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Paul Craig Roberts: “Is Washington the Most Corrupt Government in History?”

Friday, December 1, 2017 2:49
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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

Robert Mueller, a former director of the FBI who is working as a special prosecutor “investigating” a contrived hoax designed by the military/security complex and the DNC to destroy the Trump presidency, has yet to produce a scrap of evidence that Russiagate is anything but orchestrated fake news.

As William Binney and other top experts have said, if there is evidence of Russiagate, the NSA would have it. No investigation would be necessary. So where is the evidence?

It is a revelation of how corrupt Washington is that a fake scandal is being investigated while a real scandal is not.

The fake scandal is Trump’s Russiagate.

The real scandal is Hillary Clinton’s uranium sale to Russia. No evidence for the former exists. Voluminous evidence for Hillary’s scandal lies in plain view.

Why are the clearly false charges against Trump being investigated and the clearly true charges against Hillary not being investigated? The answer is that Hillary with her hostility toward Russia and her denunciation of Russian President Putin as the “New Hitler” is not a threat to the budget and power of the US military/security complex, while Trump’s aim of normalizing relations with Russia would deprive the military/security complex of the “enemy” it requires to justify its massive budget and power.

Why hasn’t President Trump ordered the Justice Department to investigate Hillary? Is the answer that Trump is afraid the military/security complex will assassinate him? Why hasn’t the Justice Department undertaken the investigation on its own? Is the answer that Trump’s government is allied with his enemies?

How corrupt does Mueller have to be to agree to lead a fake investigation designed to overthrow the democratic election of the President of the United States? Why doesn’t Trump have Mueller and Comey arrested for sedition and conspiring to overthrow the president of the United States?

Why instead is Mueller expanding his investigation beyond his mandate and bringing charges against Manafort and others for decade-old under-reporting of income? Why instead is Congress harassing journalist Randy Credico for interviewing Julian Assange? How does an interview become part of the House Intelligence (sic) Committee’s investigation into “Russian active measures directed at the 2016 U.S. election?” There were no such active measures, but the uranium sale was real.

Why haven’t the media conglomerates that have produced presstitutes instead of journalists been broken up? Why can presstitutes lie 24/7, but a man can’t make a pass at a woman?

Once you begin asking questions, there is no end of them.

The failure of the US and European media is extreme.

The presstitutes never investigate real events.

The presstitutes never question inconsistencies in official stories. They never tie together loose ends. They simply read over and over the script handed to them until the official story that controls the explanation is driven into the public’s head.

Consider, for example, the Obama regime’s claim to have murdered Osama bin Laden in his “compound” in Abbottabad, Pakistan, next to a Pakistani military base. The official story had to be changed several times. The Obama regime claim that Obama and top government officials had watched the raid via cameras on the SEALs’ helmets had to be abandoned. There was no reason to withhold the filmed evidence, and of course there was no such evidence, so the initial claim to have watched the killing became a “miscommunication.” The staged photo of the top government officials watching the alleged live filming was never explained.

The entire story never made any sense: Osama, unarmed and defended only by his unarmed wife, was murdered in cold blood by a SEAL. What in the world for? Why murder rather than capture the “terrorist mastermind” from whom endless information could have been gained? Why forgo the political fanfare of parading Osama bin Laden before the world as a captive of the American superpower?

Why were no photographs taken? Why was Osama’s body dumped in the ocean. In other words, why was all the evidence destroyed and nothing saved to back up the story?

Why the fake story of Osama being given a sea burial from an aircraft carrier? Why was no media interested that the ship’s crew wrote home that no such burial took place?

Why was there no presstitute interest in the fact that the SEAL unit, from which the SEALs on the alleged raid on bin Laden’s compound were drawn, was loaded against regulations in one 50-year old Vietnam era helicopter and shot down in Afghanistan, with all lives lost? Why was there no presstitute interest in the parents of the SEALs complaints about inappropriate procedures that cost their sons’ lives and about fears expressed to them by sons that something was wrong and they felt endangered?

Did the SEAL unit have to be wiped out because the members were asking one another, “who was on that raid?” “Were you on the bin Laden raid?” When in fact no one was on the raid.

Why wasn’t Congress interested?

Why was the live Pakistani TV interview with an eye witness of the alleged raid on bin Laden’s compound not reported in the US media? The witness contradicted every aspect of the official story. And this was immediately after the event. There was no time for anyone to concoct an elaborate counter-story or motive to do so. Here is the interview, and here is a verified translation that confirms the accuracy of the English subscripts.

