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Deep State and the Occult

Monday, March 12, 2018 15:30
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The Occult Connection to the Deep State is a complex question that is rarely talked about. Due to Wikileaks recently in the news is “Podesta Spirit Cooking” and “Child Pedophilia and Sacrifice” which are clearly occult practices. 

Read this story, and you will understand 90% of what is really going on in the world today, and what they are hiding from the masses. 

The Occult has four main esoteric practices: Astrology, Numerology, Symbology, and the Kabbalah. Many researchers would tell you these four are all esoteric variations of the same ancient Dark-Math practices, to make it sound better they call these the “mystery religion” which was also referenced in the Bible, Chapter of Revelations. 

In the last days, rather then the minority of the population being occult practitioners, the majority will be practicing occultists, in place of traditional religions, which will be made illegal by the Anti-Christ and the world government. We mention this, because at least for now, short of nuclear war, we are far from the last days, so join the fight against the occult. 

Most of us probably won’t be around to witness the entire world of occultists but they are trying hard to normalize the occult, the Church of Satan Clubs are in Public Schools but not the Church of Christ, they can build Statues of Baphomet but Jesus in the manger is not allowed. More occult indoctrination goes on in the yoga studios where they often form rune shapes in front of the rising sun, you will understand that one if you keep reading. Then comes mediation (channeling ). It’s all the occult rebranded for the uninitiated sheeple.

Big difference between dabbling in softer Esoteric practices, and becoming a full fledged Satanist or Luciferian. In many ways you might look at Esoteric practices as the Entry Drug to deeper and much more evil Satanism. At this point, you are killing other human beings, gaining power and riches through blood sacrifice to Satan, and helping to usher in the return to Earth of Satan.  Wether you believe in the Bible, Jesus, Lucifer, or Satan isn’t really relative, the occult sociopath does. 

Luciferian is based on the gnostic teachings that basically reverses the Bible to claim that the “true God” is Lucifer not Jesus. Note that occultists hate not just Jesus, but also Buddha, Muhammad, and every pro-family religion. They try to keep us divided and fighting each other; remember they need children, dividing the family, supplies children. 

Lucifer translated means Bringer of Dawn, or Bringer of Light, sounding familiar to something? Freemasonry, the Light worshipers and often they will worship objects that give off light– The Sun, The Planet Venus, The Torch on JFK’s grave, the Olympic Torch.   Another group, over promoted as evil is the illuminati, more Light of Illumination.  They often throw in the 13 Illuminati bloodlines, who cares how many occultist run the world, they are all evil, don’t let this get you off track on this minor tangent. 

We should discuss how Goddess worship ties in, that would be the Goddess Venus, as in the Planet Venus, she had many different names throughout history and is often featured holding a child as in the Saint Mary, for the occult infiltrated pedophilia Vatican. In Ancient Babylon Goddess Semiramis, the US Goddess Columbia and The Romans called her Goddess Libertas, yes as in the Statue of Liberty who wears the occult crown with 7 points (rays of light), but also holds the Torch to send out Light (Energies of Lucifer) to the world. This constant changing of names and terms throughout history is done to keep you in the dark and the elite occultists change their family names also. Think about the Egyptian Goddess Isis (same occult Goddess) on the Dollar Sign and the dreaded ISIS Terrorists.  The new world order (with the need to take over all the Earth’s natural resources using Agenda 21) is the Goddess GAIA, the Environmental Earth Goddess, in the occult the Wiccan Witch softly named to hide the occult from the masses– Mother Earth. GAIA a soft occult theory, is mandatory in public schools, to prepare them for what is coming.

Even the main Masonic writer, Albert Pike admitted they worship Lucifer. But don’t be fooled, many other societies and even traditional religions were infiltrated by the occult and now worship the light. The masons are just too obvious, they even come from the East where the Sun rises in the dawn. In worshiping the Light, the Luciferians see their God as more of energy or spirit, of course Lucifer is good and Jesus is evil, you have to be really STUPID or greedy to follow this con job, Bush and Clinton for example were D students in high school.  Ever hear the term “dumb criminal” these criminals in business suits are not that bright, they just follow orders and collect their blood money.  Read and digest this story and you will probably know more then they understand.

The Luciferian worships the Spiritual Form of Evil, while the Satanist personifies Evil into a physical  being named Satan. Are Lucifer and Satan the same entity, that debate continues but does not matter if both represent pure evil, no one cares if evil is in spiritual energy form or a formed entity; either can take over your soul and lead to destruction.  

Satan becomes more demanding for more blood sacrifice. One of the most hardcore Satanists Aleister Crowley, used hard drugs, sex, and blood sacrifice… stuff like Spirit Cooking and Child Sacrifice in the news recently. We should point out that Barbara Bush is said to be Aleister Crowley’s daughter and Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter; would not discount these theories. The Satanists are very evil comprising much of the Deep State, sometimes even incestual and lately we are hearing about all the adopted Hollywood movie stars, groomed from a young age.

You often hear talk of the Ancient God Moloch, where parents would willingly take their children to sacrifice to Molech; certainly one evil God. If our society turns hardcore occult, you will then see this sort of practice, something the Satanists would love.  In a way, we already have this its called Abortion Clinics, parents go willingly to sacrifice their baby and many abortion clinics blatently flaunt an occult symbol in their logo.

