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22 Signs That The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We All Take For Granted Is Starting To Disappear

Monday, November 14, 2011 5:24
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In order for a society to function, there has to be a certain level of trust.  Each day when we leave our homes, we take for granted that most people are not going to attack us for no reason, that there will only be isolated incidents of theft in our community and that rioting and violence are not going to erupt in the streets.   Whether we realize it or not, we depend on the fact that the vast majority of the people around us are going to act in a civilized manner.  Unfortunately, the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear.  When I was growing up, I was taught that challenging times reveal our true character.  There are many that believe that the declining economy is causing a lot of the chaos that we are now witnessing, but perhaps what is going on is that these challenging economic times are simply revealing the character that has been there all along.  For decades, a “false prosperity” that was fueled by unprecedented amounts of debt has masked a lot of the internal rot that has taken hold in America.  But now that our prosperity is crumbling, our lack of values is becoming startlingly clear.

Greed, corruption and extreme self-centeredness have deeply infected our society.  We see this on Wall Street and in Congress, and we see this among those that are trying to survive on the mean streets of our largest cities.

Our nation is breaking down on every level.  If by some miracle we were able to fix our economy, that would mask our problems for a while, but it would not solve them.

Unfortunately, as I write about nearly every day, there are a whole host of indications that our economy is about to get even worse.  When it does, millions of Americans will become even more desperate, and as we are now seeing all over this country, desperate people do desperate things.

The following are 22 signs that the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear….

#1 In Detroit, 100 bus drivers recently refused to drive their routes out of fear for their own personal safety.  An article posted on the website of the CBS affiliate in Detroit is quoting the head of the bus drivers union, Henry Gaffney, as saying that the drivers are “scared for their lives”….

“Our drivers are scared, they’re scared for their lives. This has been an ongoing situation about security. I think yesterday kind of just topped it off, when one of my drivers was beat up by some teenagers down in the middle of Rosa Parks and it took the police almost 30 minutes to get there, in downtown Detroit,” said Gaffney.

#2 In Wilmington, Delaware recently, a man offered to help someone carry a television down the street, but quickly realized that it was his own television which had just been stolen out of his house….

A Wilmington resident who stopped home for lunch about noon today saw a man carrying a flat screen TV down the street and asked the man if he needed help.

He then recognized the television as his own, looked up and saw the door to his home ajar, said Master Sgt. Adam Ringle.

#3 Shocking video has surfaced of a young thug walking up to a defenseless elderly man in a Chicago subway station and knocking him out cold.  In the video, the friends of the young man are cheering him on and laughing at how easy it was to knock the old man out cold.

#4 Beating up old people for no reason seems to be catching on all over the country.  Just check out the following report from a recent article posted on….

AN 84-YEAR-OLD ex-university official savagely attacked by four young punks during a walk in Wissahickon Valley Park earlier this week theorizes that the beating he endured was a cruel game of “get the old geezer.”

Jim Shea, a former vice president of university relations for Temple, from 1968 to 1983, walks up to five miles on Forbidden Drive, in Fairmount Park, three times a week, but that type of stamina wasn’t enough to stave off the lowlifes who not only beat him bloody, but dealt a blow to one of the things he holds most dear – his pride.

#5 All over the United States, police are wailing on Occupy Wall Street protesters with clubs and liberally using pepper spray on them.  Whatever you may think of the Occupy Wall Street protests, the reality is that this is not a sign that things are becoming “more stable” in America.  You can see video of one very disturbing confrontation right here.

#6 Clashes between police and protesters in Oakland, California recently became so violent that at one point the streets of Oakland resembled a war zone.

#7 Unfortunately, as the American people become increasingly frustrated with out system many of them are actually starting to consider violence as a solution.  According to one recent survey, 31 percent of all Occupy Wall Street protesters “would support violence to advance their agenda”.

#8 In New York recently, a confrontation between two female customers and a frustrated cashier ended with the cashier beating the living daylights out of them with a metal rod.  The following is how a local CBS affiliate in New York described this incident….

It appeared to have started when two female customers argued and yelled obscenities at the cashier when he questioned a $50 bill they gave him.

One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter while the other woman goes behind the register.

That’s when the cashier can be seen on the video disappearing into the back of the fast-food restaurant. He comes back with a metal rod and begins hitting the women.

You can see video of this violent confrontation right here.

#9 These days, many Americans are so “on edge” that just about anything will make them snap.  For example, a 60-year-old woman in New Mexico recently repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend because she thought that he was cheating during a game of Monopoly.

#10 If you thought that the above example was crazy, just check out what one man down in Georgia did recently.  He actually firebombed a Taco Bell because they did not put enough meat in his Chalupa.

#11 In Cleveland last week, a 49-year-old man was sent to the hospital after a poll monitor working for the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections tried to bite his nose off.

#12 Not only do TSA agents make us feel like dehumanized cattle as we go through airport security, some of them are evening making fun of us at the same time.  For example, one TSA agent recently scribbled “GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL” on a TSA inspection notice after discovering a sex toy in the luggage of one female traveler.

#13 Identity theft is rising to very alarming levels all over the United States.  For example, a recent article in the Palm Beach Post described what has been going on down in Florida this year….

In the first half of this year, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 20,000 complaints from Floridians whose identities had been stolen — nearly as many as in all of 2010. More than half of those reporting their Social Security numbers or other personal information had been ripped off and used to commit fraud or theft were in South Florida, with heavy concentrations in parts of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Hallandale Beach.

“That kind of increase is really shocking,” said Vance Luce, deputy special agent in charge of the U.S. Secret Service in South Florida, which investigates identity theft and financial crimes. “The fact that it’s on the upturn doesn’t surprise me at all, but that’s pretty alarming.”

#14 In the Seattle area, an elderly couple in their eighties was recently brutally attacked by a 31-year-old man armed with a crossbow and a hatchet.  The following description of this brutal crime comes from King 5 News….

Prosecutors say 31-year-old John Chase was walking down the highway when he saw Ralph Aldrich, 88, in his back yard. Detectives say Chase shot and killed Aldrich with a crossbow and then went inside the home and repeatedly hit 83-year-old June Aldrich with a hatchet.

#15 As America falls apart, more of us than ever are taking medication for depression.  At this point, more than 1 out of every 10 Americans over the age of 12 is taking prescription antidepressants.

#16 In some areas of the country, people have been literally tearing apart their own cities in an attempt to find things to sell.  I recently discussed this phenomenon on The American Dream Blog….

In Fresno, California the damage caused by thieves stealing copper wire from city street lights is costing the city about $50,000 a month.  So far, about 2,500 street lights have been stripped of their wiring.

#17 As people become more desperate, we are starting to see some truly bizarre crimes in many parts of the nation.  In northern Alabama, one team of crooks has been using a forklift to pull entire ATM machines out of the ground.

#18 Most Americans don’t realize this, but all over the U.S. livestock is being stolen from ranchers in unprecedented numbers.  The following is from a recent Associated Press article….

