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Alien Disclosure… by Pepsi? Watch Their Black Knight Video

Friday, November 20, 2015 4:05
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I was alerted yesterday to a new video, by PEPSI, about the Black Knight satellite.


It has been described the same way before, as a spacecraft in near-Earth orbit, estimated to be 13,000 years old. Would that make it something a previous human civilization like Atlantis put up before they were destroyed in the last POLE SHIFT? Would it be a craft left here to monitor us since someone else destroyed our last global civilization? We could speculate unsuccessfully for decades, as the Air Force has… or we could watch the following video made by PEPSI:

This is a subtle, creative, and brilliant way for PEPSI to get attention – not the usual boring advertising at all. But is it more than that? What if our government wanted to speed up the process of getting us used to the idea that aliens are watching us? If our government wanted to prepare us for ALIENS (which might prepare us to accept a united New World Order) they might just give money to corporations to jazz up the information and get people talking.

If so, why now? Personally, I think a lot of world-shaking changes are coming in the next year. I just finished The Two Witnesses of Revelation: Will Elijah and Moses Return in 2016? in which I explain why I think we may see Elijah and Moses this coming Passover (late April, 2016.) That tied up the few loose ends in my timeline of end times events as described in Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate, which explains why I expect the identity of the Antichrist to be revealed in Jerusalem on June 6, 2016.  And that book just focused on events at the mid-point of the final seven years’ timeline I already explained the evidence for in End Times and 2019

When my first two books came out, I knew I was still missing something if my timeline didn’t perfectly align with the 1260, 1290, and 1335 day periods in the book of Daniel.  I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle (I already had it before and hadn’t recognized the significance of it) and now I know my timeline already was perfectly aligned with Daniel’s numbers…

So what do all my end times Bible prophecy books have to do with alien disclosure? I can’t give you an exact date when I expect clear and official disclosure as I can for several other events… but I strongly suspect that alien contact will help lead us to submission under a One World Government soon under the Antichrist. And if you aren’t sure about my interpretation of end times Bible prophecy, that’s OK. I would like to be ready when it unfolds, but ready or not you won’t miss it when it starts unfolding (in 2016.)  For right now, at least watch PEPSI’s Black Knight video and ask yourself: is this more than just advertising?

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  • Mike

    God is the only one who watches over all of us, they eliminate God and give you something more believable to follow, Aliens? really?

    Wake up people, your government are the aliens, sent here to kill you all.

    • coolsaint

      You are the one who needs to wake up or more appropriately ” come to life ” . To think that a god could create the universe as vast as is , and only have sentient life or any life on earth alone is absolutely , profoundly narrow minded and ignorant . And to believe there is a god who watches over “us” is just as DUMB . It is this kind of thinking that has caused the human race to be perpetual slaves . Freedom will have to come from “us” and not a non-existing god

      • Danishsaxonblood

        Someone or something had to start it all at one point , nothing is created by something because there has to be something before nothing can be created. And that to me is the powers of are prime creator.

      • TheBaconator555

        I think instead we should all just respect each other whether their views are the same or different, whether we believe them to be right or wrong. We don’t move forward by putting anyone down.

        • scottyboy

          Those of us that believe in Yhwh,(our God) try to tell non-believers about Him because we love them as does He, and do not want them to experience eternal Death.
          He is our Creator, and one day soon the entire world WILL know the TRUTH when Yeshua does return to judge this sinful world, and take His children/followers home to live in a world beyond belief for all eternity!
          Until one has faith to reach out and believe, Yhwh will never reveal Himself to them. That is why those of us that KNOW He does exist can not get thru to those that do not. They will only believe when they have the faith to see for them selves, that they were once blind fools!
          See we do not speculate or rely on something our parents taught us, we have met Him personally and speak to Him personally anytime we choose. But those with the shut-shallow minds that chose to believe what scientist tell them, instead of what Yhwh’s word does, are blind to the truth, until they believe!
          Only then, will Yhwh lift the darkened veil from their eyes, so that they may also see the truth. All it takes is genuine curiousty (a mustard seed of faith) to see that we Christians are not crazy, but instead very wise!
          They do not realize that by denying His very existence, they are being deceived by Lucifer and belong to him instead! They serve him everytime they attack Yhwh or those that follow Him. (Christians)
          The only thing they have to do is believe! Then they will of course accept their free gift of eternal salvation!
          God has done the rest thru sending His only son, Yeshua (Christ). If not for that act of love, there would be no hope for anyone! We would all be cut off from His glory. Cut off from even being able to know Him! Because the only way to Him because of our sin, is thru Yeshua.
          Our only purpose in the beginning was for us to fellowship with our Creator! That is the only reason He ever created us! Now look at how we have shown Him our appreciation for breathing life into us!
          It is so sad that so many people think that this short 70 or so yrs here, if we are lucky, is all there is to life!
          Anyway, i could go on and on, but i have to stop now. Please consider what i have said, because we love you all!

