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Retired Marine Explains QAnon Intel Dumps and Coming Pedophile Mass Arrests

Sunday, November 26, 2017 11:01
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Things are getting hot. The people are waking up quick, and this has the deep state scrambling. There is no defense against the shear volume of people hungry for truth after decades of oppression and lies.

Our future is bright!!!

Like Steve says in the video, Monday is shaping up to be the start of a historic movement within the US. The rest of the globe, minus a few cancerous cells, is on board. This is now unstoppable. 

Here is a link that lays out most of Q’s posts nicely.

And I want to leave a warning to any govt shill that is on the wrong side of this battle. Your laws are on our side. We didn’t make the laws, but we will enforce the laws.

It’s apparent they are starting to eat their own. Ex NSA goon Michael Hayden outed a few of his Mockingbird buddies at Fox in retaliation to an anti CNN Trump tweet.

How did the Rothschilds aquire a submarine?

“Peter Munk made a joke about what can you give a billionaire who has everything,” said one British party-goer. “He said Nat doesn’t need anything because the best presents in his life are the success of his businesses.”

The three days of no-expense-spared events was an unofficial launch party for Porto Montenegro, which has been built on the dilapidated remains of a Communist-era naval base.

The developers had to clear the waterfront of the rusting hulks of old warships, although they did manage to salvage a submarine, and are thinking of turning it into a cocktail bar.

“This will be the Mediterranean’s biggest mega-yacht facility and it will put the country on the map.”

Maja Vujaskovic, public relations manager for Porto Montenegro, said: “We are effectively building a whole town from scratch. The idea is that people live here permanently – it’s not meant to be a holiday resort, but a living, breathing community.”

But with penthouse suites selling for as much as €3 million, it will be a “community” only within reach of the super-rich metals magnates and hedge fund managers who celebrated Mr Rothschild’s birthday in such style.


Q posted that when the president tweets + it’s going down. Well, guess what the president just tweeted 11/27/17

Word is, 4200 indictments get unsealed this week.

I highly reccomend reading the article above. It has a ton of connections and lots of crumbs to follow. Seek the truth, and God will respond.



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  • 2QIK4U


      • 2QIK4U

        Excellent excerpt I haven’t gotten there yet thanks! I’m only up to the Rockefeller’s connection of conspiracy about it being destroyed before it was finished built. The entire encyclopedia would hide many connection’s to today like u showed, I heard he survived another sinking after titanic and ? It’s in the same link but my Rockefeller bit I’m up to.. Isn’t it sad that the family ties of elitism from once noble names are today’s scum of the earth terrorists. Look into the adrenol drug connection with Pizzagate. I’ve said it for years but mainstream are only just admitting the kidnapped and satanic tortured kids are for the drug trade mainly. The adrenal gland provides the best drug on earth. (There’s another titanic story I can’t remember properly where survivor’s name’s keep being brought up as survivor’s in many “accidents” afterwards. (The beginning’s of deep state? Or current illuminati member’s of the time maybe?!) And we wonder why we’re never wealthy to that extreme.if that’s what it takes I’d rather be broke. DTJR is the answer to some coded number’s in the Q dump. (Its from one of the first ones you see a group of number’s. ..)

        • Sean

          Revelation 8:11

          The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter like wormwood oil, and many people died from the bitter waters.

          • 2QIK4U

            Doctor who series use wormwood so much it’s an agency like tavistock institute. ….

      • 2QIK4U

        Just realised in true Illuminati fashion the civil war seems to be modernised as inside out back to front. Usually the nobodies are caught but if Patriot’s have faith and keep pushing maybe one of Clinton’s own alphabet goon’s will take her out in true “suicidal” fashion with all the evidence found next to her corpse, along with a suicide note with two in the back of the head Clinton style… Ironic Karma :)

        • 2QIK4U

          Someone Love’s thier whoreslave master!…. The usual retard.

  • 4A7777

    Now this guy is on to something.

    Pay close attention. Many people have no idea what is in store for them this week.

