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Why Does the US Government Target Innocent Citizens for Gang Stalking?

Friday, August 22, 2014 11:40
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Gang Stalking part 2:
Why Does the US Government Target Innocent Citizens for Gang Stalking?

In the first part of this series I introduced myself and told you I was a target of gang stalking and told you that most of this is taken from my new book “Sin Thesis.” Unlike much of the rest of my articles I can’t simply post a chapter as I’ve done for other topics. This subject of gang stalking is too interwoven throughout different chapters and intertwined. Like government conspiracy, population control, wave weapons, human experimentation, mind control, etc… they are all connected. This means much of this subject I’ll have to improvise using some of what is already written and rewording or changing the rest.

So why does the government stalk innocent citizens? In the “Intro” or first installment of this series, we covered some types of people they target. Protestors, labor organizers, politicians, UFO investigators or witnesses, writers, journalists, whistle blowers, etc… Many of these are flagged for mass data collection, but how does it go from there to stalking. We know that the NSA spies on everyone in the US and millions more around the world. I wrote about this for about 5 to 7 years now. There was a movie about this called “Enemy of the State” and a NOVA documentary called “The Spy Factory.” So, from there the government narrows their focus to several million. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still collecting massive amounts of data on everyone else, because they are. Now out of the millions the focus becomes narrowed even down to a trickle and further down at the bottom we have the Tis (Targeted Individuals). Not everyone targeted ends up being stalked so what causes the shift?

I’ve researched this quite a bit and through my own personal experience, to become a government gang stalking target, something has to make you stand out. With me I suppose it’s my writing from when I was young. In songs writing about EVIL governments but not just that, getting the music published and distributed and then having magazines start writing about it. That might be something that they can nip at the bud. In my case they destroyed almost every endeavor I tried to achieve. My business was destroyed by targeting my clients and customers and all of your stereotypical tactics which are too much for the scope of this article. Mind you, many people who are stalked aren’t government stalked. It doesn’t mean they aren’t gang stalked, it just means that it might not be the government. This series is going to focus on government gang stalking, because that is the most EVIL of all EVIL stalking schemes… The people who’ve sworn an oath to protect our rights are the evildoers. That’s the ultimate betrayal.

Ok, but a lot of people talk and write about the government, so why isn’t everyone stalked? I mean I don’t consider myself any more outspoken than many other people I’ve heard or read in the media. I see people posting stuff online that is much further accusatory and much more over speculative and inflammatory than even me.

So when I first started to research this issue about 7or 8 years ago, I never would have if I didn’t notice all the strange things going on around me. When I began to look up things I found that everything I was experiencing were classic gang stalking activities. What many people don’t know is that it’s not a secret activity. The operations on the chosen targets themselves of course are but the whole gang stalking issue isn’t. Everyone in government is aware of what’s going on from your local police to the president, to the Supreme Court justices, to the UN…

On my local TV station in New Haven, CT about a month ago July, 2014 there was a story broadcast which also made the New Haven newspapers. The story was that in one of the fairly well to do suburbs someone was leaving flyers in the mailboxes of homes accusing the town police of participating in organized gang stalking. No one knew who was doing it, but whoever it was, was warning town’s people of the activity. The police went on the news to deny that they were involved with gang stalking. They didn’t deny it exists, only that they weren’t participants. So what I did, is I went to the TV station’s comment site and I’ll post to you now what I posted there:

“The NCVC (National Center for Victims of Crimes) in NYC which keeps records on statistics reports receiving thousands of citizen complaints per month from around the country related to government gang stalking. It is real and everyone in government and police work are aware that it’s going on. Too much to discuss in this forum but the Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis filed a complaint with police about gang stalking 6 weeks before going on to kill 12 people. If thousands of people are filing complaints. Someone should probably look into it.”

