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Major US Intelligence Agency Reveals ET Contact

Friday, November 25, 2011 14:28
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NSA releases ultra-secret file regarding effort to decode decades-old alien signals


Scientists determined that mysterious signals received in 1957 were transmitted to Earth from an advanced alien civilization. Decades have passed while security analysts and dedicated cryptographers struggled to decipher the enigmatic messages from a completely unknown, distant alien culture.

Now, in 2011, the National Security Agencyone of the United States’ most secret intelligence gathering organizationshas released under protest (forced by order of a U.S. Federal Court judge) stunning information about intelligent life in the universe.

But as usual, the non-curious, inept, doltish mainstream media completely ignores it.

NSA briefings are mostly held in secret

NSA analysts marvel at strange messages

Twenty-nine lengthy transmissions were received and verified as being “of extraterrestrial origin.” According to some in the intelligence community, this hot potato was given the highest priority and assigned to “goggle-eyed geeks” tasked to find out exactly what the enigmatic transmissions said.

NSA supercomputers worked on alien code

Speculation among some of the NSA spooks about what the mysterious messages said allegedly ran the gambit from sarcastic guesses they were just some garbled alien radio commercials (an inside joke that drew nervous laughter from some of the analysts) to those that were convinced the messagescoded in some unknown mathematical progressionconveyed the basics of unlimited energy, star travel, or even time travel.

Allegedly, those that subscribe to the latter theories have absolutely nothing to support their belief.

SETI’s Arecibo telescopeattempts to intercept alien signals failed

NSA forms crack teams

According to researchers who have analyzed the document [available for your inspection as a downloadable PDF at the end of this article] an NSA specialist named Dr. Howard Campaigne was given the responsibility of choosing a cryptology team to work on cracking the alien messages.

Inside a supersecret NSA communications room

The task was compartmentalized and many who worked at the NSA had no idea that such a projector even the messages the team focused uponexisted.

The entire project was strictly enforced by secrecy and conducted under the auspices of the Official Secrets Act and all participants took National Security oaths.

Only those deemed crucial to the success of the undertaking were allowed access to the secret under the provisions of a well-defined need-to-know heirarchy.

What message did the aliens send? NSA isn’t saying

Private researchers stumble upon ‘great secret’

The project allegedly had been in the works for decades when some in the UFO community who were bombarding government agencies and the United States Air Force with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests about UFO sightings and activities stumbled across a potential bombshell.

Although many of the documents they received were heavily redacted with page after page blacked out, several separate documents that were released from the NSA contained snippets of informationcluesthat some sort of alien message had been intercepted during the late 1950s.

The investigations struck paydirt when an obscure reference to an internal report (NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1) about a cryptology team tasked to decode messages obtained from outer space (meaning from outside the solar system) was discovered.

NSA fights release of supersecret ET documents

After several years of intense effort to dislodge the now identified report from the NSA, the explosive document was reluctantly downgraded from one of the highest secret classifications to an unclassified status and scheduled for an October 21, 2004 release to the public.

The date came and went without the document being released.

A federal court judge ordered NSA to release the document

Tenacious lawsuit wrenches massive secret from NSA vaults

Eventually, Peter Gersten, a lawyer from Arizona, sued the intelligence agency demanding its releasealong with other documentsunder the auspices of a strict interpretation of the FOIA law. The case dragged on until a federal judge found in favor of the plaintiffs and ordered the NSA to release the documents.

Release of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1

Quietly, under court order, the NSA released the section of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1 stipulated by the judge. The agency tucked it away in an obscure corner of their Internet site.

The document concerning the extraterrestrial contact contained only one of an unknown number of other reports/articles written by the team working for Dr. Campaigne. The FOIA document was incomplete: only pages 13 through 23 were released with some slight redaction. All other pages were missing. No other reports were included, although the pages released clearly refer to other articles written by the team describing their efforts to break the alien code.

This release may well be the smoking gun that researchers have searched for during the last 50 years. It sheds a very strong light into the darkest corners of the U.S. intelligence community’s massive coverup of UFOs, ETs and other unworldly events.

The title of NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1 report is a bombshell: Key To The Extraterrestrial Messages.

It’s unambiguous to say the least. If the NSA’s own authentic document, meant “for your eyes only” internal distribution is to be believed, alien intelligences not only exist, they contacted us more than five decades ago.

That means they know we’re here.

Is two-way contact wise? Hawking says no

Famed physicist Stephen Hawing remarked in 2010 that if an extraterrestrial race ever discovers us it might not be a good thing. It could spell the end of the human race.

The word is most of the alien messages have still not been translated. If they ever are let’s hope the full message does not turn out to be like that famous episode of the classic Twilight Zone television series, “To Serve Man” about aliens arriving on Earth.

In that chilling story, U.N. translators that translated the alien’s language discovered the book the ETs always carried with them was a cookbook.

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NSA PDF document [NSA Technical Journal Vol. XIV No. 1]

NSA Document Admits ET Contact

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  • sten

    Pure speculation and nonsensical rhetoric (which is why its in the conspiracy column)

  • antigray

    UFOs are not all flown by true extraterrestrials, the majority of them are owned and operated by our advanced Repto Sapien cousins, who share the Earth with us as their ancestral home world. They are historically cited in about 80 places in the Bible, being described as a SERPENT THAT WALKS UPRIGHT ON TWO LEGS AND IS AS TALL AS A CAMEL (8 FEET TALL). There are statues and temple paintings of them in nearly every ancient society. This has nothing to do with “religious beliefs.” It is a proven historical and archaeological fact. That’s why I wrote a book showing all of the real world evidence.