          Although i am sure that i will receive hateful replies now, because the world in general hates me(A Christian) just as it hated our Savior sent by Yhwh, so much that they murdered him at the age of 33!

          Hope to see you on the other side!

          Yhwh, please forgive them for they know not what they do.
          Please draw them to you out from their deception, as the end is near. Amen

    • Before It Was All Pop Ups

      God was invented by the elite to reinforce the concept of governance as ‘beyond the power’ of the average person, thus subservience to power became the established model.

      • BungalowBud

        Your so far behind. The elite rejects God. Didn’t you know by now?

        • Paris

          You’re the one that is behind. You seem to be under the impression that the comment implies that the elite believe in the god they created. This is not the case. Gods were created to control the masses and make them obey the rules, for fear of punishment.
          The Christian god was created by a Roman emperor (who he himself did not believe in) for the purpose of ensuring the Roman people behaved as sheep and paid their taxes.
          A thousand years late a King decides that he doesn’t like the Roman emperor’s bible and decides to rewrite it. Since when are emperors and kings the divine messengers of a god?
          I in no way make the claim that there is no God, but the man made god in the bible is nothing more than mind control for the masses. Whatever god the elite worship, it isn’t the false god of the bible.

          • scottyboy

            The elite knowingly serve Lucifer!

            You and everyone else that denies our Creator in the bible, Yhwh(our God), un-knowingly serves Lucifer!

            But you can bet your life, you all serve Him!

            The only reason you say Yhwh(God) does not exist, is because you have never met Him personally.
            I have and speak to Him, and Him to me, daily!
            He even disciplines me when i disobey Him. He picks me up when i fall.
            So there is NO question that Yhwh and his son my Savior, Yeshua(Christ) exist.
            Therefor the bible, His words to us, are also as true as His existence!
            Don’t believe that lie from man! Remember, if the love of God is not in the man, he serves Satan, and will do anything to keep others from believing also!
            Until you reach out /step out in faith, you will remain blind to the Truth, and under the mind control of the god your unknowingly serve, Satan(Lucifer-the fallen angel-the god of this world)
            Please trust me, if you never trust anything else, the God of the Bible is our Creator, and He offers us all eternal life thru the blood sacrifice of His only son Yeshua! All you have to do, is accept your gift of salvation by believing, and not being deceived any longer!
            Until you do accept Him(if you ever do?), go ahead and research into how many of the 2000 yr old bibles prophesy has already came true! That along should be enough to arouse a mustard seed of faith within you if nothing else does! Yhwh will do the rest!
            This short life will end soon for all of us, what then? This is not all there is to our creation!
            Hope to catch you on the other side one day!
            Or will you instead chose to continue being deceived by Lucifer thru man and man’s world of science, and reply to this comment with hatred towards me, just as the world hated Jesus Christ,( Yeshua)?

  • eXChroma

    Nice video. While I know the Black Knight has supposedly been flying around in orbit forever, the chances that they would respond to something like that are slim. On top of that, the chances of any amount of countries actually coordinating like that is pretty much nothing sadly. The only ones with enough coordination are a specific few countries in China and a few European countries. International systems aside, people themselves aren’t capable of thinking, and doing something like that in most places. Never mind on a global scale. :(

  • Dewald

    Some more agenda pushing BULLCRAP
    We don’t need saving from any ET’s
    Too much hidden symbolism here

    • Luxx

      Alien’s wont be saving us, they will be ENSLAVING us.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Your own narrow-mindedness is enslaving you – that and your goddamn bible!

