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Obamacare Is Adolf Hitler’s ‘T-4 Program’ Revived

Friday, May 31, 2013 11:51
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This article was written while Obamacare was still a proposal, and not yet passed into law. Hitler was very smart, he knew that before he could get Germans to accept the concentration camps, he had to first get them to think of themselves as gods deciding who would live and who would die through the control of a national healthcare system. The creation of the T-4 Program, or the German Universal Healthcare System – did just that. Obamacare is the revived version of the T-4 Program. Hitler would be very proud. From EIR: In July of 1939, a conference of medical professionals was held in Berlin, Germany. Participating were the professors and chairmen of the departments of psychiatry of the leading universities and medical schools of Germany, many of them, the most respected professionals in their fields. The subject? What would be the criteria for determining what patients would be considered to have “lives unworthy to be lived,” and what was the most “practical and cheap” manner of removing them from being burdens on the health-care system—by death. hitler-t-4-obamacare-nazi-socialist-barack-hussein-obama Thus, the bureaucratic machine began to be cranked up for what is known as Adolf Hitler’s program of genocide through “euthanasia,” a program which killed hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish Germans, and eventually, millions of Jews and non-Germans as well. That program, which had already begun years before, against concentration camp inmates and handicapped children, was officially put into effect in October 1939, when Hitler penned his own personal, and secret, authorization for the program, under the title, “The Destruction of Lives Unworthy of Life”:

Reichsleiter Bouhler and Dr. Brandt are charged with the responsibility for expanding the authority of physicians, to be designated by name, to the end that patients considered incurable according to the best available human judgment of their state of health, can be accorded a mercy death.

To carry out this program, Hitler and his fiendish Nazi associates would fully utilize the “professional” apparatus which had been put in place, as well as the popular, British-eugenics-spawned ideology which had been increasingly dominant in Germany since Hitler seized power with the aid of powerful British-Wall Street financiers. The killing would proceed with the utmost “cost-effectiveness” and professionalism, in order to save funds for the Nazi state’s preferred projects, and not waste them on “ineffective” medical treatments. If that sounds familiar, it should. For the proposals which the Obama Administration has currently put on the table, follow them in virtual lockstep. First, the “experts” decide what is “effective” care, with “cost-effectiveness” foremost in mind, ruling out “inappropriate” treatments. These standards become the law, in terms of what medical care will be paid for. Then other experts efficiently implement those decisions, through the existing hospital apparatus. The result, as in Nazi Germany, is that millions are, with the stroke of a pen, consigned to death.

The T4 Program

The T4 program, which was established following Hitler’s secret order, took its name from its Berlin office address, Tiergarten 4, which address housed the coordinating organization for the program, the Reich Work Group of Sanatoriums and Nursing Homes. In charge were Philip Bouhler, chief of the Chancellory, and Dr. Karl Brandt, Hitler’s personal physician and chief medical officer of the land. Their first task was to devise the questionnaires which would be used to categorize the targetted institutionalized populations. Four categories were specified:

  1. Patients suffering from specified diseases who are not employable, or are employable only in simple mechanical work. These included schizophrenia, epilepsy, senile diseases, therapy-resistant paralysis, feeble-mindedness, and the like.
  2. Patients who have been continually institutionalized for at least five years.
  3. Patients who are criminally insane.
  4. Non-German patients.

While including these categorizations, the questionnaire overall gave the impression of a rather neutral statistical survey, which also delved into the patients’ biographies, their financial situations, and the like (Figure 1). It was accompanied by a questionnaire for the institution in which the patient was housed, which asked about staffing, beds available, and budgetary questions. A significant stress was also put on detailing the patients’ abilities to work. The first questionnaires went out in October 1939, the month Hitler signed his order, to state hospitals and other public and private institutions where mental patients, epileptics, the mentally retarded, and other handicapped persons resided. The responsibility for filling them out, often in a very short period of time, fell on the physicians at those institutions. The questionnaires were then sent to panels of three or four psychiatric experts, who indicated their opinion about whether the patient (whom they had never seen, much less examined, and whose medical history they were unfamiliar with) was to live or die. Each “expert” made his or her decision independently, and passed on the questionnaire to the next. The choice for the experts was effectively only one of two options: a plus sign in red, which meant death; or a dash in blue, which meant life. Occasionally, a psychiatrist would put a question mark in the space provided. The questionnaires were then sent to a chief expert, who passed the final judgment. At this “higher” level, there was no alternative other than life or death. In fact, the “senior expert” was not bound by the recommended decisions. From his judgment, there was no appeal. From that point on, it was merely a matter of sending back the decision to the relevant institution, where the final dispensation of the patient was carried out, and, if so ordered, sending him or her to one of the designated “killing centers.” These centers were supervised by medical personnel, who oversaw the killing, and were responsible for devising the fraudulent death certificates which were sent to the families of those who had been determined to have lives “not worthy to be lived.”