    Publisher’s site to order my book in paperback or Ebook

    WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation with the aliens.

    Some artwork from my book. Click on each image for larger view:

    Art Greenfield

  • Old Warrior

    Can’t wait for chapter 2..

  • RipWinkle

    It is amazing when one contrasts how much people and individuals think, imagine, believe or assume they know with what they ACTUALLY know on the ground wherein, whereof and howof they are planted in the realities they occupy with what they very often mislabel, “existence.”

    Everything in, on and about the earth is absolutely miraculous. This includes “even” the human being, its prodigious imaginations and all it may conceive individually and collectively. I would like for anybody to show me something that is not absolutely miraculous, magic and “otherworldly” about this place that identifies itself as earth.

    Let me repeat: there is nothing about this place that fails the test of miraculous.

    That said, now allow me to explain what it means: it means that any that could not even hold the slightest belief that other worlds than earth exist is miraculously deficient in all that it means to be alive. One forfeits one’s very existence when one limits one’s scope of cognition that leads to Knowledge and the enjoyment of existence. Any that cannot even intuit the awesome, magical miraculousness in everything about existence is truly a dead individual. And guess what, world? I am surrounded by dead individuals that appear as little more than animated dead souls like ghostly grass blowing in the wind amongst which I exist very much alive and well within the most miniscule bubble of individual existence, whose perimeters are untouchable except by the very highest forms of human intelligence. Are any such forms reading this? If so, as in any moment, it could be last call for all.

  • Anonymous



    Verification seems to have been overlooked when Carl Sagan’s outgoing message to the Universe returned with corrections.

    At the time the outgoing message left us, Silica was not understood to be a requirement to human life.
    The return message rectified this detail.

    This information arrived in two square “crop circles” at the same time, directly under the Arecibo Radio Tower in the UK.

    If seems to me to be COMMUNICATION (on many levels)


  • RipWinkle



    This is a very big mouthful.

  • airspoon

    This is a BS story -if I’ve ever seen one. Come on, not a single piece of empirical evidence to back up these extraordinary claims?

    First, lets look at this realistically. For the sake of this argument, lets just pretend that ET is real and have made contact with planet Earth. Do you really think that the NSA would have documents in their archives about it, ripe for an FOIA request? Yeah right!!! No, they aren’t that stupid or amateurish. If such an incident did in fact occur, it would be handled by contracting or shell corporation so that FOIA requests and other bureaucratic obstacles would be practically useless.

    Next, even if by some crazy chance that a document of this caliber did exist within the government archives, a lawsuit be useless, as we have seen over and over that a court of law matters not a single iota when trying to do anything that TPTB don’t approve of. One only need to look at the vast use cases pertaining to 9/11. If every single lawsuit attempt or court motion gets denied even for something as nonchalant as petitioning Saudi Arabia about the alleged 9/11 hijackers, then you can rest assure that some super-secret document about ET contact that the NSA wants to remain secret, surely wouldn’t get passed being thrown out of court for one ridiculous reason or another.

    To any objective mind, this story screams of a hoax, or at the very least, uninformed wishful thinking.

  • Gojiroiscoming

    This stuff, if it really exists, is so far buried and compartmentalized there is no paper trail about the contents of their investigations or discoveries. The only things in the external world that would create noise would be financial forensics and patent trolling the companies involved with our national security apparatus.

  • zgravity

    When we don’t want to see and hear we are good at it. To be deaf and blind all at the same time. You don’t need to see ET standing in front of you. All you have to do is look all around at the ancient stone work and building. The languages the cave painting the paintings of the masters.
    You would have to be blind and deaf to believe we are the only intelligent beings within 14 billion light years in any direction.

  • Anonymous

    You know,maybe they did get some sort of transmission from deep out there,maybe it wasn’t sent to us but to the aliens that crashed in New mexico,maybe they were trying to establish if they were still alive..just maybe.

  • Reaper

    If the NSA were as smart as they think they are, they would release the codes as a puzzle for the public to solve, maybe even offer a minute monetary prize as a reward for the first one to solve it. ……

  • grasscrown

    Aliens always have been and always will be used as a mechanism of desentizing you from your own standards of humanity. If the alternative is an alien then have your face kicked off by a government or its illegal alien mercenaries. Some people think there will be a staged invasion threat sometime soon as psyops are always best when everyone KNOWS its garbage but everyone is affirming that it is.

  • Anonymous

    The most amazing and logical explanation of life and the universe that I have ever read is contained in a new book titled ‘Ztingar’.
    What it has to say is mind blowing and pretty much impossible to argue with and it’s left me with a very different outlook on everything, including birth and death and the real reason we are here and why anything good or bad happens. I downloaded it from Amazon, but it’s probably available in shops too. I strongly recommend it.

  • RipWinkle

    Well, it’s true that such secret agencies as that under discussion would not release something in its entirety (or unaltered) if agency heads think it would throw boogers on national security interests. Forget anything otherwise.

    It is good that common walkaday people are beginning to get at least vague suspicions that all things government are not precisely as advertised. Indeed, one can pretty well state that nothing that is advertised about governments is true. All fronts are just that: fronts and all government agencies, especially those perceived to be hyper critical, operate as fronts within fronts within fronts. The only way to discover the truth about any government agency is to dig beneath all the facades that have been erected on, in, above and around it in effort to hide the real goings on inside.

