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Journalist Eva Bartlett: “I’m Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying to You!”

Saturday, October 15, 2016 14:50
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  • Boo

    Fabulous interview. Love it when you get a reporter who has been on the ground in the country they are reporting on and who is not affiliated with corporate media owned publications and stations. What a huge wealth of information. I had no idea how many positive results and improvements are going on in Syria since the Russians have clean out the rebels. Talking about shifting the paradigm.

    • 2QIK4U

      Don’t you mean since the Russians cleared out terrorist amerika? .. The more I see. You know I hadn’t heard the term nigger in years until your racist president tried to screw with everyone.

  • Canderson

    Perhaps China is the best to deal with Mongolians, false Turk Mongolians. They are not the true Hebrew-people.

    • Canderson

      Remember the Pharaoh got a harem.

  • VirusGuard

    Anyone watching Russia Today will know that we are being feed a dies of lies from the BBC and in some cases the people being reported killed must had been killed by there own side because our reporters don’t even check were some of these people lived or where they were when they got bombed.

    One of the lies we are being told by Russia Today is that a mere 1000 ISIS terrorists can hold 250,000 people hostage in Alepoo which just is not true because with bombs falling they would soon find the courage to take on the guards who won’t let them leave the city

    Alepoo in Syria is a bit like Bradford is too the UK

    • F16Hoser


    • Deputy Dawg

      Where you said “One of the lies we are being told by Russia Today is that a mere 1000 ISIS terrorists can hold 250,000 people hostage in Alepoo which just is not true because with bombs falling they would soon find the courage to take on the guards who won’t let them leave the city” I would have to challenge such ridiculousness. I suspect you’ve established a negative opinion on solid researched and verified news information because the TV station is called Russian Today.

      Many who remember the cold war now associate the Russian of today with the former Soviet Union which does not exist any longer. The station airs programs from well known and universally loved personalities like Larry King. Like it or not the Russian Federation has world credibility and backing of over half the industrialized world. RT maintains a fact check record and approval rating that illuminates just how corrupt America’s corporate news really is!

      CCTV or China’s news very often corresponds with the Russian narrative conflicting with the fabrications of the US State Department and the Pentagon, or the hardcore propaganda that is being propagated by the corporate network stations. If the reports are true recently Wikileaks released emails turned over not by Russian hackers as the story goes but instead by a Party insider who was later shot in the back in a so called robbery. A robbery that left the mans valuables totally unmolested. The emails openly demonstrate the Demoncratic Party’s connection to corporate media, their cohorts or partners in crime.

      Anyway, if we simply look to law enforcement for an example we can see that a mere handful of police are capable of controlling entire communities where obviously they are far out numbered. Common God fearing people can easily be manipulated by use of fear, the fear of being maimed, imprisoned or killed by an organized army of ruthless thugs. Most will run and hide but those incapable of relocating for whatever reason will be ever so careful not to rock the boat or bring attention to themselves and their families. Their submissiveness is a measure of survival for them who are not battle inclined. Frankly put, most are not!

      Time is short bro, if you’re not on their team so to speak, it’s high time you wake up and do a little homework. To survive what is now unfolding you will need to be prepared and there remains very little time to do it. First on that list should be pulling close to the one true God. Not the false one depicted by Christendom.

      If you still believe that man ascends to heaven or descends to eternal torture, that Jesus and God Yahweh are one in the same, if you believe that practicing Baal, celebrating Christ’s birth on Nimrods birthday, honoring the pagan ritual Ishtar “Easter” rather than celebrating Passover as God commanded, if you feel that it is cool to worship your god on Sunday the first day of the week in defiance of the Eternal God’s last day of the week or seventh day Sabbath as required by the forth commandment you have some work to do. I hope your plan for surviving the upcoming turmoil is a whole lot better than your plan for receiving the promise of everlasting life. I assure you if you continue down this blasphemous path, embracing that which is not of God the reward He has offered you will as surly as your reading this escape you.

      A Student of the Word

    • sitrep

      Folks after reading the latest Intel Reports, ie non MSM propaganda. Looks like emergency meetings have been called.
      If you want to know how the meetings went, look at the defcon level right after the meetings for a good Idea.

      As for Public knowledge we are at Defcon 3, which means it is actually higher.

      The Russian Public has sounded the sirens, and issued gas mask, NBC gear to their public, and ready to move into the bunkers.

      Russia Has a large Battle group heading towards Syria, 1 Aircraft Carrier, and 7 War ships in route at high speed, they must pass near the English channel.
      The Russians may also have some Subs within the battle group.

      Some upper Echelon Brits are wanting to confront the Russian Battle Group before they can reach, and reinforce Syria.
      They will have Battle ships to intercept these Russian Ships, The Russians may launch all aircraft prior, and heavy clashes could very well happen.
      Russia may already have heavy bomber assets in the Air, and Subs below.

      At this pace, some are saying there may already be a legal Declaration of war fully signed.

  • stompk

    This is why the establishment is so threatened by Trump, because he’s talking about joining Russia to get rid of ISIS, which of course is US and Saudi and Israeli special forces, paid assassins. Our tax dollars. Just eliminating this quagmire of money and resources alone with fix our infrastructure.

    Vote for Trump. It’s a matter of life and death.

    • sitrep

      Have you not read the latest Intel reports?

      National Security has been breached!!! Big-O, and & Big-B have already said the Russians altered the outcome of the Elections, and Publicly said they are striking the Russians!!!!

      We are Now At War, and the Elections will be suspended!!!!

  • Man

    thank god she is not a propaganda machine for russia….. thank god RT is news channel not sponsored by the Russian state…

    • LegalNameFraud

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  • Enjoykin4


    Russia Warns France, Britain, US about Civilian Death Toll during Mosul Campaign

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said the actions of the US , Britain and France in Iraq’s Mosul should be very careful to minimize the death toll among the civilian population.

    “We hope that our American partners and, in this case, French partners will act selectively and will do everything to minimize and better to have no victims among the civilians,” Putin said, TASS reported.

    “Of course, we are not planning to fan hysteria about this as our partners in the West do because we understand that there is the need to fight against terrorism and there is no other way than an active fight,” he added.

    The president agreed that there are parallels between Mosul and the actions of Russia in Aleppo where Russia’s troops try to prevent a humanitarian crisis and are criticized by the West for that. “The parallel is obvious,” he said.

    “Of course, now we can point to our partners to Mosul and say that many civilians live there, hundreds of thousands of people, and using airpower and artillery is very dangerous in regard to possible victims,” Putin added.


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