    • uknowthetruth

      well…it is either that….or a smart marketing choice….guess we will never know

      • Bill Lyle

        I wonder if Montaigne gets paid, for every mention of PEPSI. Product placement in the BIN was just a matter of time, really.

  • jknbt

    nobody knows the day nor hour….people who prophesy dates are always wrong. Ask Harold Camping about that.


    for a good list of failed predictions.

    • JimmyBitch

      Humanity is on the -2 last popes too. (Yes, that’s a – 2.)

      LOL Retards.

    • Vein Arde

      Nobody knows the DAY or HOUR for a reason. It is a different day and hour on different locations on the earth. But the signs shall point to when within a certain time frame. He gives us those signs of the end so that we will know it is very close. As far as I can tell, we ARE very close!
      The Black Knight satellite orbits in the opposite direction of all our satellites and crafts we put up and I would suspect it does so because back when it was put up our earth rotated in the opposite direction. Could it have been a pole shift that caused the sun to rise in the east? Who can say for sure? Just have to wait. Even then we may pass away without knowing the mystery unfolded!

      • Bill Lyle

        Hello, Sir.
        We, at Ethereal Customer Service would like to clear up any confusion as to the date and time of the always impending doom. The reason that no one knows the Day or Hour, is not because of some biblical assertion, nor does it have anything to do with time zones. It’s actually much simpler.
        When you contact one of our customer service agents, you will be told a different date. That’s because they are attempting to sell you one of our premium “Escape the Doom” vacation packages. Now, you may ask “What does that have to do with the actual date of the impending Doom?”.
        Well, nothing, technically.
        It’s really a matter of our office pool. They all have dates paid for, and they’re trying their best, to sell as many packages as possible, before their date comes up. Lyn Leahz is our top salesperson. She has the most invested, as her Doom date keeps changing. I think the winner gets a new coffee mug, or something.
        Our newest CSR, David Montagne is another one who seems to think that it all hinges on Obama, so make sure to book your “Escape the Doom” package early; as Obama won’t be around much longer.
        William L. Lyle
        Ethereal Customer Service.

  • DennisB

    Black Knight, 13,000 years in orbit? You all need to ask yourselves where and how they derived at this number! Sounds like they pulled this out of a B.S. vapor cloud. This commercial is part of a NWO mind control program.

    • DennisB

      Sorry for the bluntness of this statement ….The NWO mined control program is to make you think your dancing in field of beautiful wild flowers on a sunny warm, spring day when in reality they have a black hood over your head so can’t see, hear, or smell. With your hands cuffed behind your back and you are being lead to a ditch where they plan to shoot you in the back of your head. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  • CrowPie

    I have purses that are older than that…….

    • Sun Rabbit

      Might surprise people, but I actually collect brand-name handbags. I got hundreds of them, not just the better brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Hermes, but also ones I just like, such as Daniel Ray or Esprit. And NO, it’s NOT what you’d think! :lol: I actually paid quite a bit of money for every one of them on various auction sites.

      • CrowPie


  • Sun Rabbit

    What I don’t understand is where they get the 13,000 years from. What, someone actually went up there, grabbed a carbon-based tissue sample of this thing and had it radio-carbon dated?
    “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead” is a back-translation of the tagline “Pepsi: Choice of a New Generation” from Japanese. Don’t know how useful it is to know that, but at least it’s funny.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      I also wonder where they got that 13,000 years as well.

  • Eggzactly

    Supposedly Nikolai Tesla communicated with the black knight. Tale that for what its worth.

    • Sun Rabbit

      I heard about that too, but when you actually dig deep, you find it’s most likely not true. And if he did communicate with it, which language did he use? English, Serbian, Croatian? It’s exactly like the commonly heard claim that the Nazis used fluoride to dumb down the prisoners. While it IS true that fluoride damages certain parts of the brain, there’s no evidence the Nazis used it. The question I always ask (and nobody can answer) is: what was the dosage?