  • Jonas Grey

    This might be the dumbest story I’ve ever read.

  • xdrfox

    Please watch this speech from the Russian President

  • grasscrown

    It’s been 15 years since I learned basic Russian I’m a bit rusty. Translations?

  • xdrfox

    grasscrown on Friday, November 25, 2011 7:17

    press the CC for Enlish Caption translation

  • Upaces

    xdrfox, I have tried 3 x’s and it won’t work.

  • Shelnutt

    Things to be sure of; Massive sightings all over the world, video evidence of Unidentified Flying Objects, Former Military/NASA officials and Political Figures publicly acknowledging the prior, and the fact that space is more vast than human’s can comprehend.

    Things to not be sure of; Are these vehicles “ours” or “theirs” are they holograms or real, are evolved enough to handle being in space beyond our solar system, are we evolved enough to stop killing each other over resources and fiat currencies, are we evolved enough to stop enslaving our fellow human beings, are we evolved enough to stop asking “God” to solve OUR problems????

    Are we there yet?


  • Upaces

    Honest response. Thank you, Shelnutt.

  • Shelnutt

    @Upaces; I try in deal in common sense and a practical approach. Some people get on these sights and start bashing other people’s ideas and perceptions…for what? Satisfaction of being an A-hole I guess.

    One way or another we will have the empirical evidence sooner or later

  • MrMajestic

    Complete and udder false reporting! The pages shown from the NSA Technical Journal, are in reference to a cryptography puzzle made up for students in advanced classes! It is crap like this that makes serious ufologists look like fools. Don’t believe a word of this.

  • Shelnutt

    Mr. Majestic (nice name). Most of these stories have no truth, doesn’t mean the subject is bunk. Everyone wants to be famous, and the internet is the greatest vehicle for 15 minutes of it.

  • Upaces

    MrMajestic, and what or where is your evidence? Please explain.
    There is validity to it — no not on every article.

  • xdrfox

    Upaces on Friday, November 25, 2011 7:41
    I just went back to see, working fine if you click the CC bottom om bottom right of bar and set to beta “English” a little load circle will appear as it begins like the bigger one in middle as video begins ! Hope you figure it out !

    They are going to have a war soon looks like, he is committed !

  • Shelnutt

    I should state that I am not specifically referring to this article, but I have seen some on this sight that start with a probable core and spin wildly out of control…

    Also we’re talking about the NSA which is one of the most heavily funded Information Agencies in the World. They can release certain information that is whole truth but seems so fantastic simply because they no some will never believe it.

    I worked in DC and had encounters with some Alphabet Agency agents…you would be amazed at the things that will come out of their mouths when trust is earned (simply because they can tell someone and deny it soon after)

  • Anonymous

    They DO know we’re here… and its a GOOD THING.

    We had better get our act together and shape up.
    We are a cancer to the rest of the universe.

    The answer is FOR US TO SMARTEN UP….
    NOT for us to attempt to control them, like everything else this power hungry race destroys.

    Steven Hawking is a coward.
    His immediate reaction is fear…. OF WHAT?

    They’ve been here for thousands of years and never hurt us…. apparently they have given us advanced technology… since when is “teaching” to be feared?

    Unless, of course, its them running this country and the planet. Then, yes, I would be worried too.

  • Upaces

    Lord, I wish I could find it; but a couple of articles last year stated that the “ET’s” had caused a malfunction on Nukes in the Middle East.


    Breaking News – Former Airmen to Expose … – ALIENS AND UFOS…ALIENS AND UFOS … nuclear weapons sites and often disrupted and caused malfunctions among stockpiles of these critical Weapons of Mass Destruction. …
    U.S. Nuclear Weapons Accidents – Center for Defense Information“Nuclear weapons are designed with great care to explode only when …. equipment, and or the malfunctioning of equipment and material which could lead to an …
    UFOs: National Press Club Witness Testimony…/ufos_national_press_club_witness_testimo…27 Sep 2010 – “They wanted to shine a light on our nuclear weapons and just send us a … of such phenomena meant that aliens were monitoring our weapons, and … at and caused nuclear weapon system to temporarily malfunction. …
    World War III in popular culture – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia historian Spencer R. Weart called nuclear weapons a “symbol for the worst of … possibly life ending destruction of the earth as the result of such a conflict. … technologically advanced aliens; and the dread of atomic weapons, which ….. the risk of accidental nuclear war due to technical malfunction had been greater than …
    News from Outer Space: Air Force Officers To Speak About UFOs ……27 Sep 2011 – … weapons and in some cases actually caused some missiles to malfunction. … … flight by Cosmic Radiation which could cause cancer and other problems. … We must first learn how to survive and thrive on an extraterrestrial …
    Výpovědi o mimozemšťanech (Allegations about aliens+article …

    ► 8:07► 8:07
    6 Oct 2010 – 8 min – Uploaded by jiloun3
    Výpovědi o mimozemšťanech (Allegations about aliens+article inside) … at and caused nuclear weapon system …
    More videos for extraterrestrials cause malfunction of … »

  • Robbie

    I have heard pilots say that they are in the sky all the time and have never seen a UFO. I say you have not seen your wife with another man, does that mean she didn’t?
    2 Thessalonians 2:11 KJV And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

  • RedRingbone

    ROFLMAO – As Before Its News hoaxes go, DANG! This one is the best yet!Somebody worked their tail off typesetting, etc. and the analysis of the “code” – WORLD CLASS!!!

