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The Door is About to Shut for Americans

Friday, May 27, 2011 3:40
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Anyone aware of the US Government’s real financial situation knows that time is running out.  The Government has $15.5 trillion in admitted debts but those debts, when calculated under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), or ‘honest accounting’, is over $70 trillion.  $70 trillion divided by 300 million+ Americans works out to $233,000 per person in US Federal Government debt and obligations.  Or nearly $1 million per family of four.

That does not included personal debt, state debt or municipal debt.

This debt plus an economy that has been completely hollowed out by the Federal Reserve system ensures that there is no way the US Government can ever pay off this debt.  And, everyone knows it.

The indications that the US Government is moving very quickly to enact any legal measure or fine against Americans and to make it nearly impossible for any American to escape payment to pay for their sins are everywhere.

We recently commented on how It Is now Easier to Enter the US Than It Is To Leave.  Customs agents and cash sniffing dogs stand on guard at most international US airports checking to make sure no one has more than $10,000 in cash without declaring it.  The standard response to this is: “They are only making it difficult for criminals to move about and to transfer money”.

Well, the problem is, the US Government is moving very quickly to make it so almost everyone is seen as a criminal in the eyes of the US legal system.

Now We Are All Criminals

It is already said that there are so many laws, rules and regulations in the US that each person in the US breaks at least one law per day, if not much more – without even knowing it.  But the US Government is becoming more obvious in how it will go about making everyone a criminal and fining them ridiculous amounts of money in doing so.

This week, an American family who said they were just trying to teach their son about responsibility and entrepreneurship was fined $90,000 by the USDA because the teenager sold $4,600 worth of bunnies in one calendar year without a license.  Not only were they demanded to pay $90,000, but if they did not pay within a short period of time the fine could increase to as high as $4 million.

This one case only goes to show how easy it is, within the system, to take any small transgression and to blackmail someone for, for all intents and purposes, every penny they have – or more.

Students to be Forced into the Military to Repay Debts

We also recently commented on how the US college system draws people into large debts (Debtucation) and how student debt is now larger than credit card debt in the US.  It is the US Government itself that has made college education so expensive by offering student loans to anyone who can fog a mirror but again they have shown their intentions by making student loan debt the only debt which can not be forgiven.  A 2005 decree from the Bush Administration stated that student loan debt could not be dissolved through bankruptcy proceedings. The only other scenario where this “no-escape” clause exists is debt from criminal acts and debt from fraud.  In other words, student loan debt is seen, by the US Government, as being similar to proceeds from crime!

What will this mean with more young Americans in student loan debt than any other time?  It’s anyones guess but it would not be out of the realm of possibility to force students who can not pay off their debt into the military to repay their debt.

And with the US military with 800 military bases worldwide with US military personnel in 156 countries and US Military bases in 63 countries and currently occupying or attacking Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and with other drone operations in places like Yemen and Pakistan, the US is all but ensuring that it is screwing around in enough places to eventually draw in one of the big boys.  Russia, China or Iran.

And, hey, we Gotta Support the Troops, right?

US Government Eyeing Pensions and Retirement Funds

On the other end of the spectrum, seniors and those in retirement, the US Government recently made it very obvious that funds held in retirement accounts are going to be the first to be taken when times get tough.

In the recent scuffle over raising the debt ceiling, the US Government was short of some funds after reaching the United States’ $14.3 trillion debt ceiling last Monday.  Where was the very first place the US Government went to find new sources of funds?  Last week they dipped into state pension funds in order to make payments.

It is no great leap to think that as things worsen in the US Government’s financial situation, which is all but guaranteed, that the first thing that will be nationalized will be all tax sheltered retirement accounts.  After all, we all have to do our part to pay for the debts of the Government, right?

Anyone living off of US pensions should be very worried.  And anyone with significant funds in retirement accounts should be running, not walking, to get any funds they can outside of the direct control of the US Government.  We recommend looking at “Unleash Your IRA“, a great program for diversifying your IRA internationally.

