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Nicolas Cage “Vampire” Claim Surfaces

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 1:01
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Nicolas Cage ‘Vampire’ Photo Vanishes From eBay

Nicholas Cage Portrait - P 2011

A Seattle-based man was asking for $1 million for the pic, which he says was taken in Tennessee in 1870.


A Seattle based man was asking $1 million for what he says is a photo taken in 1870 of a Tennessee man that shows “a man who looks exactly like Nick Cage. Personally, I believe it’s him and that he is some sort of walking undead / vampire, et cetera, who quickens / reinvents himself once every 75 years or so. 150 years from now, he might be a politician, the leader of a cult, or a talk show host.”

The headline read, “Nicolas Cage is a Vampire.”

As of Sept. 22, eBay had a message that read, “This listing (260821098271) has been removed, or this item is not available” and advised those seeking the photo to “Please check that you’ve entered the correct item number” and “Listings that have ended 90 or more days ago will not be available for viewing.”

The seller insisted the photo was authentic, and taken around the time of the Civil War. As of Sept. 16, he had 78 offers for the pic, all of which he had declined.

ABCNEWS-  Is Nicolas Cage A Vampire From The Civil War Era

He also had a Q&A on the page with questions like: “Do I get a discount if I AM Nicolas Cage?” (yes, 25 percent) and “Nick Cage has aged terribly in the past 10 years, he’s obviously not been drinking his daily amount of blood to stay young.” The answer to the second question is “My theory is that he allows himself to age to a certain point, maybe 70, 80 or so, then the actor ‘Nicolas Cage’ will ‘die’… but in reality, the undead vampire ‘Nicolas Cage’ will have rejuvenated himself and appeared in some other part of the world, young again, and ready to start all over. From time to time somebody might mention to him that he bears a slight resemblance to the young version that dead American actor, whose name they can’t recall, but eventually, those occurrences will stop altogether.”

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  • Mort Amsel

    this story is too cool! i dc if it is just BS.

  • Schitthead

    I have a turd in my toilet that is identical to Mister Hankee reincarnated. I wonder if the turd has any value since he looks just like Mister Hankee, what da ya think?

  • cyberkahuna

    “I have a turd in my toilet that is identical to Mister Hankee reincarnated. I wonder if the turd has any value since he looks just like Mister Hankee, what da ya think?”

    I think your fibbing and actually flushed it and have NO turd to sell now!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Cmon people take a closer look! It was super imposed as if you look at the direction the head is facing and the position of the face being straight you can see it. Some people are just flat out stupid like the guy tryin to sell it!!!!

  • Old Warrior

    That dude in the 1800′s is not Nick Cage..!

  • Jan Steinman

    That’s a pretty lousy Photoshop job. Least they could have done is picked two people facing the same direction.

  • Dear Darla

    We are now being told that we’ve lived about 300 other lives in other times on Earth throughout the last eons. If this is true, it is no wonder there is such a great interest in genealogy. Nicholas Cage could well have been this other man. It is not necessary or even reasonable to assume you need to be a vampire but I can’t really address who you were ; ) Keep an open mind as even more truths have been kept from you but all will be revealed this year and there are not that many months of 2011 left, so hang on to your hats! Better yet, ask to remember as within our own minds and hearts we already know all this….. Much love! xoxoxo

  • Anonymous

    at last indisputable evidence of the existence of vampires,i suppose the sceptics out there will somehow poo poo this rock solid evidence? my advice would be to open your mind but close your windows..thank god for english sensibility.

  • Don't be hating!

    Hmm Reincarnated? Dont underestimate someone past life.

  • mythoughtsalone

    I agree with DEAR DALA, the above comment, in fact we have all heard of the MEN IN BLACK, look up Nick Redferns site, these MIB just keep reappearing in different time lines, and it is to do with Human consciousness.
    We do through our thoughts change the world, we are all one, so it is to be expected that the “controllers” want us to think about certain things, such as the comet Elinin as a constant thought form…to bring about the very thing being projected


    The grain of the photograph is different than the face depicted in the photograph. My opinion? PHOTO SHOPPED ! NICK CAGE IS NOT A VAMPIRE! Sheesh….