    But heck, I beat NASA to it – I decoded the entire thing in under an hour. You got it, we were spammed. Junk message from a travel agency offering package tours – 10 days, 19 other civilizations. usual stuff, tips and travel not related to the excursion package not included in the advertised price.

  • plishman

    I read about this a few months ago. It did appear to come from the NSA site FOIA section, but I gather it was an exercise for their analysts.

  • Upaces

    Thanks, Hidden Textor, I finally got it to work!
    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Virtually everything the govt wants to keep secret is written and filed somewhere. It’s absolutely necessary for mediocre govt types to exaggerate their self importance.

    And the assertion that using contractors for secret research would insulate against FOIA requests is also in error. Apparently that poster has never bothered to read P.L. 93-579 (The Privacy Act and FOIA of 1974)

    To suggest that there’s a level of secrecy so high that the info isn’t even typed up actually argues for the existence of secrets such as this. And it’s a verified fact that Great Britain has released all of its formerly classified UFO contacts and reports made by their own pilots, military police and investigators. An they were all written with pen and paper with the usual misspelled words and poor syntax.

    Also, what would happen if one of the eggheads said, “I found the algorithm to crack the code but I wasn’t allowed to write it down and I forgot it. Sawwy.” HAH!

    Several posters in denial have clearly demonstrated the mentality that exposes them as govt bureaucrats.

    There may be one thing that isn’t written down. “Why is it against the law for govt employees to stare out the windows in the morning? Because they won’t have anything to do in the afternoon!”

  • Anonymous

    Virtually everything the govt wants to keep secret is written and filed somewhere. It’s absolutely necessary for mediocre govt types to exaggerate their self importance.

    And the assertion that using contractors for secret research would insulate against FOIA requests is also in error. Apparently that poster has never bothered to read P.L. 93-579 (The Privacy Act and FOIA of 1974)

    To suggest that there’s a level of secrecy so high that the info isn’t even typed up actually argues for the existence of secrets such as this. And it’s a verified fact that Great Britain has released all of its formerly classified UFO contacts and reports made by their own pilots, military police and investigators. And they were all written with pen and paper with the usual misspelled words and poor syntax.

    Also, what would happen if one of the eggheads said, “I found the algorithm to crack the code but I wasn’t allowed to write it down and I forgot it. Sawwy.” HAH!

    Several posters in denial have clearly demonstrated the mentality that exposes them as govt bureaucrats.

    There may be one thing that isn’t written down. “Why is it against the law for govt employees to stare out the windows in the morning? Because they won’t have anything to do in the afternoon!”

  • Alazar

    As much as I wish that this was actual evidence of extraterrestrial contact, it’s not. As has been said already, it’s just an exercise made up for the readers of the NSA Technical Journal to hone their cryptography skills. Campaigne even CALLS it an ‘exercise’ in the article’s second-to-last paragraph!

    All the stuff about how this was a ‘super secret project report’ is just a story made up by the author of this article, or whoever his source was. First of all, to say “no other reports” about this so-called project were released is completely false. The previous article, “Extraterrestrial Intelligence”, is right there on the same NSA website.

    From :
    “In the most recent issue of the NSA Technical Journal- Vol. XI, No. 1, Mr. Lambros D. Callimahos discussed certain aspects of extraterrestrial intelligence and included several messages *to test the reader’s ingenuity*. In the following pages, Dr. H. H. Campaigne offers additional communications from outer space.” (Emphasis mine.)

    Sure, it’s not stated outright, but it’s pretty obvious from the context that these “additional communications” are just more made-up puzzles for readers to try their hand at solving. If there’s still any doubt, just look at Callimahos’s article, which is also on the NSA website:

    Callimahos talks about how it is indeed possible that we COULD someday receive transmissions from an alien civilization, what we should probably expect, and how best to approach the problem of understanding them. At one point Callimahos gives hypothetical examples of “what we might expect of an initial communication from outer space”, showing how with relatively little information transmitted to us, aliens could convey the basic concepts needed to learn their language and actually communicate complex matters with us.

    Campaigne’s article is simply another example of what an alien transmission might be, as a puzzle for cryptographers to play with. The followup ‘Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages’ is essentially a bunch of clues, for readers who got stumped. I would be as excited as anyone if genuine proof of alien contact was found, but I can’t just stand by and let fellow enthusiasts get misled by something which I know to be fake.

  • Anonymous

    Did any of those in denial happen to notice that the document they claim is a hoax is a PDF file on the NSA’s own website?

    If you still believe it’s a hoax then you should report the “crime” (a violation of the National Security Act) of falsifying a government ( web address.

    Then get back to us when the arrests are made….

  • Anonymous

    Oh, it’s an exercise alright-an exercise in futility. Years ago Dr. Roy Salls wrote his doctoral thesis on the topic of “Methodological Mouthtalk” which is exactly what the poster above utilizes while completely ignoring the entire paragraph explaining that it was an attempt to decipher “29 messages from space”.

    Also, the rubber stamped “APPROVED FOR RELEASE BY NSA on 10-21-2004 CASE# 41472″ validates the rest of the article. Why would NSA fight for years to block the release of a meaningless code? (perhaps to hide the fact that money is wasted for such a frivolous undertaking? What possible gain for NSA could result from the attempt to crack meaningless gibberish written by humans?)

