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Q : “We Are Saving Israel for Last” / The End of the World That the Talmud Generated / A Jewish Perspective

Sunday, June 10, 2018 19:11
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The End of the World That the Talmud



This lady is, what I define as, a true, authentic Hebrew Jew. She appears to be a true Torah follower/student/adherent and has a lot of valuable information to put upon the table for evaluation and consideration. I’m not in full agrement with everything she says but I recognize a lot of truth in her words. She helps us expand our awareness and correct understanding of the present day relationship the faux/fake Talmudic Israel and the true Israel have with the world we live in. There “IS” a fake Talmudic Israel overlay that is forcing it’s vision and will upon the world and this is what the world hates. Most of the world doesn’t hate the true, authentic Hebrew Jews but we DO hate the false Luciferian, Babylonian, Talmudic Judaic Global Agenda and rightfully so.




Published on Feb 4, 2017

True Torah time, space and conditions are overtaking the artificial world that the Talmud generated. This is most certainly unsettling and may seem unfamiliar.
This video will explain what is happening, how to see it positively and how to navigate the profound changes we see increasing apace.
In this Generation, the revelation of Torah truth is not going to be held back for the sake of those who cannot tolerate the force of the light that is being revealed. Those ready for Redemption are entitled to it. Everyone will reap that which they wish for others. Everyone is invited to The Celebration. Everyone. Whether the Revelation of God is a Celebration in a person’s eyes or not is a matter of individual choice. God is revealed on God’s terms, not on the terms of our conditions and erroneous beliefs. Those who choose to see ugliness are not going to be allowed to delay with the Redemption any longer.
Consider it energy, not contamination. I’m not suggesting going there and eating it by the spoonful. We have to be respectful of the dual nature of matter. But think of it positively and those collective thoughts will transform it.…

Mar 10 2018 13:02:22 (EST)


Anonymous ID: 436341 No.613193 📁
Mar 10 2018 13:02:22 (EST)

C8F91EAD-51C7-47FA-96C5-C….jpeg  ⤓ 

What about Awan.
Is Israel involved?

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 88957f No.613229 📁
Mar 10 2018 13:04:36 (EST)

We are saving Israel for last.
Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.





Published on Jun 3, 2018

Suggested viewing: MEET THE ROTHSCHILDS’ BOSSES 1…

I hope by now it is clear that matter is not acting and reacting as it once did. It is no longer passive or indifferent to moral content. This is true of all matter. From now on the Earth, together with all of the sun and other planets, will respond immediately and forcefully to abuses of material. For the time being, the other stars will not be immediately engaged in defense. That can be changed at any time. Welcome to the New World Order. I was wrong about Sargon being on the coin. It is Cyrus. Yet and still, it is utter heresy for Jews to think that any building is HaMikdash, or that any gentile gives us permission to build it.…
Cyrus and Darius and one and the same. Hawaii Volcano Warning: Residents told to EVACUATE NOW, Latest lava flow MAPPED…
6/03/2018 — Deep Earthquake event — BE READY for possible Large Earthquake activity this week…
Rare event to occur in Solar System July 19, 2018 – Several days..…
End of article.




I do not necessarily endorse any products or services mentioned in these videos, on this web site or in any subsequent written material by the original authors or this web site. I do not intend to, nor do I, derive any profits or income from posting this material. I may not agree with everything presented in this material , however I may find that there is sufficient valuable information to justify bringing it forward for you to sift through in order to expand your awareness and to trigger your desire to dig deeper to learn more.  I present this material for informational, research and educational purposes only.  It is presented for your edification, you filter as you see fit for your perspective. May God’s blessings and wisdom be upon you.

