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Crippled in the Volunteer State; Can Trump Fix This?

Saturday, November 12, 2016 10:56
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Imagine if you will a witness actually observing a murder taking place; able to obtain the authorities, immediately, to come to the scene before the perpetrator escapes the premises. The witness, when asked, who killed the victim, points to the perp. The authorities ask the perpetrator if he killed the victim, and of course the answer is, “No”! 

And, this is the end of the investigation into the perpetrator. As stupid as this sounds and when the authorities are asked to investigate the report comes back quickly saying, “ We interviewed the suspect; he says he didn’t do it!

So he didn’t do it. End of investigation!

Is this scenario outrageous to you? Are you having a difficult time believing this? Do you watch Dateline or 48 Hours? If you do then you’re aware that often times these types of programs expose murder investigations that take twenty years to solve, and yet as an observer you realize this is because no one really investigates, they just say they are, until the family of the victim, or victims, hound the police for decades, and a new police rookie decides he’s going to do right by the suffering, unheard family; make a name for himself and solve the case; he does so almost instantly…because he actually investigates.

So lets address the last twenty years in this country as it relates to the corrupt financial institutions, financial elite, real estate corporations; state, city and USA representatives; FBI, DOJ, AGs, SEC, attorneys and judges; not just as it relates to my family, but millions of other Americans as well.

Frankly I’m so tired of even talking about it, which is exactly what our leaders count on, so I will continue to my last breath just to bug them!

You can familiarize yourself with mine/our personal almost twenty-year holocaust by reading my blog; I’m suggesting you start with the articles posted in March/April 2012; Heiress Lives In A Tent…there’s a number of them. This way you’ll get the full story.

I feel confident, however, you won’t give a lick, about stories such as ours, if you yourself haven’t dealt with all the unaddressed crime in this country; the worst of it being the corruption, and purposeful apathy of the authorities. 

However, if it doesn’t stop, you’ll be next. I’m confident of this as well.

Because of this fact, the crimes run a second, to the authorities committing crimes of apathy and corruption towards the victims seeking their help.

I know, Donald Trump is going to fix it, and I’ll have to agree he’s our best choice, as president, as far as the way he thinks. Still how is he able to fix the horrendous mess this country is in? How will he fix the destroyed lives of millions of Americans?

He’s in our prayers…

I could be wrong, but I’m assuming we who have been so desperately compromised, in life, because of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes, will suddenly be able to send our complaints with proof, of crime, into the Attorney General of the United States of America and get an investigation? 

Or is this merely what we’re supposed to believe as we wait and wait some more for healing and justice?

Perhaps the new administration will merely start from scratch; start in January 2017, and the majority of the victims, of the past twenty years plus, can just go write off their losses; accept their destroyed lives; that of their family’s lives, and live in the extreme poverty all this corruption and crime by the powerful financial and real estate elite, in this country, created, while the authorities purposely ignore it all and the media refuses to expose anything as they have in the past?

Today my business/life partner, Larry, (he’s my husband to me after twenty years together) and I continue to struggle with authorities that don’t do their jobs, and because of this our lives are being sucked away!

It took Larry years, and moving from state to state, to finally retain good employment, which is almost impossible to retain if you have always been self-employed, no matter how great your skills may be. Plus after one’s forty years old they have aged out of employment pretty much, in this country, especially if you’re a woman; now add destroyed credit, albeit from illegalities, committed against you, and you’re in deep trouble. Starting your own business or re-educating yourself is mostly unheard of too as there are never enough funds to do it. A loan? My God you must be kidding, in spite of the fact that your experience and skills financially would trump, Trump! No pun intended:>))

It takes developing major skills to stay out of living in the streets after the kind or outrageous financial and real estate crimes that were committed against us, while the authorities refuse to investigate these crimes.

Well there is no crime if it hasn’t been investigated, and by such revealed, is the attitude! This is why these authorities don’t actually investigate, if they did the crimes would slap them in the face and they’d have to do something.

In spite of this truth, Larry finally landed employment, in May 2016, using his contractor, manager and design skills. He landed work with a Nashville, Tennessee, swimming pool company, managing the employees and designing both the repair of pools and creating new pools. He was making a good salary, which got us into a beautiful apartment in downtown Nashville and out of three years in motels, our truck, and before this it was three years in a tent.

However, in spite of this we still struggled because of the outlandish bills we have, created by all the unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes, which have left us both with destroyed credit as well…everything costs us more, such as utilities, Internet service, TV, car etc.

Yet, we were accomplishing; even beginning to see where we could gather enough funds together, re-launch our business again, by starting out small.