While the brazenness may be unusual, the theft isn’t. High beef prices have made cattle attractive as a quick score for people struggling in the sluggish economy, and other livestock are being taken too. Six thousand lambs were stolen from a feedlot in Texas, and nearly 1,000 hogs have been stolen in recent weeks from farms in Iowa and Minnesota. The thefts add up to millions of dollars in losses for U.S. ranches.

Authorities say today’s thieves are sophisticated compared to the horseback bandits of the rugged Old West. They pull up livestock trailers in the middle of the night and know how to coax the animals inside. Investigators suspect it’s then a quick trip across state lines to sell the animals at auction barns.

#19 At this point, thieves are becoming so bold that they will steal literally anything that they are able to cart away.  For example, in the San Francisco area a while back thieves actually stole a copper bell that weighs 2.7 tons.

#20 According to the FBI, the number of gang members in the United States has increased by a staggering 40 percent since 2009.  Right now, there are 1.4 million gang members terrorizing citizens on the streets of America.

#21 Down in Miami, thieves have become so bold that they have actually been breaking into parked police cruisers and stealing guns and ammo out of them.  Many of those guns undoubtedly are ending up in the hands of gangs members.

#22 Be careful who you befriend online.  They might just hold you captive and use you as part of a Satanic sex ritual.  The following description of an incident that recently happened in Milwaukee comes from….

Two young Milwaukee women were arrested this week after an 18-year-old Arizona man–who traveled to Wisconsin by bus after meeting one of the suspects online–told cops that he was held captive in the duo’s apartment for two days and slashed and stabbed more than 300 times as part of an apparent satanic sex ritual.

Anger and frustration are growing to unprecedented levels in this country, and all of this anger and frustration is manifesting in thousands of different ways.

As I have written about previously, the rioting, the crime and the violence that we are seeing now is only just the beginning of what is coming.

Unless a miracle happens, our country is going to keep heading down the road toward societal collapse.  For even more examples that show that our country is starting to come apart at the seams, please see the following articles that I have authored previously….

-”18 Signs The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating

-”12 More Signs That Society Is Collapsing

It won’t happen all at once, but unless our nation changes direction dramatically, we will see things get progressively worse and worse.

Instead of teaching our children to love and care for one another, we have taught them to be incredibly self-involved.  Today, way too many Americans deeply love themselves, deeply love money and are deeply addicted to entertainment.  Each new generation seems to be even more prideful, even more arrogant and even more violent.  As a nation, we are losing our empathy for others, our compassion for the needy and our respect for the elderly.  Our family units are breaking down and thousands of our communities are being transformed into hellholes.

What in the world is happening to America?

If you have a thought on this topic, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment below….

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  • trolololololololo

    “But mark this: There will be terrible times IN THE LAST DAYS. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God — having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.” 2 Timothy 3:1-2 NIV

  • Bonnie Wills

    If one takes a good, honest look at the statistics since the 1950′s, it is easy to see that there was a marked increase in violence, crime, unwed pregnancies and domestic violence beginning in 1963. Which causes the intelligent person to ask, “What happened in 1963 that caused so much change in our society?” The surprising answer is: 1963 was the year that the Supreme Court went against all preceding judgments in deciding that the Bible and prayer had no place within the public school system. The void has been filled with, “Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law.” Even churches are refusing to post the Ten Commandments. How can we love the Lord our God if we do not know who He is? We are now eating the fruit of our labor…

  • Pix

    And that is exactly why the powers that be deliberately invent and or promote anything that divides people. From religion to appearance you are labled and told you are better than…, it turns every insignificant thing into a monumental competition.

    It’s all totally irrelavant. If we want to regain our dignity we have to drop our personal ego massaging ideas and love of lables. Otherwise it’s just business as usual, debt slaves to cold hearted dictators.

  • EternalOptimist

    I would like to see a comparison between the violence reported in the article and the violence experienced during the late 1920′s and early 1930′s as the country plummeted into chaos back then before I start drawing conclusions.

  • MP Hollingsworth

    Narcissism and lack of moral values brings on basic insanity of the times. Values clarification was started in the schools in 1973 destroying the concept of absolute morality and that everything is “relative”. We are witnessing the actions of people who are ungrounded and are acting sociopathically. This will bring military dictatorship to our door and a totally controlled society.

  • Enigmanonymous

    This is what happens when you let godless liberals in charge.

  • Anonymous

    OK so I researched each incident.

    In the first instance. The perps were black as was the victim.

    Second, robbery of the TV. Both the perp and the driver were black.

    Third, attack on elderly man; both the perp and the victim were black.

    Fourth, victim was white and the thugs were black.

    Is anyone else noticing a trend here?

    The problem is not the economy (at least not here) the problem is that we have a race issue that few are bold enough to admit or tackle. Genetics are a KEY factor; not only in appearance but intelligence and behavior.

    All races were not meant to co-mingle.

    in 2009, over 40,000 White women were raped by blacks. Less than 10 White men raped blacks and when you remove those who are truly white (not mixed) then that number drops to 4.

    Don’t tell me there is a problem here and don’t tell me its not race. And I’ll hear none of this nae-calling that I am a racist. I AM A RACIST and so is everyone else, its just that Whites are taught to keep their mouths shut. Well, I will not have ANYONE telling me what I can or cannot say either.

  • marasu66

    Instead of thinking, “What will G:d think of me?”, there ought to be more of, “What will the neighbors think of me?” We are answerable to others long before we are answerable to G:d.

  • Anonymous

    to the racist retard I’m pretty sure your ancestors raped , killed abused and murdered black people in Africa for hundreds of years. They stole land and commodities and stipped the country bare. If your ancestors left blacks alone in the first place maybe they wouldn’t be in America in the first place. You are one stupid guy you rednecks raped little black girls then want to call black people scum hahaha. Stay in your caravan and shut up your opinion does not matter because you are a belligerent, uneducated fool.

  • wanda

    This article is propaganda. If you want to know where the fear is coming from… it is top down. The government has its tentacles in everything we see, taste, smell, touch and hear… it is easy to see it endeavors to infiltrate that which we sense as well.

    It isn’t your neighbor you need to mistrust… it is anything that gets a paycheck from big brother… most likely the author of this article.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve noticed it too. Over several decades, we have created a very self-centered culture, because that is what makes ‘good consumers’. You can’t trust anyone anymore, not even your neighbors, everyone is out only for themselves. It’s clear as day if you bother to take a look.

    Compare this to Iceland. The same thing happened there, banks privatized, and they convinced the government to deregulate. Same collapse as here. But…the sense of community in Iceland is strong, and the people really came together to help each other out. People set up food lines, and shared with each other, and banded together to get through it.

    That would never happen here, not because there aren’t people who want to help. There are some. But, if you remember those people who set up food lines, in Orlando, I think it was? They tried to feed the poor, and just got arrested…for what? Police even grabbed food out of the hands of children.