Councils of Experts

Shift now to today, where we are in the first phases of the Nazi euthanasia program (called “reform”) being promoted by the Obama Administration and its behavioral psychologist “experts.” It starts with the dictum that there are insufficient resources to provide medical care for all, especially those at the “end of life,” or not able to be “effectively” rehabilitated. In other words, the Nazi assumption that there are lives “not worthy to be lived.” At least according to the priorities for spending which the Administration has set—i.e., the banks must be saved first. The second step is for the Administration to set up those “panels of experts” who will determine the criteria for who will get medical care, and who won’t. Already, the so-called Obama stimulus package has created one such panel, the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research. This 15-member council is comprised of highly credentialed “experts,” many of them medical doctors, who are tasked with “coordinating research” on the relative values of treatments. While explicitly claiming that the Council will not directly pronounce judgments on treatments and payments, it is clear that the research that they are supervising is intended to do precisely that. Particularly ominous is the fact that one of the Council’s members, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, is trained in “bioethics,” a discipline dedicated precisely to determining criteria for deciding who should live, and who should die. Crucially significant as well, is that Obama’s head of the Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag, has already set out his genocidal judgment that around 30% of current health-care services and procedures are unnecessary. The model for their work, as reflected in statements by many of the relevant officials, is the British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the Orwellian-named agency which has central control over what medical care will be provided to British subjects within the British National Health Service. As the following article explains, NICE’s directives have systematically denied Britons quality care, on the basis of its being “too expensive,” and have singled out, especially, the elderly, for being undeserving of intensive medical care. The Comparative Effectiveness Council is clearly only the beginning of the genocide—if this Nazi plan is not stopped cold. source – EIR    

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  • ThenAgain

    Notice the increase of the articles working the ‘hitler’ and ‘nazi’ angle lately. That’s because people are becoming informed on Zionists behind all the fake wars/false flags, the thieving zionist fed reserve Debt usury scam, and programming, dumbing of our culture and more. Zionists own/controls virtually all media and most of the alt media. They’re running ‘hitler/nazi’ bs to reinforce the lies/programming they sold us on their Holohoax and ‘hitler’. On the fake ‘WWII’, there was no ‘war’ it was an attack on Germany which Hilter was trying to save from zionists who declared a boycott against Germany and zionist bankers who saw Hilter’s economy as a threat. Roosevelt lied, failing to warn the troops at Pearl Harbor so US citizens could be duped into their phony ‘war’. For the last two hundred years, these zionists enabled by lying congress/senate reps have killed millions and stolen nearly everything. Who owns the fed reserve, zionists, who’s behind the false flags, holohoax, 911, Zionists, who owns the media, Zionists-
    Christians/catholics better wake up to who’s taking our rights and stop stupidly supporting them. Who started/controls homeland –
    Stop buying into a faked up ww3
    Ripped off for decades based on lies –
    Zionists are Marxists/communists.
    - When you see hitler/nazi posts that should just stick to facts but are covered in ‘hitler nazi’ etc, they’re either uneducated or controlled ops. Copy links, use as a starter to research. Know that zio googl (yes zios control the net) is dumbing down searches so controlled ops sites come up first. Of course feel free to use the links in your own comments. Speak up when you see the bs and educate others.
    As said info is getting hard to find, so copy save share links and Copy webpages themselves to disk because the zios will likley try making them disappear as more are getting informed on the lies and the facts. Don’t count on others to do it, copy to disk not just computer for backup and do your part to share/inform others –

    • Thane36425

      Watch out for the Zionist boogeyman! but pay no mind the reality that these things are happening again.

      Fine, you don’t want to talk about Nazis? Pretty the Soviet Union had something similar in what backward and tiny health care system they had. England has one now and I know people who have moved to America for medical care because the British government wouldn’t give it to them, at least not in time to actually save them. This stuff is real and it is happening.

      • ThenAgain

        Yes, watch out for the fed reserve/zionist bankers big pharma Zionist thieving, murdering, liar wars and rip off of the US since it was founded and now the entire world. You can mock all you like, after my post and links you only look like a zio shill, and a lame one. That health fraud bill was the zionists bankers/big pharma zionists, which is why the ACA is a diabolical piece of crap meant to bankrupt the middle class. You zionists are getting desperate because people are finally waking up and getting real history instead of your zionist liar revisionist bs.
        And if you think you’re going to use my own position of claiming my post is diversion from what is ‘happening’ think again. The POINT is that Zionists and their sick masonic corps and pharma are behind ALL that is ‘happening’. Your whining and attempt at diversion is a Fail. Move on zio shill.

      • lovehamma

        Quit it.
        Just stop.
        Even if you`re correct, and he is in fact a shill. What does it matter? You saying so makes you look like a foil-headed lunatic. How is the idea that maybe the world isn’t what it seems going to gain any traction with anyone skeptical of said “lunatics?” The problem is that some people are just plain greedy. And have you ever heard that turn of phrase “ignorance is bliss?” Its hard to believe there’s something larger than just human nature is going on here. People in power are attempting to oppress those who are not. Obama and his associates simply took a page from history (yes of course I realize it is merely “his-story”) and is following the same notable footsteps of one of the most notable personalities to ever grace/defile the face of the earth. Yes, its possible the holocaust never happened, and that zionist israelis really did spearhead the attack on the two towers. These events have been lost to speculation and the sands of time. No one alive today may ever know the truth of these events. One truth that will never change: greed will always exist. There will always be someone who wants it all. How many kids grow up wishing they could be king of the world?

        There’s something else that will never change:
        Strength in numbers.

        When will all of those aspiring kings and queens of the world rise up and become the king of THEIR own personal world. Having the guts to make desicions and having the juevos to stay strong when those desicions have consequences.

        That means you Mr. Obama

  • gsummit

    Obamacare is almost the same thing that Vets get now. I’ve been in the system for two years and I never see a doctor. I went to the E room once and waited four hours before seeing anyone.

  • titus1fourteen

    Yea right, Obamas such a Nazi. Thats why Jews run the whole government. That’s why Obama sits in gay bath houses with Jew Raum Immanuel. Here’s some news for ya, Jesus only came for the Adamic Race, and the jews ain’t it.

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