Then September 21, 2016, Larry, while walking to Walgreens clipped his toe on a Nashville, Tennessee neglected sidewalk; a sidewalk where the cement, up close to the planted tree was lifted about two inches; and all the way down the entire block near every other tree; the lifted cement corners at the expansion joints, hidden in shade around 10:00AM.


I immediately reported Larry’s fall to the City of Nashville claims department.

One would think with the political climate of today; the public’s outrage and Trump’s disgust over the corruption in the authorities in this country; government workers etc., these government workers and authorities would do their due diligence.

Investigate Larry’s fall and other crimes reported to them; take responsibility for their negligence! In fact the photo above displays the subtle two inch lift on an otherwise perfect looking sidewalk, which is more hazardous for a trip and fall, than an obviously crumbled sidewalk or potholes…one can see them!

But the City of Nashville is doing all they can to deny any responsibility; instead just like the last almost twenty years in Larry and my lives the corruption continues, in spite of the fact that Trump is president and Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State…

Yeah right! A Volunteer State doesn’t purposely put their citizens in the street!

I know, one can’t expect change overnight, and I don’t, but you’d think these government authorities and workers would want to keep their jobs under Trump’s administration?

If Trump follows through with his promise to the American people, if he’s allowed to, these corrupt, lazy, non working, ugly human beings will finally lose their jobs…as they should.

Larry immediately lost his employment, by the way, or his ability to work anywhere else for a while. I haven’t had long enough, or the extra funds even with Larry working, to market any of my money generating ideas, but we were getting there.

Because of Larry’s fall everything we’ve worked so hard to overcome has come to a screeching halt.

The City of Nashville has had our claim since September 22, 2016. Before I could email our early Demand Letter, a month later, they closed the case, saying they asked Public Works if they knew about the “Trip hazard” on this particular street sidewalk?

Public Works said “No”! 

City of Nashville’s Rachel Nolan then wrote, “Case closed! Public Works says,it’s not City of Nashville’s fault, because they didn’t know about the problem!”

Apparently there will be no further investigation bringing them to this decision.

Yes, one must prove the City of Nashville knew about this sidewalk before Larry fell, and ignored it before they will take responsibility and this is why they actually refuse to investigate. They know the sidewalk has been reported numerous times, because of trip and falls. We have proof of this.

By the way the City of Nashville immediately repaired this sidewalk after Larry’s disastrous fall; probably because his fall is one of the worst, which I’m confident was picked up from a camera across the street.

The City of Nashville Claims Department NEVER asked for Larry’s medical records until we claimed, “Corruption” in the city’s decision. They have NEVER interviewed Larry, NEVER met with him, NEVER talked to him. And, what they have done has been from behind closed doors of secrecy…that is sending obtuse emails.

The City of Nashville refuses to re-open Larry’s case. I believe this is because they know we can prove fault.

At this point I was instructed by a very prominent Nashville, Tennessee attorney, (who I won’t rat out on yet because I’m not sure what he’s up to here) to write all forty of the members of the City Council, our personal City Councilman, Ed Kindall, Mayor Megan Barry and Vice Mayor David Briley; none but Councilman Russ Pulley answered from District 25. The rest ignored me.  Councilman Larry Hagar of District 11 emailed to me, “I know nothing about this.”

I share this to merely show you how inept and lazy these so called leaders are.

I felt like writing back with, “I know that’s why I’m sharing, informing; seeking your help.”

However, I decided not to waste my time!

Councilman Pulley actually Cc’d an email, to Larry, which he wrote to Jon Cooper, Director of the City of Nashville Legal Department asking for a meeting about Larry’s case. 

Larry and I read between the lines of Councilman Pulley’s email coming up with, “What’s the possibility that something will be done?”

Meanwhile, with no income, Larry, the Bu and I are looking at eviction again; the city turned off our water yesterday. We can’t pay most of our bills, so things will obviously go downwards from here.

Larry called Councilman Pulley to share the fact that our water was going to be turned off a few days ago; he didn’t call Larry back. Like I said, our water was turned off yesterday.

We had to resolve the problem by ourselves, with no money, while Larry can barely walk and we’re out of Advil; can’t afford to buy more right now.

The answer? I had to walk almost four miles yesterday morning to get to Speedy Cash, in order to borrow funds against my Social Security money that comes in November 16, 2016 and it isn’t much. Most cash checking places will not do this and it took two days, of phone calls, to find this company. I was scared to death all the way through my long walk that once I arrived at this establishment; I’d be turned down. Often this is exactly what happens; Larry and I know, because we’ve had many years experience with these normally sleazy banks.