      • techsaavy

        Look at these those 2 should help on your journey :) I have found a lot of answers and have been awakened

        • Sun Rabbit

          Great links, and thanks for posting them here!

      • TuffENuff

        Outside the third dimension it’s not necessary to communicate with language, it’s done telepathically. It’s also possible to communicate with non-humans via the theta brain state. It’s apparent Tesla was multi-dimensional, that would explain his genius. I just read the transcript of an interview with him and he didn’t talk like a normal human, he spoke in a very “other worldly” fashion on topics that melded science with metaphysics and mysticism.

        • Sun Rabbit

          If that’s the case, I’d appreciate if you could post the link to what you read.
          Everybody know that Tesla was a genius, but multidimensional?

  • Syco

    Cool video!

  • Before It Was All Pop Ups

    That was ridiculous.

  • Medusafern

    Mike: Check out this photo that will give you an idea of how incomprehensibly tiny our Earth is compared to the rest of the Universe or Multiverses: I don’t mean to be rude, but I get so freakin’ sick of people deluding themselves into believing that planet Earth harbors the only intelligent life in the Universe, or for the even more delusionally-inclined, the only life at all in the Universe.

    Seriously? Really? Do you have any concept at all of Earth’s size in relation to our Sun? And that as large as Jupiter is in comparison to Earth, Jupiter is virtually invisible by the time our Sun is seen next to Sirius? And that Sirius is virtually invisible by the time it is seen next to Pollux? And on and on, so you must understand that Earth is an infinity times smaller than a Quark when compared to planets and stars in the rest of the known Universe. People who think Earth is the end-all and be-all of Eternity are just plain STUPID.

    Also, to the author of this article, DAVID MONTAIGNE: Have you seen this recent ‘secureteam10′ video depicting a UFO that looks eerily like the Black Knight? This video is the real thing. And the gelatinous orbs that detach and depart from the side of the thing? What if the Black Knight is capable of leaving its orbit at will? Or what if those that made the Black Knight are witnessed it this video with another one of their creations? I’ve seen a lot of questionable UFO videos in my time, but this is not one of them!

    • David Montaigne

      Thank you Hillaryh. Your link to another more serious video on the Black Knight was a good choice.

  • Alan

    Coolsaint, stop being an idiot,…

    One needs all that space an all that material, an all the material not yet present, to be, for an infinite amount of motion, spreading ones seeds, through out the cosmos (hell) ~ do you mind that.

    Iyh un we is the builder of your alien (hybrids) species, because iyh un we is calculating forward, silly. Se.

    Gods, one is paradoxical :cool:

  • Alan

    Early formations of life, in between the lines, of extremities, orbitals, like space jellies’ :razz:

  • Alan

    Oms at higher places, in life, in terms of collective abilities, yet child like, still in infancy, an after such a long enduring journey through extreme punishments’ to have reached this point of creation, they still perceiver their sorrows. Why! :sad:


    I don’t know when all this will come to pass, but I do know that our government is preparing us for something. I”m pretty sure we’re not far away from the revealing of the Antichrist, however, I’m looking for the war on Israel first. I believe when that war takes place and we see Israel victorious over their enemies, then tribulation times are right around the corner.

    “even so, come Lord Jesus come.”

    • techsaavy

      I use to think that way too, until I woke up… and only G-D can do this- there will be a gog-magog war, but then the messiah is returning… but not the way we have been taught!

      Jesus means hail zeus- take look at this vid… There is a messiah of G-D, and me and Israel is awaiting Moshiach, but again it’s not he way we have been taught Texasproud! There’s much more I could share, but you need to research— look up why Christianity mirrors Zoroastorism and pantheism… when was the trinity founded , who was king james and why did the first church kill jews …

      Here’s something I wrote-

      Why do the jews reject the New Testament? Is there more then meets the eye? When did the New Testament become Canon and by whom? Are there scrolls to back it all up?