Get a 2nd Passport

There are two ways to look at the upcoming battle between the US Government and US citizens.  You can stay and fight or you can run and hide.

If you plan to stay and fight we wish you good luck and will try to support your efforts in any way we can.

If you would rather run and hide then one of the first things you should be looking to do at this time is to at least get a second passport.  This is still legal for Americans and there are many options.  We discuss many of them, regularly in our newsletter.

As well, if you have the financial capability, we highly recommend buying some foreign real estate – preferably somewhere you like to live.  Our favorite place, at the moment, is La Estancia de Cafayate in Argentina (email them for more information at

2011 Last Year to Get Out

Most things are still legal in the US.  It is still legal to have foreign bank accounts – although you are required by law to report them to the Government.  It is still legal to get a second passport.  It is still legal to move assets in your IRA outside of the country.  It is still legal to move money outside of the country and buy foreign real estate.

The window of opportunity is closing.  If you live in the US and still have all your assets inside of the US, you likely have months, not years, to internationally diversify your assets and to get your affairs in order.  Anything much after 2011 is taking a big risk of losing it all.

The Government Can

After all, we, as individuals have to live within our means and it is considered a crime if we forcibly take money from others to pay for our debts.  The Government, on the other hand?  The Government Can.

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  • HDThoreau

    Pretty accurate, except that the more specifically, the total debt due to entitlement programs having ballooned in cost is 114 Trillion total.

    Regardless, the entire GDP of planet Earth can not pay for this. And that’s because the GDP of planet Earth is 74 Trillion, taken from 2010.

    But don’t worry. Social justice and feelings are more important than reality. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that the wiseguys just don’t want to talk about a real issue that could make a difference. They probably know that the Rothschilds could save the world with the 600 to 900 trillon in Gold they have stashed away for a rainy day.
    Why don’t they talk about having the world force them to give up,, say 300 trilion and pay of every debt for every one who has any debt and give the world a new start. The Rothschilds would not be happy but what the hell there is only a couple of hundred of them and there is almost 7 trillon of us. Could at least offer to return the trillions , like 114 trillion at least to save the world. They will still have 5 to 600 trillion left to grind up into white power and eat it and become imortal after they pass on.
    Think I’m crazy, well wait and see what they say about it.

  • compassionworks

    Entitlement programs are the problem.
    All governments must provide for the “general welfare”.
    The problem is greed, corruption, the FED and the rule of oligarchy.
    Easy targets just make people look foolish.

  • Idiot Proof

    Hmmm, funny, I don’t remember accruing any of that debt. That debt is actually the debt of the Federal Reserve Bank, a private institution, exercising UNCONSTITUTIONAL authority fraudulently and improperly taken from the Treasury Dept by the Banksters using a deliberate contravention of procedural rules by certain members of Congress and the Executive Office in 1913. The US Constitution does not allow for Congress to give the authority to control the printing coining or minting, issuance, value, or distribution of currency or money to ANY entity. The US Treasury is charged with that particular duty. The Constitution in fact prohibits this specifically, because the banksters have been up to their tricks for thousands of years, and the Founding Fathers knew this very well.

    This is not a great and prosperous nation as it was for a long time, because the People got complacent and allowed the moneychangers, just like the ones in The Bible, to have their way, and, through greedy corrupt traitors in Congress and a weak and compromised President Wilson, gave them total control over our entire money supply, and allowed the banksters to charge US, as in you and I, intrest on using OUR OWN MONEY! Not only did they get themselves a real sweetheart deal in charging an entire nation ungodly sums for controling the cash, but they also gained control of intrest rates in general and used that to their advantage. You see, they lower intrest rates and increase the money supply, or readily available cash, and this does spur the economy. People have money to spend, they buy things that need to be replaced, manufacturing, distribution, retail, in many industries across the board. Products get manufactured, sent to retail outlets, bought/sold, there are entire chains of related industry doing good business, they will need to hire more workers to keep supply up with demand…

    Credit would be somewhat easy to obtain, and it would be offered at low rates so that it would be attractive to people who want things now but really cannot afford them until next year or later.