  • It's Me Again

    must be a VERY slow day in the back room

  • Anonymous

    Seems that it’s all in how you look at it…. One who is most dark, need only to switch a few facial features around over the centuries… Dimple lower lip for dimple chin…. These changes could alter time itself for special needs folks with a bad ass acting career….. I just won’t say how valuable not knowing any of it is…….. I will always be feeling it.. Always more than meets eye… Seems we could re-invent the world sometimes…. The problem with the world, mental crimes included, is that there are no vampires to speak of, that’s why there are so many powerful problems walking around in our headroom… Seems the government would lose all control in the midst of dark tricks… Lots to be exposed… “That’s not going to keep the president! And you know it! That’s not going to clean us up and you know it… The more you dream about folks like Nicolas the less you are yourself……. Peace!

  • Anonymous

    Cute! This is news? This isn’t even interesting. It did however, make me realize that I’ve misplaced my tin foil hat. (The one that protects me from chem trails and the illuminati).

  • Anonymous

    The resemblance is notable, but it’s not the same guy. The ears are different, the point of the chin is different, the nostrils are different — and more. Fun though!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows there is no such thing as a vampire. He is an immortal, just ask Adrian Paul. “There can be only one”.

  • Reaper

    these people are not vampires but are actually a group who has discovered and or are born.into longevity. I experienced a case in that I ran into a little Jewish guy whom i worked for in his butcher shop when I was 10-12 years old. 40 years later, I saw him when I went to pay my water bill and he was the clerk who took my payment. I called him by his name, Seymour to which he stated was not his name. I knew and know it was him as he was wearing the same tan pants and purple polo he wore everyday those many years back as well as the eyeglasses. Each day, back then he would close shop for lunch, tell me to return in an hour and eat out of his brown bag, of which I never saw the contents.

    When I next returned to pay my water bill, he was not there
    I asked the clerk where he was and was told he quit abruptly due to personal problems. I have not seen him since but I suspect there aare colonies of these people. …

  • Reaper

    Immortals DO exist. ……….

  • Anonymous

    grain, angle, etc. this is not a superimposed head, because
    the EARS do not match Nicholas Cage’s ears, and ears do not
    change over time and tho not as individual as fingerprints are fairly distinctive. 2 options. (1) when Cage was phasing into his present identity, and IF he is a vampire and having to keep up with identity change game options as technology of identification changes, he MIGHT have had surgery on his ears. The internal shape is similar. The external is wrong, Cage’s ears don’t stick out that much, there is a tuck inwards towards the top and the guy in the old photo has attached earlobes, while Cage’s are detached. BOTH differences could be done by surgery, and IF he is a vampire, then the pointy effect the tuck near the top gives him MIGHT be a giveaway that it is surgical (or it could be natural) a sense of humor and wanting to hint about himself, after all the vampire hype. Now, the vampire hype that is mainstream is real recent, but if he is into something strange, he would have known long ago about pointy ears and stuff. OF course, he could be a normal human, with psy vamp or sanguinarian inclinations, who had such surgery early in life especially if his family is into it, because of earlier books and movies.
    as you can see, option (1) woiuld allow him to be a vampire, or not. normal explanations for surgery as in attitude, could play a role.
    (2) it is not the same man, but the personality as well as looks are remarkably similar. It might be an ancestor he is a throwback to, especially if there was a second cousin marriage and this person is on both sides of the pedigree, to borrow horse breeding talk.(I am not a horse breeder, but I used to read a lot about it.)
    as far as “previoius life” is concerned that is about reincarnation, which normally is not held to cause a physical appearance continuity. Again, if he DOES have something to hide that he wants to talk about, perhaps having lost track of or outlived others in the same game and feeling lonely, and now in a social environment more open to oddities like this, he might be using the term to hint, to tell the truth in a disguised way. Also, it might be that for some strange reason unrelated to any kind of vampirism, or use of some brew he has now lost, or has to renew every so often, and is some alchemical complicated production, he is in fact that man, and knowing legitimate identification would be dismissed as false, went through some ID changes.

