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Germany Is in a Panic: Riots and Winter-Disaster Threatens Tent Camps

Monday, October 19, 2015 11:37
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An original translation by Liberty Dk.

From this Danish News source:

(There is a short related video at the link above)

The cold gets refugees go crazy in German camps where children moan and get sick

By: Christian Kloster

Picture: On Friday, mist and drizzle hung over the tent camp located in an industrial area east of Hamburg. The night had been the coldest so far this year with temperatures close to freezing point. Local authorities have promised that people would, from November 1, no longer be staying in tents that are not suitable for use in winter.

HAMBURG (to Ekstra Bladet): – It is warm and safe and in there.

So claimed a person in charge who yesterday tried to prevent Ekstra Bladet’s employees from gaining insight into the conditions inside a gigantic asylum-camp, located right beside the heavily trafficked A7 motorway in an industrial area of ??Hamburg.

We managed anyway.

42,000 in tents

The person speaking told an untruth and perhaps not without reason. 42,000 refugees now live in primitive camps in Germany, where the cold is now upon them, and where, every day, Chancellor Angela Merkel receives an awful verbal beating from even her own fellow party members. They say that the country cannot possibly accommodate and integrate hundreds of thousands of refugees and immigrants. Every day there are 10,000 new arrivals, according to new numbers.

Picture: Four-year old Saifullah from Chechnya sleeps with his father at night to keep warm.

3600 of them have been brought into this muddy, cold, clammy camp only 170 km from the Danish-German border.

Camp warden assaulted

Inside, conditions are so harsh that the police have sounded the alarm. The newspaper “Hamburger Abendblatt” yesterday revealed a leaked police report. It describes the situation as extremely worrying.

The female commander has been attacked and threatened, says the report, which also provides information on how refugees have tried to storm an office – and how social workers do not dare hand blankets out of fear of being beaten up and out of fear of unrest amongst the people.

Sick children

In just one part of the large camp there are 100 people, including children, who have been severely ill because of the cold in the chilly tents, just as ‘virus caused bronchitis and’ countless colds’ have broken out in the camp.

Police describes a fear that the pregnant women give birth prematurely, and cautions that the mood is boiling over in the camp.

“Unfortunately, it is true”, says a 25-year-old male Syrian refugee whom Ekstra Bladet met.

Threats and violence

“It is completely mad. Only ten percent of us are Syrians. The rest are mainly people from Kosovo and Albania who are not fleeing war. Why should they be here? They are terrorizing everyone with threats and violence. They fight. Children cry around the clock. People have lice. It smells. It is inhuman and people are coughing”, he says.


Everywhere in Germany doctors warn of the health hazards in the damp, cold and uninsulated tents, which are not designed for winter use. Still, the authorities are attempting to heat them with make-shift solutions that do not always work. This is why the authorities yesterday promised that children, elderly, pregnant women and the infirm would soon be evacuated and accommodated in an empty office building.

“Cold, cold, cold”…says seven-year Chechen Imam Suoyl who has learned a little German in the week he has lived in the tent camp in a meadow that, as the days go, has become increasingly muddy.

“I’m cold all the time”, says the seven-year Chechen refugee boy Islam Adret, who sat under quilts and blankets and talked with his brothers Imam and Saifullah, when Ekstra Bladet employees from outside the fence of the camp called them out of the tent for a while.

“Children should not be cold”

They froze. The father also, who, for this newspaper, agreed to take pictures from inside the extremely spartan tent – before the guards came and told them they were not allowed to take photos in the camp.

“Verboten”, said the warden determined.

The father hoped that the children could come inside a real house because the night temperatures are dropping to freezing, and in the camp there are fears that the temperatures would fall even further.

“I do not need much. Just that my children do not freeze”, he said.

The authorities are working like mad to find adequate housing for the refugees but, as Ekstra Bladet described yesterday, the new neighbors face considerable skepticism from locals.

100 becomes 1100

For example, the 100 residents of the north German village Sumte are extremely worried about their safety as 1,000 refugees will be moving in, in a few weeks’ time.

And many have become seriously angry in those few cases where municipalities have chosen to terminate rental agreements with Germans from municipal rental units because they have assessed that the refugees were more needy.


1.5 million. asylum-seekers to Germany this year.

A brand new figure is likely to give the German authorities a headache.

While thousands of refugees begin to freeze in primitive camps all over Germany, more are arriving than previously predicted.

It is simply escalating.

On Monday, alone 10,007 new refugees arrived into Germany, and an otherwise confidential report by the German Interior Ministry was yesterday revealed by the newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost.