    The US is doomed, unless we can learn to band together as a people. The governments have failed the people completely, the police only work for the corporations now (for example, JPMorgan donated $4.6 million to the NYPD the day before the OWS protests began), it’s 100% up to us now. Band together, or collapse. Which do you choose?

  • Hoon

    When there are no absolutes in right/wrong, there can only be degradation of morality. Yes, the degradation began to accelerate in the early 1960′s, but the problem began many decades earlier.

    One of the indications of the absence of absolutes is the statement “we are answerable to others long before we are answerable to God”.

    Get over the racist stuff. The high incidence of black american crime is a serious problem. Much of it is a result of the anger that is fostered over perceived injustices done to blacks. Do you actually know anyone who owned a slave? Do you actually know any blacks who can show that their ancestors were slaves? Why are blacks the only ones who hang on to rage and hatred from something that happened to some of their race a century and a half ago?

    Every race and every ethnic group in the world has suffered injustice and the indignity of slavery. Why are American blacks the only ones who cry about it. With the aid of black soldiers, the US engaged in a war of genocide against Native Americans — why don’t blacks make reparations to them (other than at casinos).

    Injustice and slavery, or forms of slavery, still occur in the world. If you want to complain about the treatment of African blacks, complain about their treatment at the hands of other African blacks. The only thing in American history that resembles the attrocities in Africa of blacks against blacks is the history of Americans, both black and white, against Indians.

    And get off your high horse, all you non-racist idiots — stop painting blacks as kind hearted, gentle, long-suffering victims. A very high percentage of blacks are hate filled, violent and loud opportunists. Non-blacks are not to blame for the actions of blacks.

    At some point, everyone of every race and ethnic group will be held accountable for their actions as individuals. If we all had knowledge of moral integrity and were willing to accept responsibiity for our own actions we would be nearer the peace we all seek.

    The decline of awareness of absolute right and wrong has been accompanied by a greater dependence on the government. Those who do not want to regulate themselves, or who want others to conform to their idea of right, need the government to pass laws to protect things that should not need protection. Every time a law is passed, a freedom is lost. With less freedom and more laws, people feel less need to regulate themselves, resulting in the mess we have now. And it will only get worse — until we throw the government off our shoulders and each learn to be our own government/police/regulator — to be responsible for our own actions.

  • Anonymous

    Collective psychosis…

  • Anonymous

    to the racist retard I’m pretty sure your ancestors raped , killed abused and murdered black people in Africa for hundreds of years.

    Another jungle retard speaks.

    Oh you’re sure of that are you? And your evidences are????

    You people hadn’t even invented a WHEEL when Rome was at its height!

    Now your “brothas” in aFREAKIN are using tire tubes to burn anyone who ‘disses’ them.


    You’re a funny lot; easily controlled. Enjoy your moment is the sun while it lasts, because soon White people are going to get tired of your crap and when they do, you people will have no where to hide, I can promise you that.

  • Anonymous

    This article is propaganda.


    The idiot savant said as he walked down the streets of Detroit at night…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t remember where or when I was told this but crimes comitted by blacks are more likely to make news.

    BS! Whenever blacks do crime is is attributed to “urban youths” or some other such wording which never belies the race concerned. Only on local news may you get an idea of the race but even then it is not likely.

    When ever a White commits a crime, it is plastered all over the national news.

    Such was the case only recently when a White woman was accused of killing her child (later found innocent but that was never broadcast) It was over and over and over again; like this was the only newsworthy event.

    At the same time, a black mother put her infant into a microwave and fried it because she was mad at her boyfriend. There was not a peep outside the local news AND SHE WAS GUILTY!

    No if anything they over emphasize the crimes of Whites while downplaying the crimes of blacks.

    But finally the Federal Bureau of Crimes Statistics do not lie and it shows that the overwhelming majority of crimes in this country are committed by blacks; followed by Ladinos and then Arabs.

    Of course the overwhelming amount of White collar crimes is jewish. No one needs go any further than the latest heist perpetrated by Wall Street and the jew-owned banks.

    ALL of this is verifiable and it doesn’t matter one bit if you agree with it or even believe it. Facts do not change based on you RACIST ideology. Anyone who deliberately turns a blind eye to the truth is the real racist.

    BTW: I didn’t even bother to read the rest of your post. If you do not know when to capitalize then go back to school.

  • marasu66

    The philosopher Rick Springfield reminds us that “We all need the human touch.”

  • Anonymous

    Are you serious? Black people have been persecuted in the media for decades. Yes in this day and age political correctness is out of control and sometime’s crimes monorities commit maybe overlooked but who’s fault is that? Do black people have any control over the news or judicial system. At the end off the day everyone needs to come toghether it’s uneducated narrow minded people like you that keep the zionists in power. You think your awake but you have your eye’s wide shut. Oh and I may make a few typos but I assure you my intelligence level’s are way above yours by the look’s of it. I’m only 23 and I am able to see the bigger picture. All races commit crime find out why people commit crime, and then you may understand why a high level of black people in America commit the crime. Do you ever think that you are being duped by the media into hating black people. The Zionist greatest tool in history is divide and control they have used it for 1000′s of years. I hope you are happy living in false ignorant bliss.

  • Hoon

    One of the greatest tools of any government is to keep the populace divided and angry: divided by religion, ethnicity, geography, etc. As long as the few who govern can keep the many who are governed at each other’s throats, government is safe. The ideal illustration of this is a prison of several thousand violent men controlled by a few dozen guards: the inmates divide and fight each other.

    There can be no regard to age when the populace rises against the government. The government has the money and weapons and all those who get a government paycheck to support it. The populace has only those few (a very small percentage) who are willing to stand against the corrupt government and possibly die in the effort.

    We, the people who are governed, should not fight one another for any reason. Our common enemy is the government. It does not matter what color or religion those are who decide to stand against the government, only that they stand.

    While the common enemy is government in general, the greatest destruction of our rights has come at the hands of the Supreme Court, and after them both houses of Congress.

    Unfortunately for us all, the division between race and ethnicity in America are so strong we are not likely to stand against the government, even if a leader or group of leaders were to come forward. There is little chance of success if even the most talented men were to attempt to subvert the government without sufficient numbers (life is not, unfortunately, like the movies).

    I can see a few thousand standing together, but a few thousand cannot succeed against the strength of corruption the size of our government.

    It doesn’t matter which race commits the greatest number of crimes or who had the hardest history; if we do not unite in the effort to regain our freedoms we are no better than the inmates in any prison.

    Any who are willing to stand must be willing not only to die, but to do whatever necessary to overcome. And it is not likely to be a peacefull show of numbers.

  • Anonymous

    Black people have been persecuted in the media for decades.

    Just because you say it doesn’t make it true.

    I’ve seen every hockywood version of the black face and how they are portrayed, from fools to President (fool and president are interchangeable) to g-d himself!

