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Government Official: ETs Walk Among Us

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 1:01
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A former Chinese official has come forward to reveal new evidence that extraterrestrials walk amongst the peoples of Earth. These beings are everywherefrom lowly factory workers to the highest echelons of industry and government.

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Sun’s drawings of ETs that appear as humans []

Sun Shili, a former Chinese official, has come forward to reveal knowledge that extraterrestrials are on Earth. He asserts the ETs can be found everywherefrom lowliest factory worker and farmer to the highest positions of industry and government.

And the Chinese people are listening.

The mysterious Xianyang Pyramid complex thought to be ancient ET base

Chinese culture more open to idea of ET races

The aging authoritarians that ran China from their seat of power in old Peking under Mao are all gone. The new China is much more open to the evidence of ETs in their culture and history.

A government-financed team is even now exploring a mysterious pyramid some researchers claim is an ancient, gigantic alien base. [Before It's News: Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid]

Aerial view of Xianyang Pyramid complex revealing flat landing platform

But some of the power structure controlling China still carries vestiges of the bad old regime. Those elements fight against freedom of information, the Internet and even the freedom of private text messaging.

Yet those powers are being distracted as China’s economy is floundering and most of their time and energy is now spent on the growing problem of supporting a slumping economic system.

With China’s emerging economic woes the leaders’ main worry is forestalling potential civil unrest: millions of poor Chinese from the rural areas continue to flood industrialized cities seeking jobsjobs that are drying up.

Because China is in a state of fluxboth politically and economicallydecades-old restrictions designed to muzzle people like Sun Shili have loosened. And as China’s grip eases, truth, in all its facets, begins to shine through like sunlight peeking through turbulent storm clouds.

Like the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and strange paranormal visitations.

Over the past two decades, UFO and paranormal investigatory organizations have sprung up in China like proverbial flowers after a rare desert downpour. The Chinese people accept the mysterious with open arms. They’ve always been interested in the odd, the bizarre, the unexplainable. Their ancient literature and textssome of the oldest in the world outside the ancient writings of Sumeria and Tibetare crammed with accounts of otherworldly visitors, amazing encounters with ETs and strange visitors suddenly appearing in remote Chinese villages.

An ancient scroll shows two beings in a craft flying over the clouds

The growth of these organizations is almost exponential, perhaps that’s not too surprising in a country with a population exceeding 1.3 billion people.

The Occidental versus Oriental approach

Today, China has more UFO organizations supported by real scientific organizations, universities and the general community, than any other nation on Earth.

Many of the organizations are now funded by the government that once suppressed them. Almost all fall under the banneror are associated withthe National Society of Extraterrestrial Studies (NASETS).

Directly supported and funded by the government, NASETS is something Chairman Mao would have frowned upon in his day.

The organization’s the exclusive domain of accredited engineers and scientists and one-third of NASETS members are also government employees. The rest hail from universities or industrial research centers.

8-17-06: UFO hovers above Shanghai apartments []

Members must also hold Ph.D.s in their scientific or engineering field and have at least several peer-reviewed studies published about Unidentified Flying Objects or extraterrestrials.

UFO with lights on hovers above the building []

Compare that approach to the subterfuge and misinformation the military-industrial-government complex in America and other Western countries regularly foist upon their hapless citizens.

Among the hundreds of accredited scientists working with NASETS, Sun Shili is one that promotes the idea that extraterrestrials are living and working among humans right now.

A retired foreign ministry official, Sun currently heads the respected Beijing UFO Research Society, a duly related arm of the all-encompassing NASETS.

Craft’s lights flare up before UFO shoots away []

Close encounter changes Sun’s perspective on reality

Back in 1971, Sun witnessed a remarkable object hovering over rice fields in a remote region of China.

Working in the area to fulfill a government mission during Mao tse-Tung’s “Cultural revolution,” Sun spotted a brightly glowing daylight object that zoomed up and down in the sky.

He says at the time he assumed it was some sort of government monitoring devicealthough the technology driving the object was actually far beyond any country on Earthand it wasn’t until years later when he read of specific UFO encounters that he realized the object he saw was not manufactured by humans.

Record of an alien encounter – from an ancient scroll


Enlargement of writing – note inclusion of alien symbols

Sun’s viewpoint is not unique, it’s shared by many others.

Among those who agree with Sun is rocket scientist Shen Shituan. Shen’s the authoritative president of Beijing Aerospace University, a prestigious and powerful position. Shen is also an honorary diirector of the 50,000 member government-sponsored China UFO Research Association.

Shen stresses that all reports of ET contact to the association are important. “Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and with others its unclear. [Yet] all these phenomena are worth researching,” he told a Chinese television reporter.

