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Russian Plane Crash Another Ritual Sacrifice – 71 Victims for Clinton Body Count on AN-148

Monday, February 12, 2018 19:14
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[Feb 12, 2018 - ZurichTimes]

The Russian Plane that just crashed and killed 71 Souls was another False Flag Ritual Sacrifice for the Satanists and adds to the Clinton Body Count that is growing ever larger by the month and year. This time the victims were allegedly connected to the Uranium One Scandal that is gripping Washington, DC in recent weeks.

Dead Men Tell no Tales. Especially ones that have information about Uranium One, FBI and CIA Crimes.

The alleged victims were posted on chat board and we cannot verify the authenticity of the information, but when 3 researchers come to the same conclusion about the Plane Crash then the Body of Evidence speaks for itself and is left to the Reader to Discern as always.

Raw Footage of Plane Crash

Wreckage from the Plane Crash


The Russian AN-148 Air Crash Observation

Related image

James Munder on QAnon and Russian Plane False Flag Assassination and Coverup

Jerome Corsi About Uranium One Executives With Goods On Hillary Eliminated In The Plane Crash

Image result for clinton body count

Please help yourself Hillary and Check into the nearest Hospital or Mental Institution or Prison. We are not that picky or choosy. Anything off the streets will do…



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  • Man

    and the ritual sacrefice was to bring…. what? since nothing ever happens with these “claimed” satanic rituals…

    Superbowl “supposedly” has rituals every year but has no effect.

    when another plane crash, is that also a satanic ritual?

    • Daughter of the Church

      and the ritual sacrifice was to bring…. what? The unabridged continuation of the abominations, such as the racing at a breakneck speed towards WW3; the ignored current genocides; the falsely justified relocating of populations; the legalized trampling upon the 10 Commandments; the cheering upon the rise of all anti-Christian religions enabled through usurper “Popes” while the authentic Pope is either forced into exile or simply in captivity….

      and the ritual sacrifice was to bring…. what? The silencing of the lamb.

      • Man

        and that would stop if there were no satanic sacrifices?

        where the the satanic sacrifices before WW1 also to advance WW3 or can you just claim a satanic ritual for anything?

        is a satanic sacrifice more powerful than prayer?

        Is satanic child rape more powerful than Christian priest rape when it comes to the effect?

        I don’t get these satanic rituals

        • 2QIK4U

          The priest rape and the satanic rape are one and the same.. With these idiots numbers are everything. The church IS the satanic church. That one good cop you spoke to IS THE WORST ONE OUT OF THE LOT. the TRUSTED SCHOOL TEACHER DOCTOR SPORTS COACH PRIEST ARE THE PEDOPHILES.. The good you see rammed down your throat are for evil purposes. It is one and the same man … Example.. Las Vegas shooter the police killed in gunfight at the time?……. NO! The entire government have been caught lying as stephens mortuary report says he didnt die until twelve oclock the next day and he was tortured! The people that act good are really the evil ones. This connects to Trump to! The puppet master is revealed.

          • Daughter of the Church

            “The church IS the satanic church”
            Yes! the Church has been in eclipse for now sixty years. The Roman Catholic Church has been hijacked by a series of six antipopes since October 26, 1958.

            Once become the Synagogue of Satan, everything goes, and so does the world.

          • Hayduke

            You have now lost the talent that you had for critical thinking at the time you enterted the BINNERLAND. The autopsy report indicated time of death to be: (10-2-17 12:00). Which would be midnight. Which would be 10-2.

            However, there is still something very fishy about the shooting. For example, LVMPD knows for a fact that Paddock didn’t kill himself but they have been instructed not to talk.

      • 2QIK4U

        Yes. World Proxy War 3 Started on 9/11. And America has been destabalising countries ever since for the israel/rothschild English agenda. NOTE. England has NEVER given back ownership to any country other than America and China. They only dump the Countries they dont plan on keeping for the future. The real largest army isnt asian and isnt the U.N. its the over 160 counties of the QUEENS COMMONWEALTH. FRANCE AND AMERICANS THE ONLY EUROPEANS NOT WELCOMED! Ever ask yourselves why? Or you all just thought… AMERICA… FK YEAH !…….?

