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Here’s what happened when ancient Romans tried to drain the swamp

Friday, November 25, 2016 7:45
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In late January of the year 98 AD, after decades of turmoil, instability, inflation, and war, Romans welcomed a prominent solider named Trajan as their new Emperor.

Prior to Trajan, Romans had suffered immeasurably, from the madness of Nero to the ruthless autocracy of Domitian, to the chaos of 68-69 AD when, in the span of twelve months, Rome saw four separate emperors.

Trajan was welcome relief and was generally considered by his contemporaries to be among the finest emperors in Roman history.

Trajan’s successors included Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius, both of whom were also were also reputed as highly effective rulers.

But that was pretty much the end of Rome’s good luck.

The Roman Empire’s enlightened rulers may have been able to make some positive changes and delay the inevitable, but they could not prevent it.

Rome still had far too many systemic problems.

The cost of administering such a vast empire was simply too great. There were so many different layers of governments—imperial, provincial, local—and the upkeep was debilitating.

Rome had also installed costly infrastructure and created expensive social welfare programs like the alimenta, which provided free grain to the poor.

Not to mention, endless wars had taken their toll on public finances.

Romans were no longer fighting conventional enemies like Carthage, and its famed General Hannibal bringing elephants across the Alps.

Instead, Rome’s greatest threat had become the Germanic barbarian tribes, peoples viewed as violent and uncivilized who would stop at nothing to destroy Roman way of life.

Corruption and destructive bureaucracy were increasingly rampant.

And the worse imperial finances became, the more the government tried to “fix” everything by passing debilitating regulation and debasing the currency.

In his seminal work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon wrote:

“The story of its ruin is simple and obvious; and instead of inquiring why the Roman empire was destroyed, we should rather be surprised that it had subsisted so long.”

Gibbon was right. These trends are incredibly powerful. And once they reach a tipping point, they’re almost impossible to stop.

Similarly, though, no one has the ability to look into a crystal ball and predict with any certainty when it will all finally break down.

In today’s version of the Roman Empire, the United States, we can see similar circumstances.

The debt level is now rapidly closing in on $20 trillion, well in excess of 100% of GDP.

And even under the government’s most optimistic estimates, this debt is growing at a far more rapid rate than the economy could ever hope to expand.

We can see a central bank that is nearly insolvent.

We can see a commercial banking system that, even in the opinion of its own regulators (most recently the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis), is still at significant risk to succumb to a major crisis.

We can see Civil Asset Forfeiture levels that have increased to astonishing rates.

These trends are pretty obvious, and they have been building for years.

And history shows that, whenever governments reach these tipping points, they tend to rely on a very limited playbook.

In ancient times, the Romans imposed wage and price controls under penalty of death.

In our modern era, governments default on the obligations they’ve made to taxpayers (for example, social security and pension payments).

They impose capital controls, preventing you from engaging in even the most basic financial transactions like withdrawing money from your own bank account.

They grab assets and retirement savings. They freeze accounts.

This isn’t theory or conjecture– it’s reality. Each one of these examples has actually taken place in the developed world in the past few years.

It’s not crazy or radical to acknowledge these simple facts.

Actually, denying them and pretending like these problems don’t exist seems pretty crazy.

And understanding the truth doesn’t mean that the world is coming to and end. Far from it.

But it does make sense for rational, thinking people to take some simple steps to distance themselves from the consequences of such obvious trends.

For example, if your banking system is deeply flawed, don’t keep all of your money there. Easy. Why take the chance?

Instead, consider holding a bit of cash, or perhaps move some funds to a more conservative, well-capitalized bank that’s backed by a government with zero debt.

If the fundamentals of your currency are pitiful and your central bank is nearly insolvent, don’t keep 100% of your assets denominated in it.

Consider diversifying into other currencies or owning some real assets, like productive land, profitable businesses, precious metals, cash-producing real estate.

If your government is flat broke and losing money every year, don’t keep all of your assets there, especially your retirement savings.

Consider structuring a better retirement plan where you have the latitude to move funds outside the conventional financial system and away from their easy reach.

