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The Jewish Role in the Native American Genocide

Thursday, June 6, 2013 3:18
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Trail of tears

By Rebel of Oz,

This is the first part of a new article series examining the validity of the age-old ‘anti-Semitic’ conception of Jews as the ‘poisoners of the wells’. This term refers to a much frowned upon Jew-centric framework making Jews responsible for most if not all evil occurring in our world. As any framework this Jew-centric view has its shortcomings and blind spots, but it also allows us to explain many world events far more convincingly than any other perspective.

I chose the topic of the Native American genocide because it is one of the least known to have a Jewish connection. In spite of being one of the biggest monstrosities committed in human history, most people know very little about it and regard it as a white man’s crime. I suspect that lack of public knowledge has as much to do with the fact that there are no Jewish victims, as the fact that – if people studied the Native American genocide in great detail – they might find out about the extent to which Jews were responsible for it.

The Native American genocide was the biggest and longest lasting genocide in human history. It went on for 500 years, with a death toll of 100 million lives. [1] That beats even world record holder Joseph Stalin’s Ukrainian genocide of 70 million Ukrainians conducted by Christian-hating Jewish Bolsheviks.

The Jewish leading role in the genocide against Native Americans started with Christopher and Bartholomew Columbus’ second trip to the Americas. A lot of people are aware that the brothers were not Spanish, but Italians from Genoa. What very few people know is that they mass murdered some two million of the Taino people on the island of Hispaniola in just four years and the bestiality with which they did it. What even less people know is that Christopher and Bartholomew Columbus weren’t Christians but Jews.[2]

columbus on hispaniola
Christopher Columbus himself has been reported to have personally killed 500,000 Natives. In their quest to kill and torture as many people as possible Christopher and Bartholomew Columbus built extremely wide gibbets, hanging victims with feet barely touching the ground amidst fire causing a slow strangling burning death.

Similarly, a lot of people are aware that one of the stated goals of the second Columbus trip was to take slaves. What most of them don’t know is that the slave dealers, slave ship owners and slave holders, both initially with Native Americans and later with African Blacks, were mostly Jewish. They do know that whiskey was systematically used as a means of ‘domesticating’ Native Americans. What they don’t know is that the whiskey distilleries were mostly owned by Jews, and so were the business men who handed out the whiskey to them. Many people know about the slaughter perpetrated on Native American communities by “bounty hunters”. What they don’t know is the leading Jewish role in that genocide.[3]

The least known Jewish contribution to the Native American genocide is the deliberate starvation caused by the near-extinction of the American buffalo. Investment banks owned by the Jewish Rothschild crime family had invested heavily in the railway lines built across the country. By making the US government hire unemployed former black slaves as ‘Buffalo soldiers’ to slaughter herd after herd of buffaloes they killed two birds with one stone. They prevented those herds from damaging the tracks of the railway lines and they freed land for millions of new settlers by forcing the surviving Natives to surrender and accept imprisonment in concentration camp style reservations.

All of these Jewish actions can be explained by a combination of greed, blood lust and hateful, supremacist attitude towards non-Jews deeply rooted in Jewish religion and tradition. The following instalments of this “Poisoners of the wells” series will provide more evidence for this unflattering interpretation.


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Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of the dissident site.


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  • Solanoid

    I am white and proud of my heritage. With that said, it is no mystery that Europeans have hurt many people accross the world (we have done a lot of good as well)

    Unlike the Jews who have never wronged anyone ….EVER! and to say otherwise is pure anti semetic racism.

    • magusincognito

      What’s the difference between a Semite, Khazar and a Sabbatean?
      What percentage of those currently living in Israel have actual Semitic blood ties?
      What percentage of Palestinians have actual Semitic ties?

      When you can answer these questions, perhaps, you can move from a mere sentiment to an opinion? Then I might decide to share opinions and trade insights with you. Until then, I don’t trade opinion for sentiment.

  • bob-0

    Excellent read!

  • FreemanM

    What better way to hide and suppress the truth than to make it illegal to explore or talk about.

    • 1 darkstar

      To find out who rules over you, find out who you can’t criticize.

  • VirusGuard

    The jews were always the masters of the slave trade and slave markets closed when the jews had a religious holiday but today they are more intrested in debt slaves and control us using international banks like the IMF or FED

    A man works better if he thinks he is working for himself but look around because few of these “Free men” can afford to keep a roof over there heads these days and that with the rented land the mud hut stands on that needs taxes and the slave has no control over the rent for the land.

    These bankers own the very land you rest your head on and you think you are free

  • Canderson

    The thing is Christopher Columbus never went to America, he went to Haiti, he killed everyone not converting to Christianity, he was that vicious that he became a problem for the Spanish Monarchy, he was put in iron and jailed by the Spanish Queen. That what I have heard anyway.


    How original. The Jews did it! I never heard that one before.

  • White Cedar

    Your paper giving Christopher Columbus for the Genocide is really out of place. Taino from the Gulf area did not have access to Turtle Island. We do not celebrate him, but he did not start any genocide. Amerigo Vespucci left a sick man with a town of the local natives.

    Christopher Columbus had left sick behind with his brothers when he returned the population of the Island left few native survivor, because they had no immunity.

    Just to be added you will here about the Bering Strait of people that migrated from Russia. Are called Denai because they do not belong to the people.

    Hernando De Soto Explored the South East coast of America. His monk kept journal. The Monk told De Soto the native have know god durig the journey. There were seven great nations he contacted. Yuchee, tsalagi, Creek,Choctaw,Chickasaw, Catawba, Seminole.

    First explorers left their sick. It was over 100 years before they returned. When they did they found whole There were very few natives allied. Estimated Genocide killed over 100 million Natives dead. 98 percent were killed in the South Eastern America. The next colonizers came and traded poxed blankets to the natives. On Native Medicine man stated you could see the death coming. Native American towns and cities were about every 20 miles. The Genocide was so horrendous thos who survive DNA completely changed and that mark will allway. I would talk about the rest of the country and what happen but I don’t to type in facts. As for Jew genome I have yet to see it and may be Jew were taken in. They are not the lost tribe of Israel according to Israel. Our cultures are matrimonial. I say god bless the Jews as there is no recorded proof. I am 5/8 Native Teton Sioux, and Uchie

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