        • DK

          England AKA the Crown only has claim to the original 13 colonies, in 1776 most of the Americas were Spanish, and what was left was mostly Bourbon French. Tends to be a mistake made quite often in equating the US state of this day and its extent with what is legally recognised as UK territory, state property rights do not transfer unless purchased in peacetime, the state and the property are also different entities, so Spaniards owned property in say Florida until it was invaded and siezed because Spain declared war on England, they too were expelled, but Florida was returned to Spain because it was spanish crown property after the war, assest siezure was only legal between states when at war, which means of course those states had assets which could be siezed in each others dominions and subjects were assets(since some were slaves literally property). And those dominions had recognised limits internationally. When the US fought in the Phillipines and Cuba against Spain, Spain did not declare war on England nor seek alliances against the crown because it recognised that the US was acting as a soverign nation, when the US planned its pre WW1 army expenditure it planned for a 5 million strong British invasion from Canada, when in 1812 the USA made war upon England and invaded Canada killing off 50,000 people most of whom were non combatants and former neighbours they lived with, they did not do this as subjects but as a soverign republic attempting a land grab. The crown never ordered them to do this a any time, the damage to British interests was stunning a very strange thing for your landlord to suffer. So what I am telling you is really simple, in 1812 the legal entity called the United States of America siezed all proprty and titles belonging to the British Crown in its territory under asset siezure after declaring war on Great Britain, and whatever the relationship is now it was resolved in your favour even though you lost that war. It was still in your favour even thouh you won the independence war but left the crown with certain property rights as a compromise, which were most probably not our conditions but those left by France and Spain on the negotiators to ensure they were not next in line for revolution being themselves unlike Great Britain absolute monarchies. If you want to find out who runs your country, look at the place everyone is pointing away from, which is your own government, if they are not working for you look to who they are tied to, which is a political party.

      • 2QIK4U

        Agreeing in general. I dont know where your from?

      • Daughter of the Church

        a clarification to this above posted comment, which may seem off beat to the uninitiated, but is of a necessity upon receiving a call within minutes.

        I posted about Pope Gregory XVIII, the legitimate successor to Cardinal Siri (The Pope in Red), that His Holiness was ” either forced into exile or simply in captivity….”
        Yes, the authentic Pope may currently be in CAPTIVITY! just as his predecessor was for 31 years. The suspicion is based upon the fact that Father Peter Khoat Van Tran, the sole priest who blew the whistle has been no where to be found since 2013 except through elusive internet text messages. This priest from Vietnam is supposed in hiding and protected by a body-guard… Body-guard or handler?
        The Pope “in exile” is silent about the most recent abominations, while it is easy the diffuse any messages.
        The “authorized website” TCW with David Hobson in command is getting suspicious too, with for example Masses offered throughout the world, which appears as being nothing more than means to round-up the remnants.

        Who has eyes to see, may they see, and who has ears to hear, may they ear.

        • 2QIK4U

          I vaugely remember that but i didnt know what i do now to understand back then. When the pope accepted homosexuality i knew it was the beginning of the end. Youtube channel THE INNER DARK Shows the vatican like you wouldnt expect. Are you aware of the snakeshead church where the pope sits in front of that massive wall hell statue (which is very well made i admit but evil yes) and people wonder why im now athiest! Athiest to the church because theyve lied and hidden the real truth from the beginning. For all anyone knows.. Taking communion seems a little satanic in general dont you think? Eat his body drink his blood…

        • 2QIK4U

          Handler/prisongaurd. Oh yeah bodygaurd very last. The church needs to be re made to save christianity which the entire white race seems based on. Anglo saxxon roman jewish catholisism. Expanded by the hollywood scum onto the uneducated to brainwash further. And they wonder why americans get called dumb by the world. America has been brainwashed to many times

  • 2QIK4U


  • 2QIK4U

    Lol… My comment is on munders pic just down.. Lol. This happened three wks ago in Australia and they took the entire family out on a small private plane tour and i bet that helicopter crash in canada/america yesterday will be connected. Anybody seen Podesta lately?

  • truck driver

    All that new York Russian salad dressing went down with the plane?

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