Osama bin Laden had been dead for a decade prior to the false claim that Navy SEALs murdered him in Pakistan in May 2011. Here are the obituaries from December 2001, and this one from Fox News.

Here is bin Laden’s last confirmed interview. He says he had nothing to do with 9/11. Why would a terrorist leader who succeed in humiliating “the world’s only superpower” fail to boost his movement by claiming credit?

Think about this. The bin Laden story, including 9/11, is fake from start to finish, but it is inscribed into encyclopedias, history books, and the public’s consciousness.

And this is just one example of the institutionalized mass lies concocted by Washington and the presstitutes and turned into truth. Washington’s self-serving control over explanations has removed Americans from reality and made them slaves to fake news.

So, how does democracy function when voters have no reliable information and, instead, are led into the agendas of the rulers by orchestrated events and fake news?

Where is there any evidence that the United States is a functioning democracy?



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  • patann

    -Early To Mighty, The Fields Are White Unto Harvest 11/31//2017
    All Hail To The Bride Now Reigning In Heaven, Readying The Specialty Stone, The Antichrist Murderer

    -Listening To: Pentatonix, Mary Did You Know?, to Clay Aiken’s, O Holy Night, and Whitney Houston’s, Joy To The World,

    Blessed Is He That Waiteth And Cometh To The Thousand Three Hundred and Five and Thirty Days, Daniel, 12:12.

    -All Viewers Beware, Ancient Beast, The Lion, The Leopard, The Demon Dog, All Posing In The Home As Friendly, Trusted Pets, This Unthinkable. Unsinkable Satanic to Demonic Infiltration

    Prophecy Links

    Seem to be seeing a great stampede and utter chaos of all Elephants once staying the rooms of rebellion, of persons come more and more aware, again stampeding such unaware, beware, Apb

    The Exodus Of Silverton Nicholas Chow, Liverpool

    With Elephants Stampeding, Now To The Little Miya Girl In Your Reluctant Escape Vehicles

