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Winner of Next US Pres. Election: Rothschilds. FBI Insider: They Have Bought Brain-Diseased Hillary, PSYOP Trump, US Gov´t

Sunday, August 7, 2016 3:02
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Posted on August 7, 2016 by Anders

WASHINGTON - JUNE 3: Philanthropist George Soros (L) greets U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) after she introduced him at the Take Back America Conference June 3, 2004 in Washington, DC. The conference aims to unite progressive issue groups as well as train for organizing campaigns in 2004 and beyond. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)Henry Makow 4 Aug. 2016:  During the FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails, an anonymous FBI “high level analyst-strategist” answered questions in a forum called 4chan. He confirmed that the goal of the Masonic Jewish bankers is “to create a global government where all people intermingle and breed  and become one people ruled by a racially pure Jewish race.”

Rothschild agent George  Soros funds, instructs, and influences every layer of US government, right down to the tax code.”

Soros’ ideology is basically Nazism, but with Jews instead of Aryans” calling the shots. He says, “Soros funds, instructs, and influences every layer of US government, right down to the tax code.”

Jewish Charlie Chaplin knew this Jewish plan to let one blackhaired man rule the world – personified through the likely Rothschild scion and genetic Jew, and here  and here Adolf Hitler

Soros owns Tavistock. Tavistock owns the government.
Netanyahu is a Soros collaborator and has control over Hillary (HRC). So is the Pope. So any high-level Saudi official.

“We created ISIS and other terrorist groups to destabilize the dictators we had previously put in place.”

“Russia is a threat. Highly nationalistic and too white.
Loxism [Jewish supremacy] is a real thing. Putin is a terrifying figure. Jews are already attempting to get friendly with him, but he isn’t buying. No one really likes Israel”  (including many Jews). 

“Soros/Israel control Germany. Germany is bullied into behaving by Israeli ambassadors. Merkel opened the floodgates due to Israeli pressure and a need for Western civilization to improve birthrates.
Merkel will be removed soon, but the next leader will be chosen if Germans do not take their election into their own hands.

The insider says the Clinton email server is a distraction. The real story is the Clinton Foundation which is a massive favors-for-fee operation that implicates the whole US government including Obama at an impeachable level.

There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down. People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is.
For example, CF Director Frank Giustra, left, owns Uranium One, the Canadian company that somehow acquired 20% of U.S. uranium deposits and then sold them to an organization controlled by none other than Vlad Putin.

This transaction required U.S. State Department approval – i.e. that of Hillary Clinton. Makes you wonder about the hate campaign against Russia, doesn’t it?

Now this corruption reminds of the Rothschilds. So whom do they support? Listen to this Hillary Clinton fan.

He cited as examples of favor for fees: “Saudi Arabia visits and donations to the Clinton Fund. Russian uranium fiasco. HRC and the Israel lobby, the Council on Foreign Relations. the AIPAC. The list is endless.
Most of these “donors” are proxies for the bankers.

Hillary Clinton admits taking her orders from Rothschild´s Council on Foreign Relations.

Master and errand boy/girl


“My opinion is the entire government is guilty of treason, which is why HRC’s death would not cease the investigation or prevent further scandals. Many, many people are involved.”
The entire government is corrupt. No one is clean, not even Trump. Trump has donated to the Clinton Foundation in the past, though for fairly innocuous things like building permits and such. He is smart, so his tracks are covered well. But if any prosecutor wants to go very in-depth, Trump would be brought up on bribery charges.

Asked if terror was manufactured with the intent of harsher gun control laws, he replied, “Yes. The gay bar attacks (Orlando and here)  were inside jobs.

“Obama and HRC do hate each other. HRC hates black people and Obama dislikes recklessness.”

The insider predicted HRC will launch a war against Russia within two years if elected. He said Trump would prosecute Hillary, which I find doubtful. He also made the cryptic statement that “Trump’s campaign is a classic psy-op.”

Hillary´s tics can be due to her not coping with stress and to seizures after her blood clot in her brain in 2012.