    And when there are LOTS of people with lots of credit(debt) extended to them, house mortgage, boat maybe, car or two almost for sure, credit cards (Master Charge, VISA, DISCOVER), the fed rolls back the amount of cash in circulation, inches the intrest rates up a little bit every week or so, and tighten restrictions on loan application approval.

    This results in the opposite of what was bolstering the economy when things were good, places were busy and jobs were plentiful. Now after a few months, insead of hiring to keep up with demand, layoffs happen instead. Where earlier work hours were long, paychecks were large and bonuses were generous and bountiful, all of the bills were paid and the family went on fun weekend playcations, now they are struggling to pay the rent, they sold the Navigator and got a 15 year old Bronco for the equivilent of just one Navigator payment, got debt counseling and consolidated all the credit cards to avoid bankruptcy…

    It will be a miracle if they get to keep their house. And all of this is done by the federal reserve bank, which is about as federal as Federal Express, on purpose, to take from you what you work hard to attain. It is deliberate, it is the way they have crafted their system, it is what keeps entire populations in perpetual bondage, economic servitude, SLAVERY!

    In reply to the post above about the Rothschilds: The Rothschilds are the main owners of the federal reserve bank. They are worth the estimated $500,000,000,000 (roughly 40% OF THE ENTIRE PLANET’S WEALTH) through their system of extending credit and then calling in outstanding debts when the indebted could not pay. Often the very terms of the loans the Rothschild banksters would grant would be nearly impossible to meet, the borrower would default and lose their colateral, usually their house land farm etc.

    The banksters also loan money to countries, especially nations about to go to war. The banksters usually finance both sides of every war, war is very profitable for the bankster cartel, they only extend loans after the borrowing nations government agrees to pay the war debts of the vanquished, and the security for re-payment of the loans is taxation on the populations of both nations…No matter what the banksters get their cash back plus hefty intrest, AND, they will undoubtedly establish Rothschild owned central banks to control the money supplies of both of these nations, if they didn’t already have them there…

    In short, the world is supposedly in debt TO these Rothschilds you suggest could “pay our debt and give the world a new start”, but that would make all of the cheating, insider trading, bubble blowing and bursting, devaluing/debasing of the currency, tidal manipulation of the money supply and intrest rates to most effectively take real property away from Citizens through foreclosure, illegal taxation, and working all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto into our nations laws to further erode our societies financial security and prosperity, ALL FOR NAUGHT!

    I doubt that these Rothschilds would ever think enough of us useless eaters and breeders to even consider doing the correct thing by us, to them we are sub-human, we deserve our plight, as we were careless and complacent enough to allow them to do this to us. Even though the good book so many in society read every Friday Saturday and/or Sunday warns us about the greedy evil money changers Jesus threw out of the Temple, same kind of people. Even though the Founding Fathers explicitly forbade central banks from operating within this Republic via the Constitution. Even though we could see the havok and devastation these parasitic theives wreaked on other nations they had already enslaved, we, the corrupted and/or compromised members of congress, our so-called Representatives and Senators who worked with the bankster cabal and helped them obtain their charter to establish a central bank, let them set up shop and fleece us!

    Anon above, The Rotrhschilds are THE REASON that everything that sucks on this planet is the way it is…Shit rolls downhill, they are the current kings of the hill, they are on the top of the world, what else would you expect to fall on our heads? Want to get to the bottom of the pile of shit life for the common blue-collar man seems to have become? FOLLOW THE MONEY!

