Green and Growing
Green and Growing first began in 2010 after my husband (Anthony Burdge) and I literally tripped over some morels in the woods by our home. We have always been enchanted with plants and the bond our species has had with theirs: pure magic. Over the years, we\'ve learned about plant medicine and that journey brought us to other topics like survivalism, preparedness, and self-reliance. That experience, finding such an exotic thing as a morel growing in walking distance from our house was something magical. We wanted to share our journey with others, and so Green and Growing, the name of which was inspired by J.R.R Tolkien\'s Treebeard, who speaks to our awareness and conscious decisions to care for our natural environments and our health through natural medicines and herbal remedies. To be honest, my first thoughts were to create a company-- as so many others have done. But, what I really enjoy-- and this is the teacher in me-- is teaching others how to do for themselves. I can make you salves and herbal teas, and charge you mightily for them. But what will that teach you exactly? And so you\'ll find articles by us, on all things green, organic and sustainable. As readers know, our articles are well researched and extensive. We strive for giving you as many resources, outside of our own, to further take your own research into a topic-- especially those on wellness and herbalism. Our blog varies in topic and discusses our own urban homesteading and preparedness, survivalism, sacred environmental activism, Shamanism, Plant Medicines, book, film, and product reviews. Anthony and I are teachers, writers, environmental activists, herbalists, and publishers. We own and operate the Independent Press Myth Ink Books, of which Green and Growing is an Imprint. Later this year, we plan to release e-books and print editions of all of our articles, expanded with new material, and wholly new books in accordance with the Green and Growing theme. If you have a topic or theme you wish to see on Green and Growing, email us at [email protected]
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