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Why You Should Care About What I Saw Today At The Donald Trump Rally In Saint Augustine, Florida

Monday, October 24, 2016 17:17
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So by my estimate, made by actually being there, you had 4,092 people inside and another 3 or 4 thousand waiting on a seemingly endless line for hours and hours.

Let me start by telling you what I did not see at the Trump rally today. I didn’t see Donald Trump or get within 300 yards of him, though I did hear him speaking over the PA system. I had tickets and arrived in plenty of time to attend the rally, so why didn’t I see Trump? Because at the rally today were over 8,000 people, most of whom started lining up around breakfast time this morning, to get into the Saint Augustine Amphitheater which holds a capacity crowd of exactly 4,092 souls.

Take a look at this video I shot, it’s the first thing I saw when we got into the parking lot:

The video begins at the start of the line of people waiting to get in, albeit in vain, because at this point the venue was already maxed out with people. I only filmed 60 seconds as I walked, but the line extended nearly half a mile past where this line started. Thousands of people all waiting to get in, knowing they had no real chance of that happening. And nobody left.

This is line line of people who were past the front of the line in my video, and they had the entrance to the theater in their sight, but guess what? They didn’t get in either, no room. But none of these people turned and left until they were instructed to do so by the police. So by my estimate, made by actually being there, you had 4,092 people inside and another 3 or 4 thousand waiting on a seemingly endless line for hours and hours.


I show you all this today to let you know that these phony polls you see on CBS, CNN, MSNBC and all the other corrupt media outlets are just that – they’re phony. The cold, hard fact of the matter is that Crooked Hillary struggles to fill up a high school gym, while Donald Trump easily fills to overflow everywhere he goes. See for yourself the difference below:

Rally Crowds – Trump vs Hillary:

Here is an amazing 3-D panorama of the crowd inside the Saint Augustine Amphitheater:

Immediately after finishing the rally in St. Augustine, Trump got on a plane and went to Tampa to do another rally. As I write this I am watching the live stream on YouTube. Add in the one from this morning in West Palm and that’s 3 sold-out rallies to tens of thousands of people in one day. Let that thought sink in for a moment.

I’m getting exhausted trying to find the end of this line:

I made this video after stepping out of the Amphitheater property and walking south down the street. For those of you who either live in Saint Augustine or have visited here, you know how crazy far this is from where the Amphitheater is. I walked for one minute, briskly, and didn’t even come close to the end of the line.

So let me sum all this up for you. The liberal media wants you to believe, no, needs you to believe that Crooked Hillary is crushing in the polls. But guess what? She isn’t. In truth of fact, Donald Trump is the overwhelming favorite and when actual, unbiased polls are conducted, like the Rasmussen Poll and the Investor’s Business Daily poll, Donald Trump is either leading or tied.

NTEB has been covering the presidential race now for over a year and a half, today was my very first rally experience. What I saw there utterly convinced me that Crooked Hillary is losing this race, and that, barring an assassination attempt, Donald Trump should win easily. There is no event in Saint Augustine in the years that I have lived here that comes remotely close to this, except for the yearly fireworks on the 4th of July. It took us over 2 hours to drive the 1.5 miles back to my office when the rally was over, there were that many people here today.

So you have a choice, America, and it’s a simple one. You can believe the lies of CNN, NBC, ABC and all the rest, or you can turn off your television, go to a Trump rally and see for yourself who’s winning this race.

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  • Global Grist

    This is a prime example of why the “official” MSM polls are a lie…just like Hillary’s very essence.
    The public is being hoodwinked. The supreme liar candidate is being covered by professional liars in control of the mainstream media complex. Black is white, up is down, and left is right. If Hillary ever told the truth she’d have her final seizure.

    • questioneverything

      :grin: :grin: “she’d have her final seizure” that’s hilarious

    • HypothesisFree

      ABC News Poll Shows Donald Trump Beating Crooked Hillary in a Landslide

      Donald Trump (80%, 12,333 Votes)
      Jill Stein (12%, 1,931 Votes)
      Hillary Clinton (5%, 732 Votes)
      Gary Johnson (3%, 510 Votes)

      Total Voters: 15,506 [October 19, 2016]


  • MZD

    He over books the events which guarantee a full house and a huge line I thought it was a little scamy but brilliant technique to show his obvious popularity. I was a little miffed to have to drive five hours with my ticket only to have to stand in line for the entire event! When I finally got to the entrance to the event the Rally was over and people were coming out. What I saw on line was a wonderful crowd of people of all walks of life, and yes we all stood in line despite the fact that the event had already started, and the arena was obviously maxed out.. The Hillary protest crowd was laughable in comparison to the eight t thousand people on line wanting to be in the Trump Rally. They were hurling the typical profanities, they all seemed so confused at the huge turnout of proud Trump supporters. :wink: :wink: :wink:

  • Eggzactly

    What I am seeing is a Trump Landslide Win.