So this New World Order, is placing the entire world under the control and rule of a Global Government (United Nations) so we are ready for Satan to return and take his seat as the world ruler; very similar to a reincarnated Roman Emperor, in fact we would suggest that DNA has been harvested from dead emperors with cloning to bring one back to Earth. There was a theory that Obama looked a lot like an Egyptian Pharaoh.

Next we must understand the Nazi’s; other tyrants have tried to bring in the New World Order, but the Nazi’s (well funded by the USA and European Occultist Bankers) was an attempt to utilize hardcore Satanism and Luciferianism to bring in the new world order. The Holocaust human sacrifice was because they thought this sacrifice to Satan would make the Nazi’s an unstoppable world force, with the SS being the really hardcore Satanists. 

The esoteric religion, used by the Nazi’s was Theosophy by occultist Helena Blavatsky,  is very important. The group that was pushing Theosophy was the Thule Society, and the USA version of the Thule Society is– Skull and Bones. Notice the Nazi like symbol of the Thule Society and the symbology of Theosophy included the Star of David.

The Star of David comes from the ancient Ring of King Solomon they often call King Solomon a prophet of God, when you read the fine print he becomes a “magician” aka Satanist and then you find his ring and there is the Star of David used by the Nazi’s, Masons, and many other groups. What was the ring used for– to summon Demons such as Satan, this all goes back to Ancient times.

Next comes Israel and the occult, most of Israel believes in the Torah (the Bible’s Old Testament) but who is in charge, why the Occult deep state within Israel they believe in the Talmud aka the occult and heavily into the Kabbalah and in 1948 they forced the Country of Israel to adopt as their flag– The Occult Ring of Solomon Symbol- the Star of David. In the USA the Occult created ‘the original 13 colonies” for our flag. Almost every occult infiltrated country is flying an occult symbol flag. 

One of the goals of the Talmud Occult Jews, is to establish the Jewish Homeland, the exact Jewish Territory of Biblical Days, known as Canaan, God destroyed Canaan because the Canaanites were practicing– witchcraft, sorcery, child sacrifice, and idol worship (worship of gold or today dollars). So we call this Zionism the re-establishment of the original Jewish State, so who are Zionists? Anyone who supports this goal, regardless of race or religion, you can be a zionist so all our Presidents are occult zionists Clinton, Bush, Obama, and probably Trump. Why does the occult want to re-establish this territory? The Anti-christ, Satan can not return until this is completed, it all ties together. There is a good possibility that world government and the United Nations will move to Israel at some point in history. What stands in their way, the Palestinian Authority (the zionists like to label as terrorists) claim the land is theirs, regardless zionism is occult goal number one. 

Why is Theosophy so important to the occult? Because it brings you to Theosophy occultist Alice Bailey and the United Nations, Bailey’s new age philopshy (warmed over Theosophy) is pushed by stealth everywhere on Television and by the United Nations. Bailey was published by Lucifer Publishing, too obvious they had to change the name to Lucis Trust, is an NGO at the United Nations, and there is your UN occult connection. 

The world Theosophy is seldom spoken on television, and the name was changed so that people don’t know that the United Nations is promoting the same Theosophy practiced by the Nazi’s attempt a a new world order. The modern name is the Seven Rays, back to the light rays of Lucifer again, the seven rays of light or occult energy. When practicing all other religions is outlawed, this is the religion they will bring in.  The seven rays of light have six spaces in between giving you the number thirteen again. 

The NWO cabal, is hiding the Seven Rays and the Occult Connection to the United Nations. Media will call out the Freemasons, the Vatican, New World Order, etc. but Rarely will the media call out–  Skull and Bones, Thule Society, Theosophy, or Seven Rays. Meet the Press Tim Russert interviewed Bush and Kerry in 2012; asked about Skull and Bones, Russert had a heart attack at age 58, many believe he was murdered. 

This is how you can clearly tell the fakes in the media, they never talk about the Occult Connection, Child Sacrifice, or United Nations Seven Rays; they may talk Deep State or New World Order, never exposing the truely evil occult nature of world governence. 

Recently in the news, THE DEEP STATE, Podesta and Spirit Cooking with performing artist Marina Abramovic, what a joke she is a full fledged Satanic Witch (gotta love the Main Stream Media attempts to hide the occult). 

If you study this page, you will have a much better understanding of the entire NWO scam, the Luciferians and Santanists working together to usher in this dark age and become rich of course in the process, hence their hatred for Christians, Torah Jews, Muslims, etc.

They are the superior occult illuminated race (often called  Aryans or Alantians); don’t confuse that with socialist, fascist, communist, or capitalist; those are economic systems and they will use any system to take over, the NWO core is hardcore occultists.



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  • truck driver

    Deep state is using healthcare as a murder weapon to destroy America. Altering brains with vaccines public schools give so your kids become a zombie and don’t think

  • Endtime

    Read with caution, because this mixes truth with facts in a nasty way.
    Satanism and Luciferianism are REAL THREATS, but certain other things in this text are not.

  • Newsploy Staff

    Mixes Truth with Facts? That sounds positive. Please elaborate we like to be accurate. You can send in comments at

  • unidentified

    must work well for them or they wouldnt be doing it

  • pigsdofly

    Tired of the word- deepstate shadow government? Why don’t you expose whom they really are? THE SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE

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