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ABC News Poll Shows Donald Trump Beating Crooked Hillary in a Landslide

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 17:14
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(Before It's News)

According to their own propaganda Crooked Hillary should be beating Donald Trump handily, right? Wrong. Dead Wrong. Take a look for yourself and see who is winning.

ABC News, one of the corrupt liberal news outlets that Wikileaks emails shows are in the bag for Hillary Clinton, loves to write false and misleading articles about how much “Hillary is beating Trump” in the polls. They know she is so far behind that, without their help and the help of CNN, Time, New York Times and all the rest, she doesn’t stand a chance. So day in and day out they bang the “Hillary is beating Trump” drum in the desperate hope that the American people will fall for it, get discouraged, and either not vote or vote for Hillary.

So today they posted an official ABC News Online Poll to take the temperature of how likely people are to vote for either candidate. The results? Well, according to their own propaganda HIllary should be beating Donald Trump handily, right? Wrong. Dead Wrong. Take a look for yourself and see who is winning:



Do not believe the hype being fed to you by the professional liars in the liberal news media. The vast majority of the American people don’t wan’t another 4 years of Obama-influenced policies, and they certainly don’t want the corruption that a Clinton regime would bring.

It’s time to Make America Great Again.

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  • I can tell Trump is becoming more humble and not as boastful… his face.

    • All he needs to do is keep reading wikis data drop and he’s in. He knows he already won and he sees that people know the truth. It’s so refreshing to hear a politician actually being honest. It’s excellent

  • But what about all the dead and illegal voters Hillary and Soros are
    paying to go to the polls next month multiple times? Either Hitlery
    wins or WW3. Her and congress plus O’traitor would be headed to
    prison otherwise.

    • How to bus sheeple around, to vote where needed, without using buses.

      The Demoncraps have been doing it for 50 years.

      They’re laughing at you, America, and it’s pitchforks & torches time!

    • SOROS owns the Voting machines in the 16 main states. I expect Civil War if they say she won. If the people don’t fight to distract the government for once Hitlery will Nuke Russia on day one.

    • Trump voters must remember to wear red, and also something else indicating that they are voting for Trump, like a trump button/badge, or writing Trump skin where it will be seen. Take videos of all the Trump voters at the polls.

  • Every single day Australian MSM say Hitlery is 10 points ahead! It makes me so angry

    • Same here in Kiwiland.

      Ask anyone and they’ll say The Donald is a Racist, Misogynist, Islamophobic Buffoon.

      I just hope that the people who matter know the truth.

      • 24/7 mockingbird media ‘programming’ is clearly designed to push viewers towards Hillary and it has people parroting propaganda all over the place. It’s like the F’n zombie apocalypse. I thought the days of, “Oh, I heard it on the news, so it must be true,” were over.

        “Did you hear what Trump said?” “Did you hear what Trump supporters did?” “David Duke likes Trump, so Trump must be a terrible guy.”

        I don’t care about any of that, because I know that if today’s US officials were held to the same standards that were set by their predecessors at Nuremberg, Killery (“We came, we saw, he died, hahaha”) Clinton and a number of members from the Bush and Obama administrations, would be required to hang by the neck until they are dead. She has shown no remorse for the innocent people who have died as a direct result of illegal and murderous USG intervention in the Middle East. She has vowed to escalate the indefensible position of the USG in Syria and to continue provoking Russia.

        That being said, I wouldn’t trust either of them to make me a sandwich, let alone run a country. I wouldn’t choose between Clinton and Trump, like I wouldn’t choose between Stalin and Hitler. Trump’s repulsive speech at the AIPAC convention made me sick and I don’t trust that he is not connected to Sheldon Adelson. On the other side of the coin, there is the mouthpiece for Haim Saban and George Soros, Hillary Clinton. I wouldn’t give my consent to either of these aspiring figureheads.

    • Yup! Here in Canada too.
      The media tells us how ‘appalling’ the honest man, who wants every American to have a job, is…

    • Same crap happened here to Tony Abbot and look what happened they conspired ousted him with their Golden Sachs man Turnbull, dont tell me things aint rigged.

  • Right now the news is showing the clip of Osama telling trump to stop whining and they’re hanging crap because he says it’s rigged and then shows Osama saying there is no proof. It’s a fkn Joke here.

  • MAYHEM spun out I never thought you were kiwi I just figured most here are yanks. Are you pukeah or a Fob mate?

    • My Dad was a Pom from Essex, that’s Engerland, and my Mom was white trailer trash from the Hutt.

      Lower Hutt, Wellysville.

      • For our American friends, that’s arguably more ghetto than south Auckland.

    • Ok cool. you obviously have turned out good though cos your not silly. I’m in Melbourne. Not far at all. I’ve read that Murdoch and Rothschild will be in NZ when it starts so I feel a bit safer hearing that but they’ll probably be in the trillion dollar underground cities.

      • Nah mate I’m just an average bloke but when my two loose screws collide i’ve been known to have the occasional flash of brilliance.

        Good on ya Straya.

  • Hahahahaha me to! What do you expect. Look at where we live. I’ll Ned Kelly up and hit the warpath if they FK with our countries. It’s just bearable now! I take it you know Ned Kelly? Most famous bushranger in history that took no shit off the troopers and killed most of them. Lol the Chinese don’t need to invade we already have millions here and Muslim’s. I suppose it’s exactly the same for you Mayhem as we are ANZAC.

    • Time for a few. To straight lol

  • O for everyone ANZAC is Australia New Zealand Army Corp… Our countries always combine and kick ass

  • This is REALLY OLD NEWS!!!!

    • yeah if you click the poll link, it tells you something entirely different.

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