You won’t hear that from NASA or your friendly, neighborhood United States Air Force.

Representation of UFO flying near China’s Great Wall

Sun and the UFO-ET research organizations in China believe that solving the ongoing UFO enigma might lead to forms of vastly advanced technologies including non-polluting, almost limitless energy.

The knowledge gleaned from contact might also lead to better farming techniques, material science applications and new methods of travel that are faster, safer and cheaper.

Sun claims he has also tracked down aliens posing as humans and they are embedded in society.

Abduction cases galvanize UFO community and Chinese press

Abductions occur in China as they do in every other country. One of the best known cases of alien abduction occurred during 1994.

In the U.S., authorities treat abductees as kooks and crackpots.

Disc-shaped flying saucer similar to type that abducted Meng Zhao Guo

The case of Meng Zhao Guo

One of the best known cases of alien abduction occurred during 1994. A young logger named Meng Zhaoguo spotted something unusual land near a patch of woods. He and several of his co-workers went to investigate it. As is often the case, witnesses to an ET craft landing think it’s a small airplane in trouble that made an emergency landing.

Meng, from the village of Wuchang in Heilongjiang province, left the Red Flag logging camp with two co-workers and together they made their way to Mount Phoenix where the craft appeared to go down.

What happened next is eerily similar to the famous Brazilian case that made world headlines years before Meng was born. Except unlike the Brazilian case, the young Chinese had witnesses to his abduction.

After being paralyzed with a powerful light beam, Meng was transported into the craft and met by aliens. At one point during the lengthy encounter a naked female alien with humanlike qualities allegedly had sexual intercourse with him. Meng described her as very human, but almost 10-feet tall. She also had six-fingered hands.

About nine years later, during September 2003, a UFO researcher headquartered in Beijing oversaw a battery of tests on Meng. He had the logger undergo hypnosis, lie detector tests, police interrogations and psychological exams. A medical doctor anlyzed scars that Meng claimed were left by alien probes when the creatures performed medical tests on him during the abduction.

The final verdict: Meng was telling the truth.

All the experts concurred the man had undergone a harrowing experience that tallied with the physical evidence and state of his psyche. Even the medical doctor admitted that the scars were not the result of a normal injury or any surgery known.

Chinese radar routinely tracks UFOs making impossible 90⁰ turns

The case of Cao Gong

Five years after Meng’s abduction by occupents of a UFO near his logging camp, a middle-aged man named Cao Gong was abducted in Beijing. While he was not enticed into sex with any of the aliens, they did transport him to a far away Chinese city, Qinhuangdao. He described the craft as a classic disc-shaped flying saucer.

Cao testified that the ETs “looked like humans but had large hands and were very pale.”

What interested researchers most about Cao’s abduction experience was his claim that while aboard the craft he met a Chinese girl who told him she was from Qinhuangdao. He described the girl as a 13-year old.

Formal investigation of the case began about eight months after the incident, during the summer of 2000. Once again a battery of experts and tests seemed to prove an abductee’s story true. Cao’s testimony was also given weight because he was a serious educator and the principal of a well-known private school in a suburb of Beijing.

Cao told investigators that the girl and he had a lengthy conversation. She told him why she was there and claimed that “The aliens cured her disease in the flying saucer.”

The lead researcher on the Cao case, Zhang Jingping, had the Tangshan Bureau of Public Security sketch artists create a picture of the girl based on the principal’s detailed description. Using computer-imaging they reworked the image until Cao confirmed it looked exactly like her.

Then an adventure began like no other in the annals of UFO investigations. Rounding up Beijing University students as assistants, Zhang set off in November 2002 for Qinhuangdaoa city with a population of 400,000. The task seemed next to impossibe: find a teenage girl in a city of hundreds of thousands with nothing more than a computer-generated photo.

They found her.

Of course, by then she was 15, two years after the abduction. With the permission of state authorities, Zhang brought the girl back to Beijing. There he arranged a meeting between her and Cao. Upon meeting her, the educator confirmed she was the girl he met aboard the flying saucer.

The girl remembered him too and confirmed she had been very ill and the aliens on the craft cured her of her sickness. She said she was glad to meet Cao again. The investigators were both thrilled and amazed.

This major case is still under investigation.

Alien figurine, Han Dynasty…note the six fingered hand

Although a book is due out in China about the remarkable Cao case, several university studies have already been published about it.

Meanwhile, the authorities and media in America and Europe completely ignore it.

Click here for more information on why a Chinese Ex-Foreign Ministry Official Says Extraterrestrials Live Among Us

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  • spright

    this is why china is the new top dog

  • Azazel0783

    I cant wait till they take over, all them Asian chicks will be coming over, sweet!!!