  • Anonymous

    People have known for years who the enemies of America are, and no one has done a single thing to stop the destruction of America, now the country is broke, in debt to a tune that can’t be paid, and on the verge of economic and financial collapse, and despised the world over. It would appear to me the the country has the govt that they voted for, and it appears that virtually everyone in the country has sold it and each other out. What will your rich satanic leaders do when over 300 million sheep are hungry and in the streets or will haarp, chemtrails, viruses, false flag terrorist attacks just get rid of two thirds of you. Me thinks you know the answer, right? If you think the rich have a heart or soul you are deluded just like you are about your vote. Its so sad that it took the complete destruction of your country to prove to you that your voting and your constitution is worthless, now your children and grandchildren have hell on earth to face, and you fools keep spewing stupidity and pulling that lever and the country gets worse and worse. Sort of looks like you bought too much crap and supported your satanic masters right up to the end. How does it feel to know that you have voted for the destruction of your country and yourself. You believed that lie of capitalist too long that capitalism is the greatest thing on earth, you live in denial by asking ( what other system would you have) capitalism is nothing but a system of greed, lies, and murder, and the greedy, liars, and those who would murder the poor to get rid of them support it to the hilt. I have listen to right wingers talk about how minorities, and the poor should be murdered, gotten rid of, and right wingers always find a way to blame the victims of capitalism for all the problems, all they have to do is demonize them or label them as terrorist and they are ready to destroy anything that gets in the way of their greed. Hell was created for the rich and capitalist, and i’m sure there will be a lot of singing and rejoicing when they are all there, and it really doesn’t matter what nonsense you have brain washed yourself with, the rich only rule in the physical world, your underground cities wont save you, your crimes and your sins are before you and you will pay for them all.

  • Anonymous

    The guy that sings on your video,has a very good singing voice.

  • Snowball

    great posts guys.
    good to see people waking up.

  • OzzieEd

    The US is not in debt and neither is any other country. The Rothschild/Rockerfella cabal do NOT own what they have stolen. They are in possesion of stolen property and need to be apprehended. All the bumflap about trillions in debt is the fantasy THEY want you to believe to stop you from taking action against them. It’s all smoke and mirrors. You don’t have to do what they want you to do. Tell everyone you know. There is no debt. Only stolen money and criminals who want you to believe a lie.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the door is already shut and now we are just waiting to see what the next phase is going to look like. They put a non-American into the presidency and he has an agenda that he is tasked to carry out. We are going to become 3rd world and be in WWIII if he has anything to do with it. He has another year and a half to get it done. Plenty of time.

  • PictureofDorianGray

    The US is the only country who taxes on citizenship, not residency. Where can one obtain a second passport? I heard Chile is relatively easy, but will cost you 10K.
    I heard on NPR that starting next year, some non-profits are going to be taxable….and that is just the beginning. Selling on eBay and PayPal accounts will on Jan 1st 2012, be open to scrutiny–evening making a paltry income from a garage sale will most likely be gobbled up by the feds. This is extreme austerity without the name.

  • turfangel

    Eventually all the money/gold on earth will belong to the NWO Zionists-they will think they own the earth, only the earth will be beyond any chance of repair. When the NWO zionists finally get to completely enslave everyone they will be slightly disappointed because by then, there will be nothing to eat or drink that is not poison and everyone will be dead-because everything the jews take over becomes dead and lifeless-everything they touch turns to total shit. The NWO is also the end of earth and all life on it, thankfully because otherwise it would be Hell on earth lorded over by satanic jews.

  • Tent of Repentance

    Wow you guys in the USA really going through stuff, its a sure message for us down under in Oz, to watch whats happen here and some of us are. For instance the mining industry is huge in WA, infact many investors are with kartel corporates outside Oz. The government here tax them heavily, but what may also be of interest,regarding the haarp isonophere machines, Oz wont get a hit for a while because most haarp corporate owners, are paid huge amounts of $ to switch them on and off as they are told, Secrecy is very high here, no one has ever exposed them here in oz. Two large stations are situated in WA. If a plant does not want rain or clouds,& they must produce so much iron ore etc a day, they turn it on. We dont have rain here at all during summer, even the smallest suspect rain cloud, is soon gone. However, winter is finally here now, not for long though, they have to allow for this to occur otherwise they could have many millions who have invested into their fancy canal homes and properties majorly complain, it is good that the heads of government do lisiten but warning their are other players in behind them. its just a matter of who will play and who wont politically speaking and which apponent is knocked out. During this winter season although short they trim and economise by laying off workers bit by bit. The red tape for those who are desirous in working at a mine site is highly precarious. They are to the letter and do not take any casulties. WE are now seeing the headines of Australias economy being affected, Bit by bit, the tortous even has time for a nap who ends up winning, woo and behold we are left with rabbit stew.