    If you want to get mad about Al black-faced Jolson, go talk to your slave-masters and traders. They were both jews.

    You black people are sounding more like whining jews by the day. (Persecution my butt)

  • Anonymous

    About the only thing people can know for sure is that the code word for roving black gangs; pillaging, raping and robbing is “Urban Youth”.

    They even have a game now where they will go into crowds of whites with baseball bats, seeing how many “crackers” they can knock down. They have some sort of point system.

    Maybe a bunch of you liberal White idiots could do us a favor and meet in one common location. Just say’n.

  • Anonymous

    One of the greatest tools of any government is to keep the populace divided and angry:

    And for THIS REASON, the opened the flood gates to hell with third world immigration.

    Notice that they did not open up immigration into Israel, Arab or third world nations. Rather they FORCED the West to open its gates to virtually unlimited third world immigration.

    This is part of the plan you see. It started when the jews brought black slaves to our shores. The Rabbi think in terms of centuries while we goyem can barely plan for next year and often wait until the last minute anyway.

  • Tigermouse

    These are all terrible things that happen to people but they have been going since the beginning of time. We are actually kinder to each other today than we were in the past. It all depends what you choose to notice. Many people who have written here are merely bigots who limit their observations to the unsavory actions of colored people and simply leave out the crimes perpetrated by whites. Sociopaths only need a little sign and as the baldfaced opportunists that they are, will quickly seize upon anything handed them. No matter whether we are rich or poor, the sociopaths always need to be identified and dealt with properly by the civilized portions of society. I’m not suggesting capital punishment for them but that they must never be put in places of trust, though they must be tolerated or even incarcerated if they lean towards being psychopaths. We have to design new rules. We should start thinking about this now. What kind of a society do we want to have given that we may be stripped of all our luxuries? We are sharing the planet with 7 billion people who think they deserve everything. Everyone deserves health, safety and education. Some are getting far more than they deserve whilst others get nothing.

  • Anonymous

    We are actually kinder to each other today than we were in the past.
    That is an overly broad statement that cannot be codified or backed up with evidence.

    Your post is speculation (which is all you LIEberals have) Such statements as

    “Many people who have written here are merely bigots who limit their observations to the unsavory actions of colored people and simply leave out the crimes perpetrated by whites.”

    You are a liar. The statistics speak for themselves.

  • phylmike34

    I dont care what anyone says,this is all because the evil liberals have declared war on God for over 40 years now,never have I seen such an outright blatant attack on God and Jesus and the 10 commandments as now,just open your eyes and see,if christianty is not the truth,why is the devil fighting it so hard and no other religion is being attacked like this,just ask why?no God,no morals,that is the truth,racism is only what the liberals use to keep us devided,saul alinsky.there should not be racism,I grew up with blacks who are my dear friends,no one alive today has ever known what is was to be a slave,it should be buried,only liberals keep this up,I know lliberals laugh at the leave it to beaver days and they destroyed all that,but anyone who has any since knows those were the best times,when we put families yes it will get worse and not better,cause we are in the last days when satan and his liberals are destroying everything,I know Jesus is coming after me so I dont worry,but if you dont know him,good luck!

  • lovinight

    People, I guess it is hopeless. Discriminating against each other I seems more important than Saving this once great nation, while we still have the rights that when lost will make it almost impossible if not impossible to save.
    I am sorry that my caps are so bothersome that you didn’t read my distress message begging to stand beside me in hopes to save ourselves, our freedom, our children’s ability to have the chance to be have good, rich, happy lives full of choices
    I have no idea what your thoughts are about the current situation or how much danger we are actually most likely in. Posting that message to some will say is a possibly very risky thing to do.

    I just can’t sit here and wait, doing nothing while becoming convinced more and more, it’s becoming reality. I have been waiting for someone to get the ball rolling, and I finally asked why? That is not like me at all, when I feel someone’s actions are causing great suffering to others, I can’t begin to be idle.
    If this is the example of what the reaction will be to this posting, why bother. I had one response I felt was supportive of the need to unite, a couple racist responses, and one who wants me to make sure my grammar is correct before being willing to read my post. the very last poster I think skipped my post all together and actually thinks we will have the freedom to make choices and a society to make them about.
    I mean no ill but not from where we are standing at the moment, we on’t even have a real future i am afraid.

    Not one person said, hell yeah, thank God I am not alone, let’s gather the masses and get back our country!
    I have no words, our founding fathers of this great land we were so lucky to have been able to be part of must be proud. You have no comprehension of the loss you are allowing to happen. I guarantee, you will. I won’t be here, I am not going to be rounded up and join camp Fema,
    I have long ago devised what I have always felt was a brilliant plan, and so simple If I ever had to put one of my pets down, I could live with this, even if I had to do it myself. The thought of killing one of my pets otherwise would be unbearable. If I feel I am being forced into a situation that I know is life not worthy of living I think I might actually be totally at peace with my options.

  • Anonymous

    Discriminating against each other I seems more important than Saving this once great nation, while we still have the rights that when lost will make it almost impossible if not impossible to save.

    That was THE PLAN all along. These vipers have done this to Egypt (with Nubeans), Israel (Edomite Infiltration), Greece (African slaves from the same viper class), Rome (bread, circuses) and above all Christian persecution at the behest of the jewess, Poppaea.

    They are old pros. Whenever the vipers would come nip at our heels, we would fight them until the sum of their plan was fully executed. But we would pick up stakes and move on, founding other nations. Whereas before, when we had room to move and lands to conquer, there is no place left to go.

    The REAL RACISTS, who hate Whites, will be singing a different tune if the West falls.

  • marasu66

    Believe in G:d, if you will, but G:d works through people. If G:d could do it all, why would G:d have needed to create people? Think of it as a kind of delegation of authority. Now, what will you do with your designated authority?

  • Zema

    Anonymous is right – this is race issue. Most of the crimes involves blacks. Wake up, Americans, there is quiet race war going on your streets now, soon to turn to open hot war!

  • Hoon

    How about a conspiracy theory: the feds post racially divisive articles and keep track of those who feel strongly enough to respond.

  • Anonymous

    this type of crap in one form or another has always gone on. Its just we have the internet now to blow things out of context and in a hurry. (The “get the Geezer” game sounds pretty cool though)

  • lovinight

    Why on earth would the Feds do that?

    To much time on their hands so they do it for laughs.

    I am sure lots of disinformation is spread all over.

    I have trouble even getting to the bottom of global warming, truth or not? Just as many yes it seems as no article all filled with facts to back it all up.
    I guess I could always go to the pole myself and find the answer, might be quicker actually if I did.

    Thing about the conspiracy theory label is lots of info is so unbelievable, you hope like hell it is BS but turns out to be fact, it just seems to take longer to become real than most usually predict it will.

    I believe more disturbing things are taking place than most people actually believe are happening.