  • Anonymous

    That IS an amazing resemblance! It might be compelling evidence for doppleganger reincarnation, like Edgar Cayce = David Wilcock, or time travel. That weird “woman” in the old Charlie Chaplin Circus movie looked like Aleister Crowley in drag disguise. There’s another civil war photo of a reputed time traveling child, who’s name escapes me now, Jamie? Italian surname starting with a B?, who claims to have participated, in a sixties black project, where he also “jumped” to Mars.

  • RickDC

    Love this story so funny!!!!!

  • Armodeus

    Those humans that live for centuries or milleniums could actually be from alien origen such as pleyadians, lyrans, andromedans, sirians, reptilians, etc. Those aliens have tecnologies and drugs to prevent ageing. When they die they reincarnate with full memory. But they are stuck in barely the same phisical live and their spiritual development and progression is far far way slower than earther humans, in fact they wish they were like us earthers. So i dont envy them at all but totally the opposite. Fortunately i will die soon, leave this body, and will move on to new and better experiences.


    How come ? He doesn’t have any ZITS ??

  • Anonymous

    the original shot doesn’t look identical to cage, and looks slightly edited. what can I say…

  • Anonymous

    Hasn’t anybody noticed similarities like this before? sheesh. What a waste of time.

  • 1shot

    So it could be a relation of his…
    I can see where they want to think of him as a vampire.
    His last 8 or 12 movies sucked like a hungry vampire.

    Or maybe he is a shop vac re-incarnate
    His last name isn’t even Cage its Coppola, like his uncle Francis Ford Coppola, he even looks like his aunt Talia Rose Coppola Who we know as Adrian from Rocky, or Talia Shire or put 40 lbs of muscle on him and he looks like his brother Chris

    Sorry to say but Nick has some common looks.
    And this will only boost his career if the next movie he does he plays a vampire. And I bet he’d suck at that roll too.

  • Anonymous

    The first thing I always look at that is very telling, is the ears. Notice how the old photo has a man with ears sticking out? Nick’s ears are not like that. Plus, the nostrils on Nick are wider and flatter, etc. But a very similar photo, for sure.

  • 1shot

    More Cuda Crap

    Ears too big, I guess they shrink from the years on earth or maybe the blood isn’t as pure as it used to be.

    eyes are brown in the old pic, lighter eyes show up even in bk and wt photos.

    Nicks a vampire then why does he need plastic surgery?
    He could just go to the blood bank right?

    And here is the biggest clue, of them all, there is NO such thing as a vampire.

    How can there be a discussion if he is or not.

    Its sad that people believe in paranormal ghost chasing, vampires, zombie colonies, underground dwellers, aliens, time shifters, demention

  • 1shot

    The saddest part is that…

    No one believes in GOD any more.

    The planet should be hit with a comet.

    Remember when little girls wanted to be a princess?
    And grow up to find a prince?

    Now they want to have a vampire or werewolf boyfriend.
    And dress like its Halloween all the time, goth my butt, there is some demonic crap going on and everyone thinks its fine.

    WAKE UP…

    The planet needs another good Noah flood enema, to clean all this crap out

  • Mellissa

    Look at it this way, we humans have a contained set of markers denoting features. Eventually something has to repeat.

    I always thought if he went delusional it would be either a super hero type man running around saving people who do not need it, or, that he has magic that can take over the world.

    Besides this is a bunky as that stupid cell phone pic from 100+ years or so ago. Bunk Bunk.

