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Ten Aircraft Carriers Aligned in a Row — Paul Craig Roberts

Thursday, January 12, 2017 19:18
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Ten Aircraft Carriers Aligned in a Row

Paul Craig Roberts

Readers have asked me why 10 of 11 US aircraft carriers are lined up in a row in dock allegedly for maintanence. It reminds them of the battleships at Pearl Harbor. Readers ask if this could be an indication that the Deep State is planning a false flag attack on the carriers, as was carried out on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in order to get the US at war with the independent Muslim world, this time in order to get the US at war with Russia before Trump can restore normal relations.

I don’t think so. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was real, if provoked. The deception apparently was in the fact that Washington had warning but did not share it with the US Navy in Pearl Harbor. The Battleships were outmoded weapons, and the aircraft carriers had been removed. It would be extremely difficult to blame a false flag attack on US aircraft carriers on Russia. Indeed, if Russia wants to attack the US, the target would not be obsolete weapons such as aircraft carriers.

According to what I have been told by former(?) intelligence officers, the aircraft carriers are in dock so that their copper wiring can be replaced by fiber optics. Apparently, the Russians have the capability to shut down the operating systems of our ships and aircraft that are copper wired. In support of this conclusion, there were news reports that a missile ship Washington sent to impress the Russian naval base in Crimea had all its systems shut down by the overflight of one Russian jet. According to another news report, two Israeli US jet fighters were sent to express disobdience to Russia’s controlled airspace in Syria. The Russians asked the Israelis to leave, and when they did not, the Russians shut down the fire control and communication systems of their aircraft.

According to what I have been told, the Russians discovered that copper wiring permits them to disrupt the operating systems with certain radar frequencies built into their air control systems

If this account is true, and I lack the technical experise to judge what I have been told, we are presented with a test case of what we are told are Russian and Chinesa aggressive intentions against the West. With the US carrier task forces inoperative, this is a prime time for Russia to seize Ukraine and whatever else they are alleged to want, and it is a prime time for China to take Taiwan and Japan if they want it. There is no American Navy to deploy to stop them, and a nuclear threat from the clowns in Washington would mean nothing other than the complete destruction of the entire Western world, with the moronic idiots in Washington being the first to go.

The charges of Chinese and Russian aggression are fantastic lies. China has not declared the Gulf of Mexico or the seas off the California coasts to be “areas of Chinese national interest,” but the killer bitch Hillary in the regime of the Nobel Peace Laureate declared the South China Sea to be “an area of US national interest.” This is provocation beyond provocation. No intelligent diplomat would ever make such a ridiculous and provocative claim.

Russia conquered Georgia in response to Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia, but released it and did not reincorporate the former Russian province back into the Russian Federation where it had resided for 300 years. Russia refused the requests for reincorporation from the Donetsk and Luhansk breakaway republics in Ukraine. Russia has not declared the Baltics and Eastern Europe to be areas of Russian national interest, but the US has and has incorporated them into Washington’s mercenary army, stationing troops, tanks, and missiles there with which to attack Russia. Russia has not responded in kind.

All of the aggression in the world stems from Washington. This is plain as day. How come so few see the obvious? Who else but Washington has been at war since the Clinton regime murdering people in nine countries?

Why is the entire liberal-progressive-left helping the entrenched CIA Establishment demonize president-elect Donald Trump, whose stated goal is to normalize relations with Russia? Is this an indication that the liberal-progressive-left is a CIA front? This possibility is not far-fetched. As it is a known fact that the CIA owns the American and European print and TV media, why would the CIA ignore the liberal-left “progressive” Internet media?

The rule is that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Clearly the Establishment enemy of the liberal-left is Trump’s enemy, so why is the liberal-left allied with its Establishment enemy against Trump?

The real question is: Does the US really have an independent liberal-left?

If so, where is it? The liberal-progressive-left has served as protectors of the fake 9/11 official story that a few Saudis uninformed by an intelligence service or a state apparatus outwitted all 16 US intelligence agencies, the National Security Council, the Pentagon, airport security, air traffic control, the US Air Force and Dick Cheney himself, along with Israel’s Mossad and all the intelligence services of the US Empire, and inflicted the most humuliating defeat on an alleged “superpower” in the entire history of the world.

Anyone stupid enough to believe the official 9/11 story is not sufficiently intelligent to be qualified to be left-wing or even a sentinent being.

What the Western world hurtling to its destruction desperately needs is a real left-wing, a left-wing immune to emotional disabilities that blind it to reality.

