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Shock! ISON Meteor Storm Coming In Days!! NASA Says “Mark Your Calendar for December 14th” !! WHAT??!(Video)

Thursday, December 12, 2013 19:58
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Mandela “died” in June / NASA says “mark your calendar for December 14th”

December 12, 2013

The Mandela conspiracy is discussed at the beginning of this vid.

Skip to 9:25 minutes for the NASA info

NASA’s new heads-up video (just uploaded today) telling US to mark our calendars for a December 14th meteor “shower”. Anyone want to wager how long it will be before they upgrade it to a meteor STORM?


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  • fuzzy696

    Right after friday the 13 th…..good call hope the 13th is lucky for you.

    • Anonymous

      another doom date dud

  • DK

    Its Global Warming.

    • GuitarLots

      It is BALLOON :mrgreen:

      • DK

        Its all CO2 the IPCC says so, so everyone must stop breathing.

  • Bronson

    Those meteorites come flying in and break the sound barrier. You will hear sonic booms, and see meteorites on fire streaking across the skies, slamming into building just like what happened in Russia, but on a larger scale. It will prob be very chaotic scene. Best to stay calm, and in your bunkers. Although it happened to Russia, some will say it never happens.

    • ElOregonian

      Genesis 19:24 “Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven;”

      25 “And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.”

      And God brought His vengeance upon these perverted cities. Imagine the vengeance that will be brought upon a perverted world.

  • Wretched Infidel

    Well ain’t that funny? I just said to mark your calendars for today, December 13, beginning the 13-daycount to December 25.

    And didn’t know til this morning that today’s 13th of December is friday, also!…it’s bad, big-time badness will be coming as these 13 days on year 13, are used for spells, sacrifices and lots of bloodletting and invocation of destruction upon the population.

    Isn’t it funny that Nasa says to mark calendar for the day after the start of this Satanic count?

    but why don’t they warn us about the rest of the days? Like the 15, 16 (alignment), December 17 being a full moon, therefore adding to the tectonic pressure on the stressed plates, (watch out on New Madrid, West Coast Cascadian subduction zone, which is connected to the San Andreas plates/fault line) and thank IAUE that your children will not be in school at these days…

    or if they are, take them OUT and keep home with you, safely by your side and not in a death trap

    for the raising of the energy for the days to come is got mainly from mass children’s anguished deaths. I have talked about this before lots, and it is only a matter of time before their sinister abuse of millions of children in these schools which are death-traps (using a death-guaranteeing earthquake protocol, duck and cover, or get under your desks/stand next to this wall) instead of the triangle of life.

    What if this were to be a scenario: The alignment coming up December 15/16 being a Triangulation with their honoured planetary Gods to whom they sacrifice children followed by a full moon the day after that, December 17, leads to the stressed faults within 3 days or so usually is the case but maybe 5 days or a week – before or after the alignment and full moon – (so it could theoretically happen any day from today to right after the Solstice, to December 24 which to me sounds about right…)
    to break or slip/slide/crash/travel and cause the massive quakes like the one on the Cascadian subduction, wreaking the havoc pain and misery which they WANT

    and also the New Madrid Fault line to slip/travel?

    this is part of the plan, mass children’s suffering anguish brings in a huge amount of demonic energy to be used against every man woman and remaining child/animal.

  • Anonymous

    you see i suspected for some time now that since we first heard of mandela being seriously ill nearly a year ago…that the powers that be have had him on all sorts of de fibritalors….transfusion equipment…oxygen masks..etc and that he was clinically dead a long time ago…they were just keeping his “corpse” functioning…..and they decided to keep it quite until they had a big event that they wanted to distract the world public from …such as meteors…volcanic swarms…floods …cosmic and earth changes……..right when the biggest storm surge to hit the northern hemisphere in 50 years approached and comet ison was doing its thing…the phillipines battered by the most powerful storm to ever hit land…etc etc…..all of a sudden …”Hey everyone…lets all focus on Madiba…..lets all act as if the messiah just passed away”

    And let us also not forget… there is no such thing as the “one man theory of history”….

    “Oh….the third Reich was all Hitler’s fault…… look what Stalin did to the USSR…..Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves…..”

    Mandela (R.I.P) was a great thinker and figure head……he was the focus of a socio-economic-political movement but he was not the “Messiah”…..

