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After Transgender Bathroom Boycott Fiasco, Retailer Target Rolls Out LGBTQ Pride Month Marketing Aimed At Children

Saturday, June 16, 2018 7:17
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As if you needed one more reason to avoid Target after they decided men can use their women’s bathrooms and changing areas, they’ve doubled down on the feel-good virtue-signaling cause du jour that is Pride Month.

“Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment.” Psalm 73:6 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: I have always found it interesting that the LGBTQ movement chose to identify themselves with the word ‘pride’. Not only is homosexuality condemned in the Bible, but pride is also condemned as well. Not only that, in multiple verses, pride is connected directly with the Devil whose original sin against God was the sin of pride that we see in Isaiah 14. Every June in America is ‘Pride Month’, where the LGBTQ is celebrated by corporate America. This year, Target, the same folks who lost $10 billion dollars in the infamous transgender ‘bathroom boycott‘ episode now bring you LGBTQ ‘pride gear’ for children. 

Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year when your Main Street is overrun with floating sex toys and guys wearing half-pants and walking other men on leashes to prove that the gay community is just like us proud of themselves or something.

I always thought embracing the vice of “pride” as a motto was risky. It’s one of the seven deadly sins, after all. Does anyone say to themselves when they have a baby, gee I hope he/she grows up to be prideful and vain! Embracing “pride” as your motto seems like you’re tempting fate, doesn’t it? Will the fat-acceptance crowd choose “Gluttony!” for their appreciation month? Maybe those of us with anger issues should grab the month of October for “Wrath Month!” It’s sure easier than restraining your darker inclinations. I explode with anger and rage! Celebrate me!


Pride Month is Here, and Target Has Everything You and Your Family Need to Celebrate

And yet there is an entire month now dedicated to pride and we’re all supposed to get on board… or else. PJM’s Paula Bolyard wrote a devastating synopsis of what has occurred and what’s to come for Christians in this current climate: They’re Here, They’re Queer, and Now They’re Coming for Christians — and for Our Jobs. Brace yourself, for there is no good news. You can’t even enjoy a chicken sandwich anymore without betraying your doubleplusungood alliances, you bigot!

And now Target is going to harass you and your kids with rainbow pride displays from here to eternity.

But this won’t be enough for the Gaystappo. It’s never enough! Don’t you know that? The Hallmark card industry still hasn’t been brought to heel so… inequality! Rampant homophobia! Cats and dogs living together! #Resist!

Is this a required activity when you work at Target now? And what happens if you respectfully decline to celebrate pridefulness because your religion says it’s deadly? And speaking of getting offended, this is an actual ad put out by Target, the same people who claim to love gay people. Are they insane? Why are LGBTQs not offended at this horrific stereotype of a gay man? I know a lot of gay men. Absolutely none of them look or act like this. Zero. In fact, I was speaking to one of my friends (who has to remain anonymous or lose his job, friends and life) in “the community” about this issue and he said, “Don’t even lump me in that group. Can I go from being bisexual to being a whatever just so I don’t get lumped in?”

It’s interesting that the libertarian and conservative gays in the community have been forced into a political closet from which they aren’t allowed to “come out” lest they face outright persecution. But Love Wins! (and sometimes it wins hundreds of thousands of dollars when bankrupting Christian mom and pop shops that won’t bake cakes!). Love is really what this is all about. source

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  • Everette

    It’s time to forget this store ever existed ! To allow a man who thinks or acts like he is a woman to go into women’s bathrooms to spy on women and possibly pick out his next rape victim is a crime against humanity ! Those pushing this crap need to be dealt with and those committing crimes poised as a women but still has a dick hanging between his legs needs to be helped in their transformation in having it cut off , plus balls ! He wants to be a woman then I say his dick should be removed before allowing him to act like a woman and enter a woman’s bathroom . Should this jackass rape a woman poised as a woman , cut it off then and there . No more rape victims from this jackass ! This act is one of the most ungodly acts a country can do . Sodom and Gomorrah has nothing on what scum thinking evil reptilians are throwing at us now ! Target has lost my sales ! I used to like the place ! I will not back ungodliness or immorality such as this !!! And those of the vatican Esau Edomite reptilian NWO luciferian natzi satanic order pushing this crap need to be dealt with ! GOD states HIS hatred of them in Malachi 1:1-4 and Esau’s descendant the Edomites in Obediah . They shall exist no more when their judgement comes ! This artical brings out some of the reasons why ! Homosexuality is the last act that crosses the line bringing judgement to a nation . Well look at what is happening all over America now , floods , fires , earthquakes , mud slides , crops being destroyed , water running out under California , California about to drop off into the ocean , volcanos treating us , dead sea creatures washing up on shores , radiation from Japan’s nuclear power plant now dropping on America , lawlessness , riots , divisions among the people , our money system is about to fall , we are constantly now on guard against our enemies for war . And the list goes on and on ! Note how greatly it has multiplied since Obama the sodomite child molester and dick bitter off has turned loose hell on America . To end this he must be dealt with and America must cleanse our land of this filth or GOD will destroy America and the sodomites pushing their filth on America ! In the ordeal many will die who seem innocent . But because they stood ideal and said or done nothing they will enjoy the same punishment brought on the sodomites ! America is in the last stages before its fall . Don’t know what to do ? The Bible states if MY people which are called by MY name would humble themselves and pray , then GOD would hear from Heaven and heal their land ! If this does not happen , then every day look for something new to be released on America . If GOD’s people pray then changes will begin to be made in America to make it great again . Honoring targets crap will bring changes that you will be sorry to receive . It’s time to choose which side of the fence you are on , the righteous ( or right ) side or the evil all things go side . By what you choose you will receive what acts GOD chooses to hand out to you for your choices . The actions of target are to force Americans into excepting evils that will destroy America . These people do not have your best interest at heart ! Nor are they a godly

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