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  • Busta Myth

    Grandma said something about not keeping all your eggs in the same basket, or lining your duckies up in a row?

    • sitrep

      Right, and to add some info,

      China has been mass producing war machines for the past 8 years, and have in place an insane war doctrine.
      China has already alerted, and prepared their Mass Population for the upcoming war.

      China has run out of resources, this is why they have invaded, and taken control of the South China Sea.
      Everything China Touches turns to crap, their cities/mainland is heavily polluted. Their population wlk around with breathing apparatus on their faces, Their air is poison.

      This is why China is Ready for War, and activated plans for a full invasion.

      They have thousands of miles of under ground facilities, with war equipment.
      They designed these system with auto load, yes a heavy lift combat plane taxi in, and the tanks auto load, with crew, and munitions.
      They can load, and deploy thousands within 24 hours.
      They have the largest Paratrooper force in the history of mankind.

      With their radical war doctrine, they would launch everything they have at one time, air, land, sea.
      They would not even worry about a strike on their own mainland, because it is polluted, and stripped of all resources, and has no value to them.
      They are prepared to totally blitzkrieg other countries, leaving all infrastructure intact as they send in billions to capture every inch.
      Their planes will be so numerous it will black out the sun, as they fly in strafing, and clearing drop zones (LZ) for their paratroopers to storm the UN suspecting country

      • Judge Roy Bean

        China can be defeated but only by nuclear weapons, must be swift, hard and cruel, otherwise reverse those words on to America.

      • FantaLemon

        When you see your neighbors starting to kill other neighbors for their own agenda, you start taking measures in protecting your own interests, wake the fock up!

  • carolina4

    obama and company may blow the pacific plate. or should i say israel. lining up carriers all on the west coast? you never know.


      Oh yeah Israel controls everyone right? Just like they told Obama and the U.N. to give Jerusalem to the inbred Palestinians right? They told Obama to please stab Israel in the back repeatedly and keep twisting the knife right?

  • 2QIK4U

    Ripe for the picking.

  • Antique White

    under 28 years of cia controlled treason the military has been lazy sucking cash yet not keeping up with the russians in EW!

    the term is electronic warfare! its the future if you have a metal basis for hardware?

    the US must scrap metal and shift to super materials that have properties to defeat the plasma systems used by russia now that shut down the :cry: systems? other systems?

    its the cia and the banks who have destroyed out military and life in the west as they seek to put in the antichrist 666 bible systems now but trump is a God send that is off tracking satan’s plan? interesting! :neutral:

    • FantaLemon

      God? Really? Wake the fock up stupid!

  • Anonymous

    In case you have not realized it yet, there is an ET alien base or bases in Antarctica. They have let our US government officials like SOS Kerry know roar enough is enough. Uncle Sam is about to get his ass kicked due to all the bombing and killing that he has done since WWII. This is why the Russians had such good jammers for that US ship in the Black Sea. And it may get a lot worse. Our shadow government and our bloodline family leaders had better stand down or they, and a lot of us, will be liquidated by ET alien technology – and justifiably so!

    • Rockledge

      You might find this interesting:

    • Sean

      Russia will destroy Turkey and Israel

      You will be invaded by the Chinese and maybe even North Korea

      ET, hate to tell you, just look up UFO’s or in the Shadows ET’s and they might not be you’re friends, besides

      A whole lot more then ET’s you have to worry about, lol and they ALL do seem to be afraid of God

      Remember A, if you can see them

      They Can See YOU!!!

  • Pink Slime

    I have heard this aircraft carrier parked in a row for several years now so don’t tell me they were parked there all this time like that so I DOUBT this story.

    I have also heard of the jet flying over our ship and supposedly shutting it down but can NEVER verify this story and I NEVER heard of the other stories either.

    SURELY this would be making FRONT LINES news among the sodomite communist run papers of ours.

  • Spikey Norman

    Fibre optics only work for data channels, you cannot distribute power through fibre optics.

    The problem is, all the inter linked data acquisition, computers and weaponry still need operating power, and that requires metallic cables.

    Any cable entry into equipment is a path for deliberately interfering signals, it does not have to be just data lines.
    So its like the race between more powerful ballistics and better armour, you can fit fibre optics, and the (enemy) just comes up with a bigger and better threat.

    Air power made the battleship obsolete, and missile technology has turned the aircraft carrier into just a very expensive floating target.

    • Bobwire

      Your 20 years behind on your technology.