  • V

    Quit worrying about “ET” and worry about the gov. officials raping children. Who cares about “ET” when 2 billion are starving. You are morons.

  • Anonymous


    Do you seriously believe that China is the new top dog?

  • True News

    China is more open to different ways of thinking than the West.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect all humans are open to learning new ‘stuff.’ The problem in the USA is that we have a soft-gloved totalitarian regime that keeps its power by keeping secrets from its people.

    I sense that there is change in China and in the USA, and we can thank the openness of the Internet for that, because sure as hell, no one in government wants change – they really like feeding at the public trough and exerting incredible power over the people.

  • Tigermouse

    This business about ET’s is pure fantasy. As if an advanced race needed to “walk among us” a race that has conquered the ability to travel from solar system to solar system (we know they don’t come from our own solar system so they must have come from afar). With technology that can do that, they wouldn’t need to “walk among us”. They would have the technology to spy on us or any other number of capabilities. This notion is a throwback from modern mythology and there is not a speck of support for such “fact”.

  • MG

    Tigermouse you’re fooling yourself if you think they are not here. They need what we can give them. They tell us in media so we think it’s all fake. If it’s true you’ll have seen a movie or TV show about it, because they own basically all media. They parted the ocean (space) and travel 30 years (worm hole) to get here, to only lie about who and what they are. They are the victims, you can’t say anything negative. To serve man, it’s a cook book.

  • TimOsman

    Make those jumpers at iphone factory feel better that ET also works 18hr days.

    It’s psyop disinfo to keep their low wage slaved labor showing up to work.

  • O. Ryan Faust

    Yeah, we’re here and we’re living and working among you.

    We’ve been on this planet for far longer than you might think.

    Our plan to take over is almost complete.

    It was far easier than we thought it would be. I mean a bribe here and a little campaign contribution there and you guys would do just about anything to help us bury you.

    Or, as one of our more influential infiltrators once said “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

  • Anonymous

    Recently I downloaded a new book from titled: ZTINGAR. Apart from being one of the most informative books I’ve ever read in matters to do with life, why we’re here, where we came from and to where we’re probably heading, it contains an extraordinary, inarguable and logical explanation to ET’s, NDE’s, God, which is nothing like the church teaches and so much more. I strongly recommend it…

  • TwelveStrand85

    The chinese are among the smartest people…

  • It's Me Again

    I totally agree with “Anonymous”.

  • tepizm

    They live…

  • Reaper

    This is not new,as a matter of fact it has been in front of our noses for years. Just check out some of the names, specifically in the movie industry —–ill stop there.

  • Not annonymous at all

    They better have one hell of a Hazmat suit that cannot be penetrated because those aliens that walk among us are also walking among our viruses, bacterias, chemicals, radiation and whatever else we have that we take for granted yet they take as a possible deadly danger to their entire race.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s more of the “government” looking into another way to scare people into Uniting against some sort of Common Enemy so they’ll give up their sovereignty and accept the New World Order.
    As to the comment by Anonymous, I read last week (I wish I had the link to share) about some grand theory of it all and it told how aliens are living in the center of the earth and/or of some sort of other dimension, and that the “grays” were man-made “vessels” for evil spirits to inhabit so they could “work with humans”. Yeah, there’s lots of theories and some are almost comical.

  • Ozzie_Thinker

    Forgive for being devils advocate, but I missed something in that article…..INFORMATION. With talk of all those ET’s amongst us I was anticipating a mind warping punchline, but as with the airy fanasies and misinformation I see coming out of China currently, the post just petered out with no punchline, no aliens and, to be blunt, not a whole lot of not a whole lot.

    If you’d said that Hu is actually an alien in disguise, well that would have intrigued me. You think that’s plain “stoopid”, think again. Some have alledged ex “president” Gee-DubbleYa is a reptile. Well, I think they were referring to an alien sub species prevelant in humans.

    There is a serious side to the ET debate and it isn’t here. I suggest you all pray they do not show themselves because you smug commenters will wail if they do. They come here when they wish, sporadically and there is nothing we can do about it. Some may already be working with the elites. The dangerous ones are perfectly able to wipe us out in a blink, but they don’t care because “why bother”….we’re pissants on the cosmic scale. This planet was raped and pillaged eons ago.