However, to my delight, this time it was as if my angels, God, Jesus, Mother Mary; my mom and Dad, now deceased, were all there from the moment I arrived; the beautiful young woman who waited on me treated me with respect and dignity. I was able to get $200.00 in cash; run across the street to Kroger, add the cash to Larry’s debit card; call Larry and he in turn contacted Water Systems out of Clarksville, Tennessee and paid our water bill.

But the water had already been turned off as I left the apartment for my long walk to Speedy Cash and back, eight miles, so we were charged an extra $45.00. Mind you we aren’t but two weeks late on this bill; could have paid it on November 16, 2016, but Hell, it’s better to turn off service, forcing the customer to pay the forty-five dollar fine.

There should be a law against this!

And here’s another angel in our midst; Rowen our apartment maintenance man saw me walking home to the apartment, stopped and offered a ride at the six mile mark, which I took, and before I got out of his car, he hands me a $50.00 bill of help, saying, “Just let me know if you guys need anything at all, I’ll do what I can to help.”

Thank God another angel; now I can buy toilet paper and dog food for the Bu:>)) Almost every penny Speedy Cash lent me went to pay our water bill, while we have no food. Rowen’s gift is feeding us until next Wednesday when my Social Security arrives.

Yes, he knows Larry and my story and is a true Southern gentleman; a good human being; the managers here at our apartment, know it too, but just couldn’t assist me in going to Speedy Cash last evening in order to save us the $45.00 fine. Frankly I can’t wait to move out of this apartment; our managers and their lack of concern for our well being, turns my stomach! 

We’ll take Rowen with us:>))

Again just like all the other states Larry, the Bu and I have lived in, none of the charities, churches or government agencies do anything to help, in spite of what a good Google fest all afternoon for a week teaches you to do. Call these assistance programs and they say, “No! Sorry can’t help”, then they tell you all the hoops you must jump through in order to obtain an appointment for a smidgeon of assistance.

We were able to pay for x-rays for Larry, but have no funds for the care he needs. His Chiropractor has determined that Larry has a couple of bulging disks in his back; a sprained wrist, injured left leg and head injuries…all pretty minor other than his back.

Larry’s back has grounded him indefinitely!

Without a settlement from the City of Nashville, which isn’t much from their self-insured system considering the damage this accident has caused, Larry, the Bu and I will be living in the streets by Christmas 2016.

This time Larry can barely walk and we no longer have a car.

Our whole situation started in 2000 for the two of us, and our dogs, I started reporting the outrageous financial crimes to all the financial watchdogs I could find, at this time; the AGs in four states, the USA AG and the FBI and was ignored, and in fact struck with more financial and real estate crimes, (as I believe were Mafia Hits for reporting the original crime) until everything I owned was gone including Larry and my flourishing fashion/furniture design business. I then continued to report these crimes for seventeen years, and ignored!

We are finally at the end of the line, after our seventeen-year battle, to survive, obtain an investigation into the original crime, seek justice and re-create our lives; instead we’re on our way to the streets again, with nothing but the clothes on our back and the Bu in our arms.

I’m challenging you President Trump. What are you going to do about situations like ours, and the many other victims suffering with their families ruined, born of our United States of America corruption!

Meanwhile, Larry and I have made friends with a number of national reporters, over the years, who themselves are investigating the negligence of the City of Nashville and their sidewalks. I personally have proof the same sidewalk, Larry fell on, has been reported to Public Works, numerous times, and I believe the sidewalk was ordered “repaired” with Larry’s fall, and my claim, to cover up all the previous complaints? The City of Nashville is lying to us; lying to the public.

I’d share who these reporters are, but until the articles come out they shall remain nameless for obvious reasons.

Last but not least, Larry, the Bu and I have seen more respect, support, caring and assistance from, gas station attendants, maintenance personal, sleazy cash checking establishments, and pawn brokers who hold all our winter coats than from our, paid by our taxes, representatives, authorities, and leaders:>(

What gets me the most about all this? Tennessee wants new businesses to be launched here; they want to grow. In fact I doubt there’s anyone in this country or Europe who hasn’t heard Tennessee’s call out for new businesses; promising all kinds of benefits for coming here. It’s one reason why Larry and I came here with all our ideas, business wise, to rebuild our business, create a number of others and start our non-profit. Interestingly, our non-profit directly helps the homeless rebuild their lives, without charity. 

And, the City of Nashville knows all about our plans.

Still, so far, the City of Nashville prefers to create more homeless and penniless citizens in their so-called fine state. And, because of this I no longer feel happy to be here, as I once did. Tennessee has left me wanting to run not walk away.

By: Deborah Breuner Davis
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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