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California Dams on Verge of Collapse – First Oroville and Now Morgan Hill and Anderson Reservoir (Live Feeds)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 9:28
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(N.Morgan) In the last couple of weeks all eyes have been riveted on Oroville Dam, but now attention is shifting south to Morgan Hill and Anderson Reservoir.

Anderson Reservoir is rapidly filling up, and is over its recommended capacity. The reservoir is only supposed to be at 68 percent capacity, but it is at 100.04% capacity.

Water is being released at 400 cubic feet per second, and onto the spillway.

Already officials from Santa Clara Valley Water District have been dumping water as fast as they can from the reservoir, but it simply isn’t enough to offset the water streaming in from all the rain we’ve seen this winter.

That outlet has been fully open since January 9th, releasing water into Coyote Creek at the rate of 400 cubic feet per second.

The concern is over the dam’s seismic safety.

The danger would lie in the possibility of a magnitude 7.25 quake on the nearby Calaveras fault.

The water district tells KTVU that while the possibility may be remote, the water district is aware of the serious nature of the situation.

That is why they’re working so hard to dump water as quickly as possible.

The California Department of Water Resources suspended overflow from the Oroville Dam after gushing water ripped open a sinkhole in the middle of the spillway.

Engineers assessed the options and opened up a secondary emergency spillway which by Saturday morning was at maximum capacity.

CALIFORNIA DAMS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE – First Oroville & Now Morgan Hill & Anderson Reservoir



LIVE ALERT: Live Coverage Stream of The Oroville Dam & Spillway

This is a live webcam provided by California Department of Parks and Recreation.
The purpose of this live stream is to provide the public with a place to gather to discuss and share information in the chat.

Live Stream: Oroville Dam Spillway 2-21-2017

The purpose of this live stream is to provide the public with a place to gather to discuss events and share information.

OROVILLE DAM/150 MPH Winds/CA. Mountains

As of 5pm Monday San Francisco had passed the yearly aveage for rainfall. Heavy Rains and Winds Blasting California and Oregon. Flood Waters are Rising as Dam Levels Rise.

Sacramento, CA Radar - National Weather Service of storm activity at 7:32 am PST, on 21 February 2017


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  • tiredofBS

    So Anderson dam is about to fail, provided a big enough earthquake hits a particular fault line??

    Cmon these kind of headlines are five years old and considered fear porn

    How about addressing a bigger issue….how about the revelation of sky rivers?

    Or the chemtrailing that seems to have abruptly stopped allowing the rain to come in like it was suppose to…only built up after years of keeping it at bay….

    Agenda 21 keeps popping into my mind over the last two weeks

    • Equalizer

      FullofBS… Chem-trailing Aluminum, magnesium and bio-genetics into the upper atmosphere to poison or alter life should be punishable by death. Any commercial jet “chem-trailing” should be immediately shot down by our air force. Follow the money and you can walk right into Monsanto’s front door and drop a hot steaming dookie in their front lobby. This should become standard protocol for Monsanto.

      PS – Agenda 21 is destroying the infrastructure of America just like tooth decay.

  • N. Morgan

    :lol: Fear porn??

    How can this be old when it is happening now??

  • tiredofBS

    California dams on verge of collapse ….

    When in fact they are not, over filled does not mean collapse …. That’s why they have spillways and backups….
    Orville dam had a spillway problem….not a collapse problem…Anderson is simply to capacity….not unheard of, I have personally been to both dams in my life and fished them..

    You’re headline invokes the fear, and the POSSIBILITY of a Cali earthquake at particular fault of 7.25 or greater to collapse another is not a true read of a possible problem, granted it could happen, but unlikely, the last big quake to hit Cali collapsed the Cyprus structure and killed 11 people, it originated from the south around Morgan hill …. Besides…Anderson dam is not really a dam in the theme of dams, it’s more of a pit at the base of a mountain that fills up, the so called dam is actually very small and is essentially the spillway, after the quake mentioned above, the road crews made an exit ramp on hwy 17 to Anderson reservoir … Not dam…it is referred to as a reservoir by locals or simply Anderson …

    So to make this long story short, you’re headline is drastically misprinted and implies fear
    That in itself is bush erra fear porn, but in today’s world …. It’s click bait… Either way it’s wrong

    • Hayduke

      Welcome to BINNERWORLD, Sir. Enjoy your stay. :eek:

      • Bobwire

        Mitch 5.1 I see you removed your head out of your ass long enough to get a breath of fresh air.

