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‘Houston, We Have a Problem’ – NASA Admits They Can’t Get into Space

Thursday, February 9, 2017 23:05
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No rocket has ever left earth orbit, let alone go to the moon. The Hubble doesn’t exist. The space station doesn’t exist. The space shuttle is a hoax. NASA is a hoax organisation.

‘Houston. We’ve got a problem.’  This speaker practically admits it all, and the ‘narrator’ voice over completes the task.  I don’t agree with all the voiceover says by any means. But the space hoax exposed by Nathan Stolpman of Lifttheveil on YouTube or, where he shows how they create temporary weightlessness using aircraft, gets further exposure here.

Is this another reason Antarctica is out of bounds to commercial flights?  They need to send the false space craft somewhere to land out of sight.



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    You don’t exist.

    • Jango

      When a person has been brainwashed with a lie to the point that they believe it completely, even when they see the truth they will deny it. This is the power of brainwashing. We were all brainwashed with the big bang, heliocentric solar system, evolution lie. Time to wake up, break free, and see the truth. You can find it here.

      • Pedro

        Jango, you are so delusional you could not see a truth, even if you tripped over it, and it reared up and smacked you in the kisser. Please, just shut up and go and sit in the corner; by listening to others, rather than blathering about things you have little if any knowledge about, you may learn something. But I have my doubts about your ability to absorb true knowledge due to the depth of your brainwashing and acceptance of the resulting delusions.

    • Just me

      Pettit didn’t say that it was impossible – he said it was very difficult. And that any extended exploration will require thinking out of the rocket box.

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    Van Allen radiati0n belt

    • my2pesos

      A Problem ~ Palm Robe……..(Robe ~ Bore)
      A Problem ~ Map ‘El’ Rob
      A Problem ~ Boreal PM


      I need a larger size. Mine appears to have shrunk.

  • Boo

    Um…being grounded has it’s merits. You might want to apply a little more effort in that direction for awhile. Just a suggestion.

  • Shorty

    This guy’s an idiot, thinking we’ve never placed a rocket into space. How do you think we can receive satellite TV? How do you think we get satellite images? How does GPS work? I’m not totally convinced we’ve landed a man on the moon, but I’m certainly convinced we’ve placed satellites up there.

    • Nanar

      yes, you can see them with the naked in a dark night, and even see some details with binoculars or a telescope…

    • Anonymous

      no your an idiot from believing we did just cause people saw it on t.v.

      • plsnogod

        this is from someone who actually believes in an invisible man in the ‘heavens’, and sings and talks to him. who is the idiot?

        • Anonymous

          Yet you believe in invisible oxygen to fill your lungs every time
          you take a breath? Imagine believing in invisible things! You do!

          • plsnogod

            Congratulations! after a few years of following this site,i’ve finally come across the most stupid comment ever. i knew this day would come!

            forget the fact that most of the air we breathe in is nitrogen,

            forget the fact we can quantify,measure and identify all of the gasses,

            just think of this. we did not make oxygen a deity,who sent his son down to be tortured and murdered to teach us all a lesson.

            we did not invent a whole mythology about oxygen where we go to special houses every week to sing to oxygen, and to empty our pockets of cash to pay for the houses,and to pay for people who pretend they have a special communication with oxygen.

            i’ve never heard the words ”our oxygen who art in heaven,hallowed be your name…”

            if you have children,please do not shove ANY man-invented deities down their throats. better still,don’t have children.

        • Williams

          plsnogod – If you don’t believe in God, then that’s your choice – but what do you believe in then?

          Have you considered that it might just be your idea of God, that is wrong?
          Organised religions and their false man-made interpretations are where the mistakes and misconceptions of God come from.

          But God (The Great SPIRIT) is REAL!

          • plsnogod

            i believe in education,science and non-indoctrination.

            if there was the slightest evidence for any sort of deity,i would be happy to look at it.

            your ”god,the great spirit” exists only in your head.

