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“Something Big Is Underway On All Fronts”

Friday, November 4, 2016 0:11
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(Before It's News)

target="_blank">Submitted by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of
a retired Green Beret of the US Army Special Forces) via,

As of this writing, the increased U.S. troop presence in Eastern
Europe includes a battalion-sized element of American troops being
emplaced in the Suwalki Gap, Polish territory that borders
Lithuania in a 60-mile stretch of corridor.  The Russian
Defense Ministry announced that 600 Russian and Belarussian
airborne troops conducted training exercises in Brest, on the
Belorussian-Polish border only a few miles from where the U.S.
forces are deploying in Poland.  This on the heels of Britain
deploying 800 men, tanks, and jets to Estonia, along with pledges
of Challenger 2 tanks, APC’s (Armored Personnel Carriers), and
drones.  Two companies of French and Danish Soldiers will join
the British in the deployment to Estonia.

For the first time since 1945, Norway has violated its treaty
with Russia (then the Soviet Union) not to station foreign troops
on its soil.  A company of U.S. Marines will soon be stationed
for a 6-month deployment in Norway.  The situation is heating
up in Ukraine, according to a report on entitled
target="_blank">Ukraine Moves Massive Force up to Lugansk
, published October 28, 2016
The report reveals the Ukrainian Army is deploying 3,500 soldiers
and 200 armored vehicles of the 15th Motorized Infantry
Brigade to Krasny Oktyabr in the district of Lugansk in Eastern
Ukraine.  For the first time in history, Romanian airspace is
being patrolled by the RAF (Royal Air Force) of Britain.

In addition, the Ukrainian National Guard is deploying a
tactical company equipped with 82 mm mortars and AGS-17 auto
grenade launchers, along with APC’s and missile launchers.  A
separate reconnaissance battalion named the “Night Shades,” a
nationalist volunteer battalion will be deploying to Lugansk as
well.  No doubt they will receive a “warm” reception, as the
fighting has been ongoing in the region for more than two
years.  The area is a severe flashpoint, as the separatists
are ethnic Russians of Ukrainian nationality who wish to secede in
the manner that Crimea did…Russia annexed them after the
popular vote to leave Ukraine.  Now (since December 2015) the
Congress gave the green light to send weapons and munitions to
Ukraine; the “holdup” is due to Obama not wanting to jeopardize the
election of Hillary Clinton, as the Russians have stated weapons to
Ukraine means war with the U.S. and NATO.

Meanwhile the Varshankya-class stealth subs are deploying into
the Black Sea as the Russian fleet is moving toward Syria. 
The Russian and Syrian armies continue to bomb and attack the
al-Nusra/Jabhat Fatah ash-Sham fighters emplaced in the city of
Aleppo.  The mainstream media, meanwhile, is faltering in its
attempt to create a “sacred U.S.-coalition crusade” to “free the
city of Mosul,” as the offensive is not working quite as
planned.  There are also reports that the U.S. government has
plans to “navigate” Islamic terrorists from Mosul into Syria, to
cause more problems for Assad and the Russians; the mainstream
media is notoriously silent on the collateral damages being caused
by the U.S.-led Mosul attacks, in which U.S. aircraft are
supporting with bombing missions.

Let’s be clear on this: The U.S. is beefing up conventional
forces of American troops into Eastern Europe and convincing NATO
countries to augment these deployments with soldiers and
equipment.  The Russians have been responding with opposing
counter-deployments to offset the U.S.-NATO movements.  The
aggressive stance is being taken by the U.S.-NATO-IMF hegemony in
its military buildup in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, the
very “backyard” of Russia.

The bottom line: the stage is being set to start WWIII
on the slightest provocation.