  • RainMan

    tortoise, land dwelling reptile with hard shell, really slow.

  • Anonymous

    Blah blah blah. And furthermore, blah blah blah. And because of that blah blah blah. But, blah blah blah. So blah blah blah.

    The Masters of War sons of their sisters have been caught with their hands where they should not be. They printed the money out of thin air, so we print money out of thin air to pay them back, and that is that. And charge them interest on the money they have to borrow from us because we don’t accept new Federal reserve notes anymore, so they can pay interest to US from now on. Of course the rate will have to be substantially increased on a regular basis and be compounded daily to minimize inflation.

  • Charles Harman

    Another great place to go is the Philippines an Asian country where English is the language of the Government and is taught in schools. I recommended checking this out go to Leave a comment and say hello.

  • Phoopfist

    America will never become a 2nd or 3rd world country, america wouldnt allow it to happen… they would war anyone

  • Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email:

    There is only one answer to this problem.

    Google: “Day of Rage in D.C.”

  • Anonymous

    Gospels:Matthew chapter 24 talk abouts tare prophets and messiahs symbolic doom and gloom and or symbolic salvation.

    Gospels Yahn/John chapter 17 is also keen of various issure.
    Including the Father of souls name versey 26.

    Jermiyah chapter 30 and chapter 25 talks about the twisting crushing heavens, Isiyah chapter 24 talks about the crushing universey prison period.

    Everyone has to die from the land of living in dead unpredicty as predicty such event take place planet wide, read the obituaries MEDIA perhaps to refreseth memories, beyond brute beastos soul alzhemiers and 2+2=2 not volume anything about the volume picture.

    Shall ye go to Ibrahimys bosomy or the worms dieth not sqiggling for souls faces to toes to feast upon whenever ye dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee from the land of living and dead.

    As written thru and thru truly aka the volume.

    Survival is not in the brute beastos stiffnecks historical resumes including even the mathematical facts.Most importantly of the souls facey to toeys.



  • Barry Soetoro

    Overthrow them and shit down their throats.

  • Anonymous

    if the last poster was our pres. im surprized that he would comment, social programs like social security is not welfair it was taken out of your checks so you paid for it. its gone because bill clinton used the surplus to balance the budget. now what needs to be added that has simply avoided is we cant sustain the cost of the military industrial complex we cant sustain israel any more, we give them around 190 billion a year in hidden kosher tax charge to you when you buy goods without knowing it, then all the other help and money you are allowed to know about. there is two things that need to end to help preserve america and what it stands for one is aipac the other is pnac then our money and its creation needs to be taken out of rothschild hands and dumped in congresses lap just as the constatution says , in time we would turn this zionist controll around. 2012 voteing will be the chance to end this corruption every congressional member that backs aipac and swore an oath to israel needs to be voted out and put in jail for treason untill then you will not be able to brake the direction of current policy, and that is whats wrong that drives us in the ground. we need to free our selves from rothschilds zionist aggenda

  • Rick Carufel

    The U.S government has already made every man. woman, child, dog and cat in America a felon. Here’s how. They made DMT illegal. DMT occures naturally in the brains of all mammals. So every mammal in American is in posession of an illegal drug and guilty of a felony drug crime.

    Last year Minnesota passed legislation that levies mandatory high fines with every felony conviction. So after doing time in prison you have to pay a huge fine or go to prison and get hit with another huge fine. A clear case of double jeopardy and unconstitutional.

