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Prominent Rifle Manufacturer Killed In Mysterious Car Crash Days After Posting Psych Drug Link To School Shooters

Thursday, January 10, 2013 1:05
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(NaturalNews) What you are about to read is astonishing. I’m not even sure what’s the right conclusion to draw from it. But here’s what we know so far:

John Noveske is one of the most celebrated battle rifle manufacturers in America. His rifles, found at are widely recognized as some of the finest pieces of American-made hardware ever created. (I own one of his rifles, and it’s a masterpiece of a machine that just keeps on running.) Sadly, John Noveske was killed in a mysterious car crash just a few days ago, on January 4, 2013.

According to the Outdoor Wire, his car “traveled across the oncoming lane onto the dirt highway shoulder until it struck two large boulders. The vehicle rolled and Mr. Noveske was ejected.”

But barely a week before this incident, John Noveske posted a lengthy, detailed post on Facebook that listed all the school shootings tied to psychiatric drugs. At the end of the post, he asked, “What drugs was Adam Peter Lanza on?”

That was the last post he ever made. (Full text below.)

Mysterious death during gun control debate raises questions

John Noveske wasn’t the first prominent gun rights supporter to be killed in the last few days. Keith Ratliff, the creator of a super-popular YouTube channel featuring videos of exotic weapons, was also recently found dead.

The Daily Mail reports that Ratliff was “discovered on a rural road in Carnesville, Georgia. Ratliff had a single gunshot wound to the head and police are treating his death as a homicide.”

Someone murdered Ratliff, in other words, and it had to be someone with the ability to get close enough to Ratliff to take him out without warning.

Beyond these two shootings, the widely-discredited CNN journalist Piers Morgan, wanted for questioning in Britain’s Daily Mirror phone hacking scandal, invited guests onto his show who threatened Alex Jones’ children and laughed about the idea of Piers Morgan shooting Alex Jones with an AR-15.

That astonishing video interview is available at:…

Steve Quayle, creator of, says “the red list is on!” This refers to the so-called “red list” — a secret kill list of Americans authorized by Obama and designed to be invoked immediately before an attempted radical leftist takeover of the nation. In support of this theory, Obama himself actually signed into law the NDAA which authorizes secret assassinations of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil.

Instead of the red list being “conspiracy theory,” it appears to be a key component of Obama’s domestic policy.


There has been a lot of damning evidence showing that people taking SSRI medications can snap.I’m talking people who were never violent before, then ,on these medications they can become homicidal or suicidal sometimes both

That’s why they can’t have people getting in the way or interfering in their gun grab,then people turn up dead.

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  • AbbasKid

    Game On!

    • Live Free or Die

      It appears that the 2nd Civil War in Amerikkka has begun, except, the US GOVT TERRORISTS do not want you to know that the WAR has begun so that THEY CAN KILL AS MANY PRO-GUN ACTIVISTS and manufacturers as THEY possibly can. Why do I think that this is just the beginning? Remember what happened to this guy, too…

      I’ve got a bad feeling that very soon, it’ll be people on both sides of this political stance being killed if THEY keep on killing off those who support the 2nd Amendment… :cry:

      • Anonymous

        someone needs to examine Noveske’s vehicle, model, make etc. It was obviously tampered with or if a new model- has built in remote control by outside sources possible. this is military-grade tech and the investigation should look straight at the US GOVT as the primary suspect (probably via one of their usual proxies) in his murder.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I thought some psychopath was going to kill Ratliff. The paid psychopath could kill him because Ratliff was a normally unwary guy, so the psychopath could just sneak up on him any time. :mad:

  • Anonymous

    This is war and you are either with us or you are with the government terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    Lock n load!

  • londoner

    Is Noveske a classic Boston Brakes scenario?

  • TruthandFreedom

    He can’t do it! In his own obamacare it states there cannot be any actions taken to ammend the 2nd ammendment of the constitution, nor make any changes that infringe on the rights of the civilians!

    • cmblake6

      And you think that ANY law means a frakking thing to them? :lol:

    • Cap-Z-ro

      Just another one of them darned convenient coincidences.