      I was raised a Christian in the Christian church and have found my roots. Through hours of study, research and archaeological proof, and I have found some shocking things that tested my faith, and in the end of it all- God is sending a Messiah for the establishment of the Davidic kingdom, but not in the way it is thought and taught.

      When did dispensations begin? Where did this school of thought come from? I’m not going to be lengthly in this article, but rather share what I have found and leave it up to you dear reader to seek and find the light of truth!

      This is a summary- search what I am saying and find-

      Search- why does Christianity mirror Zorastorism?

      Jesus means hail Zeus- is He Yeshua then? Could be.. but how did it all start? There is no hisotrical record by Josephus or any other, we do find in the Jewish Talmud about Jesus of Petraiah and it goes much deeper. More then likely this was added in later to refute the views of Chirstianity- we need to go deeper to how it started
      Judaism has never accepted any of the claimed fulfillments of prophecy that Christianity attributes to Jesus. Judaism also forbids the worship of a person as a form of idolatry, since the central belief of Judaism is the absolute unity and singularity of God.[3][4] Jewish eschatology holds that the coming of the Messiah will be associated with a specific series of events that have not yet occurred, including the return of Jews to their homeland and the rebuilding of The Temple, a Messianic Age of peace[5] and understanding during which “the knowledge of God” fills the earth,[6] and since Jews believe that none of these events occurred during the lifetime of Jesus (nor have they occurred afterwards), he is not a candidate for messiah.

      Christianity is a copycat religion created by Emperor Constantine (for political purposes). (Incidentally, Constantine murdered his wife and his son, and later, the Church made him a Saint.)

      (For greater shocking revelations, see “Crimes of the Popes”, here) : )

      Saint Constantine’s copycat religion was based upon a myth (The Persian savior god Mithra, crucified 600 B.C. ? 400 B.C.?), which was based on other similar myths, all the way back to Chrishna of India (a mythical god that some claim was “crucified” around 1200 B.C.). There were 16 mythical crucifixions before Christ. The belief in the crucifixion of Gods was prevalent in various oriental or heathen countries long prior to the reported crucifixion of Christ. Of the 16 crucifixions, most were born of a virgin and about half of them on December 25th.

      The Old Testament speaks of a mesiah to come that will deliver Israel and establish God’s kingdom- was he to die? No- and the Torah states anyone who would die would not be the Messiah– but what about the suffering servant of Isaiah? This is Jacob- the remnant of Israel- God prohibits drinking blood and eating flesh- why would Jesus say “this is my blood, this is my flesh, eat and drink?”
      Was Jesus an Essene? Who were the Essenes- they were monks – this all started by the Catholic church!
      But the Bible is inerrant! is it? it is- but only the Torah, the new testament became cannon hundred of years later AD by Rome.

      But Jesus is the Son of God! For this look up the history of the Trinity- when did it start? It started with Rome and the Pantheistic views to make them happy- for we are all Sons and Daughters of God- there is no one SON- he is the messenger of God- the Rebbe, grand Rabbi of God Himself, but not Divinity- not to be prayed to, there is but one God- as stated in the Torah- Shema Israel adonai eloheinu Adonai Echad- hear oh Israel the Lord our God, the Lord is one!

      But the Antichrist will rebuild the temple- and be anti Jesus! What does the Old Testament Torah say? The Messiah will rebuild the temple, and restore Davidic reign!
      So ones begins to question the validity of the New Testament canon set by Rome- was this for a scheme, a purpose for the Catholic church?
      But then what does it say in the Torah for end times? There is no dispensation, this is a modern thought- for a moment halt the idea of pre-post, mid trib… there is a time of jacobs trouble, but there is no tribulation!

      HERETIC- you are a HERETIC! Am I? Or am I saying the truth, have an open mind and seek and search- Salvation comes to those who follow God and His ways, Judaism and the jewish people are saved- it never was about the blood, a cross, a Son…. that all came from Rome and Mithraism, the Father/Son/Mother pantheism of Rome
      Look it up!! This is challenge for you dear reader.
      I am not being anti-Christ, I am being Anti-Pagan, Anti-myth, and all truth!

