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Claims: Iran “Earthquake” Was Actually Covert Nuclear Detonation

Monday, November 13, 2017 3:02
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from Hal Turner:

Very serious allegations are beginning to surface from the Middle East, that the massive, Magnitude 7.3 “earthquake” which struck northwestern Iran earlier today was actually a covert NUCLEAR BOMB TEST.  The allegations are based – right now – on two not-so-coincidental public message postings made to a well known message forum run by and frequented by Intelligence Community operatives worldwide, which warned folks as follows:

“The Fuse is lit … whitin (SIC) 8 hours … more i can not say , you will all see it yourselves ..
on tv , mass media , and all other channels will only be talking about this … within hours…
World… be prepared… for the shock.”

That posting, made via an anonymous proxy server located in Belgium at 5:56 AM eastern US time today.   

About 8 hours later - almost to the minute, a Magnitude 7.3 “earthquake” rocked northwestern Iran.

Several minutes after the “earthquake” struck, the same entity, again posting via an anonymous proxy in Belgium, posted several other curious items:

the shock is the beginning … from now on , its gonna come from airspace…

and then:

its not over yet … this is just the beginning and some things might not be what the media says… the rest will come and follow from the sky …

Obviously an earthquake cannot “come from the sky” but a nuke can!  Based upon the fact that recent North Korean nuclear tests have been recorded as “earthquakes” people on the message forum began putting  two-and-two together.

These postings, having piqued the curiosity of many, were finally followed up with this:

was it really an earthquake ? ;-)

last hint … but what side, country did it … is for you to find out …now i’m really gone …

The link above is to an Internet article, from the year 2012, which talks about ”covert nuclear test detonations in Iran.”
[link to

We’ve Got a Problem

Thus, someone using a proxy server in Belgium, gave 8 hours advance warning of a “shock” the world would be talking about.  As promised, 8 hours later a “Magnitude 7.3 earthquake” struck northwestern Iran and the original poster followed-up and said “the rest will follow from the sky” and posted a link to a 2012 web site article about covert Nuclear Detonations in Iran. 

There is no way to forecast an earthquake . . . . certainly not to within 8 hours.  So what we have here is someone is hinting in a not-so-subtle way that today’s “earthquake” was actually a nuclear detonation . . . and they knew it would take place 8 hours before it actually happened.


I reached out to my former colleagues in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and “other” agencies and made inquiries.  All I could find out was that elements of the US military had been “tasked” to travel toward what would be “downwind” of the “earthquake” location, with radiation monitoring gear.  I was not told if any results were obtained.

Elements of the US Navy, patrolling the Persian Gulf, have also been tasked with deploying radiation sensor gear.  This was done because, according to US GEOS-5  Weather Satellite, the wind direction from that part of Iran is such that the air is moving between the mountain ranges south to the Persian Gulf.  

I was a bit taken aback by the admission that US military elements had been “tasked” to check for radiation.  No one does that if an earthquake is legitimate.  So the fact that US military elements were even SENT to look-and-see, is telling, in and of itself!

The topography of the “earthquake region” is such that if a nuke test were undertaken in this area, mountains on both sides of the test area would contain any radioactive fallout.  Here’s a map to show you the layout, with the exact location of the “earthquake” pinned:

 Who is sending a message to whom?

Is Iran telling the world it now has nuclear weapons?  Or are they telling Saudi Arabia and Israel (who have, within the past week, “teamed-up” to confront Iranian activities in Syria and Yemen) that they have such weapons and to back off?

Did Iran perform a test for their pals in North Korea . . . as a slap in the face to both US President Donald Trump during his Asia visits AND to Beijing?

Is Saudi Arabia sending a message to Iran – to back off out of Syria and Yemen or face Saudi Nuclear Weapons?

Read More @


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  • The Watcher


    • 2QIK4U

      Depends if Saudi Arabia does it first… Something dodgy is happening with all this. America pulls out,stops paying Isis wages and that’s America’s defeat of Isis! What a joke.. Next Jared kushner is there last week and Israel has it’s missile’s shot down by Saudi’s… All of this seems like a takeout for a craftier result we can’t see yet… Or they really will collapse Israel and America at once? Thing’s feel crook in tullarook.

      • 2QIK4U


      • Equalizer

        Nuclear test is 100% correct and will be substantiated seismically.

        • Hayduke

          Can a test cause a 7.1? I wonder what Dutchsinse had to say. This will be interesting, Brother Equalizer. :smile:

        • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

          Sorry clapper, mitch…
          It was rice and beans night… :oops:

          • Hayduke

            That would explain it. I didn’t think it was a nuke. How many pounds of beans was that??? :smile:

      • DK

        Saudi has had Pakistans nuckes since the mid 1990′s

        • DK

          Nukes even :oops:

      • Anonymous

        Another article of pure stupidity. Nuke tests emit isotopes that can be read, tracked and hundreds of miles away. Never hear of the CIA “sniffer plane”? Look it up and quit w/ the never ending zionist war garbage

  • Man

    i am surprised people aren’t saying IRAN HAZ WEATHERMACHINE!!!!!1111

    • Hayduke

      HOLY EFFING HAARP, BATMAN!!! :shock: :shock: :eek: :cool:

  • Maxwell

    The world is convulsing with lies. All of a sudden no one can tell whether it is an earthquake of an atomic blast. Remember the old song, “tell me a story, tell me a story before I go to bed”. Well I do you goddam liars. I call horse cack on this. Get with it you fatherless children and tell the damn truth.

  • nath

    Israel will still be standing when the dust clears and all who attack will be extinct.That Earth Quake comes from a power far greater than any measly nation on the Earth.

    • DK

      Looking at the Wiki it seems this ‘covert nuclear’ test killed 500 people with 8100 injuries over an entire region rather than making a large hole in the ground. 70,000 are reported homeless. The average quakes caused by US bomb tests was 5.8, miild shaking they set off other quakes in faultlines nearby in exactly the same way normal earthquakes do. You are looking at a 5.6 – 5.8 first triggering a 7.6 ( therefore one of this magnitude is a natural quake set off by a test gone wrong and it would show on records as two quakes up to several hundred miles apart, the small one before the large one. No small quake therefore possibly natural causes. It is dobtful Iran would test any nuclear weapons for two reasons, one how to make a Pit is known and having a particular size warhead to fit a small subamarines missile is not required, they are looking at Old Soviet missile designs and 2) if you follow the link in 1978 Iran under the shah was suspected of conducting a weapons test killing 25,000 of its own people by accidently setting off an earthquake.

      12 October 1978, the British New Scientist reported:

      Geophysicists in Germany and England believe the 1978 earthquake in Tabas, Iran, in which at least twenty-five thousand people were killed, may have been triggered by an underground nuclear explosion. . . . British seismologists believe the Tabas earthquake implies a nuclear test that has gone awry. . . . Moreover, a seismic laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden, recorded a Soviet nuclear test of unusual size–ten megatons–at Semipalitinsk only thirty-six hours before. . . . One German scientist specifically implicated this test in the origin of Tabas disaster.

      see also.

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