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NASA Warning: Pole Shift Nibiru Planet X – Global Earthquake Update – New Deep Earthquakes Mean New Global Unrest Coming- Will You Be Prepared? +Videos

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By Amber William  /  My Daily Informer


NASA have announced that the Earth may be about to experience a pole shift, leaving it unable to defend itself against solar radiation for up to 200 years, which would have devastating consequences for humans.

Will the Sun turn Black in 2017? Are we seeing changes with the sun’s behavior? There very well may be a good reason for this. Nemesis the brown dwarf star, Originally postulated in 1984 to be orbiting the Sun at a distance of about 95,000 AU (1.5 light-years), somewhat beyond the Oort cloud, to explain a perceived cycle of mass extinctions in the geological record, which seem to occur more often at intervals of 26 million years. 

Two teams of astronomers, Daniel P. Whitmire and Albert A. Jackson IV, and Marc Davis, Piet Hut, and Richard A. Muller, independently published similar hypotheses to explain Raup and Sepkoski’s extinction periodicity in the same issue of the journal Nature. This hypothesis proposes that the Sun may have an undetected companion star in a highly elliptical orbit that periodically disturbs comets in the Oort cloud, causing a large increase of the number of comets visiting the inner Solar System with a consequential increase of impact events on Earth. This became known as the “Nemesis” or “Death Star” hypothesis.

If it does exist, the exact nature of Nemesis is uncertain. Muller suggests that the most likely object is a red dwarf with an apparent magnitude between 7 and 12 while Daniel P. Whitmire and Albert A. Jackson argue for a brown dwarf. If a red dwarf, it would exist in star catalogs, but it would only be confirmed by measuring its parallax; due to orbiting the Sun it would have a low proper motion and would escape detection by older proper motion surveys that have found stars like the 9th-magnitude Barnard’s star. (The proper motion of Barnard’s star was detected in 1916.) Muller expects Nemesis to be discovered by the time parallax surveys reach the 10th magnitude.

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Muller, referring to the date of a recent extinction at 11 million years before the present day, posits that Nemesis has a semi-major axis of about 1.5 light-years (95,000 AU) and suggests it is located (supported by Yarris, 1987) near Hydra, based on a hypothetical orbit derived from original apogees of a number of atypical long-period comets that describe an orbital arc meeting the specifications of Muller’s hypothesis. Richard Muller’s most recent paper relevant to the Nemesis theory was published in 2002. In 2002, Muller speculated that Nemesis was perturbed 400 million years ago by a passing star from a circular orbit into an orbit with an eccentricity of 0.7.

Using newer and more powerful infrared telescope technology, able to detect brown dwarfs as cool as 150 kelvins out to a distance of 10 light-years from the Sun, results from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE survey) have not detected Nemesis yet, but they are still looking. 

If you are NEW to the PLANET X NIBIRU NEMESIS theory We strongly suggest you watch this video and educate yourself today. With everyone so confused about Planet X, Nibiru, Planet 7X and Nemesis. This is great scientific look at just why people are discussing any of this today. Many theories have been added and taken away. But the fact that a binary star to our sun very well may exist, and should exist. This should give us all a reason to wonder if we will see its return or feel its effects in our lifetime.


The plan is to understand the dangers of the coming pole-shift and prepare against them. The run-down to the Pole-shift is also tricky and dangerous in the latter stages. We have to live a double-life meanwhile: maintain our personal, social and business network all the while preparing and keeping an eye on Planet X-caused Earth change events.

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From this issue: “The complete picture of Earth’s geographic Pole-Shift, with it’s history of the prior passages of Planet X, the path of Planet X through our solar system identified, the known effects it will have on Earth and even with the lives of billions of people in the balance, would not be complete without the spiritual aspects included.
Now obviously, anyone commenting on “spiritual aspects” in this world is subject to the same fog of human knowledge as the next person, yet there are things that can be said with some confidence that are not readily apparent. That said, the following piece includes seven massive concepts that I am bringing together in the most difficult piece I’ve ever written. These are: Earth’s spiritual hierarchy, the state of incarnated-Soul on Earth, the transition of Earth to the next dimension, the Pole-Shift itself, the natural electromagnetic resonance frequency of Earth, the concept of Earth as a spiritual persona (Gaia) and the slow-down of the Planet X-effected earth-changes on Earth. I will explain and/or touch on each concept with the intention to reveal how there is a common thread that interconnects them all to the main subject.”