  • Gryphon

    Barry Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and he doesn’t seem to comprehend that the Republic is very badly broken!
    He (and Jimmy, and the audience, and the viewers, and the MSM) apparently think everything is just fine, heheh…
    The separation between the Haves and the Have-Nots in America has never been so pronounced.
    And watching Kimmel pander to Obama was just plain embarrassing…

  • Shorty

    The polls are being used to cover up the vote fraud that is about to take place.

  • Christine

    From here in Europe, I can only say that I pray all Americans will support Mr Trump, and take their country back from the disgusting criminals who have taken it over. It is vital for the entire world.

  • Pink Slime

    There is no way Hillary is EVEN with Trump or anywhere near that. This is to create DOUBT in the losers should Trump lose via FRAUD and not riot or cause civil disruption.

    This mean the winner has already been determined.

    • igot1thatcansee


  • ruffsoft

    “The polls are rigged. ” That is what Republicans said in 2012.

    ABC has an A+ record for accuracy. They have Clinton up by 12. Many other A rated polls (538 rates based on historical accuracy) find Clinton well ahead. A much smaller group have Trump up by 1 or 2.

    To claim that a polling firm with a long term history of accuracy is rigged is to make excuses for failure, not a Republican principle.

    What is rigged is not the polls but the lies that Trump and his supporters are telling. Remember when Trump was winning in the primary and said he liked the polls? They weren’t rigged then.

    The polls, which come from academic, private, and institutional sources, are not rigged……tho some will be accurate and others not. What is rigged is lying about them to deny the reality of a failed campaign, which committed suicided by alienating women, blacks, Hispanics, and ASians, as well as young people. Blaming others for your poor performance is the cop out of a loser.

    It is not the polls which are rigged–there are many highly accurate polls….but the elections, through Big Money, gerrymandering, voter suppresion lawsand propaganda. It is not the voters cheating but the parties and the functionaries, with Republicans being open on record as seeking lower voter turn out. But they are not alone.

    Alone among our institutions which are not rigged are the public polls, tho they sometimes contradict each other. That is not rigging; that is just the issues in a soft science like polling. You have to guess who will vote, and that involveds an assumption that may be incorrect, but not out of dishonesty.

    Privage polls such as those Trump and pols hire are totally different; they have a motive to please their buyer, and they are private.

    Public polls have been very accurate. Some have been up to 99% accurate; the worst (like Gallup) show errors up to 15%. Do they do this on purpose? No, bad polling leads to lack of jobs, failure. POlls to survive must be accurate.

    If we look at ABC, which has Clinton up by 12, we are dealing with a top rated firm, with an A plus rating. In 2012, for instance, NBC had Obama up by 1 point, ABC by 3 points. Gallup, the worst of the major polls, had Romney ahead, as did Fox-affiliated Rasmussen. The RCP average for Obama was .7. Obama won by 3.9 points.

    Clearly, the polls had a Republican bias. To claim polls so accurate were rigged against Romney (or Trump) is to defy reality and make bogus excuses for failure. Online polls, where the sample is not controlled and where people can vote many times, are fake polls… more harm than good and serve as propaganda props. Good polling, such as ABC does with its legitimate polls, earns respect, and those who dismiss the best polls as rigged are lying to cover up their failure. See my articles on polls at

    • coveredlikeatent

      Okay here is dumb as a stump writing like demoncraps talk, endless I’m not sure what to call you man, woman, it, thing what is PC correct in your demoncrappy mind today. Take a long walk on a short pier see ya!

  • You People Are Nuts

    Good question, why should I care….the results were created in 1992

  • El

    Hey ! Finally some real local news! Thanks!!! Whoever you are! God Bless you

  • Anonymous

    4,092 souls. How meany Demoncrats? Yes ask’en?

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