          • RoGiC

            plsnogod, congratulations should be in order for you

            “i believe in education, science and non-indoctrination” is far and away the stupidest, and funniest, comment ever said on BIN. Education and Science ARE indoctrination!

            1.618, start looking.

          • Syco247

            Bullshit, show me empirical evidence of this god thing and I will find a listing the DSM that says you’re nuts.

          • plsnogod

            rogic, wow,

            the loons are out in force today.

            the whole point of science is to TEST theories, to study possibilities.

            you religious nutbags just read a badly written and translated fantasy story, and actually swallow it whole!!!

            40 per cent of modern americans actually believe the literal truth of noah’s ark!!!

            homo sapiens do not get more stupid than this.

    • RoGiC

      Those are pretty weak arguments Shorty, hard to believe someone actually voted them up but this site is full of trolls so it’s not totally surprising.

      Satellite TV uses television towers, that’s why every dish is pointed to the nearest one.

      The U2 airplane was creating “satellite” images back in the 50s.

      GPS uses cell phone towers, if you go out of cell coverage you lose your GPS signal.

      • Fokofpoes

        I wonder if you could explain to them why the “triangulation” doesn’t require a satellite, either…

        And I’m not being sarcastic.

      • Syco247

        Odd my garmin GPS unit isn’t a cell phone and works places my cell phone no bars, wana try that again sparky?

        • Fokofpoes

          Did you know higher frequency signals don’t necessarily attenuate through things very well and has a shorter range?

          For instance, compare the frequencies between GSM/2g/3g/4g.

          Not saying there aren’t satellites out there, but you could probably test that.

          Go to a relatively high area, make like an EM shield around that device, making sure it only has “visibility” to the sky with minimal traffic (varying range of visibility to the sky would also help and check what sort of signals it can receive.

          It would be pretty great if you could also actually use that device to establish distance or location of the satellite too, so it would probably have to be a rather specific device(s) that isn’t particularly “susceptible” to common engineering methods and standards.

          • Syco247

            Ohh and they have handy maps of these objects in orbit, you can aim a telescope at given times and look at them. That kinda proves they are there as well.

      • Williams

        “GPS uses cell phone towers, if you go out of cell coverage you lose your GPS signal.”

        Bullshit. There are no cell towers once you are out on the ocean and ships still get GPS.

        I think you are trying to deceive people.

        • my2pesos

          We Have ~ Wave He
          The Waves ~ Thaws Eve
          The Waves ~ These WAV

          • Fokofpoes

            Hehe, low frequency stuff. People don’t seem to get it.

        • RoGiC

          No sir Mr. Williams, I am trying to deceive no one. I question everything and I know for a fact that GPS is cellular based, I sell GPS products and have been told by the folks who make them that they only work where there’s cell coverage. The device will continue to record your movement through the use of gyroscope, accelerometer and cpu and it will backfill the map when you return to coverage. Ask anyone who has ever sold Lojack or a similar anti-theft device and they will tell you the same thing, it’s one of the big reasons you don’t see these products anymore, they didn’t work.

          • Black Humor

            What about GPS positioning devices that dont include phone functions? I’ve used such devices succesfully both at sea and in remote locations and neither have cell phone coverage? My hunting dog has GPS and it has functioned quite fine in it’s radius. :cool:

          • plsnogod

            ”rogic”, you really are just embarassing yourself.

            i don’t know where you came from,but i hope to crap i’m never stuck in an elevator with you.

    • TRUTHY1

      If we really had satellites we wouldn’t have “dead” spots for phones or bad reception for television signals. That is why we have been forced into “cable” contracts,no satellites. Dish service works the same way as your car radio with ground based antennae. You cannot provide a photograph of a satellite in orbit ( they are all renderings or CGI images ) and no telescope has ever been obscured by one or had one cross its viewing path ! The foot prints on the moon have a different tread pattern than the boots NASA officially used ! Research it ! The breathing/cooling backpack could not fit through the Lander door ! No crater under any lander. No tire tracks in some “moon buggie” photos ! Etc., etc. Man on the moon is like Santa Clause for adults !