  • Freeman

    And only 30% of crimes are reported…
    It will soon come a time when we are on our own for real.
    I wonder how these electric freaks are going to survive…?
    Due to a lack of education, I doubt very many will make it, and if they do, they had best stay away from the country. Most of us are armed and unafraid…
    The lost civilization started getting lost about 12,000 BC.
    Since man restarted, we have been after each other non-stop.
    I see it as a very long downhill slide.
    Don’t matter why, just is, the less reason the better…?
    This is as predicted, and the real fun is not even here yet. Think of this slow ride into oblivion as it looks now. Now imagine an increasing rate of decline. Then ADD a couple of weeks, a couple months…
    If you ain’t ready, you have a 20% chance to survive.
    Got food, water, shelter, guns, and enough for six months?
    Those in the streets are just a few pilgrims and not even close to serious.
    Were even half the population to start coming after the politicians, the police would run the other way.
    Outnumbered 100 to 1 ain’t good for one’s better health.
    IF this were the real deal, those with training would take out the police in only a few minutes.
    So, the whole thing collapses…BOOM!
    No money, credit cards, and can’t buy anything cause there ain’t nothin left…
    Whatchya gonna do when reality comes for you?
    Think of the emptyness everywhere just after a hurricain…look at those floods in the north east…
    And just when things are so bad you are ready to give up, you start to feel watched, you know…them hairs on your neck stand up, a cold chill of feeling…
    You are now on the menu.
    How does the idea of being hunted sound…feel…
    …not much fun huntin when the rabbit’s got a gun…
    (training day)
    There are lots of us who have been to the school of reality…
    Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan.
    We can survive.

  • Sid

    When peaceful means to get what we want are unavailable, we naturally turn to violence. This is a principle of nature.

    Corporations, wealthy people and government have long colluded to rig the markets against the average man; the result has been increasing wealth for the few. The many have accepted this up until now because their standard of living improved in spite of those in power taking an increasing share of the expanding economic pie.

    But now that we are reaching the limits of energy production, the economic pie is no longer expanding, and in the future will contract dramatically. The current system of slavery will no longer be acceptable, and as those in power seek to take an even greater share of the shrinking pie to maintain their standard of living, the majority will not be able to endure their suffering; if you think the thin veneer of civilization is peeling away now, you have seen only the beginning. We will see the slave rebellion of all slave rebellions. Those in power will be swept away by the brutality that resides in each of us; the only question is if we can establish a free society out of the ashes or if we jump out of the frying pan into the fire of slavery.

  • Anonymous

    I do not think that the White race will have a terribly hard time of it. (At least not those who have left the cities) Notice the floods in Nebraska? The people pulled together and helped one another. This was a terrible flood of devastating proportions. Last I heard, Obama refused to call it a disaster zone, thereby denying them federal aid.

    But New Orleans…now that was a completely different story. Remember their FEMA credit cards? Free money! Yeah bro. Now hook me up! Noa-m-say’n?

    Being armed is key to helping yourself and your kinspeople. We’re a durable people. We have faced worse.

  • Anonymous

    those of you here who try to make this a color issue are making TPTB happy. its what they want. they NEED us to hate each other. its how they control us. we sit in our homes and watch the idiot box. the sexy little reporters show us minorities attacking whites and show minorities in prison. they pump gangster rap and market malt liquor to minority neighborhoods. in the proccess of turning us into mindless consumers they have also made many of us stupid and violent. cause keeping the jail cells full is a good money maker too…

  • Donel

    Hell people open your eyes, wherever blackas are allowed in, it is usually followed by chaos after a while, like a canser sel spreading and doing harm. ie: The Bronks, Harlem, Emgland and South Africa. See how South Africa has gone backwards since the black took over the government.

  • turfangel

    When white people have to live under the same conditions that they have forced Blacks to live under. Will they have the strength to endure and overcome without resorting to violence and doing what they know is wrong? It is proven fact, that when a white person is in need or in a desperate situation, other white people(with the power to help&money) will selfishly walk away and do nothing to help. It is Black people who come to their aid even those with little to offer intervene. Who is better? I say those blacks who have compassion and empathy. The tables will turn eventually. When white people are given unequal substandard schools such as they give Blacks that are staffed by racist whites and jews who have an irrational/insane hatred for Blacks, structured purposefully to make sure that Blacks do not get into college that they will take menial jobs, when laws are passed to insure that Whites fill up prisons for victimless, non-violent crimes like pot possession, and no other way to make a living. When white people are under the same cruel circumstances that they have forced blacks to endure, how peacefully will they act out against it? The crimes and evils that people do when forced to exist under horrible circumstances-where basic survival is almost impossible, are forgiven by God. However, he will not forgive those whose racism caused those conditions-especially when the truth that is so hidden, is that whites do it out of irrational hatred and lie about it-They do it and then deny racism exists-so they can instead of accepting their responsibility- blame black people for their horrible circumstances of poverty and lack of education and the same opportunities as whites. The tables always turn-those you oppress will return as your oppressors-so we will see what whites do in their place. If blacks had all the money, white people would be kissing their asses-whites only value money-to them the rich are good-the poor are evil. I say anyone who allows poverty and inequality especially concerning quality of life-is made in the image of satan, like white people. The Universe is fair and balance-while the money hoarders may have money-other more valuable things will be lost to them-that is why Black people have more intelligence, wit, creativity, talent in the arts and are just happier people, even living under white oppression. A race war is coming-not because blacks want it-it is coming because it is karma-everything whites have done to blacks will be done to them-they will reap what they have sown, because the universe is fair and balanced-because whites must experience the truth of what they have done. White people lie about their racism-they must face the truth. Fortunately for whites-black people are more forgiving and less vengeful and violent than you. The people you put in prison instead of giving a college education are about to do the same to you-and you can only blame yourselves-and the fairness and balance that is the Universe-you white people may not be fair and equitable and you may blame black people for that-but the ugly truth is about to rain down on you until you put an end to your lies and blame shifting onto the victims of your idiotic sin of false pride.

  • Anonymous

    The comments made about black crime don’t seem to take into consideration the fact that welfare was largely to blame for the destruction of the black family. Once the family goes, it’s over. Humans need to be taught decency by their families. This is why there is such a lack of feeling in some people, black, white etc. The breakdown of the family affects all races in a super negative way!
    Try being a big brother to a black kid who has no male role model. That would be more constructive than coming down so hard on people who never had a chance. I’m a conservative to my core but facts are facts and Johnson’s welfare did more damage to the black family and black improvement than slavery ever did.
    As far as this article goes, I live in Texas and I just don’t see the problems here.
    If as a nation, we don’t start praying more and loving ea. other more, we’re dead meat. God have mercy on our country.

