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Sunday, November 6, 2016 22:29
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13 days ago, HILLBUNKARY’S PUNDITS and MSM BUFFOONS AT, CNN [“CLINTON NEWS NETWORK”]; PBS’ NEWSHOUR; & SCOTT PELLEY AT CBS’ NIGHTLY NEWS, were ALL gleefully pontificating about how Hillary Clinton had victory “ALL SEWED UP” – except for her VICTORY SPEECH! Furthermore, THEY ALL WENT ON AD NAUSEUM ABOUT HOW MUCH TIME DONALD J. TRUMP SPENT COMPLAINING, WITH ABSOLUTELY “NO PLAN TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”, even after Demon-Obamamanic, with his left-hand lady, Hillary, has executed a covert plan to destroy the United States’ sovereignty! The claim that DONALD J. TRUMP “only complains” and has no plan, IS a bald-faced LIE, as will be explained.

Those of us lucky enough to have heard Donald J Trump’s magnificent speech in Ohio, on Thursday, October 27, 2016, in which he NOT ONLY laid out HIS PLAN to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, but again EXPOSED Hillbunkary’s complete lack of a plan, are sick and tired of the MSM’s horrendous HILLBUNKARY BIAS! So, for those of you who missed TRUMP’S speech, the following are major components of DONALD J. TRUMP’S PLAN and MORE OF THE SAME MALARKY FROM HILLARY. READ THIS and you will understand why DONALD J. TRUMP IS THE ONLY SANE AND PATRIOTIC CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT!!!

HILLARY CLINTON’S ALLEGED “PLAN” is, loosely: fix the country’s infrastructure! EXCUSE ME? Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro promised the SAME THING 8 LONG YEARS AGO in 2008, with “SHOVEL READY JOBS”! So why is Hillary making the SAME empty promise 8 years later? Once the election was stolen the “Infrastructure” was scrapped as fast as OUR NATIONAL DEBT WAS DOUBLED! Obama went on to decimate the DOMESTIC oil industry, natural gas industry, coal industry, and raise the cost of electricity exponentially, he immediately started throwing taxpayer’s cash at ”GREEN” energy companies and HILLBUNKARY was on board every step of the way. Startup green energy companies appeared faster than a cloned mouse, mostly created and controlled by the BIGGEST OBAMA DONORS. Obama silently channeled millions and millions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies to his BIG donor’s new green energy companies; companies which proceeded to go bankrupt, one after the other, but not before Obama’s donors were free and clear with millions of YOUR tax dollars safely tucked away in their BIG bank accounts. (Example? Well, of course, “Solyndra” comes to mind, whose management now inhabit BIG mansions overlooking the picturesque Pacific Ocean. (What about their rank and file workers? Well, they’re collecting Obama-welfare and Obama-food stamps, living in shacks overlooking the occasional mud puddle on Compton Boulevard!) Now HILLBUNKAY is sounding the clarion call for more “GREEN ENERGY” (while experts say competitive “green energy” is AT LEAST 10 years away)! ENERGY INDEPENDENCE never concerned Mr. Obama or his regime and certainly does not interest Hillary.

In fact, aside from doubling the National Debt (Obama PROMISED to make “disappear”), we now have 46 MILLION MORE Americans on Food Stamps and 45 MILLION MORE Americans chronically unemployed (forget underemployed). Let us NOT overlook NAFTA and TPP, either one of which has, and promises to, ship millions more jobs to Mexico and overseas to our Muslim enemies! OUR trade deficit under Obama and HILLBUNKARY continues to skyrocket, again, under TPP after Bill Clinton screwed our workers with NAFTA. Hillary was FOR TPP before she was against it, (because DONALD J. TRUMP exposed her wicked ways) but you must be crazy to believe anything lying HILLBUNKARY NOW alleges she plans!

In OHIO, for example, 25% of factory jobs have gone to Mexico and HRC PROMISES MORE OF THE SAME! 70,000 Ohio factories have closed thanks to Obama and Bill Clinton (“NAFTA”)! It is time to: “DRAIN THE SWAMP”! Overseas, militarily, our enemies laugh at Obama’s ineptitude, glaring inexperience, complemented by a narcissistic refusal to ADMIT that he does NOT know what he is doing! He’s giving IRAN the BOMB and financing it, as Russia practically tells him what to do and when to do it! 

ObamaCare (formerly, “HillaryCare”) is a snare and a delusion! We learned Thursday that premiums will rise Nationwide by a whopping average of 25%, but many States, such as Arizona, will see increases of at least 110%, per the Obama regime. Lying, pasty-mouthed, Obama, says, “Don’t worry; subsidies will save you from those increases.” Obama conveniently fails to mention that that is ONLY true if you are dirt poor (or, so rich you don’t give a damn). OBAMA and HILLARY, themselves, wouldn’t be caught dead depending on ObamaSham, but they won’t have to because they are filthy rich! 