      • Anonymous

        No buggy tracks on the moon? lots of youtube videos showing them from
        other countries satellite missions to the moon.. So you must have
        a selective acceptance of evidence then. Nah, what am I doing
        trying to convince someone like you that we really went to the moon?
        I’d rather you stayed the way you are..

        • LifeIs

          Nobody has pictures of tracks on the moon. Not that unmanned vehicles can’t roam around and leave tracks. But the cameras aren’t good enough to see such small things from orbit.

          Our own LRO had the best picture resolution.

          • Anonymous

            Once again Lifeis, you chime in spewing out false
            narratives someone told you.. Yes, there really are
            videos on youtube, showing the moon buggy
            tracks at the landing site of Apollo 16. The cameras
            on one of the last moon satellite mission that ESA
            sent there has the resolution and it actually captured
            not only the tracks, but also the bottom part
            of the LEM sitting there. Don’t delve into areas
            that you are not qualified to discuss and just
            spew out your proclamations of pure crap please.
            Go put your head back in the bucket of crap
            where it belongs.. We will tell you when you
            can come back out and play with the thinking
            people, but until then stay quiet please.

          • LifeIs


            The ESA lunar orbiter (Smart 1) was never closer than 1,370 miles from the surface and the average picture resolution was –

            -drum roll-

            -260 feet. That means each dot in the picture is that size.

            Pretty big tracks, pretty big spacecraft, eh?

      • Anonymous

        A/C does not work without Air, either.

    • 2QIK4U


    • Buffalo

      GPS was first started in 1947 with ground based towers,there is no reason to think anything has changed…
      Satellite TV is used the same way,ever wondered why the “satellite” dishes don’t point directly up but on a 30 to 45 degree angle? :idea:


        Ever consider that everything in orbit, is not directly above you?
        Ever realize cell phone do not rely on satellites? A satellite phone relies on satellites.

  • ButtPincher

    Everyone will say you are crazy.. (without) doing (any) research for themselves at all.. hopeless idiots.. go back to sleep and trust that you are safe with your closed minds.. Just remember that you have never been lied too.. and everything is as you’ve been told.. :wink:

  • c0nan

    I’m over 40, and have slowly awakened over the last couple of years. It is, frankly, literally, unbelievable the lies that have been drilled into our brains via textbooks, and hollywood. Many of us will not believe the truth, and to those that do it is very upsetting, at first. It will however change how you see everything, but in a good way. The truth, as they say, will set you free.

    Warning: do not travel this road unless you are ready to take the Red Pill. I’m serious.
    1. We never evolved. There was an advanced civilization totally wiped out by the flood. John Anthony West interviewed by Joe Rogan:
    2. Our souls are eternal: (maybe start with the book ‘proof of heaven’)
    3. NASA…this is the hardest one to digest, but before you disregard watch this video:

  • spure


  • AmbrociousXP

    These words don’t exist. Spaghetti doesn’t exist. The air we breath doesn’t exist. Grass isn’t green. The sun is actually made of ice. The coffee I normally drink is actually made of metal. Cats are actually dogs. Any time you sneeze it means your nuts are sure to fall off.

    See…I can post stupid things too.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    So what you are telling me is, I can’t track the ISS as it flies by at night, with my telescope (or even a decent pair of binoculars)????? Is that the gist of it?

    Cause I just did the other night. So what was that I observed? A hologram, a fantasy, a really bright flashlight tossed across the sky, from horizon to horizon?

    You’re a Maroon!!! :mrgreen:

  • truthseeker4809

    Only half truth mixed with lies are allowed in the BIN. Just take it as an entertainment.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      BIN allows any nitwit to express their opinions whether logical or not. Enlightened or not. Or stupid or not.