To my surprise, I got the most up votes for this and another comment on the whole article which several hundred people commented on. It seems that the vast majority of people commenting were not only aware of gang stalking, but believed it was happening and believed that it’s EVIL. I had no idea that the New Haven suburbanites were so educated on this issue. My other comment simply said that if the government believes someone is guilty of a crime then charge and arrest them or leave them alone.

Now let me just tell you that the old cliché that the target is imagining it “plausible deniability” clause is just that, getting old. The only thing now is denying that it’s happening to that particular individual. So they can’t deny it’s going on but they can still attempt to discredit people on a case by case basis which of course is every case. So yes, it’s going on but no one has yet to prove that it is happening to them. But of course, people have proved it. Like take the well-known case of Judi Bari, who sued the US government and won a 4.4 million dollar judgment against the FBI for trying to frame her as a terrorist. Unfortunately in her case a bomb was planted in her car and she was injured when it went off under her seat. Hence the FBI charged that it was her own terrorist bomb that accidentally went off under her own seat. It was alleged in her case, that the FBI planted the bomb and when she didn’t die, tried to say it was hers. It took her attempted assassination for anything to happen. Her crime was trying to save endangered redwood trees, being a labor leader and organizer.

She knew she was being stalked but the goal is to neutralize the target as a threat. They will kill in some cases but the preferred method is what is referred to as the silent kill. Which really only means getting the target to commit suicide. So how does one get to this threshold to where they are willing to either make your life miserable, destroy you, have you commit suicide or kill you? This my friends is clear when you are an imminent threat to the security of the country but so many victims are nobodies. Meaning not any possible threat to the government at all. Then it’s just a huge imbalance of power. Much of it at the beginning was people being selected at random for experimental or training purposes. That’s the way it started with MK-Ultra and I suspect since so many are low level TIs that it may very well be that some of us are still being used for training. Even guinea pigs for new wave weapon technology or surveillance equipment, techniques and tactics.

What do you think? I would really like to hear some opinions from people as much of what I research is still a work in progress for me. Email me and give me some thoughts…. My next installment in about 3 weeks will most likely be “Tactics, Techniques and Equipment.”

Deeper detail can be found in the book but much of the gang stalking stuff I’ll post in this series.

This article was written using excerpts from the non-fiction book “Circle of Snakes – How to Stop Your Gang Stalking” available at AmazonKindleCreatespace: written by the author Robert Torres under the pen name Bobby Towers. FaceBook










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  • Anonymous

    The U.S. contracts for gang stalkers because the stupid sheeple voted in a criminal government…

  • Targeted Autism Mom

    Thanks for sharing this factual and to-the-point article on this State-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Program that targets its own citizens – even children – even disabled children – even Single WOMEN – even The Disabled – even PERCEIVED Whistleblowers – even ordinary law-abiding citizens whom may never even be able to decipher why their own government would strategically target them for a lifetime of Cointelpro/Stasi destruction; Financial Destruction; Career Destruction; Family Destruction; Professional & Community Blacklisting (reputation destruction with personal banks, mortgage companies, landlords, local libraries etc); and worst of all….The Destruction of Targeted Individuals’ AND Our Childrens’ HEALTHS that often result in direct or indirect assassination…. So to me, what your wonderfully factual article correctly points at is a STATE-SPONSORED DOMESTIC TERRORISM AND EUGENICS PROGRAM THAT COULD ULTIMATELY EVOLVE INTO A MORE-MASSIVE HOLOCAUST/GENOCIDE/DEPOPULATION.

    Me and my autistic son have been targeted at least 12 1/2 years and perhaps much longer but that is when we first REALLY noticed the phase 1 stages of this DoD/FBI/HHS Improperly-Classified Behavior-Modification Human-Torture Experimental Psyops via gangstalking, vandalism, vibrations in our home, radiation, poisonings, no help from local/state/national law enforcement, strange incidents at my job with long-time colleagues, strange and sudden distancing from neighbors, family and friends, unexplained freezing of my bank account for short periods of time that did not impact any other customer account (just mine), interceptions of all phones, email, internet and even wifi-controlled home security system, etc etc etc etc AND NOBODY HELPS.