  • Anonymous

    The clever magician uses redirection as a tool to trick people into believing his magic is real. UFO aliens are the redirection away from real problems (economic depression,war,crimes against humanity,terrorism (government and civilian)constitution depletion , etc, etc. If there are flying saucers they don’t land and don’t want anything to do with our civilization, who could blame them,or they don’t land because they are Kammlaars people ,nazi war criminals that successfully developed an electromagnetic anti gravity drive system, who would be arrested on site. Either way its no one that’s going to do anyone any good. Focus your genius,curiosity , and moral convictions on the long hard road ahead to solving our worlds growing problems with known technology (HAARP for instance) and the law (procedural as well as actual). There are no short cuts. yankee phil

  • Anonymous

    Believe it or not this is true, about the so called “Aliens” living amongst us, they made a movie about it in the 80′s starring Rowdy Roddy Piper called “They Live” they put the information out in movies and TV shows to make it seem fairytale when it’s actually true, the gov have very cunning ways of giving you the truth while at the same time making you believe it isn’t true.

    These beings they speak of are Nephilim, demonic half human half giant living amongst the people, this is very real

  • It's Me Again

    Finally “Anonymous” got it right believe it or not, YES demonic half human half demon giants did and once again walk the earth.
    This was one of the purposes for the war in Iraq was to enabale the be able haul away hundreds of 18 wheeler truck loads of skeletol remains of giant demonic half human remains that had been buried in caves outside of Babylon in Iraq for thousands of years just waiting for the end times. To have the DNA given new life, to walk the face of the earth again in order to bring about the final battle for human life.

    How many times did you see any mention of Babylon on the evening news during the entire time our military was in Iraq, the battles were always fought somewhere else, everywhere else altho Babylon is only about 60 kilometers southwest of Baghdad.
    Why was Babylon so protected by both sides in the war ?
    Babylon is to be the headquarters of the NWO, the United Nations is moving its headquarters there from American soil (finally)those in charge, all of those in charge made certain that the center of world government would not be destroyed.

    The Illuminati is preparing to bring about their final attempt with the Anti-Christ at complete enslavement of mankind.
    Cloning attempts are not new to them, it has only been dormant,it was used thousands of yeras ago and now it is back with demonic knowledge and power.


    It seems the pyramids which are built on “CRATONS” – highly stable geology – have underground bases or “cities”
    These enclose way below – stage gates (stargates).


    This coming from Nostradamus and his disguised texts.
    Currently the forum STAGE GATE – STARGATE is over 52 pages long
    (to be expected when discussing time machines and time travel)

    Right at the moment a hidden text line said :

    Not for me to say “why” but to wait and discover why.

  • Anonymous

    Of all the theories that I’ve investigated one still inspires me the most and gets the most of my attention. The Pineal Gland,Pijnappelklier,Zirbeldrüse.Hard to find information about this tiny gland which is the icon in many religions and scientifically prooved to be a mystical gland.Seat of the soul or stargate to other dimensions,!We are all immortal, we all hold the key and we will enter other dimensions after death or during life due to chemistry,meditation or secrets revealed by those who claim to already travel in other dimensions.But the best way is to search for yourself,with your own intuition.

  • Beedlejuice

    Listen and look. Two words your parents told you to do before taking a step. That made it safe to enter oe leave an area that may have hazards.

    Why do you think today December 8th 2011 Iran, a country that can’t even make enough gasoline for it’s citizens that it has to import it, is posing for pictures with one of our most secret spy planes? Three words.

    China China China. They are already fully capable in Irean to be fully operational in hacking and detaining anything America makes or flies or floats.

    Believe it.

  • Bm

    What a interesting woman! She speaks and never misses a step, she is confident and sure of her experience and some of things that she says, proves to me that what I have learned randomly over the last ((((25)))) years of my life are “parhaps” true. Those of you who are much younger and greatly influenced only by modern society, lets say born after 1975-1980, seem to have a shallow opinion of things because it takes years of “individual” study in aquiring so much information of which much is a waste and mis-information, and the rest is scratching the bowels of truth, mystery and the twilight zone. For example, she said that on the dark side of the moon are many lights. This implies inhabitence, parhaps colonies and cities, can you believe this? The answer in most cases is, only if you are informed enough!

  • Anonymous

    Lots of info available from astronauts and former gov’t workers who worked on underground bases about their interaction with alien beings. Anyone who thinks that a universe that is virtually endless with billions of suns, stars and planets, doesn’t have other life forms, must be a recent product of our dumb-them-down-to-control-them public school system.

  • Sergey

    It is not an official, but “former Chinese official”.

    And no evidence is presented, except “drawings of ETs”. :)

  • Love thy neighbor

    It’s Me Again I found what you had to say about the Iraq war interesting and would appreciate it if you would tell me where you came across that information. thanks

  • Anonymous

    Really; perhaps a few colorful metaphors would suffice Captain….

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