  • Anon-e-mouse

    Sounds like a localized EMP effect that could require Faraday cages over sensitive equipment. Integrated circuits would be most susceptible to electronic interference or jamming. Engine controls, radar, computers, all are digital and operate at very low voltages.

    • DK

      The ships are 75 – 95,000 tonne Faraday cages already hardened against EMP, the communication cabling should be twisted pair where electromagnetic fields generated in one cable eliminated he same one in another(they should also be cat 6 or above shielded), COAX cabling was obsolete and last used in deck cameras, possibly still is.

      There was some talk about UK type 45 & prospective 26 ships being immune to the effects, however they have not been tested by Russia(—bae-systems-type-45-destroyers) the systems fitted cost £2.1 million, the US NAVY if affected by the ECM that badly would have totally stripped their ships in 2014-15 (and they were all laid up in dock by last January) . It is safe to assume they have all had fibre laid in- and it has not worked.

  • Daughter of the Church

    It looks like the set-up for an other self-induced disaster in order to cause an other war where white Christians will kill one each other just as during WW1 and WW2.

    Only non-Christians, and non-whites will profit from what is currently been set-up.

  • VirusGuard

    “Ten Aircraft Carriers Aligned in a Row”

    Yes so what port would that be at and where are the pictures or are we talking total bullshit again

    Stop using spin and click bait because it won’t gain you any respect because “in a row” means in a row and they are not

    • Daughter of the Church

      VirusGuard. The ten aircraft carriers are sitting-ducks at port. It does not matter if they are actually aligned in a row, or moored at ports of different locations, because with to-day’s weapons all ten aircraft carriers are vulnerable, and may be sunk in a single and simultaneous strike from the enemy.

      VirusGuard, you are trying to sink the presentation of this article with an insignificant detail. Get lost.

      • Daughter of the Church

        And then one more thing “VirusGuard” who represents the typical virus of the debunking mercenary traitors:

        The fact that ten aircraft carriers are currently at port consists of an unprecedented risk. It is not only against military protocol, but it is an act of treason from the Commander in Chief to put at risk the bulk of the nation’s surface fleet. This act of treason necessitates the most vigorous alert from the genuine patriots. Noise, a lot of noise must be made in order to alert at many as possible. An attention-getting title is a way to make noise.
        VirusGuard you are attempting to put a muffler on the attention getting title. You are on the side of the enemy who wish to sink our ten aircraft carrier. You are a traitor.

      • VirusGuard

        if it says “in a row” and it’s not true then how much more is not true.

        “because with to-day’s weapons all ten aircraft carriers are vulnerable”

        Yes in port or not but more so if they are in a row.

        “insignificant detail. Get lost.”

        This is not “insignificant detail.” unless jesus walking on water was realy jesus standing in a boat but your good at defending lies because you have been doing it all your life

        • Daughter of the Church

          A reply is necessary to this apparently stupid exchange of words, because it is from such a stupidity that wars are started.

          I admonished you for discrediting an important article which alerts of a dangerous situation. Now you persist into your position. A figure of speech as a title made to get the attention, and to alert of the dangerous situation remains your sole argument…
          An act of treason may be due to a cold calculation, but it also may be done due to loss of one’s own judgement while under fire. Do you have a right judgement?
          VirusGuard you seem to have lost judgement now by suddenly speaking of Jesus walking on water. And then why such a personal attack?

          I recommend you to take a break; to search solitude for a while, and to pray Our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Mother Mary the Blessed Virgin. They will listen, and they will help.

          • VirusGuard

            Shut up twat you are only making yourself look stupid and “in a row” means “in a row” without all your bullshit and you can pray that too the lord who might not appciate pork pie tellers on his team

    • Living and Loving

      The Stennis Carrier Group just recently deployed

      Seems to be only Carrier group at sea.

      Others at assigned ports.

      let us see the pictures when they say 10 carriers in a row. That is a lot of acreage to cover.

      Of course could mean decommissioned old carriers and at The Port in Washington State, that might be possible because there are several old carriers located there

  • yourpainhasapurpose

    “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.” 1 John :18

    • Andy

      Love ONLY Loves – fear does the rest

    • Andy

      aircraft carriers? they’re just showboats anyway, with primitive slow jet powered aircraft

      if a REAL war starts (not some false flag fraud) you will see all the hidden technology come out, stuff that will make aircraft carries and jet fighters look like the ancient technologies they are

      TR-3B vehicles, particle beam weapons and no doubt the list is rather extensive – though i wonder if they’re holding these technologies back, waiting for their intended alien invasion false flag

      • Andy

        strange, i made a comment in the normal comment box up top and it appeared here

      • Judge Roy Bean

        Oh there is a real fallen angel invasion coming just like in the days of Noe.