PLANET X EFFECTS: NASA, NASA STAFF, Dr Michio KAKU, Neil, Zachariah Sitchin and the likes take on SOLAR ERUPTION/QUAKE UPDATES! 2017!!
According to astrologers like Zachariah Sitchin, around 5000 b.c the annunaki, from planet x, nibiru, came to earth in search of some kinda gold they believed to be the key to all knowledge. The annunaki believed by scientists to be superior beings genetically engineered humans in order to use humans for experiments. Subsequently, they left. The UFO sightings means this heavenly bodies from the planet x nibiru will return in no time to end human race.
Could a major SHOCK WAVE of ENERGY be heading right for PLANET EARTH? Insiders of Military sources say “NASA watches the sky with satellites setup for this Global event to unveil itself in October of 2017 as they call it “The Second Wave”, and then again, subsequently in 2017 with the power punch of energy we as human beings have never seen before.” Which they all believe could affect up to 1/3 (one third)of humanity.

People are born with the innate desire to survive, but sadly, many in our increasingly dependent society look to others for relief and assistance following a disaster. The fact is that help from government, family, or neighbors is often unavailable when needed most, and in the end you may have only yourself to count on. Do you know what to do and how to do it if disaster strikes? 

In 2004 NASA recorded the biggest and strongest Pulsar wave to come in contact with our atmosphere in the record of human history. Scientists had detected flashes of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounce off the Moon and light up the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The flashes were brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and it lasted over a tenth to twelfth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio and radioactive devices and telescopes detected the flashes and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. The scientists said the lights and flashes came from a “giant flare” on the surface of an exotic neutron star, called a magnetar.Brighter than galaxy of stars and a full moon was the appaurent magnitude. The light was brightest in the gamma-ray energy range, far more energetic than visible light or X-rays and invisible to our eyes.

Such a close and powerful eruption raises the question of whether an even larger influx of gamma rays, disturbing the atmosphere, was responsible for one of the mass extinctions known to have occurred on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. Also, if giant flares can be this powerful, then some gamma-ray bursts (thought to be very distant black-hole-forming star explosions) could actually be from neutron star eruptions in nearby galaxies.

Could NASA be expecting a “SECOND WAVE” to hit earth as soon as this October 2017? And if so what do they think December is gonna do to us? If you notice the report given by NASA on their page about the event, it was after it had already happened, NOT before. With that said, would they tell us this time if they believe it could be worse? With so much speculation to the End Times and what we should expect to see in the coming days of the End Times, its rather hard to believe anything anyone says anymore. Mike from around the World makes some very good points of reference to our recent concerns of Climate Change and what the real reason for Climate Chaos really may be.

The video claims that the magnetic pull is tugging on the poles of Earth, causing it to wobble.

This explains why Earth has undergone climate change in recent years as the Earth is moving slightly off its axis.

The North pole is being dragged slightly southwards, meaning that the polar ice caps are facing more towards the sun, causing them to melt.

“The Planet X effect is setting the Earth up for a coming pole shift.”

Although no one knows what might happen when Planet X reaches its closes point to Earth in its orbit, it is feared that it could spark another ice age or catastrophic earthquakes.


Planet X is a massive magnet. The Zetas of explain that the south pole of Planet X is a magnetron intake. In this depiction of Planet X (top image) the real extent of the magnetic lines of force are not shown, they would fill the space between Earth the Sun with their influence. Earth is not shown, but is off-image to the left. In the case of the disappearing solar cycle maximum numbers 23 and 24, the magnetrons otherwise causing sunspots are being drawn into the south pole of Planet X. The image of the Sun shown here was taken by John Chumack from his backyard in Dayton, Ohio on July 7, 2013. Credit: John Chumack | – Artwork by Chris Thomas.

When I started research on the Sun’s magnetic poles to do this article, I found nothing but disinformation. I should  not have been surprized, however. I also found traces of removed  information, which is typical when someone is hiding something. One of the mainstays of the Planet X cover-up maintained by the élite hierarchy is a one hundred percent contrived threat from the Sun, but results from the Ulysses space probe (launched October 6, 1990 to study the Suns magnetic field) challenged this state-approved lie. Quoted from “In 1995, Ulysses saw strong and simple magnetic fields at both poles of the Sun.” (taken from  the JPL website – Jet Propulsion Lab – September 9, 2001). Nancy Lieder of ZetaTalk was one of those few who had noted the results published by JPL at that time, which supported what her Zetas had said all along: that our Sun has defined magnetic poles dominating the solar system. Now, we are certainly aware of the Planet X cover-up, but what has a cover-up of the facts about the Sun’s magnetic poles got to do with Planet X? Plenty, as you will see. First though, I want to focus a little on the timeline-effect of the Planet X cover-up dynamics.