It shows that since September – in one and a half months – 400,000 new refugees had arrived.

The leaked report

The official forecast had previously predicted that this year there would be 800,000 refugees arriving in Germany in 2015, but the leaked report shows that it is what has already arrived.

If the trend continues, as described in the report, 1.5 million refugees would arrive in Germany by years end.

The German authorities would yesterday not comment on the new figures, let alone changing the previous forecast.

The figures are also subject to some uncertainty


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  • Redeemer

    The insane, society destroying policy of allowing mass unchecked migration into the west from Islamic countries, is going perfectly to plan!

    More on the agenda here……

  • And Here\'s Why News

    Like nature’s tsunami-tidal wave, it is beyond prediction and preparedness. No country can in all honesty claim they were prepared for such a deluge of humans into an already crowed city. I am surprised the locals haven’t gone off the cliff on this and start fighting back against the idiots that have ruined the towns and cities of this country. :?:

    • JKnTX

      Ah, but their “governments” don’t trust them with guns do they? A good life lesson here.

  • xenoverse

    Why are people from Kosovo and Albania migrating across Europe to Germany? Isn’t it because somebody paid them money to do it and they’re just dumb enough to take it?

    • JKnTX

      Remember all the “Kosovars” we just had to go in and bomb the heck out of the Orthodox Christian Serbs to save back in 1999 under Slick Willie? Well, here is Episode II.

  • Room With a View

    Tell them they are welcome, but islam is not,…..same as when you go to a muslim country… you cannot practice your religion there. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. That might stop the flood as they will never give up their religion/political ideology for the filthy west, even though they clamour to be a part of the western society. It is spiritual aids folks, and everyone who embraces islam in the west has been infected.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Where are the strong leaders of Germany?

    Where is a Hitler someone that the German people can rally too and get the Muslim scum off their land, quit the pity party for Jews and take back control of their land?

    • sarah

      It is said Merkel is Hitlers daughter.

      Daddy’s little girl sure isn’t acting like a chip off the old block hungh?

      She could at least put the ‘refugees’ on a bus and send them back to Syria where Putin has already sat up a refugee camp.

      I’m sure they would be more comfortable in their own country as long as they are protected by Russian military.

      And, maybe those poor children want get sick, or freeze to death, and possibly die from inadequate housing.

      Merkel reminds me of a person who wants to rescue homeless animals, and who takes in too many animals beyond their ability to care for.

      What would be a possible tragedy beyond sending these people back to Syria, where they would be under Putin’s protection, is the tragedy of allowing them to remain in Germany under the present circumstances.

      If these children and others began to get sick and die because of their living situation that to me would be a terrible terrible tragedy.

      It’s not Merkel’s fault if she does not have a place to put all these people. But, it is Merkel’s fault if she doesn’t admit to herself that it is too many people and allow Putin to help out by sending these people back to Syria.

      • santiago

        Well said.

  • VirusGuard

    “Children should not be cold”

    Well our kids too are going cold as immigrants are being used to force our wages down and property prices up.

    Keep stuffing more and more sheep into an over flowing field and sheep will start to die, it’s a fact.

    Send the USA/UK the bill for being behind ISIS and the other joke they are calling moderate rebels in Syria who were known as AL-CIAda just a few years ago.

    We need buses so we can drive them back home and not put them on private jets like has happened in the UK with us tax payers being past the bill, go fight ISIS, Russia is helping them now, these are deserters, french surender monkeys when you think about it.

  • Fox Titor Sunset

    How ironic the islamic terrorists chose to leave their own warm climates to freeze to death in a foreign land that clearly is not theirs to begin with. Now you die in cold climate misery as you beg while freezing to death.

    100 years from now they will dig up these 2015 photos and say that the evil rulers of Western Nations of 2015 treated the peace loving non angry islamic young men and their families in outside concentration camps without mentioning the filth and garbage that the fakers tried to invade with. Too obviosu. They plan ahead, 100 years ahead even longer. Its part of the twist they will provide to the future generations of what would be the new batch of mankind that the victors will raise.

  • NWO for Dummies.

    Meanwhile they sanction Russia. europe deserves the mess they created themselves

  • knolley

    Merkel will soon be able to pose next to frozen deal immigrants. Frozen bodies will show up on the news and in video all over the internet. The mainstream media thugs will try to suppress it but they can’t suppress our cell phones and people will send pics out. Merkel will have to resident before 2017. The first frozen child’s corpse will be the end of her and her madness.

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