        It will be so spectacular that world will follow the commander of the evil forces of darkness appearing as an angel of light.

  • Mick

    I stopped reading at progressive left. The people who endanger us all are far to the right.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Lying lunatic!

  • Anonymous

    seems as if they want them attacked showing them lined up for they whole world to see, who does the usurper work for ? communist that schooled him, or his isis or isil armys?

  • Jim

    Albert Pike!
    Strange is it not, how all these conspiracy THEORIES just keep turning into conspirarcy FACT?
    Just saying!

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Did you know if we lost all of out aircraft carriers we would be to weak to fight any war and win beyond the American soil which already has been taken by an insidious enemy from within.

    • VirusGuard

      No the enermy within is very visable and they know it but it’s not so easy to see that Russia is playing along with the enery too and that trump has his nose up the bankers bum too because we are all desperate for solution to the problem but Putin or Trump won’t fix nothing for us.

      • Judge Roy Bean

        For those with eyes to see, the enemy is very visable, it didn’t just happen under Obama but has been setting up for well over a 100 years.

        Unless something happens with international bankers and the Federal Reserve that opens Trump’s mind on this subject nothing in this area much will change. Identifying and isolating the enemy is a difficult chore because to few yet have the knowledge and understanding of what must be done to break the chains of the NWO. Putin is no longer a part of their NWO, he is off the International Jew banker reservation and that is why the Jew towing force of NATO is surrounding him.

  • what if scenerio

    What If: The missing Mh370 was taken to Diago Garcia in the Indian Ocean.. put on ice until desperately needed by the Elete/Globalists, then repainted and refurbished and parts of the original plane distributed on shore lines to give the impression the plane went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean.. Now the globalists need a major scenario to
    keep Obama in power indefinitely and therefore stall Trumps inauguration And all the aircraft carriers are sitting in a
    row on eastern seaboard.. Now if that Mh370 is all equipped now with nukes and still looking like a passenger plane it
    would get through the airspace without much trouble to either suicide the carriers or bomb them…
    Just a Wild What If.. hope it never happens, Hope Obama goes peacefully but the Globalists want war.. big big profits in war but only to the elite…………….. Just my open thoguhts

  • VirusGuard


    Would not let me reply to comment so here we go

    All your leaders have been traitors since 9/11 including Trump

    “genuine patriots” don’t need click bait and don’t need to lie and your spin about being ” attention getting title” does not impress me

    “You are on the side of the enemy”

    Your government is the enermy, it’s backing ISIS, it’s a cancer on the world and was taken over by jewish bankers so i am guilty as charged and yes, fork off home yanks and get out of Europe because you are nothing but trouble.

    I do hope this clears matters up

  • Justin Case

    I was told by a Colonel from the U.S.Navy that,

    “they are taking all the bombs & turning them into

    musical instruments”. It because, they’re baroque. :wink:

  • TuffENuff

    Interesting that the story of the battleship being rendered inoperable by the Russian jet flyover originally came from Sorcha Faal, a known disinfo agent. So… is Faal disinfo? Or is PCR up to his usual bait and switch with the truth routine? And our military did not know about the alleged copper wire issue? Maybe they’re too busy dropping Obomber’s 26,000 bombs on civilians instead.

  • Ideas Time

    Air craft carriers are useless pieces of equipment. Gone not in 30 seconds but 30 minutes in a real war. They know it. Sitting ducks that are easy to eliminate these days.

    They only threaten third world countries who can not defend themselves. I feel sorry for the sailors who think they are safe.

    The military industrial complex will push the fraud to keep the money flowing.

    Game over if you think that more carriers keep people safe, they do not. They are simply the next false flag so the evil people can start a new war with someone.

    The Cabal need an enemy to stay in power. My guess is that they all work together to stay in power.

    • VirusGuard

      Yes it has become clear to me that Putin is working with the USA to feed us a script from the book 1984

      More taxes on both sides to vanish on defence contracts and to muster the people behind it’s leaders and is just the same as happens in a football match unless it’s Iceland (part time fishermen) taken on and beating the English squad.

      Yes a big question that one is :)

  • apache5

    Having TEN carriers in the same location is against military policy and the news should be all over this, I SMELL something VERY fishy, sounds like a set-up for a strike that would totaly cripple our sea power!!

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