        • Hayduke

          Thankfully I don’t have a vagina like you do. Thank God for small favors I guess. It can always be worse, as you have proven.

        • Central Scrutinizer

          Ouch Butt Hurt!!! Smack-down much? :mrgreen:

        • Central Scrutinizer

          ^^^ “California Dams on Verge of Collapse”

          Or Not……. Stay Tuned. :mrgreen:

  • BarbaryCoast

    Let’s be clear. These dams are NOT going to collapse. And your email needs to be updated. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Obama did complete his second term.

  • Anonymous

    I did not vote for Trump, but he is sure RIGHT about our neglected infrastructure. Due to the willful neglect by our politicians, we nearly dumped almost a cubic kilometer of water on the town of Oroville and surrounding vicinity. There would have been a massive death toll. Moreover, all around California, our highways and related infrasructure are falling into neglect. What’s worse, this occurred so our government could supply cheap labor to our corporations, and put the burden of health care, food stamps etc for illegals on the backs of California citizens and legal aliens. NO MORE! Never again let our current crop of corrupt politicians run a fascist government for these corporations at the expense of the taxpayer. Recall every last one of them, democrats and republicans alike and polygraph the new ones four times a year to ensure their honesty!

    • telstar

      I have seen it reported somewhere that comrade Jerry used the allocated money for repairing the Oroville spllway on illegals AND the “bullet train”. Can anyone confirm this and/or is it getting mentions on fake MSM news?

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#3,

    Charlie here. It is amazing how it can go from begging for rain to now where all your dams can break causing, of course, a deadly catastrophe.

    In retrospect, during the drought years the dams should of been inspected and repaired. I blame the Democraps on this one. They like to neglect the military and infrastructure for “social” programs that just create FAT lazy people and invite enemy attacks.

    Fat, obesity, diabetic, epidemic in California. Union people with $500,000 speed boats. :twisted: :twisted:

    Flood away California. You deserve it. Don’t fat people float? :lol: :lol:


    Charlie (Is that why Jerry Brown never banned me doughnuts in California?) :lol: :lol:

  • airportengineer

    Gee? Where are the engineers calculating when and how much to release each day? What a novel concept! This isn’t rocket science! Well, maybe a little but I’m a civil engineer and this is basic hydrology and when you know how much rain is being anticipated, this isn’t that difficult! You need to fire the idiots monitoring the dams!

    • Redlist Renegade

      The state of California must have hired some REAL Jokers to “Mind The Store” when it comes to the dams and other critical infrastructure like the nuclear plants etc. !!! People like ; Bevis and Butthead , Cheech and Chong , Abbot and Costello , The Three Stooges and The Marx Brothers come to mind as far as the QUALITY of employees that California must now be employing in key positions (as well as in State government there) !!!

      • DK

        Well that hits the nail on its head, to get into public service you must pass the diversity tests first, qualifications get checked rarely. The best candidate is a disabled transgender non white migrant/refugee with English as a second language at which point all the liberal boxes are ticked.

  • F16Hoser

    So what’s Jerry Brown up to? Golfing? Fiddling while his Rome Burns? Those Illegal Aliens should be sand-bagging. :lol:

  • concernedaboutpeople

    I guess this kind of puts a damper on their plans to overthrow the U.S. government and/or to exit the union.

  • Jack Shlitz

    Obama’s the Antichrist.
    KOS is a lunatic aka The Baloney Pony
    Pass this on.

  • FC

    That video
    “Live Stream: Oroville Dam Spillway 2-21-2017:
    is important because it shows the INFLOW and OUTFLOW chart showing tv news is lying about the water leaving the dam fast enough. More is coming in than going out. And the snow in the mountains will melt soon.

    More on HAARP being used in Calif. -

  • telstar

    So BIN’S “answer” is censorship? Or did that come from youtube?

  • unidentified

    melting snow will be a major problem this year unlike years past

  • CharlesH

    Two earthquakes struck along BC (Canada) a day ago and fault line travels down east coast of California. Next stop for a larger quake may very well be in area of Lake Tahoe. See or his channel on YouTube.

  • BarbaryCoast

    ROTFLMAO… less than a two percent change of failure… odds are you’ll get hit crossing the street before any of those dams collapse.

    great job trying to generate FUD. I guess the fact that nothing has happened in two days only makes the crisis worse.

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