  • Anonymous

    what is this? the internet nut section? you’re all crazy as hell!!!!!!!! Seriously people, ever heard of a glass half full? I think you guys need some ***** or something cause all of you are just plain CRAZY!

  • OzzieEd

    To CRAZY. Can’t get your head around the facts. That would seem to indicate a deficiency in your own equilibrium. Jews REALLY believe they own the US. Why wouldn’t they? They control every phone call, every politician and all the money. Just because you don’t think you’re a slave doesn’t mean you’re not. Don’t worry, Oz is no different.

  • Anonymous

    Jews do own america.

  • Anonymous

    I feel I can shed at least some positive light on this while keeping true to this current reality. Generally what is written here is on the money, no pun intended, and to many it appears very grim indeed. However I promise you that when enough people wake up (everyday the number grows)there will essentially be something akin to the “Hundred Monkey Syndrome” and things will change.

    Remember you can’t build anew until the removal of the old.

  • Bm

    Since Hotel Babaylon, the rise in power of the illumanti has made it’s place in the world quite clear. There was a time when the people elected political figures to lead increasing masses of people. Why were the people so asleep not desire to collectively lead their selves, and what real use is it now for us to find ourselves waking up? World leaders have always followed orders from higher ups and powers, powers not of this world, so to say. These are the ones controlling and leading our governments, to turn and attack governments would not get to the root of the problem. It will be and is now a absoulte nessecity to remain cool to continue and study these still somewhat hidden and shady purportraitors. “Exposure movements” are at record highs nevertheless, they are controlling what we are ‘allowed’ to know and in most cases what the masses believe in, whether its religion, politics, material and ism’s. Those who control the top elite control through them who in turn control six point nine billion people! We can help by documenting our ideals, thoughts and insights for our future children’s children, who with bare hands, sticks and stones will have to take down a mighty unseen and dimensional enemy. New born babies after 2005 have a open-active three-strand DNA capabality. A new bread and appearence of Hu-man will appear as these generations of children mature…The plot has thicken!

  • Anonymous

    Pssssssssssssst. Illuminati? Humans? Hardly. Better read up on David Jacobs (on Youtube). Kids…, The Illuminati are Aliens. Their drones of human hybrids, created through their human abductions over the last 50+years [that you've heard about but ignored]are everywhere. On your street. In your schools. Your teachers. Your Mayors, etc. 40 million (globally) are planning the permanent end to the human race; remove humans from the Earth and replace with their own species that actually look like humans (bi-pedaled). This is not the first planet they have Trojan Horse’d – there are many others and their plans are quite ambitious. The apocalypse slated for 2012 is essentialy being “created” with advanced technology.

    Easy to find this data – just search David Jacobs on YT or the web.

    These are not the same aliens (gods) that created you. Perhaps they’ll show up as the “divine intervention” before the havoc (NMF)begins.

  • Anonymous

    5 years ago I had plan to emigrate to USA, thanks God I didn’t do it… Troubles with economy, no jobs, huge debts, .. damn, looks like even in Ukraine we have much more democracy than in USA… I can’t imagine that some police jerks would grape my kids and wife in airport.

    I’m 31 y.o., and I can’t remember when we had last time any earthquake, tornado, tsunami or any other shit.. that was amazing to watch svine flu crazyness in Europe and USA lol…

    I have small export-oriented business here, net income growing up 40%-100% each year, and 50%-100% profits here are “nothing special”.
    Cheap clean land where you can grow up anything, normal climate etc…
    Well, if someone really interested to move out from USA, I can offer some help in Ukraine. For examle about land.. There is possibility to cut some piece of land, almost anywhere in Ukraine, from 1 to 100 lots 0,3 acre each (need more – buy two or more lots). Cooperate with 10-100 other people from your country and BUILD YOUR OWN USA in Ukraine :) Why not?
    I live in Kiev, and have 0,6 acre of land 30 km away from city. Not too far, not too close. Plan to build house there.