    And the word “exercise” is frequently used to define “training for future contingencies”. Is there a better word to describe the attempt to crack real alien code from outer space? They certainly wouldn’t practice on “make believe” alien transmissions, unless they had already received real transmissions to use as guidelines.

    Here’s the entire paragraph in context:

    “Dr. Campaigne presented a series of 29 messages from outer space in “EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE.” NSA Technical Journal. Vol. XI…..I.Looking back over the exercise we see we have penetrated the meaning or the basic symbols, and even more important, have learned some or the syntax rules or the notation, and have caught mistakes in the process. We have a few words for sophisticated concepts, and, given more data, with a little labor we could establish its translation.”

    Now you see that disingenuous attempt to confuse readers with the use of one word out of context. Govt contractors, employees etc, wouldn’t write “failed attempt” to describe their efforts, and they frequently use less accurate and less offensive euphemisms to describe their failures.

  • Alazar

    Well, riddle me this. If this document is such a BIG SUPER SECRET that the NSA has been hiding, why was it originally published in such a completely non-secure place?

    Let me explain. For starters, the NSA Technical Journal isn’t as big a deal as the name makes it sound. According to another journal article from the NSA (, the Journal was established “to foster the exchange of ideas and create an ‘intellectual community’ within the Agency,” and “allowed many NSA personnel to write serious but unofficial articles on work-related topics.” This wasn’t the NSA’s way of delivering ‘internal reports’ about current projects to its highest staff, like the article we’re commenting on makes it out to be; I would say it’s closer to an NSA version of “National Geographic” or something. If “only those deemed crucial to the success of the undertaking were allowed access to the secret under the provisions of a well-defined need-to-know heirarchy”, it sure as hell wouldn’t have ended up in this Journal.

    That’s not to say that there wasn’t sensitive stuff being published in there. A lot of the articles shown on the NSA website ( are classified in the original article text as ‘Confidential’, ‘Official Use Only’, ‘Top Secret’, and even some fancy codewords like ‘Top Secret Elder’ and ‘Top Secret Trine’; of course these classifications were crossed out in pen due to their reclassification and release. But what were the “Extraterrestrial Communications” classified as when they came out?

    Nothing. “Unclassified”.

    They weren’t “reluctantly downgraded from one of the highest secret classifications to an unclassified status”. They started out as unclassified. Judging from all the other scanned-in articles, if the transmissions had been in any way significant (and not just a complex brainteaser based on a hypothetical situation) – the articles should have been labeled ‘Top Secret’ or something like ‘Top Secret Omega Banana’ and had that crossed out. Even if the ‘Unclassified’ was just a printing error, it’s very unlikely they would have made that mistake again when publishing the “Key” article.

    Okay, maybe, just maybe, it was fine for everybody at NSA to know they had gotten alien transmissions, but no one else. Or maybe they just didn’t care who saw it back then for some reason, but now they want to hide it. If that was the case, why was there NO censoring of these “secret” documents? Plenty of the other articles have big white rectangles all over the place where text should be, but as far as I can tell the articles in question contain not ONE redaction.

    The bottom line is, the NSA does not give a damn who sees this information. And I really doubt that is how they would handle something as significant as alien civilizations contacting Earth. I’m not saying they haven’t, I really would like to think they have and continue to. I’m just saying we shouldn’t waste our energy pursuing a red herring.

  • Anonymous

    I would respectfully request that all of you read Matthew 24, Mark 13(beginning at verse 3), and Luke 17(starting at verse 22 through the end of the chapter). Open the eyes of your heart, for from there flow the issues of life and death.

  • Richard - Reporter

    First contact has already been made and documented. Terje Toftenes from Norwegian Broadcasting has put together a fascinating documentary giving all the detail. Take a look at this short video and decide for yourself. This has never been aired by mainstream media.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno about you folks, but I would be profoundly ashamed and embarrassed to be “represented” by any “government” in an encounter with ET.

    The people running our world are collectively FUBAR.

  • Freedom

    Evidence is circumstantial , common sense is held by few , The Universe works the same from the very smallest to the incredibly biggest. All things are made form the same thing . All things must come full circle. Energy is only transmutable.

    It is common for younger races and souls in the Universe to believe they could be the only “life” to exist. Or race needs to learn to work together on our own, before those who watch over us ,will allow us out of our yard to go play.

    Common sense dictates that life comes from the universe , Common sense tells us that the earth is not the center of the universe, There for life on earth was not derived here. There fore it must exist else were.

  • Upaces

    Anon…, You do have a valid point.

  • Mellissa

    They have released the code if it is indeed real

    Some one could figure it out eventually, but they have had years to do it, and I do not think they would release it until they DID crack the code , and know what it says.

    This is not a blatant disclosure as they say above, it might be a first step tho.

    Or if anyone cares to think about it, what would be better to distract the masses then dropping hints of a possible ET disclosure, what would they want they world to NOT be paying attention to? How much info is masked like this so everyone is looking in one direction , while they do something in the background out of sight and mind of the people.

  • Officer Jethro Bodine

    But whatever you do–DO NOT tell anyone about this, the intelligence agencies are keeping it quiet and a secret.

