Newest Stories Technical Summary 24November 2017

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Colombia surprises again with rate cut on weaker growth

Homeless Us Marine Gives Last $20 To Keep Stranded Female Motorist Safe, She Gives Him His Life Back

Every slam against gold price is now being met with strong buying

Russia Follows America's Lead, Approves 'Foreign Agents' Media Law, Starts with CIA Propaganda Outlet 'Radio Free Europe'

Steve Bannon’s Impromptu Thanksgiving Proclamation: ‘Absolute Metaphysical Certitude’ That ‘We Will Get Our Country Back’

The few vs the many

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Deflation must be embraced

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America’s First Legal Weed Drive-Thru Is Here — and It’s Everything You Imagined

Give Thanks and Pass the Jackass

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Doug Casey on the New Fed Chair

A Day Before A Baltimore Detective Was Set To Testify Against His Own Department, He Was Gunned Down. So Police Barricaded The Community.

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A 2018 Stock Market Crash Could Be Devastating; Here's How to Prepare

NASA’s Space Station Live Feed Goes Offline Again; Just After the Sighting of a Glowing Object Moving Toward Earth