  • Anonymous

    What is this crap? a reunion between anti semitism club and “I hate black people” club? the racists and extremists are disgusting.It is sad that in 2011 there is so much evil.You,the EVIL people are only bring NEGATIVISM and thats why this planet will ramain at stage 0 as society.You should dissapear from here…

  • Anonymous

    NO worries indeed ! I actually think that, in many ways, our World is getting better – we’re being allowed to speak freely…more people are better off…we know so much more just about everything…I won’t go into the other negative side – “Before it’s news” already does a very good job on that! ;)

  • Anonymous

    The comments made about black crime don’t seem to take into consideration the fact that welfare was largely to blame for the destruction of the black family.

    So what’s the reason that they live the exact same way in Africa? Too many handouts there is suppose. I swear you people will make EXCUSES for any dog, while all the time blaming Whitey for EVERYTHING. No wonder blacks don’t live any better. Every time the want something they steal it or whine for it. When they live like apes they can simply BLAME WHITEY.

    Nothing ever changes, but blacky never has to feel ANY sense of responsibility so he’s just swing’n in the rain.

    The Blacks in America have been truly blessed. They take their blessings and spit on their benefactors.
    a reunion between anti semitism club and “I hate black people” club?

    I swear you robot moron people are such a hoot. Push your button and you repeat anti-semite or whatever other words we’ve programmed you to say.

    Good boy!

    BTW: jews are not Semites. Semites are descendants of SHEM and the last time I researched the matter, neither Cain nor the Khazars are descendants of Shem.

  • Hoon

    Government welfare has had the same effect on people of every race who choose to live on it. Some accept it out of necessity for a short time, some refuse to accept it. In any case, those who choose to stay on welfare rather than seek and find a job at any level will soon degrade to the lowest level of our society: government dependent (slave to government).

    In a better system, neighbors and local groups would care for those who are unable to care for themselves, then see that they have the opportunity to become self sufficient.

    Anyone, regardless of race, whether they be “white trash” or “po’ blacks”, who chooses to stay on welfare rather than become self sufficient will remain as they are. It is said that unearned wealth will ruin a person; the same can be said of welfare: unearned living wage will ruin anyone who does not strive for better.

    Now don’t give me that stuff about how all the downtrodden strive to be better but are unable because some race or ethnic group stacked the deck against them. At this point in our good old U.S. of A., it is still possible to be successful enough that welfare is not needed. It isn’t easy — never has been.

    My grandfather died a wealthy man with no more than a 3rd grade education. But in his books he recorded many times he would ride his mule to town and make a payment of 25 cents so he would not lose his land. It has never been easy for any particular race or ethnicity. (I admit, it appears to be easy for some, but somewhere in their past, someone had to earn it!)

  • Buckworth Jackson

    This article is why I left everything behind in Oregon and moved to Montana.
    Best thing I ever did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • O. Ryan Faust

    So much racism. Hoon, you’re a very intelligent individual. Lose the hate, it’s not helpful. Anger against evil is natural, but directing invective shotgun style against groups of people is neither valid nor effective in reconciliation.

    Yes blacks are different, they’re high initiative, have a strong sense of justice and command a strong situational awareness. When enraged they act; thus the crime factor. Divisions are what causes hate. Become a unifier and you will find people will respond to your poignant insights.

    Jews: I am one (well, both parents are a percentage anyway). Of course O. Ryan Faust isn’t my real name. The “Zionists” you love to hate exist, but please remember that 99% of Jews aren’t! The powerful Jews you hate aren’t the ones who keep covenant with YHVH. They are apostate from the faith of Avraham, Itzchach and Jacov and the law delivered to Moshe by YHVH.

    America’s problem is one of morality, not zionists or blacks or illegal immigration or even arabs. We’ve lost our way. Our nation was founded on the sound, absolute God-given rights derived from the laws literally carved in stone on Mount Sinai.

    Henry David Thoreau once observed that for every ten men hacking at the branches of evil, there is but one who thinks to destroy the root.

    The root of the problem is that we have allowed evil to inhabit government, banking, education, corporations and through the 501(c)(3) even religion is diluted down to ineffectiveness.

    Only a unified people can stand against the wickedness in high places that threatens the very existence of the America that was founded in 1776. Something very different roams the halls of our capitol than was established by We The People.

    Establishment politicians lie every four years to get elected to perpetuate the fraud. There is only one candidate that can reverse the trends. You know who I mean, I won’t mention any names here, but his initials are RON PAUL.

    We can elect a good man, but the rest will be up to us, We The People. We must unify behind the principles of the Constitution, behind the God of our ancestors, behind the God who loves us and has provided a way of redemption from the evil.

    Scripture says it best: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  • Anonymous

    White 38.8%
    Black 37.2
    Hispanic 17.8
    Asian 2.8
    Other 3.4

    Source: from Where We Stand, by Michael Wolff, Peter Rutten, Albert Bayers III, eds., and the World Rank Research Team (New York: Bantam Books, 1992), pp. 242-55.

    Two things to note:

    The percentage by race is based on total population. While blacks constitute 12% of the US population, they constitute over 37% of the welfare recipients.

    Nearly 40,000 white women were raped in 2005 (according to the DOJ)! by blacks. This compared to approximately ten white men raping black women. 40,000:10! If that does not clue you in to there being some type of serious problem, you yourself have the problem.

    Blacks are 7+ more times to commit murder than a White.

    Whites constitute 38.8 and of welfare recipients and have no where near the proclivity towards violence and criminality as among blacks.

    There is something more here than economics. There is a racial component. There is a genetic component. Most people are too dumbed down with PC think to address this issue in the light of truth.

    While I do not approve of the title of this video it is very informative.

    Why is it when a black man tells the truth, he is not a racist?

  • Anonymous

    Yes blacks are different, they’re high initiative, have a strong sense of justice and command a strong situational awareness. When enraged they act; thus the crime factor.

    Ryan, you’re either black or a stupid LIEberal. In either case, I guess it just flies right over you head how truly stupid you sound.

    So, in order to be a successful criminal, you must have a strong sense of justice and command a strong situational awareness.

    So blacks commit crimes because they have a strong sense of justice? ROFLOL!

  • Officer Jethro Bodine

    I am simply appalled….. Just appalled!

  • Anonymous

    It means if de diss yo ass, you have the right to kill them.

    You made them feeeeeeeel a strong sense of injustice was done to their self-respect you see.

    Don nobody better be diss’n no black man.

  • Hoon

    Sorry my posts seem to indicate hatred. I re-read them and aside from pointing out a percentage in my first post I have not pointed a finger at anyone other than the government and its dependents.
    Ryan, the verse you quoted is, truly, the only hope we have to return our nation to the world leader it should be. Unfortunately, there are a shortage of people who are called by His name and live by it. We all know what the Bible says about prayer changing things, but in the case of the verse from Deuteronomy, it indicates more than an individual or small group must be involved in the the ations. Would that we had a Gideon.
    We can elect the best man in the country for the executive branch, but until we are able to provide him with a majority of like minded men in both houses of Congress, nothing will change. The Congress as a whole must be willing to humble itself and pray and seek G’d, then must be willing to take back the lawmaking power the Supreme Court has granted itself (unconstitutionally), and reform the reforms that have been implemented since 1900.
    I would not characterize my feeling about government as hatred, but it is a long way from love. Or even like. I agree with the old adage, “government is a necessary evil”, but I also believe it is an evil that should be closely watched and regularly corrected.