  • Anonymous

    You have no respect for others, if you did you would have not done this.
    Next I think some of this is DNA, could be the Alien DNA. And the math part is a message to us using Albert Einstein math. The way this government has mess up this note I’m not real sure it’s a true message, it could be fake. We all know how this great government likes to lie to the gen public about things like this. They get the real message and then they show us a fake one. And again this could be the real thing, but mess it up so no one can really understand it. I think it’s DNA maybe the Aliens or ours, and there’s and Albert Einstein math. Of what I could tell it looks a little like it. And then again this all could be just BS. And there holding the real note somewhere else.

    If this is a note to us first all I can say to any Alien life out there Don’t come here, if you value your life stay away until were ready.

    Our government will steal your tech and kill you for it. Just stay away. How do you think we took a 50 year leap. Everyone you should be voicing your opinion to everyone, if there among us tell them to stay away. Were not ready for guess (STAY AWAY IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE.)

  • Upaces

    Anon…, I especially agree with the last paraphrah.

  • Richard - Reporter

    First contact has already happened and been documented to watch a short award winning video.

  • Zaphod

    As someone has already stated, this was a cryptology examination by the NSA.
    The only way we would ever have disclosure is if aliens landed bang-smack in London/Tokyo/Paris etc and were filmed by a major tv network, live. Otherwise the government/s would have us believe otherwise (it was a mass hallucination, an experimental aircraft etc). TPTB really, really do not want public disclosure, for an absolute myriad of reasons, some good reasons and some not-so-good and some downright despicable.

  • Upaces

    I’ll vote for that!
    But, they’d still try to get out of it.

    I don’t understand why they don’t just come out and admit it.
    Reagan, Kennedy, Nixon — can’t think of the others right off hand all knew about them.

  • Anonymous

    Eastern Paranormal is not a UFO Research Group. We are a paranormal research group. We keep picking up what we refer to as “Others” (Not ghost, not deceased people, but something with an intelligence of current and past events). They claim to be from the Moon, parallel universes and more. We do not know what to think. We neither endorse or refute the evidence we are simply presenting it.

  • Celestial Warrior

    @Officer Jethro Bodine….

    Man, you are on some heavy duty drugs or off your prsecription meds!

    “The way out is by electing hillery clinton.”

    Hillary Clinton is part of the problem that America is facing….puppets of the Saudi regime! Follower of the UN Agenda 21!

    You are so far out there….are you sure you’re not one of the ET’s? I think you better phone home now!

  • sjsrana

    Of-course NASA can’t deliver the message of ET, even if they know.

    ET pity on HUMAN RACE and their LEADERS world over, since they can’t still get over with infighting and bloodshed, how can they even think of interstellar commute/communication?

    Killing of innocent Human Being is rampant, some are killed by weapons and many-more by corruptions/scams/frauds and almost all the LEADERS are on SALE!

    ET would not like to clean up PLANET EARTH’s DIRTY LAUNDRY by FORCE/POWER yet unless they know Human Race can responsibly handle the NEW POWERS ET shall provide!

    Folks, think of TRUTH/JUSTICE/PEACE/DETERMINATION/FREEDOM for all, “There is no greater message to human kind than TRUTH”.

  • Upaces

    Celestial Warrior, most people don’t know…and they don’t know because at that time they “trusted” the ballot box until it hit the fan AFTER he was in office.

    Hillary DID win — he didn’t.
    Beyond that…McCain/Palin actually won the election to sit in the Oval Office.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve looked at some of the other documents and it seems these documents are nothing more than examples for educational and/or test purposes. Giving trainees impartial but important codes to crack. Also due to the unclassified nature of the documents i think im pretty sure that this is the case.

  • Officer Jethro Bodine

    Make me the sergeant in charge of the booze- make me the sergeant in charge of the booze!!

  • Mookie Bonging

    man, officer jethro– you really are out ther ain’t you? but i admit i do agree with you about michele bachman, i wanna jack the monkey when she is on the tube–that woman is hawt! radioactive hawt!

  • War Pony

    ******”Posted by Anonymous on Friday, November 25, 2011 8:14
    They’ve been here for thousands of years and never hurt us…. apparently they have given us advanced technology… since when is “teaching” to be feared?

    Unless, of course, its them running this country and the planet. Then, yes, I would be worried too.”

    Be worried Anon … They haven’t any better tech than we can provide for them.

    **** Posted by antigray on Friday, November 25, 2011 11:14 ….

    WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem ….”

    I’ll agree with antigray re: “long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide.” Someone had to ake out the garbage.

    Captain JB, you crack me up – thanks for the laughs!

  • Anonymous

    I used to enjoy this site however the moving pop up advertisements are too distracting. I sometimes come back to see if they are still here. Am not interested to know I have won an Iphone or that I am the 999 999 th visitor or to play little flash games. Really great site but what are you doing with this obnoxious advertising? It just isn’t worth being here any more.

  • HDThoreau

    Firefox & adblock plus = I have no idea what you’re talking about.


    Time for some explanation regarding agendas:

    First two lines of good news from the Hidden Texts – since all I seem to publish is bad news:

    1 80 1
    2 78 2

    Gigantic = the Tall Whites
    Quine gang = The Five books of Angels by John Dee
    (a contemporary of Nostradamus who was said to be visited by 40 different angels. Ssaid to be given an alphabet. This same alphabet appeared on a crop circle July last hear – from the Pleiades according to the shape of the constellation within the crop circle. This can be seen at the forum NOSTRADAMUS AND THE ANGELS at the web site)
    LOUISE is the name of an asteroid, but means ANY asteroid in the lines.
    SET is also obsolete for Easter.