      All of the new testament was written by people that were not even alive during the supposed time of Christ. Matthew, Mark and Luke have no scrolls.

      Ask Yourself these questions and wake up! Seek out the ONE true and living God, Hashem! Adonai! Return to the foundation and leave Rome!

      You say but what about Isaiah- “Unto us a son is born, unto us a son is given” — Isaiah delivers God’s message to Ahaz and tells him to ask for a sign to confirm that this is a true prophecy (verse 7:11). Ahaz refuses, saying he will not test God (7:12). Isaiah replies that Ahaz will have a sign whether he asks for it or not, and the sign will be the birth of a child, and the child’s mother will call it Immanuel, meaning “God-with-us” (7:13-14); by the time the infant “learns to reject the bad and choose the good” (i.e., is old enough to know right from wrong) he will be eating curds and honey, and Ephraim and Syria will be destroyed (7:15-16):

      This was not Jesus! This was for Ahaz!

      Search seek- wake up! We are all being raised into an illusion from the truth of Torah!

      There is more- much much more that has been revealed to me from what I use to know- start by reading the Torah, read the hebraic Torah , Read the history of King James- Read how Chritianity started killing Jews. Look up how one Gospel says Jesus preached the sermon in the plain- the other says it was the sermon on the mount- there are doublets and triplets in teh new testament.
      Seek out the truth! Read the real truth of the secrets of Hashem and the truth of the Torah through Kabbalah! But you may wait! Those are the books that were burned! Were they? Did that event even take place? Proof- what books were burned? There is no basis anywhere to know, and it would not have been the books of God if it did occur.

      But if we deny Christ we will burn in the lake of fire! What does the Old testament say? What is the ancient beleif? The Lake of Fire is not eternal- it is the refiners fire! Like gold tried in the fire, it is for a time at death if this life is not lived for Hashem according to Torah! there is a cycle to life- and reincarnation is hinted at all through the Bible- BECAUSE IT’S JEWISH! It’s the ancient truth that was watered down!
      Why do you think Rome says there’s purgatory? They took it from the Jews! The New Testament was edited time and time again to meet the beleifs of the Church.
      But Satan is in hell- Yes, He is carrying out God’s bidding for teh purpose of Hashem for the trials and tests- look back to Job!

      I pray this sparks curiosity and that the inner spark of the divine light of Hashem will spark in your heart to seek and study, and see the truth- Moshiach is coming! He will set up His reign when he does- prepare and heed the call to return to Hashem! We have all been living a lie!

      I was scared when I started researching! Now I have peace, I have found Hashem and His ways!

      Cry No More- Messiah is coming!

    • Medusafern

      Israel isn’t going to defeat its enemies. Israel IS the Enemy. Zionists are just Nazis who’ve learned from their weaknesses and thus are better at being evil than ever before.

      Besides, that prophet Israeli boy who recently had a near-death experience and visited ‘Jewish Heaven’ (the story has been all over BIN) and who was told many things while he was there, claims that the whole world will soon make war on Israel, that the (bloodmaniac) Israeli Defense Forces will last only two days, and then – that’s IT. That’s all she wrote for this poor “helpless” false (psychopathic, mass murdering, pathologically racist, greed-maddened, soulless, sadistic, vicious, Satanic) Israel. Those Jews Who Say They Are Jews But Are Not And Are The Synagogue of Satan.

      Zionists are at the root of everything evil in this world. Research it. Learn about the Israeli Jewish history professor, Dr. Illan Pappe, author of ‘Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’. Or Israeli author and peace activist Miko Peled Or Hajo Meyer, Auschwitz survivor: or Haredi Rabbi, Yisroel Dovid Weiss: Every one of these Jews knows the Godless horror that is Zionist Israel. Free yourself from the Fables.

      And if that isn’t enough to help yow wake up, then for God’s sake, be brave enough to face the fact that your Israel actually terrorizes, traumatizes, beats, arrests and jails Palestinian CHILDREN as young as 8 years old. Tell me, is THIS the behavior of a people who are “chosen by God”? Chosen by God to be the spawn of Satan, maybe!