Whillary-supports-ISIS-900x350ikileaks founder, Julian Assange, has revealed that Hillary Clinton earned a staggering $100,000 whilst running a company tasked with arming ISIS militants in Syria. Assange told Democracy Now that Clinton was director of French company Lafarge whilst simultaneously serving her term as Secretary of State. Lafarge attempted to topple President Assad by arming ISIS and supporting their efforts in destabilizing the country.

Donald Trump

Says (truthfully) Hillary Clinton and Obama created ISI


Your News Wire 5 Aug. 2016  The U.S. Presidential election was rigged even before the first ballot was cast. Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is the establishment’s candidate of choice, backed by the Rothschilds and the New World Order.
What is less well known is that Donald Trump is also a Rothschild creation and actor, playing a part in the great sham that is the Illuminati’s fake election , designed to keep control of the people in this supposedly “democratic” society.

Political analysts have been saying that Trump’s tilt for the presidency has been 30 years in the making.  30 years ago members of the Rothschild family saved Trump from bankruptcy and took him under their wing.
They recognised his potential as a “man of use” and “colourful front man” for a secretive organisation that prefers to keep itself in the shadows.

Consider how Trump built his wealth – and who supported him during his booms and busts.

In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company – established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities.
On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

The New York Times 18 Nov. 1987The republican party asked Trump to run in the primaries in New Hampshire – and the democratic speaker of the House tried to pull him into the Democratic party, asking him to to be the host  at the 25th annual Democratic Congressional dinner in Washington. Trump drew much bigger audiences than famous republican candidates like Bob Dole.

The following Comics “Doonesbury” is from 1987 and 1989 after Trump had said in an interview in the New York Times that if he ran for president he would win.  (The Washington Post 23 June 2016)-



Thus, The Washington Post sees Trump´s career towards nomination as having started 29 years ago.

The Simpsons seem to have inside knowledge. In 2000 AD they predicted the Arab Spring, e.g – and that Donald Trump would run for presidency!!

The world really is in Rothschild hands.




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  • King of Shambhala

    This is the APOCALYPSE!
    Google this:
    Homo Obama And Robot Hillary VS Super Trump. Donald Trump Campaign Advert – Hillary Clintons ‘Short Circuit’ (Video)

    • Equalizer

      So easy to manipulate “brain-dead” individuals… Especially if their power hungry p$ychopaths like Hitlery!

  • King of Shambhala

    Google this
    Yaaaah! Yelling Dem Gov Ballistic: Tapper Shuts Her Down On Hillary Email Lies: “What She’s Saying Not True” (Video)

  • tatsmaki

    Downfall of a Illuminati’s CFR minion: Hillary Clinton
    Aug.7, 2016
    Many national crimes of a Illuminati CFR minion Hillary Clinton has been pointed out both in the US and international arena.
    According to a notice from the Creators, Hillary Clinton will be arrested by the FBI, will be indicted and she will refuse the candidacy to the US presidential election. She will lose even lawmakers qualification.
    B. Sanders will become the US Dem Party presidential candidate.
    He has a possibility of victory in the US presidential election. But, He is a reformist within the framework of capitalist tyrannic system. D. Trump is a large capitalist being dedicated to cut purchase and sale of Earth land given gratuitously by the Creators.
    The Creators gave everything , but, thus, Earth has become the evil and corrupt plutocratic slave domination planet.
    Therefore, earlier than realization of Sandars’s victory the general cleaning of Earth by the Creators is imminent now.

  • dennisR8

    This is the time when the three Jubilees to liberate Jerusalem and eventually the whole world will happen. These three Jubilees were promised and prophesied by Jesus Christ in the Nazareth synagogue near the beginning of HIS ministry to all of humanity.

    The first Jubilee in December 1917 liberated Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire. The second Jubilee liberated Jerusalem from being in “No Man’s Land” in the Six Day War in June 1967. The third Jubilee will liberate Jerusalem from the fake Jews, the Rothschild Family and their Rockefeller agents in America.