    Through my research and MANY Denials of Intel Agency FOIA Requests and Appeals as well as further Appeals for Third-Party FOIA Process Mediation & Investigation via our so-called U.S Government Ombudsman of the Office of Governmental information Services (OGIS), I HAVE CONCLUDED – WITHOUT A DOUBT – THAT THE REASON TI’S WILL LIKELY NEVER RECEIVE ANY FORMAL INVESTIGATIONS IS B/C THESE ARE “IMPROPERLY-CLASSIFIED, TOP-SECRET NATIONAL DEFENSE AND NATIONAL SECURITY “HUMAN RESEARCH EXPERIMENTS” THAT FAR SURPASSES EVEN THE HISTORICALLY SATANIC MK-ULTRA EXPERIMENTS. This is why most TI’s receive FOIA denial letters from Intelligence Agencies and HHS that assert the denial is based on “Exemptions 1 and/or Exemptions 3.” TI’s should look up the definitions of “Exemption 1″ and “Exemption 3″ on the DOJ website and they will clearly see the TREASONOUS claimed basis for all the SILENCE that surrounds this unspeakable, treasonous, torture program committed against us – ALL IN THE NAME OF PROTECTING NATIONAL DEFENSE & NATIONAL SECURITY “STATE SECRETS” even a secret holocaust against thousands (if not millions) of unwitting citizens and our children – FOR LIFE. Just think about that. MOST TI’s are law-abiding decent citizens whom have never even had a criminal record of any kind YET THEY WERE SELECTED FOR THIS HUMAN TORTURE & EUGENICS PSYOPS. Why? indeed is the question. I agree with you that although many TI’s are randomly selected based merely on their being vulnerable guineapigs of opportunity (these may be people whom have lived quiet lives with minimal external social relationships and/or had minimal family support in the first place…not that that should make it ok to use them as guineapigs) BUT I AGREE in most cases, I believe a TI selected for a specific reason and/or purpose and that these unwitting victims are perceived as some type of serious “threat” to a government state secret….anything further w/b speculation but I also believe some are selected for pure “experimentation” purposes that relate to Neuroscience & Neurology….these people have DNA & Genetic makeups that appear to threaten someone of very high influence and that certainly includes the government eugenicists but also others in the nazi and/or science world.

    I have noted victim categories as: SingleWomen, The Disabled & Perceived Whistleblowers. There is also a small subgroup within the category of SingleWomen that encompasses (women whom first noticed their targeting soon after ending a relationship with a man who may have had either Military or Intelligence Clearances). What a shame that Gitmo Torture Prisoners get waaaaay more attention than Non-Gitmo American (and International) CIVILIAN Targeted Individuals. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP TRYING TO EXPOSE THESE TREASONOUS TRAITORS, NAZI TERRORISTS, PEDOPHILES, RAPISTS, EUGENICISTS & OTHER SATANISTS WITH GOVMT CLEARANCES INCLUDING THE MILLIONS OF GOVMT CONTRACTORS WHOM ARE NOW USED TO COVERUP AND SHIELD ALL INFORMATIONAL RECORDS ON THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. God Bless and Stay Strong.

    • Fringe Design Lab


      This is absolutely true. Most military wives and thus children are also targeted with human research experiments. Never join the military!!!

      They send you to a foreign military base to have the baby or when your children are very small. Then they do all kinds of experimentation on them. They may even be doing full blown designer babies for the government. If you really want to uncover the dirt…. then look carefully at the population of charleston, sc and especially north charleston. I believe the government is using the medical facilities around the area in charleston to process the experments i.e. blood tests, psychological tests, etc.

      Many of the military children in this area were born on foriegn soil and thus were easily experimented on from day one. Next look at the public school gifted programs. These are hotbeds for experimental children. They do all kinds of social and intelligence experiments on these gifted students in the gifted class. The gifted classes are usually once or twice a week for an hour.