      And if that isn’t enough for you, then research Operation Cast Lead and Operation Protective Edge. Google Images is a quick way to figure out the extent to which modern Israel is mentally illl. Because those two “Operations” were not wars. They were Israel’s wanton massacres of thousands of defenseless Palestinian people who have been caged (literally, it’s called the ‘Separation” Apartheid Wall) and hunted for 70 years on their own land by a bunch of Godless, egomaniacal, insane, self-chosenite, thieving, butcher thugs.

      So for the Love of God, stop worshipping the Seat of the Synagogue of Satan. Stop being jailed by Jewish fables. And if you’re big into Evangelical Christianity, see what Pastor Marrs has to say. Besides being right, he’s amazingly well-researched and well-written too.

      Oh and don’t forget Israel’s ‘Samson Option’. You think Iran is dangerous? Not so much. Read this:

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      I ergo deduce that ISIS is not a significant problem to you…

  • An Observer

    I’m interested in the REAL black knight satellite.

    I’m not interest in a made for the web short movie about it.

    How does this disclose anything, it is fiction, with no attempt at making it not look like fiction. The only thing accurate in this video is the fact that there’s something orbiting earth, that we call the black knight.

    Everything else was SyFy channel drivel.

  • Anonymous

    So Mike, you may be right. But it may also be true that the god that so many think they are worshiping, may just as likely to be one of those aliens. Most of the gods of these religions sure don’t inspire me to worship them. In fact, if you REALLY think about it, you gotta wonder why ANY female would choose (those that are allowed choice) to participate in these religions! Just sayin’.

  • Mr Lightbeam

    It has been around since the late sixties…………………………..


    • Mr Lightbeam



      • uknowthetruth

        its funny how everyone just assumes alien life can just jump from galaxy to galaxy….what if they cant…what if they are just as stuck on their planet as we are on ours….

  • Uriel#73

    These so called “aliens” are demonic. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t think so, then you will find out the hard way.
    If a child abductor said “hey look, I only took that 5 year old kid because I was trying to help”, would you buy it? Probably not and neither would I.

    • uknowthetruth

      so you can prove this or you are just pulling it out of your ass?

  • Arte Vespule

    No one has ever explained how they could possibly know the thing has been there for 13,000 years…

    • Sun Rabbit

      Exactly! Like I said in my post above, like what, someone went up there to take a carbon-based sample of this thing to have it radio-carbon dated? If the ancients knew about this thing, how could they see it without telescopes having been invented that far back. And, like I mentioned in my other post, anytime I hear about somebody communicating with this thing, they never say which language they communicated in. They say that on one occasion this communication was telepathic, but the question persists, what language? Because even your own thought are in SOME language, you don’t think just in terms of images like animals (probably) do. And IF this thing was communicating in English, then it has all the hallmarks of a 1950s sci-fi movie where all the aliens somehow speak English.
      See, I’m not really that sceptical about the existence of this thing, but I do ask devil’s advocate-type questions because if you can discredit the devil’s advocate position, then there’s more of a possibility that the “Black Knight is an alien satellite hypothesis” is true. However, nothing I’ve seen so far would indicate that that’s the case except for NASA footage, which (a) has been faked before (as in the moon missions, bubbles seen escaping from helmets, etc.) and (b) they pretty much had a monopoly on pictures from space which only recently have had *a little* competition from the Russians, the Chinese, the Europeans, and others.
      And also, when you get to the bottom of who NASA really is and who helped found it etc. you’ll understand why the names NASA and NAZI are so similar. And when you combine the 2 together you get ANNASAZI. And you can’t say THAT’S not interesting, eh?

  • Anonymous

    A load od Perpsi mind crap..

    You just couldnt make this crap up

    No i didnt view it and I wont be sharing it..

  • Not a Sheeple

    Did anyone else notice the lyrics to the song playing in the background?
    “Better than walking on water”
    This is a clear reference to Jesus being inferior to what they are talking about. This is just another subliminal message contained in this video.

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