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  • Anonymous

    This woman is like Karen Hudes- trying to whitewash facts. In Hudes case, she blamed it all on the Vatican. This one serves the power Elite by blaming it all on Islam. QIAduh is now going into religious brainwashing of the sheeple? lolol Read Bailey, Blavatsky and the UN Lucis Trust writings. That is what is being taught by this latest prophet of Q- the woman in this video.
    These frauds just wont Quit.
    Q is now pushing pseudo ‘judaism’. Otherwise known as NEW AGE secular humanism. Post-Christianity. Instead of blackmailing with “those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who dont- annihilated” its those who resist the New Age Religion will be destroyed. Trust the Scam!!
    Not a word on HAARP, the Israeli geothermal corp that fracked Hawaii volcano into eruption. More endless mind pollution that is the essence of Q.
    What a bunch of $hit.

    Al QIAduh is obviously trolling the comment boards of various interactive sites and monitoring content- then selling it back to readers as “Breaking! news predictions.” Just like Gerald Celente, High Cliff used to do.

    • 2QIK4U

      U Still want to know? I’m beginning to agree with you the other day.. Here’s the person who set up CBTS. I told Dawg months ago it’s Tracey Beanz is the ringleader and the dickhead that gave Corsi the first key.. half a dozen more to go.. FARMER/PHARMA… TBC

    • Knarlydawg

      Anonymo, you totally missed the point of the posting. This lady has nothing to say about Q. She is giving a genuine, real Jewish perspective on the state of affairs as it relates to the false Luciferian Talmudic Judaic Global Agenda. I put in the Q data to show that the Q Team is going to zero in on the false Israel Deep State scum that this lady verifies exist. If you would de-knot your panties you might be able to glean some truth from her videos.

      • Anonymous

        Then why frame it as Q: ? Why keep promoting Q? You are the moron dude, wtfu.
        btw- this woman says nothing new, and her comments that “the rabbis have no idea what they’re doing” is just sheer evil deceit. THEY ‘define’ the Torah. Read Kings Torah a HUGE bestseller in Israel. Ask Madame about the rabbis in NJ who STILL head the organ trade. Perhaps Rabbi Dov Zakheim could explain his role in DOD on 911- esp the disappearance of 2 trillion$ missing (alot more since then).
        this woman has zip to teach me, and for those who are Buddhist? Her presumption that judaism ideology precedes or overrides other religions, is in itself, caca.

  • 2QIK4U

    Maybe I was Wrong dawg and you are in it for the $? We busted open Q and showed who was who a month ago. You said to me that you are in it for the truth… Q isn’t true, you’re pushing a traitors message disguised as a blessing

    • Knarlydawg

      I derive $0 from what I post ! In fact it costs me money for the bandwidth used. I may not see all things clearly but I post what I see as valuable in the quest for understanding.

      Yes I do see the strong possibility that the Q Op could be a false righteousness, I have often expressed this perspective in my comments to other postings. That being said, I continue to pursue the best alternative that we have at this point in time. While you all may be correct in your observations, what do you bring to the table as a viable alternative to shape the correct world view ? Who else is on the game board that offers a better agenda than the Q/Trump Team ? We’ve not been given any other players, as I see it.

      You all are probably exposing some of the LARPING false Q wannabes and Black Hat diversionaries but I still see an authentic military intel Q Team at work here that is still in position and on the job exposing and rooting out the worst filth in our system. As long as this work continues, I support it.

      Check out the huge shadow in this photo :

      Sure looks like a possible upside down Q to me. I might be mistaken and maybe that’s seeing something that isn’t really there but I don’t see Beanz or the other CBTS operatives as being able to generate such simulations. So that leaves us with only one group capable of this and that would be some very plugged in military intel folks or other alphabet agency types with vast resources. If the Trump team is removed who steps into the void ? I support the best of what we’ve been given and right now it appears the Trump Team is still at work cleaning house of some of the mess the other team left behind. As long as I see good things coming from this administration I will continue to support it. They are far from perfect but they are far, far better than the alternative.

