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Attention: The 6 Stages Of The NWO, To Start The Civil War In The United States, Videos

Friday, January 18, 2013 10:25
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  Beginning this year, a conspiracy long at work behind the scenes of our government, will make its first overt move. These conspirators plan to create a dictatorship in the United States, suspend our Constitution and attempt to confiscate all guns and firearms in American homes.

The recent executive actions of Obama are signs of this being implamented.

Stage 1 Will be to create “Civil Unrest” in major U.S. cities such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc.;  This will be preceded by a month of subliminal programming via TV and other media to condition the people for civil war in the United States.  Press releases released by Time-Warner [a ROCKEFELLER corporation] and 5 other corporated owned media moguls will further inflame the citizens of the United States and further the causes of civil unrest. See Who-owns-the-media-the-6-monolithic-corporations-that-control-almost-everything-we-watch-hear-and-read.

Stage 2, Should be ready to take effect this summer. Special agents of the conspiracy, masquerading as police, may open fire on American people standing to defend the constitution and their Constitutional Rights. Other agents will set off incendiary bombs as they did recently in the Occupy Movement,  Link Here: Professed Occupy Portland Members Arrested-Carrying Bombs Intended For Police and Pro Occupy Doctor Arrested With Large Amounts Of Bomb Making Materials

   Which essentially was a “test case” that surpassed the expectations of the conspirators. These special agents, masquerading as police, massacre these Blacks and minorities and fire at the real policemen. This brings in more police and the riots escalate. Inner city gangs, already fully armed, join in the fray. The real police, vastly outnumbered, cannot handle the rioting. The National Guard is called in and fired upon by [other] special agents masquerading as gang members, who also enlist other gang members to fight the police and national guardsmen.

UN Trucks on US Soil

   These riots continue with many Americans slaughtered in major cities. the Globalist plans that are in effect, will usher in the U.N. “Peace Keeping ” Force. Also, a growing number of reports of United Nations military equipment being seen passing through U.S. communities on trains, trucks, etc., have been surfacing in recent years.

  There are many reports of National Guardsmen working with U.N troops, undergoing specialized house-to-house search and seizure training and urban warfare tactics. I was also told that two men who managed to sneak into a Federal military plane ‘graveyard’ outside of Phoenix, Arizona had came across several freight train box-cars in which they discovered what they estimated to be from 2 to 3 million brand-new SHACKLES that were apparently being stored there, just waiting to be used! Video Link Here:!

President George Bush in a speech to Congress on SEPTEMBER 11, (9/11) 1990, SAID THIS: “[The war in Iraq is] a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times…a New World Order can emerge.”

In his September 21, 1992 speech to the United Nations, President George Bush announced that foreign troops, would occupy America and train for a New World Order Army. He stated:


Stage 4:  If the riots take-over scenario failed to materialize into a National Emergency and a New World Order takeover at THAT time. The New World Order advocates will create yet another crisis to further there agenda. For some reason they are desperate to bring about the New World Order takeover of the United States of America, that is definitely their goal. If all else fails they may attempt an all-out United Nations invasion of the U.S., using whatever possible means they can to “justify” such a “U.N. Operation.”  During later this year the chaos continues and more ‘UN’ troops pour into the United States, mostly mercenaries who have fought in Syria, Libya, African nations and other ‘hot spots’ previously. [The butchery of these troops is well documented].

Stage 5: Then a well-planned ‘crash’ of the stock market will occur, a dramatic drop to at least 1500 on the DJ Industrial Average. Along with the crash of the U.S. Dollar. This event [is] planned to further weaken, panic and confuse the population. Followed by a failure in the U.S. food chain delivery system, food shortages will follow.

Stage 6: …The Constitution of the United States is suspended and the people are now living under martial law in a totally FASCIST state.  We have no way of knowing that these things will happen [we hope and pray they do not], but if any of the above should occur, you can rest assured the balance of this evil scenario will follow. Their two main immediate goals are to DISARM American citizens and SUSPEND our Constitution.

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  • Sidramone

    I hope you’re wrong

    • Josey Wales

      We all hope this article is wrong. Bit the writing is on the wall.