    • Anonymous


      Why don’t you spell it right out rather than saying Foreign Power,its not so foreign as the Puppetmasters live right in the U.S.A. with a Branch in Israhell.

      • MJ

        ISRAEL is not the terrorist, AmeriKa is.
        Israel will come under worse fire, it is surrounded by enemies.
        Koo koo koo koo.

      • Anonymous

        I think iran is behind it all. It will always be the less obvious choice. :razz:

  • txairman

    Pierce Morgan is a Douche BAG. He can’t go home to Britain because they will lock his butt up. He is not even wanted in his own country that should say everything there is to say about him. Every American needs to buy 2 or more guns and bullets for them now before they can’t. That way we all stand together when TSHF!!! GOD SAVE AMERICA

  • Bluarcher

    The bigger picture is the ban on you and me and every American who abides and keep to the 2nd amendment. Our founding fathers cared and thought about the people first which is why they first gave us the right to yell back (1stamendment) at them if they were not doing the job and second to shoot back and take back if they didn’t listen to the will and wants of the people and a failsafe and guarantee that what they didn’t want for government two hundred plus years ago today.

  • Room With a View

    I have a friend who was very depressed, at times suicidal. She was placed on a medication which stated in the side effects that it could induce suicidal feelings. She became a different person for a while, more preoccupied with suicide and stronger urges than before, withdrawn, fragile. Fortunately, she had the sense to stop taking them and to seek an alternative, but the point remains that this medication they are administering DOES change people, and DOES make them more suicidal. I have no doubt that ultimately this poor boy will not be held accountable by God, even though the laws of this land have him drawn and quartered. Big Pharma, BIG PROBLEMS. As far as this story is concerned, America is already like Nazi Germany, it is just sitting in the wings, waiting for its revealing. Pretty soon, it will just be done openly, the culling and systematic slaughter of your once great people. Get out while you can. There is still time, after the inauguration, the noose will be tightened. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, He alone promised to save us. Open the door of your heart, only Jesus saves.

  • texaswc

    Haven’t seen his posting, but WND has a similar article

  • Majestic Twelve

    I think that Adam Lanza was mind controlled and not on psychiatric drugs.
    Or maybe they are both related however, im certain about the mind control.
    Ever since the U.S. introduced nazi scientists into its ranks it became a nazi controlled country.
    The CIA is a nazi body and its creating havoc worldwide.
    The CIA also works in cooperation with the grey zeta reticuli aliens that we must eradicate as well as the high reptilian echelons.
    We must dismantle the CIA and we must do it asap.
    We also must destroy the global control mechanism put in place by the elites.
    Did you know that = rothchild = red child ? hellboy connection ? hm…
    I pray for this man’s soul and for his family. May all CIA agents and their families parish from the face of the earth.

  • Majestic Twelve

    Oh i completely forgot. If CIA agents wish to sniff my ass, this is my facebook address:

  • HDThoreau

    Lots of Gun Manufacturers are getting Breitbarted. Not good.

    • Socialism_in_America

      Yeah, what are we up to? One, now?

  • Anonymous

    Lots of luck !!!!! If entire Body’s disappear,so can Cars.
    That also happens to those that have found free Energy,dozen’s of those Inventors are dead or gone missing and so did their Inventions that were meant to benefit Mankind.
    It is Time God puts an end to it. There is nothing to look forward to,spare me the details.
    Have no dependents, but I truly feel sorry for those that must endure the commandments of the Talmud and its repercussions.

  • Sonny Jim

    Noveske lived in Grants Pass, Oregon, I believe.
    That part of Oregon tried to secede at one point, they declared it Jefferson State,
    And people set up Roadblocks on I-5.
    Then Pearl Harbor happened, I think.
    thats from memory, so.

  • 63 Marine

    The revolution HAS begun and Washington DC which is the toilet of America is gonna get flushed and all the turds with it.