      The next place I would look is Virginia Tech. I worked for a PHD professor from there that was a reservist in the air force and worked at the air force research laboratory. He told me they implanted chips in dolphins to make them blow themselves up with mines under enemy ships. What about the guy that shot up virginia tech… he was asian and his name was cho or something. He had a manifest where he was saying that he was part of a secret group that had been wronged and more of them will come forward. I think he was trying to say how he had been mind controlled or possibly a genetic experiment. Not far from there was the guy that shot up the airforce base… see a pattern yet.

  • Crimes Against Injured Workers

    CRIMES AGAINST INJURED WORKERS: Insurance corporations, their attorneys, and their private investigators implement many tactics including intruding into homes, tainting foods, vandalizing cars, maiming and battery of the injured workers body and many more tactics against injured workers in workers compensation claims. The division of workers comp Judges participate via corrupting the trials, settlement conferences, etc.
    Many in America, have learned heinous acts against others. It would seem as though the USA has adopted and condoned these terrible tactics for several different reasons.

  • Mary

    For the most part I believe it’s all about the money. The Homeland Security Dept. has created what they call an interoperational program that integrates communications between volunteer groups they solicit and government run agencies. From Neighborhood Watch programs to fire depts., emergency first responders, police, and FBI. It creates a spy community on the local, national and even international level.

    This is a statement from homeland security Citizen Corp volunteer program. They provide training to be “better prepared to respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds” Citizen Corp partners with many other community volunteer programs such as Neighborhood Watch to volunteer police programs and probably the FBI volunteer program. All of these programs are funded thru the government and many if not all are eligible for grants from the government. Below are links to these programs.

    I used to work for the government in a civilian capacity, one thing I came to understand about government funding is if you don’t use it during their fiscal year, you lose it the following years. I would guess the same applies to grants that create a community spy system. I’m also speculating here that TIs get put on a list that gets shared between all local, state and federal departments since most stories seem to involve tactics that only coordination between local and federal government departments could be capable of. Being tracked by air is an enormous expense and could only be sustained by government funds. Links provided here.

    Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program

    FBI Confirms Wide-Scale Use Of Surveillance Flights Over U.S. Cities

    So how does a TI get listed? Well these programs need justification for continued funding and lets be honest with the drop in crime rates and statistically finding a terrorist at a local level it opens up the doors to offer up the heads of many innocent people (many TIs) all in the name of money. It becomes easy access for any vindictive personalities involved in any of these interoperability programs and at a local level. I got caught up in between a Neighborhood Watch neighbor and the local police. What was my crime? The best I can figure is I witnessed my neighbors husbands leaving her. When she brought harassment of the local police dept on me I complained to the chief of police.

    So how do these programs get all these volunteers to devote their time in gang stalking and solicit more volunteers? Easy, you get tagged with hot button issues like pedophiles, drug dealers and rapists. There are other reasons as well but I believe this to be the major group of volunteers. Since your most likely not a terrorist, you get tagged usually and it seems most predominately as a pedophile. Which doesn’t even make sense statistically when applied against the general population stats. Offer people an opportunity to think they are doing something self righteous and I think most will jump at it. For the most part I believe most gang stalkers are duped with manipulation and misinformation.

    My feelings are to become a gang stalker you have to suspend belief. You have to believe that our law enforcement agencies are so incompetent that they cannot entrap a drug dealer, catch a rapist with todays technology and believe your community has the largest population of pedophiles to ever be recorded historically.
    I am your average citizen with no criminal record, yet I am being tracked with gps on my vehicle, my cell phone is tapped, gang stalked, of course internet tracking, and the new element of tracking by air when I am local and on foot. Also the more vocal I get, the more their tactics seem to escalate. It boggles the mind to comprehend the amount of unwanted and extraordinarily expensive attention these programs can generate against one individual until you realize they are making money on TIs.

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