  • Anonymous

    White women married married to black men are 12.4 times more likely to be a victim of spousal homicide than white women married to white men. Black men are a third more likely to murder their wife if she is white, compared to blacks married to black women.

    Black females aged 15-19 are 3.9 times more likely to die of homicide or AIDS than white females in the same age group. This increases to 4.4 time for females aged 20-24 and 7.3 times for 25-34.

    According to the CDC: AIDS the leading cause of death for black women aged 25–34 years.

    Among women aged 15-24, homicide accounts for 5% of premature deaths in white females, but 20% of all premature deaths by black females.

    In 1998, Salber and Taliaferro reported that the spousal homicide rate among African Americans is 8.4 times more than for whites. The incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to interracial marriages. (Source

    Come on you White Liberal MORONS; ignore that facts.

  • sowhat

    People done lost their minds. And now they are reading the wrong things. Should be tryin’ to get some smarts and get their souls back.

  • Thanh Thanh

    hi, alert(0);

  • grasscrown

    @Posted by Anonymous on Mon 14 Nov 2011 05:49 Oh please. Like people would associate with someone who did that. Why not be best chums with a goat shagger? Or is that racist Well if they were SO racist back then why would people associate with what they thought of as a goat shagger? Because to not do so would be racist? Gibberish of the mass murder, mass rapist supporter.

  • grasscrown

    @Posted by Anonymous on Mon 14 Nov 2011 08:40 NOPE. Anti-Zionist wheedling won’t cut it either. We have our own agenda and you are not going to infect it.. So stop trying. Or I’ll kill every member of my family. NOT!

  • ysrayl

    Lol funny Caucasians. You unnatural beings time is coming to an end. By nature you are slowly but surely dying out. Soon the original Black man that you all have grown to hate, will be back in his proper position. On top of you heathens and ruling this Earth in righteousness as prophesied.

  • marasu66

    “I only answer to two people, myself and God.”– Cher
    I vaguely remember an interview in the ’90s where she said this. I see this as a problem. Perhaps if we felt we were answerable to other people, we wouldn’t do so many things that hurt others. The Golden Rule is applicable to secular and non-secular alike.

  • Anonymous

    You unnatural beings time is coming to an end. By nature you are slowly but surely dying out. Soon the original Black man that you all have grown to hate, will be back in his proper position. On top of you heathens and ruling this Earth in righteousness as prophesied.

    Thanks for the laugh pal. You had my friends and I rolling.

    I particularly liked the following line of the entire screed:

    “Soon the original Black man that you all have grown to hate, will be back in his proper position.”

    Then I started to picture a tree. Then a forest. Then a jungle and these trees had many strong branches from which to swing.

    Yes, perhaps you will return to your natural order after all.

  • ysrayl

    Laugh on Ms anonymous… If you survive the upcoming calamity, you will see for yourself and the truth will finally be told. Peace

  • Anonymous

    If I survive the upcoming calamity, I will be on the victor’s side. My people will be free from having to feed and care for our enemies who seek to destroy us.

    BTW: I laugh at every post you write.

  • turfangel

    Until whites are put under the damaging circumstances that they put black people under, we will never know how really psychotic white people can become. If blacks do certain things that they know are wrong, it is because of the circumstances whites force them to try to survive under-try to destroy them under-then blame blacks for what results. People are forgiven by God when they do wrong-under duress-and it is those who cause the extreme duress who are really to blame. It is about survival-in a world where only the rich can easily survive-the poor-can’t survive-nothing is for free. when everything for survival must be bought with money. You would steal too-whites would steal and murder and have anger issues if put under the same circumstance. Do you really think anyone can survive on welfare to live well on welfare is a myth-people suffer and can barely survive on welfare and they serve as the unemployed so wages will stay low for the capitalists. Get real welfare only exists so black people don’t die on the streets-so their children don’t starve to death-but it is just a bandaid-they suffer-but dead starving people don’t litter the streets and make rich white people’s america look bad. The fact is, that white people do evil and hurtful things to others and each other without being under adverse circumstances-it just comes naturally to them-it is genetic-they have less empathy-compassion and awareness of right from wrong than black people do. They are less creative, intelligent and talented in the arts than blacks-they don’t have the wit and the humor blacks do-they would have nothing going culturally today -if they did not copy blacks but the most boring crap for ideas that only whites can come up with. White people are evil-when they prejudge blacks and hate them it is because they want to have a reason to excuse their oppression of blacks. When you get to actually know white people and you give them the benefit of the doubt-sooner or later you realize they are evil. Blacks are hated by prejudice, but whites are hated after you get to know them for real.
Black people have a better chance of getting into heaven than white people-white people are like satan-thinking they are better-believing in inequity.
If whites really allowed blacks to live as equals -only then would the true potential of who and what they really are be discovered-and it would be better than whites under the same equally beneficial to survival-circumstances
Deep down inside white people are afraid of that so they won’t let it happen-all the while denying that they are racist oppressors.
    If you ever want to see how evil white people are in caparison look up Simeon Toko, when Jesus returned as a black man Toko-they killed him because he was Black. The worst thing about white people is their denial of their racism-then always blaming the blacks for their situation-as if they themselves cause it.

  • Anonymous

    Until whites are put under the damaging circumstances that they put black people under, we will never know how really psychotic white people can become.

    Whites never put you under “damaging circumstances” you numb nut.

    Unless you want to admit that all the government assistance WHITES HAVE PUT YOUR RACE UNDER are really damaging. Of course you’re probably REALLY REFERRING TO THOSE OF YOUR RACE WHO HAVE LONG SINCE DIED AND WHO YOU NEVER REALLY KNEW.

    IOW: You’re a whinny wimp who pretends to be an adult; relying on the suffering of people you do not even know in order to gain sympathy and a sense of some perverse justice in order to justify the crimes that you commit.

    I’ll place the hardship of MY people against yours ANY DAY! Yet we thrived and we advanced and we DIDN’T WHINE LIKE LITTLE JEWS!

    And speaking of jews, you uneducated boob; perhaps it is time to crack a book instead of a pipe for the first time in your life and learn about THE JEWS who bought blacks slaves from BLACK SLAVE OWNERS; transported them to the colonies (against many of my forefathers’ wishes).

    Then learn how THE JEW determined your worth and how they accounted for SHRINK (death in transport) to determine acceptable limits of loss and determine minimal acceptable payment for survivors (as if your race were simply raw meat).

    Then learn how THE JEW OWNED AUCTION HOUSES sold your butts to the highest bidder which was most often A JEW like the Monsanto family who to this day value all NON JEWS as much as various cuts of meat.