The domestic perspective yields that just a few weeks after the
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) "nofollow" href=
target="_blank">transfer from U.S. control
to (basically) the
UN on October 1, 2016, the U.S. has had a ""
target="_blank">DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack from
on October 21, 2016 affecting the east and west
coast of the U.S. as well as Texas and part of Europe.  Just
one week before, on OCtobr 13, 2016  "nofollow" href=
target="_blank">Obama signed an Executive Order for Space Weather
just “in case” some “space weather anomaly” were to
cripple the power grid and electrical infrastructure of the United

Something even worse that happened may really tie into

Last week it was reported by the U.S. Army that Major General
John Rossi had ""
target="_blank">committed suicide
.  Rossi had been slated
to take over as the Commander of U.S. Army Space and Missile
Defense Command, and the Army Forces Strategic Command. 
General Rossi was about to complete 33 years of service and was
only 55 years old.  He was “found” at Redstone Arsenal, and
the Army just ruled it a suicide.  The Daily Mail on reported that a U.S. government official
told USA Today:
“It seemed that Rossi was
overwhelmed by his responsibilities”
as a potential reason
for his suicide.

The problem is, he committed suicide on July 31,
2016…and it’s taken two months for the Army to rule it as
being a suicide?

With the command assignment, "text-decoration: underline;">Rossi would have been privy to every
procedure and protocol to defend the United States against an ICBM
(intercontinental ballistic missile) attack or an EMP
(electromagnetic pulse) attack or event
.  He would know
everything from the “top” down: that is, the Commander-in-Chief
(Obama) would have to foster a one-on-one relationship with the man
who would hold the key post to defending against a foreign missile

Maybe this time the missile would not have been foreign,
or if it was?  It may not have been the leader of a foreign
country to direct it against the United States.

It is almost impossible to believe that a Major General of the
United States Army just receiving a top command post, a 55-year-old
soldier…a general officer…with 33 years of service, a wife, and a
loving family would “off” himself because of being “overwhelmed by
responsibility.”  "text-decoration: underline;">Men such as Rossi (the
highest-ranking member of the military to do such a thing) do not
shirk responsibility: they meet it, head on.
The whole thing stinks of a purge, in the manner
that the entire military of the United States has been purged of
hundreds of senior General Staff officers, Admiralty, and Senior
Noncommissioned Officers…replaced by “yes” men over the course of
Obama’s term.

The whole thing stinks of an assassination: no
suicide note, no real press coverage, and nothing from his friends,
family, or fellow soldiers.  This occurs, and then Obama signs
his Executive Order to “protect” us from the dreaded space anomaly
that will take down our infrastructure.  Could this have
possibly been a suicide?  Think of all of the heartache and
grief his family is going through with his loss.  What about
the benefits and retirement that his family would lose with such an
act?  If he really committed suicide, then it was probably
because he found out about something so heinous, so vile that would
occur to the U.S. that he couldn’t live with it and probably
couldn’t stop it.

Bottom line: Was he terminated when he wouldn’t go along
with a false flag EMP-plan conceived by Obama to take down our
grid, cripple our response time, and set the stage for martial law
and the suspension of all rights under the Constitution of the
United States?

As I have mentioned in the past, I repeat once again:

The next war ""
target="_blank">will be initiated by an EMP device detonated above
the continental United States
followed by a limited nuclear
exchange and then conventional warfare.

I never said that it wouldn’t be Obama who initiated the EMP
device, and in all probability if he doesn’t initiate it…he’ll
either provoke it, allow it, or request it.  We
haven’t even mentioned the voting (early voting) taking place where
fraud is occurring in Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, and Florida,
among others.  The illusion of the vote: the joke of the year,
but the joke is on us.

And Obama is the joker, setting the stage for the transfer of
power.  That transfer is not going to occur with the losing
candidate (in either case) going gently into that good night. 
The stage is set for a war to begin.  The stage is set for a
false flag operation to take down our grid.  The stage is set
to steal the election for Clinton or declare it null and
void.  Within the next few weeks, the future of the
United States will be decided…with or without the consent of the

"" />

height="1" width="1" alt="" />


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