    I look so much like my grandmothers picture from 1952, damn I must be a clone or a vampire or better yet an ALIEN. Yay. j/k

  • Anonymous

    Cloning is possible. Found interesting stuff on Obama that adds up regarding being a clone. Well worth the research ;)

  • Anonymous

    If only this many people to enough time to comment and discuss the actual politically relevant articles on this site… rofl. And btw for my 2 cents, photoshop…

  • Anonymous

    to 1shot. STFU. I agree that society is, at the very least, quite annoying lately. But a biblical flood from the almighty smiter is not what we need asshole. You would probably get carried out in the flood too. U think u actually pass the “rules and regulations” of whatever moronic religion you follow? You really think you are going to get into heaven when the qualifications are so insane? If god sent a flood u would be shitting ur pants just like everyone else so stop sitting and asking for something that A) isnt fucking going to happen because god flooding the world is a load of horse shit. and B) Would be as horrible for u as it would for everyone else… U fucking moron.

  • Nim

    Some Raja Yogins are said to be ‘Death Defyers’. However, I don’t think those Saints participate in ordinary society.

  • Chazzz

    BS…looks like a good “face in the hole” photo…the ears are obviously different and the face doesn’t look natural on the photo…good try though!

  • Shannen

    The only thing I’m thinking is that this photo is apparently from The Thanatos Archive which is all post-mortem & memorial photography. You can tell his body is a bit awkwardly limp propped up in the chair. Plus his face is somewhat facing the wrong direction. You can never believe pictures anymore: you can do AMAZING things in photoshop. If I saw this photo on the official website, I MIGHT believe it.

  • Anonymous

    oh boy, you’ve got to be in serious need of entertainment to believe that is Nick Cage, hee hee!! Maybe vampires do exist but not in that photo….

  • Troll King

    Yup…this site is better than the funny papers!

  • Anonymous

    For starters, Son of MAN believes in GOD, I am the IAM.Now perhaps, seeing as how, life is a Fruit, some Seeds, and a TREE, that perhaps, there is a genetic link , even a spin off branch, of the CAGE, / Coppola family history, there is a resemblance, of a human type, between the two people presented here We are ALL related don,t you know, we ALL have the same MOTHER, as for the vampire part, well i have said enough already..Peace Love Always…Maxwell

  • apd

    This picture is proof of what happens when slack jaw yokels interbreed

    That will be all

  • g-man

    i’m pretty sure it’s true because just about every movie he’s made really sucks.

  • Old Warrior

    Not at all, he’s made some good movies, and not as a vampire as far as I know.

  • Anonymous

    I have actually seen a photo of me in a previous life and can assure you I looked nothing like I do now.
    It is one of the weirdest feelings.

    Ruben levinovitz, around the mid 1800′s, was a poor Midwest farmer, around the time of the big crop failures.

    Tried finding the photo again but not been successful.

    Looked happy at the time but things went down hill towards the end.

    Namaste, phil;

  • The Red Pill

    Im all for free news. But when you look at real news sites, then you look at this ones top stories. Come on. It has to be a joke. This^? Seriously? The people who run Beforeitsnews needs to get off their lazy asses and do something about these non-sense stories.

  • Crystali

    What a crock of poo, he does not look like Nicholas Cage, his ears are totally different as is his mouth shape and eyebrows. It is someone who Mr Cage looks a bit like, it is not unusual to have someone in the world who looks like you. I have two and they are within my own city, god alone knows how many more look like me.

    How stupid, do you know what a vampire is? Doubt it. A vampire is a dark entity, or a negative elemental who feeds off the negative and dark energy that man emits, they leech it from you after inciting you to behave negatively. This was brought down to be a physical condition by movies, religions and secret society people and now exists as an actual physical entity known as a vampire which does not really exist. It only exists in movies and the minds of those that choose to make it real in their mind.
    Maybe your backs are heavy with a negative elemental!

  • Anonymous

    Pure silliness…that’s all. Certain faces are actually “repeated”. I have one of those “common” faces, because I hear people tell me every so often that I look like someone they know.
    The seller is an opportunist trying to capitalize on the “vampire craze”, that’s all. He needs to go out and make an honest buck by working for it.

  • Hermies

    Wow – wiorst photoshop hoax ever! Some people have way too much time on their hands.

    BUT – if Cage WAS a “walking undead,” it might explain why he is such a rotten, lifeless actor, and ruins every single film he touches.

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