks at three peoples’ posts* one must lose it. Conceit makes people gullible as all hell. *considers liberals*

            And there are skilled, professional liars protecting the biggest secret of our time.

            The same skill that made almost everyone believe that carbon dioxide in the air makes the Earth warmer. And colder. Against every bit of evidence in the world.

            4. Or you could just be surprised, when the charge field of Planet X gives us a push, from a great distance, and our inertia flips our axis. Again.

          • Central Scrutinizer

            Alright!!! Backed Capt. PE into yet another corner and pinned him down for a date. Aug 15 was bad, Dec 16 was worse, so at least Apr 17 isn’t too far in the future and we don’t have long to wait. He’s like a cockroach, no matter how you pin him down, he always manages to scurry away for form yet another epic ‘List’.

            He’s my analysis. Apr 17 will come and go, the MLB season will be well underway (and the Cubs will not be off to a rocking start), and BIN will be awash with more ‘dates of impending doom from the mystical, magical fantasy Planet, courtesy of Capt. PE, the dead Priest, and his collection of creepy kids”!!!

            Did I capture most of the salient points, minus the long, drawn-out boring ‘List’? I was serious about them Cubbies! :mrgreen:

          • b4

            HEY LIFELS—left you a note above–please read–the equator bulge is actually closer to 27 miles thru the whole planet–if that got displaced in a hurry the effects would be huge– esteemed Martin Armstrong is talking a lot lately of poles shifting and how the north pole was in hudson bay some 50,000 years ago..the poles are on the move now and the weather effects are huge from that–winter in europe is breaking all kinds of massive cold numbers–so much for global warming!!! my private jet has a range of 2500 miles–hope that is far enough when things come unglued!

          • LifeIs

            b4 I wouldn’t be approaching someone who works for the government, for information about this.

            The government works very hard at keeping it secret.

            Anyone who leaked valid information would become prematurely dead.

            The 13 miles–approximately– is the difference between sea level at the equator, and sea level at the North Pole.

            Centrally Clueless in April of 2017, it will be twenty years since Father Martin gave us the 20 year time frame.

            From Mary per Lucia Santos.

            And if you want to believe it’s just COINCIDENTAL that 100 years after that message was delivered to Earth, our orbit is suddenly cluttered with small asteroids…

            .. zipping by at about one per day, sometimes hitting the atmosphere and burning up or exploding…

            (One defining characteristic of planets is that they sweep their orbits of that junk, over time. That stuff shouldn’t be here.)

            …if you want to believe that a child 100 years ago, and a priest 20 years ago, just made a LUCKY GUESS about an incoming object, in our present time….

            …well, enjoy your delusion. Reality is on its way.

          • Sulletje

            @LifeIs I’ve already looked into Nibiru enough to know that it’s bullshit. No need to look further…

          • LifeIs

            Sulletje you will find that it is not as you say.

  • Andy

    i know for sure what will happen when Nibiru arrives

    exactly the same thing as will happen when jesus arrives

    N-O-T-H-I-N-G because neither exist

    • Mayhem

      That’s really random, Andy, is that like a hash tag that you simply include with every comment you make?

      You know like – “I love tomato sauce on cheesecake and, oh yeah, Jesus doesn’t exist – kind of random.

      You should stick to explaining how science and education isn’t indoctrination.

      • b4

        hey LIFELS–left you a note above–its important–please read

        • Central Scrutinizer

          b4, if you want his undivided attention, just call out Capt. PE.

          It will be like the Bat Signal is activated! :mrgreen:

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Hey Agent 7….. You got lost in the mix.

    My bunghole is better from all the serranos, just in case you were wondering. But I know I will do it again… Curse you, ceviche. :mrgreen:

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