    • Busta Myth

      America hired about 20,000 German Nazi war criminals after WW2 including the NAZI MK ULTRA mind control kiddy fiddlers in Project Papercliip

      so if they declare Martial Law or ask you to get on the trains or step inside and take a shower…you best shoot them

      • 2QIK4U

        How can anybody downvote that truth! You believe everything NASA/NAZA tell most of you so what’s the difference. Where does everybody think the TR3B’s came from? GERMAN ENGINEERING. the Nazi bell was around about the same time America’s infatuation with alien’s began…. Then Roswell.

        • dennis48309

          The Germans didn’t invent anti-gravity craft. They acquired information from ETs on how to build them. Dan Salter of the NRO and many other whistleblowers have confirmed this. The only UFO crash that ever came close to resembling the Nazi Bell was the Kecksburg UFO incident.

          • 2QIK4U

            Ananerbe if i spelt that right? Yes well aware of the vrils and well aware that no aliens were in the first Roswell crash. Keksberg wasn’t the only event but have to look it up again, have you noticed some orb sightings seem to change to an acorn shape when speeding up? I think it’s the same tech just modernised, I could be wrong but there’s a few similarities. The British were quietly using the same stolen tech at the same time as well so I’m going off the same war information we all know. Great to find another on BINNED that can have a conversation without it resorting to abusive crap. (I’m more impressed with that than if I saw a UFO now!) :) still trying to put two celestrons together without completely dismantling either. Most astronomer’s not a slave are capturing lunar waves that NAZA say don’t exist even though over thirty people have already filmed them.. Ccrow777 was just banned on YouTube for showing what NAZA say doesn’t exist…

          • 2QIK4U

            For your lower comment also. Remember there was two crashes close together then a third weeks later.. I’m not convinced on the first one being alien but seeing the footage from inside one of them ,with the steel type and the language written all through it I do believe two out of three were real. But the first one???

          • 2QIK4U

            I’d have to re read all this as it’s been a while but I do remember two Roswell crashes days or a week apart.. Dennis48309 (< hope that isn't your clone number mate ;) can't downvote fellow tin hatter's as it's all a mind fk!

          • 2QIK4U

            Hitler was experimenting with Mercury and plasma but yes couldn’t perfect it without help. There is footage of swastika UFO not bell shaped to and I’m not meaning like the American version of a huge jet fan that got three metres off earth. And that swastika on the moon is magic.

          • 2QIK4U

            It’s the downvote that hurts the most. Hahaha just kidding but ow!

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          Roswell was highly likely, a British test discoid aircraft for studies of internal inertia and G-force.
          Hence the chimps in pressure suits, AKA “little green men”.
          There was a very good book put out by a Company called Adventures Unlimited, Aussi based I think.
          Their name changed and frankly I don’t know if they are even in business now, this was during the 90′s.
          I don’t recall the name of the book, my copy went up in flames with my brothers house.
          But the author did a very good job of tracing the tech from Germany to England, then Canada.
          It spoke of “T-men” units in the British Army. “T” for Tech.
          Don’t know if it helps QIK, but even if it was total BS, it still made a good read.

          • dennis48309

            I have no doubts that the Roswell craft was alien. White Sands was the home to our nuclear squadron. UFOs have been seen near many of our nuke silos and have even taken our nukes offline before. That is why New Mexico interested them so much even though it’s basically a desert. The ETs chose to fly during thunderstorms to conceal themselves. It was our massive radar towers that interfered with their navigation systems that caused them to crash. A British test aircraft surely can’t explain the mysterious metal that seemed as light as aluminum foil but could not tear.

          • 2QIK4U

            Whoa!!! Similar to mine ^^^.

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            Actually, it could.
            The standard rule of thumb is, if the public is aware of it, it’s 20 years OBSOLETE.
            The British had many years to explore and expand on the German technology they acquired during and after WW2.
            Sorry dennis, I have NO belief in greens, greys, or any other “Aliens.”
            They are so far ahead of us, and yet, our “simple” radars took them down?
            You might want to look into the works of Victor Shauberger, (pardon the spelling) I know it’s not right and spell check is no help. :oops:
            I do believe that if we were aware of the technological level we are REALLY at…
            the PTB would INSTANTLY lose their control.

  • Bob DD

    In case one didn’t notice, the page immediately below the first photo is date October 31, and above that it says ….”Monday is shaping up to be a historic moment within the US.” DUH that would have been November 6th, which has come & gone! DUH, more BS. Nothing happened.