    BTW, it should not surprise you that the altruistic jew who is your advocate on Talmud vision (that’s TV to the initiated) thinks your race is the absolute LOWEST cut of meat. But you’re cheep and you are EASILY led and you and your idiot savant homies make a weapon of sorts against Whites who have actually never done you any real harm save the occasional nut.

    You have no clue what is going to transpire. You are a “cushion” between those of the White race and the jew. You are only a “cushion”. This is the most the jew can hope for with your race. Do not place yourself in the middle of this. You will get hurt.

  • Tigermouse

    I wish that the human race would be brave enough to understand that we are but a mere speck in the universe or universes. We know so little but if god does indeed exist and is privy to special knowledge, why didn’t the bible tell us that the earth goes around the sun or that it is round and suspended in outer space as are all the other planets? That would be impressive and then I would think there was something to this “god”. We’re approaching a time when it may be proven that there is another parallel universe where someone exactly like you and me is doing exactly the same thing as we are. Novel isn’t it? How would one explain god then? “God” is another word for physics. Planets and stars form and implode according to physics. It could be as early as next week that a meteorite knocks us off course and that will be the end of man as it is currently known (but we’ll probably destroy ourselves soon anyway though maybe not as soon as next week). Once we get it into our thick heads that we are all we’ve got, there is no god that is coming to our rescue and that when we die we go to the same place that all the animals, insects, trees and other living matter goes, we will have done the bravest thing of all, faced our mortality square on. In the meantime it sure would be great if people didn’t just think about only themselves and great too if they voted for leaders who have a good heart and brains and make sure of it before voting for them! With all the technology for warfare available today, we should choose very, very, carefully who’s in charge, lest they are driven by power and cruelty. If they have done it to one, they most likely would do it to many, including their own people, ie: us.

  • Thanh Thanh


  • Anonymous

    Hey, if you’re going to go; go out fighting. That’s my plan.

  • lovinight

    Ok yeah I’m willing do die to ensure a future for my son but to hell with it if I am going to do it alone because everyone is asleep or so rascist they are unwilling to unite and fight along side me.

  • MP Hollingsworth

    The purpose of encouraging liberal vs conservative, black vs white or poor vs rich keeps us occupied fighting each other so the real enemy can continue to distract us and keep us divided and controlled. Judging from the above comments it is working well.

  • Don't be hating!

    MP-Hollingsworth said it. This is true. If we all keep watching TV,getting zap with EMF radiation, packing cell phones to our brains/hanging out at WiFi spots, Wifi at home, bluetooth in the car, lapp tops everywhere, we all are mind controlled and rapidly killing our own immune system. Then the cancer/tumors/diseases come about and we sit there wondering what the hell happen? Is all around us people so finds ways to protect your most precious piece of technology> And that is your BODY? Our bodies are full spectrum magnetic and radiates frequency that is connected to our planet. Once that is compromised with the wicked dirty electricity all around us, then our minds are covered with the veil of the matrix. Protect your homes/your body from EMF>>>Go and look up EMF pollution the SILENT KILLER! Our children are also targeted prone to ADHD syndrome from the minute of birth! We are being killed and targeted by our own goverments! Dont vote for any politician! That little pin on top of the left/right collar of their suites protect them from all of this radiation.

  • Anonymous

    Blacks commit 90percent of crime in this country but the liberal media ignores facts.

  • Nam Marine

    70% of all violent crime is committed by Negro males in their
    20′s. Look it up……facts don’t lie!
    The wrong side won the Civil War!

  • Tigermouse

    What the white supremists have failed to account for is the hatred and human venom the whites have inflicted on their lesser brothers and sisters, is ironically the rub that has ground them into gods; while the whites have regressed to the level of one notch above the chimpanzee.

  • Tigermouse

    (Seems one cannot reply directly to a comment on this site). To the one above who said: “Nearly 40,000 white women were raped in 2005 (according to the DOJ)! by blacks. This compared to approximately ten white men raping black women. 40,000:10! If that does not clue you in to there being some type of serious problem, you yourself have the problem.”

    You claim these facts but what is the solution? What do you want to do with these facts? Build more hatred? You cannot cite a few simple “facts” and claim the matter is solved. Big deal with your pompous “facts”, meager as they are.

  • MILee

    I have read many a compilation of comments, but most of these here are beyond ridiculous. Rarely was there any writer who offered positive, meaningful and workable solutions. Most were rants and diatribes against those “different” from them. Don’t you have anything meaningful to do with your time than to bore us all to death with your prejudices and narrow-mindedness?

  • Tigermouse

    To the commenter who said this: “Every time a law is passed, a freedom is lost. With less freedom and more laws, people feel less need to regulate themselves, resulting in the mess we have now. And it will only get worse — until we throw the government off our shoulders and each learn to be our own government/police/regulator — to be responsible for our own actions.”

    I wish to reply: what kind of a world are you suggesting – a world with no government? And what kind of freedom are you imagining? Where there are no regulations? Surely you realize that this would leave it open to only the few to dictate how the rest of us get to live? The few with the money to afford “freedom”. What kind of freedom have we had even when money flowed like milk and honey? Freedom to work 50 hours or more a week; freedom to allow the family to be plucked from one neighborhood to the next to fulfill some kind of corporate Turret’s; freedom to have less vacation time than any other comparable nation; freedom to go without health insurance or at least the freedom to think it may possibly be there when you most need it? Or perhaps the freedom for returning mothers to leave their precious new borns at three months of age so they can work 40 hours a week for some company that would drop them like a hot potato should their salaries threaten the bottom line? We actually are all we’ve got. Look around – black white, brown or “yella” (as John Wayne would have said, that old redneck extraordinaire). Here’s a little exercise: whenever you feel like someone is lesser than you, take a deep breath and say to yourself: “The space for what I want is filled with what I settle for instead” and start thinking good thoughts. Start dreaming of the life we could be having. Healing can be as fast as the speed of light, once we start practicing it, or anything else. What we practice we will learn. It can spread really fast – those who witness positive and caring behavior, will learn and they in turn will influence others and so it goes exponentially. This is a whole new world we are entering, where any day now we could discover the most stupendous thing, such as the way to grow a gorgeous head of hair where not a one existed before, to finding that little switch in our genes to immortality (imagine being the age you are now, forever!) We are on the verge even of probably discovering how to capture clean, renewable, intensive and reliable energy. We could even be on the verge of identifying the dancing gene or the size of the universe! We are the gods really. And look what we do with our power.

  • Anonymous

    Divide and conquer, is the name of the game.

    The elite are governing, your minds.

    Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, have destroyed the peace, which we so strongly desire.

    Just a suggestion, Vote, Ron Paul 2012.

    What other choice, do you have?

    A pissed off Canadian.

  • lovinight

    OMG all I want to see is a group of people willing to stand beside each other for the future of our children!

    I am white, I don’t care what color, religion, or political party you belong, I am also woman if it matters.

    We are in trouble, face it!

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