  • truthseeker4809

    It works as a diffusing mechanism for anger and indignation for injustice by thpopulation of the world.

  • jj

    The van allen belt forms a donut shaped highly radioactive shield about earth and the holes are at the north and south poles. any spacecraft taking off and landing at those locations completely avoid van allen radiation. NASA knows this.

    • Fokofpoes

      two, easy ways out..
      one is up and one is down…

      They don’t go up, with good reason.

  • Jango


    • plsnogod

      you wouldn’t know the truth if it it was a housebrick and hit you between the eyes at light speed.

      • AXLE FOLEY

        Fella wouldn’t know much of anything after that, now would he.

        And I think if matter travelling at light speed hits other matter, an explosion on the order of 10 to the eightieth power megatons would result, so none of us would know much of anything after that either.

        Maybe you should try being a little less extreme in your word pictures so that we all don’t have to die just to prove one flat earther WRONG!!!

        :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Man, get off your RELIGION TRAIN.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      And the effing world wonders how YOU PEOPLE could have voted for that orange-one-man-show and his perpetually hungover leech??

  • Anonymous

    NASA has a much bigger problem than that because anyone with a brain, a zoom lens or binoculars can go to any large lake and see there is no curve what so ever. Look at them all on this one page for lake Marion. The ocean coast makes it even easier. If you are still fooled, you are a sheeple but I will bet that even a sheep knows that it is not living on a spinning ball.

    • Anonymous

      Ten miles should be a 66 foot drop over the horizon. At twenty miles it should be 268 feet on the other side of the curve. Water exposes the scam of all time.

      • Fokofpoes

        There’s are a few problems. Your eyes. Light having mass (and very little of it, meaning the earth would likely influence it), atmospheric influence, etc.

        Not saying it ISN’T flat, but I’m not saying I know it IS flat.

        • Anonymous

          You missed the point. If the Earth is a ball then water has to be in the same shape. Two thirds of the Earth is water so where is the curve?
          Take any picture of the ocean and put a straight edge on the horizon. You will see absolutely no curve at all. If we were on a ball, that curve has to be in ALL directions, left, right, forward and back

          • Fokofpoes

            I didn’t miss the point at all.

            “Take any picture”

            Okay, so, light having mass…possibly curving because of gravity, optical device (your eyes or a camera) with error, atmospheric interference, maybe even bias and distortion.

            That’s a lot of stuff you have to possibly account for, possible error, compensation, bias, gravitational effects, etc.

            But, I can’t say…

          • Anonymous

            You speak gibberish. You are saying light is curving because of Earth mass. What curve are you talking about? Are you trying to say that the curve is straightened out perfectly to a horizontal line by the mass of the Earth?
            If what you are saying is true, there should be a different amount of curve in a photo, depending on how bright the daylight is. You are easily exposed.

          • Fokofpoes

            “You are saying light is curving because of Earth mass. What curve are you talking about? Are you trying to say that the curve is straightened out perfectly to a horizontal line by the mass of the Earth?
            If what you are saying is true, there should be a different amount of curve in a photo, depending on how bright the daylight is. You are easily exposed.”

            I’m saying, light has mass. Earth’s gravity probably affects it (I don’t know), particulary considering it is moving through a medium (mostly air).

            More light doesn’t mean faster light, either. Ironically there are “apparent” curvature effects in terms of optics depending on the amount of light reflected, however.

            But hey, I dunno.

          • Fokofpoes

            Oh and before someone suggests light doesn’t have mass, piss off.

            Yeah okay, you can cite “general relativity” or whatever, but you know that means projection between linear and curved “space”.

            Light is considered massless, because photons are the lightest and mass is also energy. So that’s great, light moves at “a constant speed” and is the fastest moving thing we know of, high energy, high frequency, but light.

          • Fokofpoes

            Interestingly, lower frequency stuff propagates much better, faster and with more effect through DENSE stuff.