    Now the bad news:

    There is a large forum named

    much information regarding the JRod52 can be gained by googling Dan Burisch…interesting that what he has been saying LONG BEFORE THE HIDDEN TEXTS ERE FOUND is the same information in this forum…and note the name of the He Rod Dr Burisch was allegedly dealing with – proName of Che as in Che-Rub.

    This TREATY NINE (signed by persons representing all of us) in 2005 has been reneged on by both sides.
    The crop circle binary disc message held in the hand of an Orion Grey in the most fascinating crop circle ever – the “alien face” at Arecibo, can be read in the forum CROP CIRCLES on page one of the Hidden Texts site.

    A couple of the JRod52 Treaty IX lines:
    (by the way, we idiots unknowingly signed agreements to allow TRADE IN MEN as well)

     4 44
    Two pieces of an asteroid
    In Taurus the greys of treaty 9 and the Annunaki
    Made invisible from below
    3 AIRLIFT: the “rapture”?
    TOR KNOCK = tectonic plates RIP ~ in the Celt Zodiac
    E: September equinox G: Celt Ivy September 30 – October 27
    E: is also Zeta Reticuli Herculis – a member state signatory of Treaty 9

    4 44
    TWO CHUNKY (‘caudex’ from Aldebaran or the Oannes)
    AMENDED (Gen. engineered) DRONES ~ HAUL HILUM
    This faction is “hauling” what seems to be a comet

    4 34 1 Le grand mene’ captif d’estrange terre
    IF MEN Desert Generated PACT
    The great one of the foreign land held captive
    (He Rod52 from Roswell?)
    Would this be Treaty IX?


    5 88 4 Venant Sauone esclaue de Turin
    The U.N. has outsmarted themselves
    TENANTS are cannibals – a CLAUSE in the Treaty 9


    10 60 2 connects with 1 27 3
    Savonne, Sienne, Capue Modene, Malte
    LET ON NAME MODE, I.E. enc. N
    Escape USA Oceans
    METAL SEAS ice N.N.E.
    LAMENTED LACK OF THOUGHT in signing Treaty 9
    Allowed the Annunaki to name clauses that suited them including the Eridanians
    METAL: a metal year such as 2010 and 2011 (and 2041
    1 27 3 PAIR with 10 60 2
    Qui par longs siecles avoit esté grappé
    That which for many centuries had been gathered = trade in men
    ORAL CLAUSES = Treaty 9
    To the scientists who have known for a long time what the polar signs have meant
    EQUIP: causes AEOLUS – father of the wind = tornadoes Iran
    Easter-Set-April verses

    Nostradamus (or his Source ) never ceases to astonish me.
    The chapter “J.ROD52 & TREATY 9” will not be finished for a while, as others have priority, yet there seems to be a problem with certain deceitful clauses in Treaty 9 which need to be fixed now at our peril, and this forum which should have been accomplished early in 2010 contains this warning.

  • antigray

    War Pony, the aliens are not taking out the garbage. They get us to kill each other in war and they harvest the meat right off the battlefield, out of mass graves, or from sunken ships. It’s a logistical operation and our alien Repto Sapien cousins are the top predators in our food chain. Luckily for us they have moved their total Earth population to other home worlds long ago and only stop by every 50 years or so to restock the meat supplies on their mother ships transporting migrating Reptoids to ease overpopulation pressures on their home worlds.

  • antigray

    For more information check out all the pages on my website:

  • True News

    You need to tell us exactly which ads you hate….we’ll get them off the site. Which advertisers? Which locations?

  • Upaces

    What ads or advertisers does someone hate?
    I’m not aware of any.


    From the disguised texts of Nostradamus – Antigray is very much corroborated…
    3 33 3

    Is short and not so sweet. Pica is when mammals eat things not usually nor normally in the diet – but NECESSARY to the diet…
    such as cows chomping away at skeletons because the paddock they are on is deficient in phosphorus.

    A forum on Cannibalism has not been compiled yet due to other high priorities…
    However, every now and then that is a topic that pops up within other lines

    Treaty 9 (almost finished) states clearly that TRADE IN MEN is part of the agenda, that it is the Ursa Majorites who do so (and do cattle mutilations, might even find out why)

    along with those from Cepheus.

    Interesting that the obsolete names for these two read like this:
    ARM is Cepheus
    MAR.GID.DA. is Ursa Major
    put them together and what do we have>


  • antigray

    Hi Hiddentextor,
    A while back I had an argument with a biologist that the so called carnivores were not strictly meat eaters. If you watch a pride of lions eating their prey you will notice that they consume meat, blood, bone, and entrails. Think of the body of the dead gazelle as a package that includes vegetable matter (in the intestines and stomach, digested vegetable matter in the blood, and minerals like calcium in the bones, potassium in the nerves, etc. So in effect the lions are eating the same things the herbivore ate as they are contained inside the herbivore. There are African tribes that get nearly complete diet by drinking the blood bled from their cows, and milk. The same applies to carviverous reptiles. When a boa constrictor swallows a whole deer, he is digesting everything inside that deer. When a wolf swallow a rabbit or field mice, same thing. There are no true animal carnivores in the jungle that survive on pure meat. Alligators and crocodiles eat it all too. Even Komodo Dragons swallow everything. There was a case several years ago where a Komodo Dragon ate the entire body of a Japanese tourist. The only things left was his hat and camera. It even ate his clothes and shoes.