These concepts ensure that, no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) next, you’ll always be in a position of strength.

There may be good emperors and bad emperors, devils and saints.

And the consequences of the trends they’ve created may come to pass tomorrow, next month, next year, or perhaps (by some miracle), never at all.

But it’s hard to imagine you’ll be worse off for having a portion of your savings in a safe, well-capitalized bank as opposed to an illiquid one.

It’s hard to imagine you’re worse off because it’s more difficult for frivolous plaintiffs to sue you.

Or that the completely legal steps you’ve taken have reduced your tax bill.

Or that your new retirement plan is safer and exposed to more lucrative investment options than ever before.

Rational, thinking people don’t ignore such obvious risks. They understand that the biggest risk of all is doing nothing.

The solutions are simple, effective, and absolute no-brainers. All it takes to implement are the proper tools, the right education, and the basic will to take action.


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  • PaulTarsuss

    Enlightening parallels to be sure!

    Whatever pre-emptive course one wishes to take, one should move quickly. Regardless whether or not one wishes to acknowledge it, the prophecies of the Bible are being fulfilled at this time. And God’s Word reminds us that, (much like rome)….

    ‘It will be just as in the days of Noah. They will still be giving and taking in marriage, celebrating and carrying on, taking no note of the signs, until SUDDEN destruction is upon them”.

    As the modern day world empirical structure buckles under the weight of corruption, rebellion, and wanton wickedness, one would do well to remember these words:

    “The earth is broken asunder, The earth is split through, The earth is shaken violently. 20The earth reels to and fro like a drunkard And it totters like a shack, For its transgression is heavy upon it, And it will fall, never to rise again. 21So it will happen in that day, That the LORD will punish the host of heaven on high, And the kings of the earth on earth.…” Isaiah 24:19-21


    25 “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26 People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. 27 At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:25-28

    When your Creator and mine warns us that there will be signs in the heavens, and the heavenly bodies will be ‘shaken’, that men’s hearts would fail them for fear of what is coming upon the earth, that the oceans would be greatly agitated, that there would be earthquakes in diverse places at the beginning of sorrows of our world before the end….

    And one watches as the sun begins rising and setting over canada in summer, thousands of miles north of the former limit at the tropic of cancer which runs through central mexico at 23.5 degrees north latitude; And one witnesses accompanying tsunami after tsunami, and rogue waves, planets literally shaken from their former orbits in the sky….exactly as foretold….

    It is High Time to pay attention. We are moving beyond the ‘birth pangs’ of our world’s tribulation. One foretold to be worse than at any time the earth has seen before or will ever occur again!

    In the interest of informing others as to where our world currently resides in the stream of time….and how much remains, I share the following:

    Our world has been, if one may pardon the expression, “going to hell in a handbasket” for quite a while now. One may shuttle their eggs around in it as often as they wish, but they are still in that basket.

    Christ said not to store up your treasures on earth but in heaven. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose your own soul.

    “He that would save his own life, shall lose it” “He that would give up his life for My sake, shall save it”.

    As the world begins to shake more violently….and race rises against race…nation against nation….one may act prudently to protect one’s body and possessions.

    Or one may act selflessly and act to invest spiritually in God and one’s fellow men, thus protecting one’s own soul, helping to reserve for one, a place above this fragile and so very flammable basket we currently share.

    There is yet, one more ‘supermoon’ to come this year….the third in as many months.

    One can see from the various news stories, the aftermath of the last one.

    It you put your trust in the cwhoreporate news media, you are lost already. If you put your trust in God, through Yeshua, Jesus Christ, and act accordingly…

    Not even the gates of hell may prevail against you.

    Good Journeys

  • Anonymous


    “Consider diversifying into other currencies or owning some real assets, like productive land, profitable businesses, precious metals, cash-producing real estate.”

    This article obviously wasn’t written for us.

