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The Fall of the Financial System – Please Read – First Step into Golden Age – No Joke

Monday, March 6, 2017 3:30
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The financial system will fall in the next months and we are starting in the Golden Age!

(This is not a joke, I will explain that the fall of the financial system is the first step of getting to the Golden Age.) The beginning of Golden Age in our time is based on a quotation of Sananda.

Here is why the financial system will fall:

In March 2017, the FED will begin to increase the base rate and the European central bank will begin to reduce their quantitative easing amount per month from 80 billion per month to 60 billion per month. As a consequence, less money will enter the system. But in the last 60 years the growth of the income has constantly increased. Now the growth of the income will be reduced. This will have an impact on the situation of the banks. Because if fewer money is in the system, many debtors are not in the position to pay back their interests and the debt redemption. Therefore, banks will have credit failures in increasing numbers. And this will knock out the banks.

In the following, I will give you a detailed explanation why the next months will be critical.

Chapter ONE

At first I want to demonstrate you, why the world has an increasing exponential money growth.

Example 1a:

On the left side is the bank and on the right side a worker, called Alice. Alice wants to have a credit of 100 dollars. The credit has an interest rate of 5 %.  Thus, in the next year Alice has a debt of 105 dollars. But these 105 dollars are not available in the system, because we had only 100 dollars in the beginning. Therefore, Alice can never pay back her debt. The banking system needs additional people, who are willing to take a credit in order to increase the money in the system and to avoid credit failures of the banks.

Example 1b:

Here is a second example with a worker, called Bob who is willing to take a credit, e.g.  50 dollars. Now Alice can sell a product to Bob to receive the 5 dollars, she needs to pay back the credit with interest in height of 105 dollars.

To guarantee the payment of the 5-dollar interest to the bank, the system money has to grow constantly. In the picture below, you can see, that this was the case in the past 60 years.

And because of the compound interest effect, we have an exponential curve.



Chapter TWO

How can you establish a constantly growing money curve?

In order to achieve a growing number of credits, banks have to increase the attractivity of credits. One leverage is to decrease the base rate.

This is an example of UK:


In Europe and USA:                                                                                                                                              Red line is base rate of Fed and the blue line is base rate of EuropeSource:


The diagram below shows that the decreasing base rate resulted in a decreasing rate of debt interests.



Because of this, the borrowing increased, as you can see in the chart below:



Chapter Three

What do you do, if the base rate is zero and you can’t decrease it further?

At first the central banks tried to increase the credit rate by giving credits to people with lower credit-worthiness, the consequence was the sub-prime crisis.

So, they had to find a new way to increase the system`s total money. And this was: Quantitative Easing (QE)

Quantitative Easing = Central Banks are buying the debt of states and enterprises (government and corporate bonds)

At first the Fed started to use QE only a few months per year. But they increased the monthly payed amount and the frequency of months per year. But at the end of the year 2014, the Fed couldn’t not acquire any further government or corporate bonds, because there were not enough bonds in the markets. In the beginning of 2015 the European central bank took over and continued the work of the Fed.

But the European central bank had to face the same problem as the Fed and the central banks had to find a new way to get money in the system to prevent credit failures or the knockout of the banks.

Chapter Four

The last step: helicopter money!

The picture below shows the most serious 😉 newspaper in Germany Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung explaining, that experts demand helicopter money.  Title of the article:” When money is raining from the skys”



Helicopter money = gift of money to the population

But no newspaper stated that this helicopter was already initiated somewhere in the world. But as the coincidence wants, the truth came directly to me 😉
A cleaner who cleaned my home was telling me that his family in Switzerland didn’t have to pay the latest income taxes. Because of this, the family could afford to buy a new car in value of 50.000 dollars. They couldn’t explain themselves why the financial administration was doing this and thought, that the community had enough money. In this case the central bank of Switzerland created money and gave it to the financial administration, who have waived the money against the tax payer.

Chapter Five

Blowing up the system and installing Golden Age

So now we come back to my first sentence:

In March the Fed will start to increase the base rate and the European central bank will start to decrease their quantitative easing amount per month from 80 billion per month to 60 billion per month.

And guess what. They also cancelled helicopter money. And because of this, they can’t achieve an exponentially growing money curve and consequently many debtors have problem to pay their interests and debt redemption => The system is blowing up.

And why is this the start of Golden Age?

We have a money slavery system and when the slavery system is falling, this is the first step into the Golden Age. With the fall of the financial system, also other wrong systems like media, the education system and medical system will fall too.

But why do we have a slavery system?

Because the income of the people is growing logarithmic (left picture) and the debt per head is growing exponential (right picture).

The money which is flowing towards the people is flowing less fast than the money, which is flowing in an exponential way to the banks in shape of the interests of the debt.

Consequently, people have to work more and in comparison to 50 years ago, women have to work too to afford the same things.

In addition to that, the banks also swallowed up the technological advancement.

Source:         Source:


Chapter Six

What did Prime Creator say in the past? What did Sananda say?

Prime Creator said, that we should prepare for all kind of changes. I don’t know what kind of episode it was. Source:  (Susie Beiler)

Quotation of Sananda:  While others around you wonder, is the Earth falling apart? Are we doomed? Is this what is spoken of in the Bible, is this the end time?

And you will laugh slightly and answer, “No my friends, my brothers and my sisters, this is only the beginning. This is the beginning of the New Age. The beginning of a new understanding of Oneness.” Source:

The falling of the finical system is the best thing that can happen to strengthen humanity.

The youtuber 9nania also stated that the beginning of the Great Tribulation is beginning between 2015 and 2017. So, 2017 is the last time to fulfill the bible prophecy and the top of the Illuminati, who are in service of God, are trying to fulfill God’s plan.

Why do I think that the top of the Illuminati are in Service of God?


The top of the Illuminati are separated from the bottom and you need someone, who will fulfill the prophecy of the bible. The bottom of the Illuminati are those, who want to control and enslave humanity. And The top are those ones, who create a learning environment for souls with a certain topic.

Chapter Seven

What else is coming? (My opinion 😉)

I think, that Nibiru is coming and will not have a severe effect towards humanity. The problem is, that Nibiru itself will have no impact, but the little Gods here on earth, who are not aware of their abilities will create severe conditions, if they think, that they are doomed. So, it is not Nibiru, it will be the people, who have to show, that they are advanced in their learning.

What did I do to prepare myself?

Sananda and also Prime Creator said, that if you are positive you don’t have to fear anything. So, I informed myself, that I can eat grass, when I cut it in little pieces. And grass is a very rich source. I also Informed myself, how to filter water with coal.

When chaos is around the world after the fall:

  • it is important to strengthen other communities with knowledge, tools and food => the strongest communities will be as strong as the weakest, because of an compensating effect
  • it is important to know what herbages you can eat
  • how to grow food
  • to buy seed-resistant seeds!!!!
  • to search after technologies and tools, you can always reproduce from nature => this makes you independent and nobody must be jealous and consequently you don’t have to defend your goods, because all things you are creating can be made by others too

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