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The Protected, Privileged Establishment vs. The Working Class

‘We own you, bitch’: real .01% message to ‘We the People’ regarding endless ‘fake news’ to ‘cover’ endless illegal lie-started Wars of Aggression, trillions looted. Will ‘We the People’ stand up, or bend over?

Protectionistic Policies Will Not Make America Great Again!

The Cold Hard Truth We’ll Never Get From The MSM As Battle Between Propaganda And The Truth Movement Kicks Into High Gear – MSM Desperately Fights To Remain Relevant While Trying To Bring America Down With Them

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Erdogan Seeks Powers to Stay in Office Until 2029: Expect Perpetual State of Emergency

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Average Gasoline Prices for Week Ending 23 January 2017 Fell Over 3 cents

What We Read Today 23 January 2017

Report: U.S. Military Contractor Persecuted for Not Bowing to Sharia

Libs Would Spend $100,000,000,000,000 — to Postpone “Global Warming” 4 Years

Inflation Cometh

China Approaching the Limits of Currency Management

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Falls After President Trump Withdraws from TPP

23Jan2017 Market Close: Wall Street Down, But Pairs Morning Losses By The Closing Bell, Crude Rises Back To Normalcy And The US Dollar Nears Slipping Below 100

How Far Would You Go to Shield Others in the “Great Reset”?