            Last time I checked, most of this stuff is “material” and quite dense.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly how small do you think the Earth is?
            Of course on a picture you are going to get
            a straight edge fool! Try getting on google
            earth and back out from a street view on
            the ocean somewhere, and exit street view
            and back out upwards and eventually you
            will get high enough to see the curvature.
            The Earth quite large and you have to be
            away from it quite a ways to see the curve.
            Put on your thinking cap. Go do as I said
            on Google Earth, and you will start seeing
            curve the higher you go.

          • Williams

            You can see the curve in all directions. The horizon is where you start to see it.

    • Anonymous

      Funny, I live right on a bay, and I can’t see over the horizon to a city (Galveston) that
      should be right in my line of sight. Know why I can’t see it? That’s right
      because of the curvature of the earth! It lies just beyond the range of being
      able to see it.. So quit lying to people fool! You are living in another
      dimension than I am, and somewhere along the line, you got the gene
      that let’s fools throw any song and dance at you and you take it as gospel.
      If we are living on a flat earth, please explain how the sun sets below the
      horizon.. Any model you make for a flat earth, the sun cannot set below
      the horizon. It’s simply impossible. Put on your thinking cap here and
      maybe you won’t get run over the top of the rest of your life. Surely you
      will be if you fall for these propagandist lies to dumb you down.

      • Fokofpoes

        I like how you’re also anonymous…

      • RoGiC

        I’m sure the refineries that line the Texas coast have nothing to do with your ability to see across the bay, I’d say to look through a telescope on a clear day but those don’t exist in your part of the world…but hey, at least the money’s good!

        • Anonymous

          I guess you have not spent much time here on Galveston Bay RoGIC.
          These refineries are so regulated by the EPA if someone lets a fart,
          they get fined. We have beautiful clear skies most of the year here,
          we don’t have any pollution from the refineries. I know you thought
          you had a good point, but it is surely a mistaken one.. Come on
          down and spend some time here, and you will see that your
          statement is completely bogus. So, ON our CLEAR Days, I will
          show you that you cannot see Galveston, even though you are
          facing it.. What you will see however, is as these ships leave
          the port next to us, that they will go sink over the horizon just
          as you watch them head in the direction of Galveston. Anyone
          that wants to watch this happen, I will let you sit on the back
          porch (faces Galveston directly) and I will hand you some
          great binoculars, so you can watch them go right over the
          horizon as they motor toward Galveston to go out into the
          gulf of Mexico.. I watch it daily every morning, and afternoon
          and evening.. Anyone that wants to come and watch is welcome
          to come and look. Quit listening to the BS and see for yourself.
          I hate to break your bubble, but facts are facts boys. I watch
          them sink over the horizon as they get about five miles short
          of Galveston heading toward the Bolivar Peninsula Channel.
          I can clearly see Texas City on the horizon at night, but
          Galveston being an additional six mile further, cannot be seen
          because of the curvature of the earth, even though we are
          facing it with zero obstructions in between.

          • plsnogod

            ignore rogic. he is stuck in his parent’s basement with limited light.

            for your own sake rogic. stop .


    The rockets didn’t carry enough fuel to get to Antarctica they were ditched in the ocean once they were beyond the “vanishing point ” of human eyesight and camera lenses.

  • Josie

    Well then, I guess that means we don’t have to worry about evil E.T’s and U.F.O. or rogue planets, that great.😉

    • Mayhem

      What does that prove? The ISS is in a low earth orbit at 400km above the surface. The Van Allen belts starts at 1,000 Km.

      In fact the ISS experiences well over 80% of the gravity forces that we surface dwellers do and the only thing keeping it up there is that it orbits at almost exactly escape velocity thus balancing things out and viola… weightlessness.

      The reality is if, or when, they stop refueling it the ISS is coming back in very spectacular fashion but in the meantime periodic reboostings keep it where we want it to be.