I know many people roll their eyes when they hear of government cover-ups or conspiracy theories, but there is a subtle but far-reaching effect that is needing exposure here that may not be taken into account. The internet is rife with disinformation that has become legitimized. Legitimate in the eyes of the gullible, the uninformed or the casual researcher, in part, as some scientific material is published from a secondary or tertiary standpoint. In other words, scientific research assuming  the truth of a theory, is therefore innocently forwarded by way of reference. But its science, how is that possible? Here is a quote from David Icke: “Like so much in what we call science, that people take it as fact, it’s actually a theory which repeated it becomes fact.” (transcribed from “The moon is not real“). If you believe something is true without independent observation and research, your mind will seek it out. It is also called projection, everybody is susceptible. Scientists are people too, besides, why would they doubt their peers that work for the U.N., the I.P.C.C., the W.M.O.?  Lets also consider, that if a scientist opposes government or corporate-sponsored opinions, you can be sure that their professional life will become uncomfortable and for those who support him or her as well. This is common in the world: a threat from your peers if you oppose their established theories and beliefs, which in turn becomes a subconscious force to be reckoned with when those who you work for make veiled threats to cut-off your money supply. Here are some facts about another cherished theory: the U.S. government spends $10.6 million a day and $4 Billion annually on Climate Change research, and for some reason, some scientists do not not question that and those that do are red-flagged. So, all that money spent pursuing a disputed and unproven theory? We know that many scientists believe these officially established opinions, as when reading published material, not one word is offered-up that throws doubt on a theory supported by high level international organizations.  By-the-way, I am not speaking here of deliberately seeded lies, just disinformation innocently carried forward by others.


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    • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

      NASA Warning: Website :?:
      How do scientists and engineers work together to lies :idea:
      END OF WORLD WARNING: Watch biggest explosion EVER on Moon as NASA warns we could be next.
      Do you know what to do and how to do it if WW3 Start :?: :razz:

      • 2QIK4U


        • Equalizer

          NASA warning should be “HAARP weapon engaging and super heating fault lines and active volcanoes” as to appear global warming and excessive carbon has anything to do whatsoever… You been dooped you foolish Sheeple, you’re not living in Kansas anymore ladies. Technology has gone so far beyond fossil fuels and the joke that you believe is reality. Do you really believe rockets propel astronauts into space? Al Gore is playing you libtards for idiots. Wake the F’up! Learn some basic physics.

          • 2QIK4U

            Al gore was on the last leg TV show a couple nights ago and he looked so guilty while speaking and couldn’t get a straight sentence out. He can’t hide his guilt

          • The Troubles

            I agree. NASA the acronym stands for “Not A Space Agency”. They are a front to distract the Taxpayer from seeing that the trillions of dollars going into BLACK BUDGET PROJECTS ARE BEING DISGUISED as NASA projects. You know the type. They are the type of person that will pee on your leg and convince you that is raining, not piss. :eek:

            –FTNWO- and the stinking horse that these assholes rode in on.– :mad:

    • Everette

      There is Proof that the earth is experiencing great changes . And No it is not caused by man ! Things like 40 volcanoes going off at once . Tidal waves pounding towns and cities near the shore line . But I must say this , man try’s so hard to push GOD from the equation causing them to strain at hints or could be’s in order to please their desires . Let’s start with the Sumerians ! They were from Iraq . But yet they mention the great flood of Noah . Here is where man pushes GOD from the equation . If the great flood is true then we must still also use the Bible in the equation . The Bible states that after the flood the sons of Ham moved into the Iraq region . They began to build a tower that they hoped could reach Heaven , GODs city ! Of course these people must have known that building a tower that high was foolish , the moon would get in the way . So this tells me they were getting into the spiritual realm . The Bible in Revelation states that Babylon was the start of ever evil and faul spirit and hatful bird being released on earth . It also brings out that these people were worshipping demons and evil spirits , they were even sacrificing their children to these beings . The sons of Ham were told by Ham the details of Noah and the flood and creation . But was it correct . The reason I ask is because Ham was accused of raping Noah’s ass when Noah had taken grapes and made juice that turned into wine and became drunk , passing out . Because Noah awoke knowing he had been violated , he found out that Ham had done the deed . So Noah cursed Hams son Canaan for the sodomy act upon himself . Here in Hams son becomes black . So can we fully trust Hams account of creation ? Hell NO ! Before the flood Enoch 7th from Adam began to write . GOD took him to Heaven and showed him the secrets of the stars , moon , planets and sun . Enoch gave us the charts and signs of Astrology . Today witches use Enochian magic from the writing of Enoch . Funny thing it matches some of the writing of the books of Enoch . Now all this happened before the flood and Sumerians . Enoch instructed Noah to take the bodies of Adam and Eve and his 365 books GOD had helped him write and give them to Noah to place onto the ark . Before Adam there were the type O blood types which science states is 150,000 years old . Genesis chapter 1 in the original Hebrew writing states that the Feminium Spirit of GOD said let us make man in our image and after our likeness . So GOD did . Genesis chapter 2 in the Hebrew states that GOD the male Spirit made a garden in Eden . But please note that this happens after the rest that takes place in chapter 1 . So what happens then is a totally different episode than Chpter 1 . Chapter 2 can not be made to match chapter 1 . GOD looks to see if any could tend to HIS mpnewly made garden , but found none . Therefore GOD formed Adam and Eve . Science says type A blood type came upon earth about (about – scientific guess to a close time event ) 5800 years ago . The Bible time line as well as the Hebrew time line of their race starts with Adam being formed by GOD as of September 2017 , 5778 years ago . So science is getting pretty close to the event of type A’s beginning . Now the Bible also make clear if you will allow for it too that there were already people on earth . Proof look at who Adams son married when Adam was 235 and Seth was 105 . The Bible states that after Seth , Adam did not have any more children until he was 800 years of age . Seth did not wait until after he was 800 to marry his sisters of Adam . Who did he marry ? A type O white blood type from the tribes of the earth as other writings state . The Vatican has tried hard to change times and laws and seasons and hide the truth . These are from the brother of Jacob who is Esau , the one GOD states HE hates in Malachi chapter 1:1-4 . Now Cain also married before Seth , who did he marry ? A type O blood type that had been on earth about 150,000 years before . When Cain killed his brother Able , he meet with the Lord . Cain begged the Lord saying that the people of the earth will seek to kill him for his deed . The Lord changed him so all could see who he was , then HE warned everyone on earth that if they killed Cain they would suffer 7 times worse . When GOD changed him , Cains looks we’re changed , and Cain’s blood type was changed to B so all knew who he was ( Asian looking . Remember Cain was brother to Seth . Today the top Asian families names are Cain . Proof of this is A and B blood types will mix but it will not mix with type O . The father I’ll determine the blood type . A and B will make AB . A and O will make A if the father is A , but an O child if the father is an O . The same works with B . Anyone mixing with O , the father will determine the blood type . Now type B comes on earth according to science about 5600 years ago . This matches close the time when Cain had killed Able and was leaving Eden and going eastwards where he found his wife . Now back to Noah . Noah , science recently stated that Noah was White with blue eyes and blue eyed people get their eyes from Noah . Following the Bible Linage tells us that Noah was indeed White , type A blood type from Adams linage . Now Ham according to the history of his assent after leaving the Ark tells us his blood type was O . Jappeth the other son of Noah was B , as he headed towards Asia where type B are dominate . Seth was the only real child of Noah . Either Mrs Noah was horny while Noah was building the boat or either she was raped by the evil generation about to be destroyed . Or Mrs Noah already had children when Noah married her . But all the blood types get on the boat . Only type AB did not make the boat . But type A and Type B children got together later and made an AB blood type . Here in all the blood types are now on planet earth . I have read that Zecharian Stchin blood type was negative . Science says that negative blood types are alien or closer to reptilian than the monkey science tries to link us too . The reptilians Jesus said were the seed of the devil . Enoch in his writtens tells of fallen angels mixing with humans before the flood . The greatest reason GOD destroy the earth with the flood was to destroy the altered DNA the fallen angels had created . Then the Bible states that after the flood the fallen angels began their work again . This is why GOD instructed Israel to kill certain cities of all the people , animals and let nothing that was living , live . The Bible in Genesis states that the fallen ones had even began to mix with animals , birds and fish , thus creating the half human have animal , fish or bird the Egyptians and Sumerians were worshipping . So can we truthfully believe the writing of the descendants of Ham ? Want the real truth find the books of Enoch on line or in the stores or library . They tell what happened and why and what will befall mankind in the end times !

      • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

        And No it is not caused by man :lol: full of trash talk :razz: Do not look at the sky.
        We Have Entered the NWO (Satan) Twilight Zone on September – 11 – 2001.
        Chemtrails & Muslim Wars: Climate Change The Secret War on Mankind.

      • b4

        don’t you just love fairy tales..great entertainment for small brains…santa claus and easter bunny are pretty cool..cycles come and go..people live and die..hundred years from now over 10 billion dead people–a lot of rottin flesh and 15 billion to replace them–if that not an apocalypse i dont know what is–freakin bible thumpers are so afraid of death and burning in hell–they already are in hell because of all that bullshit in their tiny immature brains–they are like little children in the dark..BOO! .. `god does not read the bible–never has–never will–did not write it either–some insane primitive homeless dudes in a cave wrote it–the word of men..not god–humans do not know god–humans are too petty,immature,hateful judgemental bastards to know god–maybe 500 to 2000 years humans will the pictures in this article..very childish to invoke certain emotions among like minded children…grow up..we all die some day and yes ww3 maybe tomorrow ..oh well..time to start over just like it has happened many times before–but fear not you evil judgeMental bible thumpers,christians,salvation for ALL,not just you…or hell be already be full with your kind cause of your nasty judgemental ways….

      • Boo

        Just curious Everrett. How is it two A parents can make an O child, also a combination that is documented? Does the fact that the O blood type is the universal blood type?

      • DK

        The reason your comments are never read is the thing called the paragraph which you never use, which we have been asking you to for 4 years. The only thing worse is lack of punctuation. Being Dyslexic I am getting pattern shapes and feel pretty unwell and that is without reading the contents.

    • 2QIK4U

      Australia is destined to end in a prime location and all of Australia’s inner desert will turn tropical and everything will bloom again like it was a million years ago. If it’s going to happen at least im in for one hell of a final show 🍺

      • b4

        years ago took a trip down the grand canyon in kayaks–you can see three different ocean levels in it=wash and rinse..repeat…nothing new.. our time here is a blink of an eye in the scheme of big deal,..don’t you just love fairy tales..great entertainment for small brains…santa claus and easter bunny are pretty cool..cycles come and go..people live and die..hundred years from now over 10 billion dead people–a lot of rottin flesh and 15 billion to replace them–if that not an apocalypse i dont know what is–freakin bible thumpers are so afraid of death and burning in hell–they already are in hell because of all that bullshit in their tiny immature brains–they are like little children in the dark..BOO! .. `god does not read the bible–never has–never will–did not write it either–some insane primitive homeless dudes in a cave wrote it–the word of men..not god–humans do not know god–humans are too petty,immature,hateful judgemental bastards to know god–maybe 500 to 2000 years humans will the pictures in this article..very childish to invoke certain emotions among like minded children…grow up..we all die some day and yes ww3 maybe tomorrow ..oh well..time to start over just like it has happened many times before–but fear not you evil judgeMental bible thumpers,christians,salvation for ALL,not just you…or hell be already be full with your kind cause of your nasty judgemental ways….

        • 2QIK4U

          Hahaha yep same as Ayers rock. It’s just desert but you can see the seperated ocean lines over time when a civilization nothing to do with humans lived here. Iran are joining the nuke threats now so we’ll all be glowing soon thanks to Obama anyway. Lol😂

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      No NASA warning, shove it up your hoohaw idiot.

    • Canderson

      Get real NASA never ever talks Nibiru. (If they ever done so, it is by a retired staff member, they tell you it is part of your superstition?)

      • Canderson

        Or are you saying because we know NASA lies this must be true?

      • DK

        Those in charge assign all Gods a Planet and an unseen God needs an unseen Planet, it is Gods fault the Earth suddenly shifts off its axis therefore the planet must be near.

    • SonofEric

      There is no actual evidence to proof that Nibiru, Planet X or whatever people wished to call it exists. There really is not. Other than faked photographs, dodgy videos, old text from ancient tribes and fruitcake pastors.

      For a start, the magnetic poles will take sometime to swap places and we would only know when it was near to or actually complete, there would be minimal risk. They will not tip in rapid fashion, as has been spoken about, not plunch the planet into violent turmoil.

      As for the extreme weather events globally, that is soley down to climate change and proven.

      As for the increase in earthquake and volcano activity we see and hear about, that is a natural occurring and not what the Planet Xers bang on about.The Earth is forever changing and evolving daily, just as it has done for millions of years.

      I get the feeling that the prominent Planet Xers are out to make some good money, while scaring the populas senseless.

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