    • Anonymous

      You might be right and we might be in Luck.
      Looking at the proposed trajectory and its relative position of the Earth at the time 2012DA4 comes closest to Earth the point of Impact if there was one to be would be in the Atlantic.
      Mind you things can change and without a doubt will change,since they still can’t or wont say that earth Gravity can or will effect that 150′ rock.
      Should it splash down into the Atlantic you have your wish,but we all will perish as there are 200 Nuclear reactors both in the USA and Europe that would be flooded and destroyed.
      Nobody can survive that!!!!!!!!!!!. So lets hope it does not happen,as I want to stick around another few years. Mind you a 5 foot Rock in the Atlantic would do the Job.

  • cmblake6

    This stinks so badly I’m choking. I borrowed this link, and posted some questions at my site as well.

  • Monticello

    They are overplaying their hand and are on dangerous territory.

  • LightandLife

    There is such a thing as coincidence… not everything that happens is caused by the US Government

  • rfk55tn

    The game might be on, but not over this. Too many questions here. Carnesville, GA SD is reporting Mr. Ratliff was found in his office. (See, New York Times, 10Jan13, Reporter: Robbie Brown). Quite a bit different from being found on a “rural road.”

    Mr. Noveske’s death, however, reminds me of Sheriff Buford Pusser’s death. Brake lines examined, yet?

    Stay focused. When the government moves, it won’t be clandestinely and it won’t be quietly. It will be quick and it will be hard. Are you ready?

  • 7evenSins

    take the guns! kill 2nd ammendment and enslave us some more!

  • malvina

    How crazy you people are! ‘Click-happy’ sensationalists- out to destroy everything that’s good in your country….
    It’s you people that have influenced and led USA into so many wars to domminate the world –
    and is now causing your downfall.
    Noone can get God on their side that encourages the shooting murder and torture of so many
    Do you really believe that God blesses people that store and use these guns?
    That’s not the God that I know…

    • Joseph-C-Moore

      Who is this “Noone” character or did you mean to say “no one” (which is two words that cannot be joined)?

      • Anonymous

        get a life idiot – nobody cares about your super ability to spot typos

  • Anonymous

    God did not create us to be MORONS either!
    If you believe in the Bible,then you know (Old Testament) the Quotation :an Eye for an Eye! The government is ruled by Satan and I am not giving him my soul.
    The word is mightier than the Sword does not work any more.
    Don’t look at your armed Neighbor to save you when you times is up!

  • Anonymous

    If he was truly whacked by the big guys,half the people on this site would be gone.


    SSRI medications are UNSAFE they should only be used on patients that are under constant supervision by trained personnel.

  • Anonymous

    You are either with us or you are with the government terrorists. They are killing our children, to justify taking our guns. This video explains what we all must do. We must not stoop to the evil that the government is perpetrating on us all. Remember who you are; remember what your Republic is.

  • Dayton Flyers

    The silencing of opponents to tyranny will continue for these brave Americans

  • Joseph-C-Moore

    Mysterious? Debatable.

  • Anonymous

    There have been over 100 deaths in the U.K of research scientists, computer programmers and agents working with intelligence which are very suspicious all attributed to either accidents or suicides or blatant murders, these are very similar to Noveske and Ratliffes murders, when you are an exponent of dissent against the Government or you are about to move from a DOD post to a civilian post be very wary, as secrets do not travel well and upsetting the Government and becoming a popular figure for those who are seeing the real truth of what Obama and his cronies are up to can land you in hot water.
    There is an agenda which Obama is sticking to, he and others around him are afraid of a civil war, I work with groups in the U.S and more and more Soldiers and Ex Soldiers especially Special Forces are now actively plotting against the Government to take over, Fort Bragg recently had weapons and ammunition stolen ready for the coming retribution and the U.S has a formidable army of citizens ready to take up arms against the corrupt Government and President, he will crush any rebellion and will be worse than any dictator the U.S has taken out of commission, Ghaddafi, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam and Pol Pot are amateurs as they did not have the support structure of evil around them that Obama has he will be the most hated man in U.S history if he goes through with what is being planned at the moment, I am just glad I am not in the U.S you rights will be null and void if you do not go along with Obama’s programme, that is why you have a brutal police force, that is why you now have 18 intelligence agencies keeping you all under surveillance and thats why Obama will be the biggest murderer of his own people? of all time.

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