  • YellowRoseTx51

    well, its good to see people waking up.
    But the author is mistaken if you think to put money in ‘some other bank’. These are pertinent facts: A)All banks worldwide, except 3, are owned by Rothschild. B) The Babylon Slave System is a 3 prong system of “Religion, Corporate Governement, Money/Banking”. C) You are in a very large company store system, and all ‘money’ is defined by their own codified law, as a “Debt Note” and “for internal use only”. In legal terms, all the corporate entities are linked, and not at arms length, and all trace back to the Vatican as does all the financial fraud. By trace, I mean the financial instruments, and corporate ownership via their proxy C.E.O. which is registered at the S.E.C. (1952 Cox Committee scandal is for which the real single owners name is no longer listed, only the proxy)
    We are leaving the slave system.

  • Canderson

    “The debt level is now rapidly closing in on $20 trillion, well in excess of 100% of GDP.” That per se is not the problem. You were “little Rome” the Empire of the world. First

    we must take a look at your purpose, you were the military might of the cabal, you also were the development center of technology for the milliary industrial complex.(breakaway civilization, demiurge kind of)
    You got the FED Bank and that system is interconnected with all other central banks in the whole world, mother base is BIS.
    You held the reserve currency, the rest of the world would have to go through your money changers when buying or selling oil and computers etcetera.(a global taxation) When you dropped

    the gold standard and started to print money out of thin air. You (USA-the corporation), by how the system works by default, you indebted the whole world while the US FED(cabal FED ofcourse) could just print more

    us dollars = you never ever payed the whole value of your imported goods and services. (One are not free when in debt you see.) Now what is happening is that the rest of the

    world is paying off their debt to you (freedom of debt slavery), and your dollars are returning home. Then you can no longer just print us dollars out of thin air, now you need to work and produce to reach a trade balance, you think you have but you haven’t just look at your military industrial complex expenditure, It is not the common peoples fault, their industrial military complex suck us all dry, and they keep the tech not a good deal I say. The US common people, the little people gained for a while, now you lose it all. Just take a look at your military’s role in the world imperialistic as no other than the British Empire and before them the Roman Empire. I ask did the Empire die? No, It just moved on (Babylonian banking) and today it is China that is to be the HQ for it, no doubt about it. And they will try to bring the rest of the world down on it’s knees, turn us into beggars, themselves into gods – demiurge./ they are fake, only psychopaths that bleed.

  • Andy

    humanity can only reap as it has sown – we built a “fear-based” society and we are now and shall be reaping the fruits of our own sowing for as long as we keep sowing the same seeds of fear

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    This article is ironic?…Well sort of, it’s fitting that we’re talking about R0mans given that DT is surrounding himself with R0MAN cath0lic advisors, 34 or more of them to be exact
    So what’s going on is that the swamp is being drained of leftest R0man advisors and being replaced with right leaning R0man advisors. The Je$uits may not have anticipated a Trump victory, what I mean is that the election may have been rigged in favor of Hillary, however the Trump turnout was overwhelming and more than they expected so they had to let it go to Trump. Maybe the elections are only rigged when it’s super close and they think that they can get away with if it, I’m not sure it’s just a theory, but they will put their people in place regardless. If Hillary had got in they would have had their big Je$uit Kaine in second in command, so either way they are in control, or they have people in positions in an advisory capacity. Just like they have R0man cath0lic Paul Ryan in the third in command position, before that they had R0man cath0lic and K 0f C member J0hn B0ener. Of Course they have Je$uit trained J0e Biden in the number two spot, and on and on it goes. So the */atican and the Je$uits will accomplish their goals with the left or the right, they may have reasons for moving the country to the right or to the left at a particular time to accomplish whatever it is that they’re trying to do in ways that we may not understand at the time, remember they plan things out sometimes decades in advance. and Of Course whoever is in charge be it leftest 0bama or cartel capitalist Trump or Hillary, it makes their constitutes on either side feel hopeful and energized that the country will move in the direction that made he or she pull the lever for their candidate, not realizing that they are just tools of Rome, there to serve R0me.

  • jbw

    A “prominent solider named Trajan” huh? No diarrhea then I take it, just solids…That’s good…

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