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We truly live in a amazing world… & coffee thoughts… 8
International on Sunday Jun 25 2017 21:17
Svetochka back in Moscow… 10
International on Saturday Jun 24 2017 22:02
Sammy the Volga is being redone from the ground up almost literally… 11
International on Saturday Jun 24 2017 21:23
Here foxy foxy foxy; at the Tiny Russian Village… 29
International on Thursday Jun 22 2017 22:50
Woodpecker in your Tiny Russian Village home… 27
International on Wednesday Jun 21 2017 20:44
Woebegone: America is bombing sovereign countries continually… 45
International on Monday Jun 19 2017 22:44
Walking and singing in the Tiny Russian Village… 73
International on Saturday Jun 17 2017 20:25
Gas (Gaz) is becoming King and SCO has followed… 48
International on Saturday Jun 17 2017 19:57
Finally fenced the Bell Tower top… 77
International on Friday Jun 16 2017 21:34