    • stompk

      You’re not very sharp are you.

    • Anonymous

      Bob DD is right on and you can simply pull up past posts from this stompk to see the poster is not reliable nor trustworthy.

      • 2QIK4U

        He’s getting better though, I used to give stompk a bit of grief but haven’t for a while. Don’t know if that’s me or him though?

        • 2QIK4U


  • Boxed in Freight

    Yeah, just so you know, Ajit Pai, Trump’s FCC Director, worked for Verizon Communications, Inc as their General Counsel on Internet Business Initiatives, This is the man who will be casting the deciding vote to take away Net Neutrality. :evil: :evil:

    Another interesting tidbit, the New York AG is investigating millions of fake Anti-Net Neutrality comments which were made during the comment period – and, Verizon Communications, Inc. is located in Manhattan, New York. :evil: :evil:

    Lastly, Ajit Pai’s FCC will not investigate these investigative sources the NY AG has compiled with their database of Net Neutrality commenters. :evil: :evil:

    Free and Open Internet – goodbye ?????

    • stompk

      You need more faith. God is in charge here, nobody else.

    • 2QIK4U

      I think they’re already pushing neutrality but wouldn’t some net smarties always finds way around everything? I have faith in the hacker’s that really run it. And this is another sign of the real trumps secret Scottish rites

  • The Ferrett

    Just wait and see, there will be NO mass arrests – the jewish Cabal are far too powerful for that especially when they control the Judicial and every other system in the US.

    • dennis48309

      Why are you blabbing about the Judicial system? When martial law is declared, the military takes over the court functions. You clearly haven’t been reading any of this shit.

  • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

    Time will tell.

    • 2QIK4U

      It’s still like before the election. We prove truth and still seem to be pushed back a step… My fear is the person draining the swamp is really the FIXER for the cabal… Perfect cover, we screamed for a globalist businessman to clean up the lower scum destroying their agenda. Its a fear I’ve seen from the beginning but it’s starting to prove true. Trey gowdy became traitor a week ago and now the most powerful person apart from trump. Gowdy is currently saving Clinton, and after the last year of his charade the truth shone through when Jason Chavez (gowdys Inquisition partner) suddenly left when his morals were stronger than cash…) I’m seem g more crack’s than repairs…:(

      • 2QIK4U

        Seeing more crack’s than Repair’s.

        • 2QIK4U

          Still hoping he’s true to his word. Why is Clinton’s, Podesta’s etc still breathing and making money still?

  • MyTwoCents

    According to this guy’s chart, Alex Jones and Trump were both recruited by “break away Patriot groups within Special Forces and IC.” Alex Jones? Seriously? If Trump is who everyone seems to think he is, why has he appointed people to key positions who are antithetical to his agenda and who have opposed him publicly? Has anyone considered that this whole “Q” thing could be one big psyop? I’d like to think the best and I try to keep an open mind, knowing that nobody will actually know anything for sure until it happens. But it amazes me how many minimally talented people think they’re geniuses and have it all figured out already. Decide this day whom you will serve. As for me, I will serve the Lord and in Him only do I trust.

    • dennis48309

      It’s because of Alex Jones’ documentary 9/11 The Road to Tyranny that I even started believing conspiracy theories such as 9/11 and Oklahoma City. His lack of identifying the Mossad as the executors of the 9/11 and Oklahoma City attacks is very questionable. Still, he exposed Sandy Hook as a complete hoax/drill.

      • 2QIK4U

        And AJ totally mainstream media’d Charlottesville. That was my ” this guy is a spy” moment as I only started watching him when he was showing the Clinton’s crime truth, so during election I couldn’t disagree with him but now???

    • 2QIK4U

      Ha , I said the same thing above and was down voted. Hahaha and YES the entire Q thing could be a LARP but there’s to many personal thing’s mentioned that does connect to somebody close by and trump has even retweeted some of Q’s Post’s!

  • 2QIK4U

    Just a new observation. Notice “Q” mentioned GODFATHER 3 more than once? The POPE DIE’S IN GODFATHER 3…… If they’re continuing to collapse Christianity it does seem the obvious choice to start?

  • 2QIK4U

    Oh yeah, my comment on this other article. Was wondering if there were two but thought you might of edited something and deleted this one.

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