      • Andoron

        “No rocket has ever left earth orbit, let alone go to the moon. The Hubble doesn’t exist. The space station doesn’t exist. The space shuttle is a hoax. NASA is a hoax organisation.”

        The Space does exist, and I’ve debunked this lie. Obviously you didn’t pay attention to the original post.

        • Mayhem

          Sure but that doesn’t prove we’ve been beyond the Van Allen Belt because the ISS is some 400 km short of them and the space station is held up by centrifugal force not a lack of gravity.

  • Stefan

    doing a proper investigation !! yes I know it will take a long time !! example, 9 years and then you will understand how almost everything hangs together !! ok ,, this man is a total B-S,,,or you could look at the world thru a straws,, and do not understand anything at all,,ok,its your choice,,ok. :eek:

  • Anonymous

    Da ‘Erf is a huge triangle and da USA is at da very top. Da sun is just a yuge military flashlight 30 miles away, and da stars are just little holes poked in a black curtain.

    Astronomy According To BIN.

    • Fokofpoes

      It’s not a triangle, it’s a dual-tetrahedron, the guassian dual places the north pole at the top, otoh, yes, the USA is at kinda at the top of that other triangle.

    • Fokofpoes

      Oh right, Erf means backyard where I’m from. Now, who’s backyard are you trying to fuck with?

      • Fokofpoes


        Soz brah, I ain’t no ‘mercan wit da grammar and introlectural reedins and edutaintment, wut 4?

  • jdpent01

    jdp…the fowled mouth speaker got his math all wrong, if we did not get to the moon how did we get to Mars with our landers? how did we Voyager 1 and 2 to the outer planets? why did we spend for deep space systems? He must believe a lie like climate change is caused by man, das a hoax too.

  • Williams

    “Is this another reason Antarctica is out of bounds to commercial flights? They need to send the false space craft somewhere to land out of sight.”

    What about this?

    We operate one day sightseeing flights over Antarctica departing from Australia every summer. Taking around 12 hours the flights are the easiest way to view this great white Continent. No passports are needed and you are kept warm and safe with a glass in hand while our privately chartered Qantas 747 glides effortlessly over amazing scenery.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be showing them that stuff please, it will blow their whole fantasy
      out of the water, and we can’t have that okay? Thank you for your
      cooperation! If they see that Antarctica is really a continent, it shatters
      their theory of the ice wall and tears their entire narrative of propaganda
      out of existence. So please leave this kind of proof out of any future
      postings please, as we don’t need anymore “thinking” smart people okay?
      Thanks for your understanding on this issue..

      • Williams

        The proof is out there :-)

      • Williams

        I’ve got nothing personal against anyone who genuinely believes that the earth is flat. I just genuinely believe that they are wrong, and therefore strive to show truthful evidence to back that up.

  • Alex DeLarge Jones

    when is nasa going to tell me something I don’t know?

  • Thom V

    DUH! NO ONE ever stepped a foot on the moon. Can’t get past the Van Allen Radiation Belt and Rockets do NOT work in the vacuum of space. NASA is a fraud and , of course, so are the ‘nauts’…They were 33rd degree Masons who swore a blood oath that they did land on the moon, etc,,…such b.s. After launch, the rockets landed in the ocean, after the ‘nauts’ got out of it. No getting to space. (Flat earthers would say they couldn’t get past the DOME..which they couldn’t !!) NASA is the greatest fraud, or is it obama?, ever perpetrated on the U.S. taxpayers….Billions spent for nothing !!.