    Well, if you have any questions/comments – let me know. Thanks :)

  • Bulldonkey

    I notice comments blaming current admin. and previous admins. for the state of our economy. This is all part of their plan for our great nation to collapse financially. How else will Americans agree to a north american union and eventually a one world government, other than total financial collapse and complete desperation. When will people wake up and realize there is no difference between republicans and democrats? People are so ignorant and brainwashed by the media that they actually think there are two separate parties in our governemt. The truth is, the president has no power to make any changes or real decisions, he is a front man, and I’m not just refering to our current president. The falsehood of the two parties representing different values are a ploy to keep the citizens of this country divided. It is amazing to me how so many people can be decieved and allow the lying media and lying politicians to manipulate and control their thoughts and beliefs. The only solution is for everyone to join together in a united political party and stand up as one against our oppressors.

  • humtone

    Evil never wins. Love is the power of the universe, God, Creator, everything. The universe is larger than comprehension. Soon enough these physical world sufferings will become obsolete in the evolution of human consciousness. Nothing can stop the coming step up in our DNA. No NWO, no Rothschild, no Illuminati, no one has the power to stop what will be happening soon enough. Fear is their tool… I choose laughter and forgiveness. No one can own your soul unless you give it away. People can only have power over others when those under them give it up. Hold on to your power, your love… these fools of darkness will cower in the light soon to shine brightly from all who believe in the power of love.

  • humtone

    Evil never wins. Love is the power of the universe, God, Creator, everything. The universe is larger than comprehension. Soon enough these physical world sufferings will become obsolete in the evolution of human consciousness. Nothing can stop the coming step up in our DNA. No NWO, no Rothschild, no Illuminati, no one has the power to stop what will be happening soon enough. Fear is their tool… I choose laughter and forgiveness. No one can own your soul unless you give it away. People can only have power over others when those under them give it up. Hold on to your power, your love… these fools of darkness will cower in the light soon to shine brightly from all who believe in the power of love.

  • Anonymous

    Most shocking piece I have read on this site. I fully agree that we are going the way of Rome and The Weimar Republic.

  • Nofairhavingfun

    All I really know is from the beginning of time humans ALWAYS used a superior weapon(stick, rock, arrow, spear, gun, bomb)to get what the strongest weapon owner wanted. From great societies and governmental interventions it all ended in using the best weapon technology to bring down an “enemy”, or just someone that has what they wanted and didn’t want to give it up without a fight (always in the end this has happened).
    So my fellow human beings, gold, oil, wheat etc. won’t be shared amongst us all, it will be horded and controled until the lastest technilogical weapon is used, and this time no-one can go home to fight another day, fight until the winner is the last one standing, with a not known new weapon, we done hit the road to anililation, for the 1st time, NO-ONE will be left standing to count the loot.
    Enjoy what you can, when you can, I have. I’m now in paradise on earth in Nicaragua. A $2,000,000+ beach front Pacific Ocean tranquil setting for under $100,000. I couldn’t fight the rat race and keeping up with the Jone’s or inflation, so I am taking my time, what is left of it, and not fighting so hard to make life enjoyable. Time is short and of an essence, and as stated in the above article, get out while you can with what you can ASAP. If I can be of any help, just contact me through my website. Basic overview with picture
    Learn Spanish “ON THE BEACH!” $45 Ocean Front Suite to a $6 ocean dorm Nicaragua is the “Survivors” choice of destinations and we need more survivors interested in experiencing paradise for dimes on the dollar. Save more money on vacation than staying at home!
    I am living proof that all the work you’ve done and dreams you had or have can still be had at a cost you did not dream possible. Different, but you don’t have many more chances before the big inflation typhone or 1,000,000 megatonner sucks you up and OUT.

  • Anonymous

    This is ridiculous, what language is this and why won’t it translate?

  • LexingtonNC

    Simple: repudiate the (purported) debt — issue new currency backed by new metal. Don’t let the current players play any more.

    Now that you know the answer, does anyone have the cajones to make it happen?

  • Anonymous

    Does somebody here use a wheelchair?

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