    Donald Trump is not pure as the driven snow but the Rothschild family will have to turn to him when the economy collapses and Hillary Clinton is proved to be mentally incapacitated. The exposure of the Clinton Foundation will cause the indictment of 600 to 700 bribe takers. Benjamin Fulford repeats the words of his sources that 6,000 to 30,000 politicians in Washington DC will be prosecuted for treason. The collapse of the Venetian-London-New York City criminal banking system will expose the Rothshild-Rockefeller-Bush-Clinton-Obama syndicate along with the Italian Black Nobility. They will, will Donald Trump come clean of his criminal involvement with this evil Banking Cabal. I believe that he will.

    The Rothschild family must die of human justice, but they will not. George Soros and George Bush Sr will likely take the blame. The Rockefeller gang, Rothschild family and the Italian Black Nobility will be hiding in the deep under ground caves when Christ comes to end the Tribulation. Fulfilling HIS prophesy, “And they called to the mountains and the rocks Fall on us and hide us from the face of HIM Who sits on the throne and the wrath of the Lamb”. Revelation 6: 16

  • YellowRoseTx51

    That’s all I can say about that headline.
    How anyone can call this a ‘win’ for Rothschild, IDK!
    It wont even set up the ‘next in line’ because they’re not far behind Hilary either.

  • quake-watcher

    This article mentions Saudi Arabia, but just barely. Saudi Arabia is running our government. The head of the CIA, John Brennan, converted to Islam and has gone to Mecca twice. This dirty rotten filth is running our CIA!

    Recall something- why is it we always attack Saudi Arabia’s enemies….and ask why are we importing muslims by the thousands and Saudi Arabia isn’t taking in a single one of them?Why? Because we do what they tell us to do. My blood is boiling.

    Wake up, my fellow citizens- look it up- how many politicians and their cohorts are tied in with Saudi Arabia. Look up John Brennan on Google if you do not believe me, and Huma Abedin, and the imam Fethullah Gulen. You will see we have been made fools of.

    That is why so many congressmen are panicking about a Trump presidency. They do not want him to be able to open their skeleton filled closets and see what has been going on for DECADES.

    Meanwhile Erdogan sits in Turkey controlling our airbase that has 50+ nuclear bombs sitting there with the aircraft that can deliver it wherever he commands…and our mainstream news people have not said a word about Erdogan or Turkey or Incirlik since July 22!! They want it to look like a surprise if an attack occurs….Then we could have martial law and lots more money pumped into our military industrial complex, (that EISENHOWER warned us about in 1952!!!), tax-payer money to fund our favorite activity- fighting wars ordered by Saudi Arabia. Hug your sons while they are still alive. Or, we elect Trump and VOTE ALL THE OTHERS OUT! We need a clean start. A new broom sweeps clean- and Trump is a tough enough broom, and he loves America and he will do the cleaning better than the alternative. Our freedom is on the line here.

  • Pink Slime

    IMO this will make it more likely the elite will want Hillary in at ALL COST, ironically. The negro sodomite met the same criteria. Easy to control, manipulate and reward. Mentally dysfunctional, deviant behavior, drug abuse, and abnormal upbringing.

    She is more than dangerous than you can imagine. Nonetheless this video should go viral! :twisted:

  • The Clucker

    Hillary’s only purpose in this election is to make Trump look better by comparison. The same agenda will play out regardless of which candidate wins. That’s really all there is to it.

  • VirusGuard

    The jewish banking system with it’s bribes will decide what puppet they will like and even if the puppet wanted to do something good for the people then Congress that is also owned by the bankers will stop them.

    Obummer, Hillary and even trump are no more that farm yard boys working on the farm when it comes to real power or had you forgot that money corrupts all and thats why your nothing more than cattle on the farm with no collective rights what so ever.

    The balls on the bull in the field have never been so small, they are putting something into the water/food that he’s drinking and he’s becoming a queer Moo Cow who does not know what he wants to do with himself.

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