      • Save your soul

        it is true i dont know if any of you are religious but its in the bible before Jesus comes back there will be a one world government then One world ruler and an assistant emerge, then Technology to control the world, then we will see him again

  • Authentica

    I think the UN & China will factor in heavily to this nwo plan (communists)… Once they collapse the dollar, the next step is agenda 21, land confiscations & global currency along with all of the above. WATCH CHINA.


    spot on

  • CosmicKiwiPerth

    Hey Anon get your their & there right… Their means it belongs to them. There means say; over there…

  • Anonymous

    NWO is old history. Wake up.

  • kdc0521

    To the one who shared this article, I’d imagine the Joker is more of a chaotic individual, not wanting money or domination, but he just wants to sit and watch the world burn. Also, only one side needs to show Joker’s face, the left side looks like an imitation next to the real thing… Ha! I think that photo speaks for this article. :mrgreen:

  • Mover

    What happened to stage 3?

    • Ben

      Hummm. Must be to scary to mention.

  • wvbowhunter

    I do hope this article is way off themark, but if you follow recent events one will notice that we are headed in that direction. The bottom liine is that people, well, most Americans will freak out if the net goes down, or their food stops coming on the trucks. Only those who can fend for themselves are a threat to the govt. America signed it’s death warrent by electing Barry again.

  • Apollo is the A/C

    Stage 4 = 6 will involve the Electrical grid being taken down. This will collapse the Economy and cut off communications nation wide. This will ensure the Citizens cannot mobilize. Good luck to everyone………

  • Anonymous

    Natural disasters will trump the plans of TPTB. The big purge will clean out the vipers. Try to stay alive; tall order.

  • Ben

    Before Its News partakes in Stage 1. Thanks a lot! :idea:

  • Ben

    Some of the video you show here are like spotting an UFO.
    Just a bunch of blurs to scare its viewers to think its legit.
    Improve the quality of the videos, please. :roll:

    Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. :wink:

    Worry…not. :sad:

    Disgusting that America Govt. is part of this plan. :evil: :twisted:

    Where are the icons with a halo? You got two of them with horns. What gives?

    • GodGunsGutsGlory

      You got that right! Sadly these perilous times MUST come to pass!
      And Amen for using the glorious KJV and not some perversion. :-)

      2 Timothy 3:1 KJV
      “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”

  • GodGunsGutsGlory

    Those “box cars” in the video linked in the article are car carriers.
    We have them 2 miles from me.
    A few years back someone photoshopped “FEMA” onto them and those kinds of photo’s were the kind that gave the shill Glenn Beck the ammo to “debunk” the FEMA camps.

    And inside car carriers there will be many steel tie downs for securing the autos in transport.

    That said. I do believe that FEMA will be involved in internment / resettlement and so will be the us army.

    Go to the go army website and search the job listing “Internment/Resettlement Specialist (31E) “

  • Stephen

    Jeremiah 51:46 “And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.”

    Jeremiah chapter 51 has always spoken to me about modern America. I believe the Old Testament “Day of the Lord” is imminent; but even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  • AfterAmerica

    Excellent article. The “powers that be” are doing this now. More and more of it. While I was watching the Obama “swearing in” ceremony live on You Tube…..word press just pulled down my blog which has over 1,200 alternative media research posts, over 300 followers a day and over 1 Million plus views for violation of “terms of service.”

    Thank God for Before It’s News!! Thanks again for providing a “logical sequence” of events.

  • jet

    I have proof of media cover up
    A person is tackled by the secret service when he was protesting against Barack Obama. He called Obama a Republican bitch. He yelled to Obama: help the poor people, stop helping the rich people, and stop helping the corporations. Then the media lied about that incident and told the people they could not hear what that man said because the crowd was too loud. This is proof what the heckler said to Obama and how all the media stations lied about this story to protect President Obama. This is proof that all the media is corrupt and will lie as much as it can to protect President Obama and to push their Propaganda on to the American Citizens.This story proves that all of the employees of the Media are not ethical Journalist, but puppets that spew lies to the American people because the Largest and most powerful corporations order them to do this.

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