OHIO is a “battleground” State where TRUMP now leads by 4 points and Ohio has picked the Presidential winner every year since 1996.

1. Fix or repeal NAFTA and stop the TPP unless FAIR TO AMERICA.

2. Reduce corporate tax from 35% (among the world’s highest corporate tax) to 10% (among the world’s lowest corporate tax) and see the corporations stream back to America. Factories can stay overseas, but a tariff will be placed on their goods, rendering them competitive with domestic manufacturers. It may take a year, but overseas manufacturers will get the idea that they save no money by manufacturing elsewhere! It means jobs, jobs, jobs, in America!

3. End the horrifically complex tax code for all Americans!

4. End ISIS; build a Wall; temporarily deny immigration to radical Muslim immigrants from worldwide hotspots until our vetting is perfected. We currently have over 1,000 open ISIS investigations in the US; that is simply crazy! HILLBUNKARY’s desire for “totally open borders” is a FARCE and suicidal; just plain insane!

5. We will no longer serve “NOTICE” to our enemies about what our military’s plans are, like Obama warning ISIS exactly when we would attack Mosul and/or withdraw from IRAQ! Talk about stupidity! I thought Obama was supposed to be intelligent? Of course, with Progressives, “intelligence” is a relative term and Obama tipping America’s plans may well be part of his covert agenda! DONALD J. TRUMP will rebuild our military into the finest fighting machine in the world, which it HAS ALWAYS BEEN (before the patent and gross stupidity of Obama).

6. Take care of our Veterans first and foremost. DONALD J. TRUMP’S MESSAGE TO our brave Vets, who have sacrificed so much, “I HAVE YOUR BACKS!”

7. Fix hospitals, fix schools (including voucher schools) and our aging infrastructure! Hillary wants to give free education to brainwash students into becoming numbskull, Progressive, Democrats. Guess who pays for Hillary’s “FREE” educational propaganda! TRUMP wants Americans educated to succeed.

8. Illegal Immigration reform! 1,000’s of Americans have been murdered and/or killed by (at least) 16,000,000 MILLION illegal aliens in the United States, with Obama always pumping in MORE; many deathly ill and with absolutely NO useful skill that might legitimize their immigration. Hillary promises to allow in more under and un-vetted aliens than even Obama. Neither Obama nor Hillary has shown the slightest interest in allowing Christian refugees a safe haven in the United States. WHY? They are both consumed with flooding America with Muslim immigrants who follow sharia law and will not abide by OUR Constitution! It’s against their religion. If this were not bad enough, Obama has also excised the requirement that foreigners, seeking citizenship, swear or affirm to defend our Country! A very convenient alteration, if you are trying to flood the United States with Muslims who are barred by the Qur’an from fighting against fellow Muslims!

9. Finally, like a bad taste in your mouth, HILLBUNKARY’s illegal use of her server, lying about it repeatedly, is being REOPENED by the FBI’s Director COMEY, after James O’Keefe’s Veritas found another enormous outpouring of CLASSIFIED information sent and received ILLEGALLY by CLINTON. MOREOVER, the latest information leaves NO ROOM FOR DOUBT that OBAMA knew ALL ABOUT IT and gaily played along like a freshman trying to pick up the Senior Homecoming Queen at a High School dance, and making a complete FOOL of himself (only this case involves irrefutable evidence that Obama did NOT work with the best interests and safety of the United States in mind). One can only speculate, but he acted like a man in a hurry to meet his golfing buddies on the links. No wrongdoing even approaching the horrendous acts attributed to Hillary have ever been charged against Donald J. Trump. Considering Hillary’s record, one cannot help but wonder if the Democrats could have nominated a WORSE candidate for President?

10. DONALD J. TRUMP endorses TERM LIMITS for Congress and the judiciary, including the misused SCOTUS!

11. Radical Islamite’s call us “The Nation of the Crosses”! THANK YOU, nations of, “the used, carnal, pedophile, murderous, people!” Stay in your Muslim hellholes and out of the United States. We don’t want you and we certainly don’t need you. We have immigration Laws fashioned to allow immigrants who will enrich the United States – assimilating our culture while contributing parts of their own culture – not idiots who think they will TAKEOVER the United States! Immigrants to the US are overwhelmed with joy at coming to the United States with a chance at Citizenship. What do YOU offer except death and destruction? You are more EVIL now than you were when you PROVOKED the CRUSADES! That’s where we are heading, to wit: another Crusade to vanquish the Cult of the Underworld!


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