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david james
David has been recording music for over thirty years. He has fifteen albums under his belt, with a goal to reach a whopping twenty five. He is a multifaceted musician who can operate in several musical styles and genres. David plays: Drums, percussion, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, violin bow guitar, lap steel guitar, dobro, bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, keyboards, flute, harmonica and penny whistle. He plays most professionally and some adequately, always seeking to add more. He is a seasoned music recording artist, producer, and audio engineer. David has produced a multitude of radio shows and radio jingles as well. David also does video production, audio restoration, video restoration, photo restoration, general audio mastering, website banner design, you tube banner design, website elements design and Photoshop graphical design work, as seen on this site. He also has Wordpress site design experience in building this site himself. David has his own radio show called \"Saxon\'s Creed Radio Show\" live Sundays 1:30-3:00 PM eastern time USA on David has a weekly news show called \"Efr News Midweek Edition\". This is real news that will keep you truly informed about what\'s not being reported in the fake, main stream media. David will post this weekly on the home page of this site. David has added two more radio shows, one called \"Classic Comparet\" and the other is \"Founding Fathers\". All his shows can be heard and downloaded on
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