    -It’s according Paul to whether you’re looking at it from rebellious man’s failsafe, the heathen raging even after Jesus’ thousand year reign of peaceful healing. Or God’s, when I was first told by Elohim, God that He would destroy America, even for it’s abominable, detestable lives, lands and churches having forsaken Him, by Christ’s cross. This supposedly innovative, living environment now so possessed, ancient beast, the lion, the leopard, the demon dog, have all been seen in their midst, their homes, posing as friendly house pets, this inconceivable of wicked infiltration.
    -A death rider, lately described a Noah’s cousin, released from beneath the earth, so much so that as Trump’s supporters cried, that he make America Great again, I instead heard in my hearing, “your is a nuclear fate.” Additionally proven, that just as Trump declared America safe indefinitely, we were given the very date, such damning declarations were meet with an outbreak of monster hurricanes. Now you know why it is I forewarn they’re come, natural to nuclear, all that can make an extinction level event US to western soil, threatening hundreds of millions.
    -Still Paul, you asked is it, portrayed as a loan of an artificial. leopard skin coat that bedazzles into the costliest of being made unaware possibly ever this planet, Noah’s earth, yet is it you asked is it’s government, the worst evil, ever? Yes, especially if what Apostle John is describing of Mystery Babylon the great is as so many think, warn, is western rule into the American dream. Whose Paul blood guilt, weighed and found wanting, Christmas night, 2001, that until 190 months and forty days be fulfilled, it is any D-day now, so cometh extinction levels events right into just an outbreak of mortuary,
    -This beyond, actually with the word horrible lately just plucked out of the work, I’ve seen said judgement as a funeral reef, western, that soared and reached into the heavens above with it’s insurmountable death tolls on men. Still the answer to your question is certainly, just as that evil world reign, reaching as of the backward running clock I witnessed ticking under the death rider. Apparently all the way back to prophet Daniel’s, his witness of seeing and hearing of four beast rise, of the fourth beast, one more diverse then any as Western Rule. Truly so, lately portrayed as four continents to nations in a block, itself, Asia. America, Japan and Russia so much so, not only was there a cry Paul, 2002 and Trump’s inauguration, 2017, that some fifty million would die, this cry was of prophet Daniel’s four beast reign.
    -His, hearing a cry, that said again of the fourth beast, the beginning of western rule, having iron teeth, commanded to rise up and eat much flesh, and it did, so much so. It is when God’s winepress now begun is finishes it’s world around, it will flow to the horses bridles, a calculating totaling of some 175 miles of martyred blood, just know, this staggering terror isn’t counting nor calculating the Antichrist’s reign. I can only then Paul reiterate holy, revelational to prophetic scripture here, except the lord build the house, except it’s upon the foundation laid by Jesus and his holy apostles, that not even the gates of hell shall prevails against it. Surely all such building will burn and great and mighty beyond imaging will be the vast infernos of it that when Apostle Peter witnessed it. It is as though the sun itself descended into it and totally finished it, thus a new Jerusalem, new Heaven and earth, God’s Kingdom, reign,, exactly what Jesus told us from the beginning, repenrt or perish.
    -Since Trump took office, it is also that ancient beast reign come into fruition, Obama’s depleted administration, heart pounding it’s heavens host crying woe, woe woe, the dragon hath final reign. I’ve warn Kingdom to nation building right now is as the days of Apostle John being revealed what is then prophesied behind Revelation 17, 18, chapters, first befriending her, then turn on her for to destroy her. Of course this was long before I received only days apart both as a word, Revelation 12 sign, a premonition or reinvention of the Bride escaping the Red Dragon reign, as so simply the word Revelation. A reminder not only would God’s word, promises and prophecies not return unto Him void, it is also Gabriel 2004, appearing, forewarning the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind, clarifying the Brides’s heavenly reign into a seventh angel trumpet.
    -As I said earlier, when Elohim come to me, as He’d done with father Abraham concerning an abominable, detestable Sodom and Gomorrah, only also see Noah, Moses, as so prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. I little knew of the outbreak of holocaust the US to western rule has for centuries made of the earth’s inhabitants. When only years passed I actually found myself begging God, that if he don’t stop Mystery, that is Babylon, America, it’s ravenous blood thirst will slaughter the entirety of the Genesis human being. I was in celebration in heaven, like Apostle Paul, whether in my body or out of my body, I don’t know, what I know is that celebrations that beggar description were abruptly brung along. I must say, both John’s and my witnessed upon a silence in heaven, soon a holy one approach, possibly even Jesus, he said, and I quote, “he want to see you,” and I said, who? Then he said, “him.”
    -Next I know I’m standing before a mountain God’s Throne, where from it I witnessed an illumination like the sun emerge, only Paul it speaks, it’s commands as the days of Moses’ and again I quote,”let me people go!” This unthinkable reveal is why even before Trump’s white house, I was calling Americans into first an altar of Christ, then escape, to vacate all that’s practicing western civilization now gone under judgements of God. First for a sudden subtraction of 190 years, then a pale horse judgement to Islamic/antichrist reign. Not only has there been four dunlap street dreams of evacuations into exodus, one featuring Obama, One first lady Obama, one the Little Miya girl, as so my first ever of seeing such the fleeing of Americans. Though there has been just as many of the little miya girl in your rebellious escape vehicles of come apocalypse, one including an eerie transportation in time, era and country right along a toll booth totaling two quarters, all encouraging this final question, got him, got Jesus yet? Beware, Apb, The RAM

  • Pink Slime

    Yes, what is going on?? Why are they letting WHOLESALE Muslim invasion into Western Europe with the obvious disaster and extreme danger they represent. Have they gone mad?? Are your leaders MADMEN and HITLERS???

    Look at them. Trudeau, Macron, May, Merkel, etc. All anti-Semites.

    And why does America defend, protect and even aid ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?? Wasting HUGE dollars on these violent, unproductive and even MURDEROUS LOSERS???

    And why do they vote in communist (aka Democraps) in year after year with what we now know has been nothing gropers and sexual fiends?? Making laws in their underwear? No wonder it’s worse then seeing sausages being made. :twisted:

  • 2QIK4U

    Put it this way. You, ME and the rest of the planet knows its a legit question but also the dumbest. AMERICA’S job has been to make other people around the world to look like the evil one’s that must be stopped when really its America’s culture of the last hundred years of scumbag tactics….

  • Andy

    YES, the U.S. govt is the most corrupt entity in the history of humanity – it will reap as it has sown

  • harry

    The irony of the current situation of Mueller vs Flynn is he is basing his findings on a wiretap, that was an illegal wiretap. Flynn was being wiretapped illegally by another administration, and they are going to frame Flynn for complying with instructions by the newly elected president to start a new agenda with a foreign government. Mueller is the one who needs to be investigated along with other members of the FBI, AND CIA!!!!

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