    As with the “end” of slavery in the USA…..all that really happened was that a particular economic model had run its course and was no longer viable/profitable……the main reason slavery ended in the southern states of America had very little to do with human rights….it was because the industrial age of cities and mass production was “kicking-in” and therefore the new urban sprawls would need a workforce i.e.: move the Negros from the south into the cities to take up new forms of labour and allow mechanisation to replace their back braking labour in the fields…..

    White dominance in South Africa was holding up its technological/economic development…
    Why do you think the USA has the dominant business/scientific/military and entertainment culture in the world…..? It’s because as long as you have got the ability to “shine” then it does not matter if you are Indian …Chinese….Jewish…Arabian….or African…

    All of the institutions in South Africa were becoming more stagnant and unproductive…
    Some of the best mathematicians on earth are from the Indian sub-continent…….and the Koreans and Chinese are flying ahead of the rest of the world’s students in terms of their educational prowess….. in the old South Africa you could not have none whites as highly placed professors teachers/doctors/lawyers/bankers etc ……therefore just giving someone a critical job/role in an institution based on their ethnic background was a recipe for stagnation and eventual disintegration……
    So things had to change and Nelson (Madiba) was the “figurehead” for that change…he represented a popular movement….. he was not the Messiah

    So get a grip people…..I know you all want to believe/create a Father Xmas……but you would be better off learning about the pagan Krampus….

    Because as far as South Africa is concerned……the gap between rich and poor actually increased…….and whereas the entire (media) world was horrified and shocked at the brutal slaying of the oppressed during the Sharpeville massacre……I did not see the same media/political/governmental/social outrage at the recent massacre of South African goldmine workers protesting over rights and pay…

  • paul

    geminid meteor shower happens every year ,but this year is different ,, the nut jobs are using the meteor shower to claim comet ison is going to reign death and destruction on the planet ,,,,I love this because when sunday the 25th comes everyone says well that was another load of crapola {not that we don’t know this already}.comet ison is kaput.

  • Bucketalert

    Helmet please !

  • Scatter

    The Geminid meteor shower has nothing to do with Ison. I think we might pass through the Ison debris late this month/January. On that note, I am interested to see if we even notice when we do go through the Ison debris.

    • searcher

      True, Geminids have nothing to do with Ison but it’s evident that Due Diligence is trying to spread fear by saying that the showers we’ll see on the 14th are related to Ison.

  • Mohsen Samii

    Bull- no comet coming in to hit earth.

  • Room With a View

    Overture, Add the lights, this is it, the night of nights, No more rehearsing and nursing the parts, we know every part by heart
    Overture, add the lights, this is it, we’ll hit the heights, and oh what heights we’ll hit -
    On with the show this is it.
    Ladies and Gentleman, The Bugs Bunny Show.
    I believe that this is the theme song for the Party of the Century happening right now deep underground in the bunkers in South Africa.
    Let the bloodletting begin.

  • endtimeinmytime

    I will drag out my lawn chair, umbrella…and pop open my fresh bottle of Rebecca Creek Texas Whiskey in celebration of IT, whatever and whenever IT gets here. Personally, I’m anxious to see the flaming 100 pound hail stones. Or, to see what wonders “Project Blue Beam” via ISS have to offer. (Special thanks to the late Bill Cooper’s efforts to bring this to light)
    So, ISON…geminids, holographic alien invasion, King Kong attacking New York, or the Titanic rising up from the sea, I’m ready. I have but one fear. And He does not share glory with any other. So, take that New World Order. I’m not falling for your banana in my tailpipe.

  • stonecold68

    COOL-VERY COOL.Bring it ON! :grin:

  • Celt

    The Simple ORAL Word… For those that simply see and hear the Living Words Of Jesus Christ…

    Thank God It’s FRIDAY… Fathers Revealed Image Delivers All You… Hmmm

    13TH… Hmmm The Thirteenth Step… FACE TO face… Father Abbas Christian Existence… His Image… The MAN… Meet Abba Now…. And Thank Him Yourself…

  • stonecold68

    It`s the 16th now-Surprise Surprise!Forget Dates,Death will arrive for you in TIME don`t WORRY!!IT WILL NOT FORGET THEE!

  • AndreyE

    tinfoil, anyone? :lol:

  • Paul Gilbert

    the End of the world will not come or millions of year but what will come is WW3 at the End of September early October 2014 :shock: I have seen

  • MissingRonnieR

    No one on this site has ever, uncovered, discovered, predicted correctly, or exposed anything. This is internet comics. Fourteen year old nerds and guys who never left moms house.

  • Gunnyhiway

    Good, I hope they land on every Xtian “church” worldwide, and the Vatican TWICE!

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