    • my2pesos

      Houston ~ Hoots! UN
      Houston ~ Uh! Toons

  • C.C. Forche

    C.C. Forche here, author of the Christian book w/666 decoded in 9 languages and 5 alphabets ( what are the odds.?) there is an entire section devoted to science/physics. these are similar arguments of reality vs lies. the argument ‘A WASTE OF TIME” is all about time and space. Here is an excerpt from the argument. go to for more. God Bless
    Think… a ph scale one end is acid and one end is alkaline. They are opposites but both are measured by their potential hydrogen, thus pH. They are both equally destructive, but neutralize each other out. Great drinking water is neutral at a pH or7. ( the middle) We accept the fact that two opposites are measured on the same scale.
    Now what if the core of the earth is dense magnetism and as it spread out into the atmosphere becomes electric with voltage and is carried in the current flows to stay magnetized.
    We are a carbon based planet we are just now realizing that carbon can be magnetized. So what if the core of the earth is pulling everything in or down, (like gravity)and the electromagnetic field was pushing everything away or down from above and up from the field.. We know that the electromagnetic field defends us from oncoming asteroids, radioactive burst and so forth. So we know that it repels. Why wouldn’t it repel from all sides? Meaning that the bottom side of this would repel stuff away from it and thus satisfying the ‘push’ factor that scientists have been tossing back and forth? We would then
    have the push from above and the pull from the center, below. Then would that fit into the theory of everything? Why not have a Gf (gravitational force) that registers all of magnetism?
    Then it could exist like pH exists because of the things that it measures exist .The Gf in the positive numbers could be the attracting force of magnetism as in the dense core, and the negative numbers be repelling forces of magnetism, as in the magnetosphere.
    There are eye witness accounts of UFOs punching holes in the sky and accelerating straight up at phenomenal speeds. Relax, pilots and military people that didn’t want to see this crap are more than credible witnesses. As a matter of fact, a ‘keep it quiet’ but well known incident at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport even has video footage of the hole punched in the sky. And ,”No,” the temperature at any altitude was not cold enough to form a weather phenomena. Check it out for yourselves.
    Now think, if a flying saucer could capture the magnetic pull down from our earth’s center core and slide it around to the top side of the craft while it simultaneously captures the push down from the magnetosphere and flips it over to the bottom of the craft, it would create lift as fast as reverse crash. We aren’t stunned when we see something crash to the earth at amazing speeds because we know that the forces at work would cause that. Think. If a saucer could do this reverse, it could crash upwards at the same speed. Leaving a hole in the sky, clouds and magnetosphere exactly where it needed to depart so that no remaining push down would interfere with rapid departure.
    We capture and convert energy all of the time. What do we think solar energy is? In the case of the saucer, energy wouldn’t even need to be converted, it would just need to flipped top to bottom. Wouldn’t it also make sense in space travel that we would need to gather , use and store energy wherever we went.? We store energy all of the time, it’s called batteries. Open minds have outrageous thoughts that sometimes lead other open minds to research that allows us to discover all kinds of new things along the way.
    Here’s another thought, we claim that the moon is responsible for the tides. The moon has barely

  • Don - 1

    Last year I went up to 35,000 feet in an airplane and looked out the window. Wow, at that height, you can clearly and plainly see that the earth is a huge sphere.

    Why do pilots going from Chicago to northern Europe fly their planes over Greenland? That’s because that is the SHORTEST route on the sphere of earth. This saves them lots of money on fuel and takes less time.

    The crazy wacko idea that the earth is ”flat” was started as an Internet joke.

    • Anonymous

      Actually and respectfully, it was started as a dumb down experiment by
      the CIA, and millions of people with less than adequate education fell
      for the ruse, and now they are breeding and multiplying like crazy.
      Luckily for you and I, the world is “survival of the fittest”, and these
      people who believe in fantasies, won’t survive very long. But you
      kind of have to feel sorry for them.. I am not sure if their brain
      matter was just missing at birth, or if they were so successfully
      dumbed down by the CIA’s program, either way they lose!

      • truthseeker4809

        Sounds about right. CIA was testing people how gullible they can be and be manipulated with nonsensical, un scientific yet some serious sounding false arguments.

    • Fokofpoes

      You know, that could be tested. Someone should probably do that, just to clear that issue.

      If the earth is mostly spherical, macroscopically, then an arc/shortest flight path from chicago to say, norway, would be slightly curved upwards, on a typically distorted 2d map.