  • Anonymous

    The NSA would never release any document that would significantly alter the status quo in national security issues. This released document is an effort to divert attention away from the NSA’S work with the HAARP electronic warfare weapons system. The current plan to use this system with its silent sound capabilities on civilians will need a cover such as aliens or communists or old nazis taking responsibility for the outrages they plan to commit against your privacy and freedom of speech. Don’t fall for it, anything that important you’ll never hear from them,court order or not, they do not answer to the courts, read subsection B of the freedom of information act, they are completely exempt from any legal responsibility. Grow up subjects, accept your fate. yankee phil

  • Anonymous


    This was an exercise. This is NOT real! This illustrates the stupidity of too many of those who study the issue of UFOs and the alien presence. There are UFOs and aliens but this garbage only obscures the truth. READ! The source materials say nothing about real aliens or UFOs.

  • mixplix

    Attention nonbelievers that think the government will guard you from the untruth try this one on for size. AIDS was patented in August of 1992 and the patent number is 5,188, 738 Look it up in the Patent Office. There are also addendum’s. Makes you wonder where all the money goes for research and all the benefit programs too.

  • stevengaylord

    Real deal? Or false flag? Could be the globalists setting us up with a fake alien invasion; using fear (again) like 9/11 to subjugate us all over again.

    Two things:
    1 ~ We’re not alone in the universe. That’s a given!
    2 ~ Don’t trust this government. That’s assured also!

  • lindarosemary

    I am sure mostof you know that there are theories regarding parallel or alternate universes. It just could be that if they do get through to us via messages, that all they would need to break through to invade us, would be for us to answer. I don’t think we would like that.


    4 73 4 Par lors qu’au soir sera le pantomime
    PALERMO (Sicily-
    PLANET POLAR ~ ROSARIES (Nov 25 – Dec 22
    OMIT PLANT AMPLER OMNI (every/all)
    AMMONITE (fossil oceans) RISE MMOII

    When the pantomime will take place in the evening (False flag
    PTOMANE are the men in black
    LEPROMA nodular lesions (warty nevus greys)
    T = Ursa Major central (the cattle mutilators)
    TEMPO is the time of … MIME = IS FALSE FLAG
    PALER could be the Grayles (PALE R) or lesser C.M.E.
    MMOII is either 2011 or 2012 ROSARIES Nov 25 – Dec 22
    OMIT PLANT enough varieties – meaning too much genetically engineered seed


    see the full forum at
    page 9

    make sure if you read this that you also read
    AND IT WILL BE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT on the same page

    no money needed of course

  • Stevicus

    Its a psychological mechanism thats quite effectively used to invigorate those with only a partial picture of the truth to create obfuscating noise.
    For instance : the cattle mutilations all occur in the area where the nuclear testing took place; so in order to check for persistent radioactivity you need soft tissue samples of the entrance & exit regions of the gut, and its as simple as that. PPL are gonna ask questions so to create a dichotomy you start a few rumours, plant a few media stories here n there and when someone asks questions linking ET`s & cattle mutilations you say “Thats CLASSIFIED Information” & bingo you have provided your rumour with oxygen.

  • Upaces

    Stevicus, you might want to Google Eisenhower and his agreement with them.

  • desertru

    Good heavens; do we not have enough to be concerned about right here on earth to bother with anything ‘out there’? If they were there, we would know it and they would have been written about in the Bible, so give it a rest and consentrate on making the time this earth has better!!!! All that is ‘out there’ is heaven and lots of planets and stars….granted an interesting place but no ‘little green men’ are going to come and rescue us! It is God that will do the rescuing!

  • Anonymous

    The only “aliens” are satan and his demons that have deceived the WHOLE WORLD.


    You are so correct

    How did you guess?

    What else did you think aliens are?

    What else did you think satan and the demons are?

  • Anonymous

    Its not surprising to me.What’s being revealed here and to the rest of the world.

  • MindMe

    “Looking back over the exercise…”

    This was an exercise. A game. The appendix gives the game’s hypothetical scenario. When you do an exam and the math problem says something like “Yoda flew in the Millennium Falcon at .5 the speed of light for 1 month. Calculate the time dilation…” the exam question is not evidence Yoda exists.

  • MindMe

    You’ll find a good summary of what this document represents:

    The money shot:

    ||The information is presented in two documents, and it is instructive to read both of them. Note that neither of them were classified as secret, which indicates very strongly that they are innocuous.

    The first one

    which was published in the NSA Technical Journal Vol XI no.2, and refers to a previous message in the NSA Technical Journal Vol XI no.1, by Mr Lambros D. Callimahos which ‘discussed certain aspects of extraterrestrial intelligence and included several messages to test the reader’s ingenuity.’ The article by Dr H.H. Campaigne ‘offers additional communications from outer space’.

    is a key to help decipher Dr Campaigne’s messages.

    From which I conclude that the NSA Technical Journal published a series of speculative articles concerning extraterrestrial communications, and various contributors were submitting encrypted messages which could be deciphered by the reader ‘to test their ingenuity’. Because the first article, by Lambros Callimahos, is missing, it is not entirely clear that the messages ‘offered’ by Dr Campaigne are hypothetical, but reading the articles themselves it seems very likely that they are.||

    Anyway, there is easy to find extant criticism of the “omfg it’s smoking gun evidence!”. The original author can’t even do basic research about objections to his hypothesis and address those. He just plows ahead with the same old wild eyed crap and looks foolish.

  • Anonymous

    ufo in india

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