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Buckle up for a Massive Purge in Washington

Sunday, November 5, 2017 1:09
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“The whole extravaganza is heading toward a constitutional crisis that might clean out the system like a Death Wish coffee enema”

November 4,2017 by James Howard Kunstler

What America might want to know right now is: how come Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any legal problems? Why aren’t DOJ investigators examining the financial records of the Clinton Foundation? You would think somebody would want to find out how over $120 million of Russian “charitable donations” ended up on its ledgers around the time that Secretary of State HRC approved the Uranium One deal — compared to which, Bill Clinton’s $500,000 payment from a Russian bank for giving a speech around the same time just looks like walking-around money.

This is not to mention (well, I will) the flow of donations from Saudi Arabia pending approval of a major arms deal by HRC. Or of myriad other donations from foreign nationals tendered simply for face-time with the Secretary. Has any other cabinet officer in US history run a money-gathering org while serving? I don’t think so. Maybe the arrant selling of influence right out-front strains the credulity of government auditors. And while we’re at this, I would like to know how then-FBI director Robert Mueller and President Obama might have been informed about these activities. Or not?

Mr. Mueller also needs to answer about his relationship with former FBI director James Comey — he was apparently Mr. Comey’s mentor — while Mr. Comey needs to answer for his peculiar and probably lawless behavior in dismissing the investigation around HRC’s private email server — that was not his decision to make — and the notorious meeting at the Phoenix airport of former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch around the same time the email investigation under Mr. Comey came to a head.

Now comes the news from Donna Brazille, on-again-off-again Democrat Party chair, that the primary elections were elaborately rigged by HRC functionaries to buy control of her nomination. Let’s not even go into the bidding for the Christopher Steele “dossier” alleging kinky sexual romps in Moscow by Donald Trump, or the activities in Ukraine of Tony Podesta’s DC lobbying company — that’s Tony, brother of John Podesta, Clinton campaign chief, whose emails remain a truffle cache for the rooting dogs of the DOJ, if they were actually on-the-task.

I write this as a still-registered Democrat myself — though I consider myself their enemy now, yet hardly a Trump partisan. Are there any like me out there who would like to see both parties tossed onto the garbage barge of history? Of course, to say that also means throwing out a cargo of terrible ideas and beliefs, not just two clown cars of personalities. Identity politics, zero interest rate policy, American Exceptionalism, endless debt, nation-building in foreign lands, FASB-157, sanctuary cities, Title IX coercion, racketeering in health care and higher ed, market interventions, ambiguous borders… is just some of the cargo that needs to be dumped overboard with both parties.

Watergate begins to look as quaint and simple as a game of Chutes and Ladders compared to RussiaGate. Not only are both parties implicated one way or another in multiple nefarious schemes, plots, and intrigues, but the Department of Justice and its subsidiary, the FBI, look culpable in a range of cover-ups and mis-directions. If the DOJ becomes disabled, how does any of this get resolved?

The whole extravaganza is heading toward a constitutional crisis that might clean out the system like a Death Wish coffee enema. Sentiment may arise for Mr. Mueller to step aside, if President Trump doesn’t’t make the rash decision to simply fire him. The latter would certainly foment a constitutional crisis that could include an effort to run Trump over with the 25th amendment. In the event, we’ll be in a new kind of civil war.

Source: James Howard Kunstler




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    Fat chance, the nazis are there to stay, stay well, fat and happy. Elite are not prosecuted, their crimes are badges of honor of being untouchable. They have nazi laws and hold themselves free from liability, they are evil and brag they are.

  • raburgeson

    I have a feeling military courts are going to handle the situation.

  • Anonymous

    Sessions is too busy sniffing for potheads to go after the lifer criminals.

  • Aeneas

    Trump and the “white hats” in the Intelligence Community have been planning the take-down of the Deep State for years. Mueller has already flipped to Trump’s side – just wait until he unseals the rest of his indictments for proof of this. It’s all happening. Saudi purge is directly tied into this. Trump and Bannon’s ‘rope-a-dope’ strategy is working…

    • b4

      yes..very interesting on the purge in Saudi land–all those arrested had deep ties to the bush family,clintons,obummers–very very interesting–the nsa gave them all the goods on these maggots–so know we will get to know the 911 story in full

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        There is simply SO MUCH sh-t going up in the air, it’s going to be hard for the rats to avoid all the fallout. :twisted:
        Glad I got the extra big bag of popcorn, this seems to be turning into one hellava show.

        • Andy

          don’t forget your umbrella – what goes up must come down!!


            With the Saudi purge the massive group involved U Gate are probably not sleeping well

            and if what is on 4chan is true they won’t know what hit them. Imagine being awoken at 3AM by the Military Police w/ handcuffs ready. They all thought they got away with it.

  • xyz

    When the orange chimpanzee is impeached and the corrupt Trump appointed persons are sacked or dead, things will smooth out nicely.
    Trump is not worth dirty toilet paper and yet is spending millions and millions of tax payers money to run and hide from all his charges until he is impeached. Having a NYC supposed terror attack the day after Manafort and Gates get popped is just to coincidental to me. Just like Vegas and Houston and on and on. The bitch is running and stealing everything he can while he is in office.

    • b4

      you are very mental zx y—so there is no reason for anybody to talk to you about anything–you are very very insane

    • Thoth

      You are a very useful tool in this particular sense. If people believe the exact opposite of what you say, they will always be right. Please continue to post so I can reverse it and always know the truth of things.

    • Anonymous

      You seem to be a very angry and mentally ill person. Please get help before you harm yourself or another person.

    • ReconScoutM60G

      xyz = TROLL

  • Pink Slime

    I have been calling for the arrest of 535 Congogressmen for putting in the illegal foreign Nerogro sodomite as your “king”!

    They have committed HIGH TREASON on this country. The HIGHEST overt treason ever!! The Nerogro needs to be hunted down and arrested. Possibly hanged for aiding and abetting the enemy.

    We could lose the next war because of the sodomite and his Democrap communist handlers. They have already messed up the medical system and brought unwarranted hardship on many Americans, but put the illegal immigrant and Muslims first. :twisted:

    Many premiums are going SKY HIGH to pay for TURD world immigrant SICKNESS.

  • The Ferrett

    There’s an old saying b4 – always accuse your enemy of what you are – but in your case, and you are unique . . it’s a bit understated!

  • Hayduke

    So far the only person to be purged was Seth Rich. And he was a nobody. :smile:

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