      I’m still in it for the truth and I may get it wrong sometimes but when I see I have erred I’ll admit it. I just haven’t been convinced that the team that is responsible for the latest postings is some AIM, Cicada, Beanz/CBTS, CIA/AI group. I’m not surprised that those groups might have been involved in attempts to usurp the Q Op though.

      • Anonymous

        the shadow? are you friggin’ kidding us? THAT is what you base your belief on? a Rorschach inkblot???? That about sums up the essence of Q fakery right there! It is whatever you want it to be, open to every interpretation cause its never specific.
        I look at the shadow and I see Pi as in P r squared, which would be a signature of the Mossad. lolol
        Good grief, you’ll should just be left to your own lemming devices.

        • Knarlydawg

          Anonymo you really do think you know everything don’t you ? You are just an absolutely amazing, lurking, insulting serpent.

          I certainly don’t base any of my beliefs on shadows or pictures of shadows. It was a simple observation of something that, if it happens be generated, is outside the capabilities of the Beanz team.

          Keep lurking though ……. you are a rather amusing serpent !

          • Anonymous

            “Sure looks like a possible upside down Q to me. I might be mistaken and maybe that’s seeing something that isn’t really there but I don’t see Beanz or the other CBTS operatives as being able to generate such simulations. So that leaves us with only one group capable of this and that would be some very plugged in military intel folks or other alphabet agency types with vast resources.”- so says the weazel…
            That image is easily photo shopped and your referencing it to bolster military authorship of Q, and thus Q’s legitimacy? C’mon.
            So while you’re calling someone a serpent for calling out your bullshit? No dude, ‘serpent’ label is for LIARS, not doubters, so you better look in the mirror.
            Liars deceive and that is your schtik not mine.
            Your use of a “nice little old lady” to deliver deceit is itself manipulative. Here is a counter with a nice little old man…
            Her long rambling vid finishes by saying God is erupting the Hawaii volcano. As usual, this jew omits that that volcano got a bit of help from a very earthly hidden hand. Wake up, time is VERY short. You wont get this kind of info from Q- or your lady in the video.

        • Knarlydawg

          Post it Anonymo …… post it ! Your failure to post the info you accuse others of ignoring puts you among those you criticize ……. you are attacking your self and don’t even realize it.

          If the info burdens you post it !

          Your perception of serpent ……. liar !

          My perception (in my comment) ……. belly crawling low creature lurking and slithering around in the lower recesses of the comments regions to see who he can strike with his venomous attacks. My serpent is not used to imply liar ….. perhaps your conscience is trying to communicate some hidden issue with you. Perhaps some mirror gazing would be a good therapy for you to practice !

  • 2QIK4U

    KD, as you’ve probably noticed I have respect for you and willing to show you so you can move on to real issues again. My patience is gone with Pratshit the shill but I see you have morals, I just hope you stay a troopin truther

    • Anonymous

      KDawg is no different than Pratshitt. Both promote Q deception. Both know its a fake. I would even venture to say that Prat may even believe a bit in Q- and wants to make $$. Whereas SheepDawg knows outright its false and pushes the lie anyway. Is Dawg’s reason for lying any better than Prats in this whole Q scam? No.

      • Knarlydawg

        You are one miserable, venomous creature Anonymo ……. nothing but excrement flowing from you. It must really suck having to live with that 24/7/365.

  • truck driver

    I seen people dressed in black with black hats in new Jersey and Ohio some have pony tails in front of their ears, the Amish and Mennonite people have a straw hat

  • Hayduke

    Sweet Baby Jebus, it’s pretty sad when the truck driver makes a comment and it makes more sense than anything in this entire thread. I mean, think about that. :smile:

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      It means, you’ve been betting on BIN WAAAAY to much! :wink:
      Go back to the casino… You may lose your money, but at least you’ll have your sanity. :lol:
      Nevermind… You’re on BIN… You left sanity behind miles ago. :twisted:
      My Cosmic Fish say’s that Mitch should try the slots on the 13th.
      Always a lucky number!
      GL in Vegas! :grin:

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