      Iif it’s flat/rectangular, however, the shortest path would obviously be a straight line on a typical 2d map.

      So, all you do is (approximately), map flight paths for both, send an aircraft flying those paths and compare time taken to travel and fuel usage.

      It would take like a couple of thousand dollars to test the two theories and then people can stop arguing about that shit.

    • Williams

      Watch this video of James May at 70,000 ft.

      Does it seem like he is lying?

      Solomon (who God gave Wisdom) said:
      2 Chronicles 6:18 But will God in very deed dwell with men on the earth? Behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain Thee; how much less this House which I have built!

      • Anonymous

        Williams, that was a great video indeed. It shows the real
        reaction of a man who had never been up that high before,
        and the awe and wonder of it all through his eyes. I kept
        looking for the flat earther’s dome in the shots outside of
        the cockpit, because at that height you would surely have
        seen it I would think, but I saw no dome at all. All you can
        see is curvature and the edge of space itself. What a
        wonderful video! Thanks for sharing it.

    • RoGiC

      I call bullshit, I fly all the time and have never seen a curve. What I do see is the horizon rising to eye level which is only possible on a plane, if we were on a ball the horizon would drop. Auguste Piccard went as high as 75,000 ft in the 30s and 40s and none of his footage shows a curve. Only when we got NASA and fish eye lenses were we shown a curve on tv, in fact the curve changes from convex to concave in the footage as the camera rotates.

      Please explain Polaris.

  • TheRestrainer

    Yep. He got that right. It is all a hoax. What simple holographic images they use to brainwash you. Antarctica holds the southern kingdom as the southern lights are a force field barrier, being held back by the restrainer. Also the Northern lights holding back the northern kingdom as well. The Northern is Babylon. Why do you think we don’t fly through either. Aircraft and missles would be destroyed. So that is why everything either mainly goes west and east. You want some more proof , is why when you do the google maps or bing maps or whatever why you can not roate at map level going north and south. They all stop. So you must ask yourself who is lying to who. Get ready for my show because some of you will be wiped out soon as the bottomless pit opens up, and the energies of that opening will travel through the ley lines and some areas will be uttterly destroyed and remapped. But they will feed those who are left the lie to kep them in check, while I and around 100k or so get to be set on a created island the destruction brings upon us through a 2000 foot tsunami. Enough to carve sea trenches and sink the land even more in the central USA. Yes only those within Tyre will see the waters part just like they did in the day when Moses parted them. Then the restrainer handles the final church as he holds back the chaos of people putting themselves over others on this island that will hold the final Tyre. And yes the USA will become a 3rd world country of what is left that day as the destruction will be so swift in areas, by the time you blink or turn around depending where you are it will be upon you as written. And yes I will laugh as those that are dead are just that. Game over for them. I can only minister to the living then.

  • ButtPincher

    Here’s my Flat Earth Rant!

  • RTFlores

    You make some good points but your ghetto language takes away from it. Were you planning on making a rap video? I can’t share this although I’d like to.

    • Fokofpoes

      I thought that guy was quite funny and I’m a retired geometer and physicist.

  • Williams

    From :- Columbus did NOT discover America :-

    Phoenician-Israelites (not Jewish) discovered America at least 2,000 years before Columbus was born.

    “The Ruler of The Universe Himself tells us, in the Bible, that the world is circular (by His Prophet Isaiah – 40:22 – 712 B.C.); even so, the “infallible” popes have been lying to the world for centuries. They prohibited people from owning and even from reading the Bible and ex-communicated people; denounced and branded them as heretics; for reading and telling people God’s Truth; in this particular case, that the world is round*, in order to protect their commercial-interests (serving mammon – Matt. 6:24) in the Americas; the Far-east (Shogun – the Jesuit “Black ships”) and globally.

    * For which the “infallible” popes have only recently apologized.”

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