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“Miracle” Anti-Cancer Nutrient: Groundbreaking Vitamin D Research

Thursday, March 3, 2011 7:59
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8000 IUs of vitamin D daily necessary to raise blood levels of “miracle” anti-cancer nutrient, declares groundbreaking new research

Vitamin D


NaturalNews) The reign of censorship and suppression against vitamin D is now coming to an end. Even though the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and many institutions leading the cancer industry (including the ACS) have intentionally tried to downplay the ability of vitamin D to prevent cancer, a new study appearing in the journal Anticancer Research lays out the simple, powerful truth about vitamin D that we’ve been teaching at NaturalNews for years: A typical adults needs 4,000 – 8,000 IUs of vitamin D each day to prevent cancer, MS and type-1 diabetes, not the ridiculously low 400 – 800 IUs recommended by the U.S. government.

The new research was conducted by scientists at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha. It is groundbreaking research because it establishes the relationship between vitamin D dosage and circulating vitamin D levels in the blood.

This is a first. It is crucial information for the health care revolution that will be necessary to save states and nations from total health care bankruptcy in the coming years. Vitamin D turns out to be one of the simplest, safest and most affordable ways to prevent degenerative disease and sharply reduce long-term health care costs.


Up to 8,000 IUs needed daily

“We found that daily intakes of vitamin D by adults in the range of 4,000 to 8,000 IU [international units] are needed to maintain blood levels of vitamin D metabolites in the range needed to reduce by about half the risk of several diseases — breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes,” said Dr. Cedric Garland. (…)

Dr. Garland is the professor of family and preventive medicine at the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. He went on to say:

“I was surprised to find that the intakes required to maintain vitamin D status for disease prevention were so high — much higher than the minimal intake of vitamin D of 400 IU/day that was needed to defeat rickets in the 20th century.”

Study reveals 90% vitamin D deficiency rate across U.S. population

This particular study involved over 3,000 volunteers who were taking vitamin D supplements. Researchers drew blood samples from them in order to determine their levels of 25-vitamin D (the common form circulating in the blood).

The results were shocking even to the study authors, revealing that 90 percent of those studied were deficient in vitamin D, falling below the 40 – 60 ng/ml range now considered healthy. (Most nutritionally-aware experts in the natural health world recommend higher ranges of 60 – 70 ng/ml, actually.)

The U.S. government’s Institute of Medicine has intentionally downplayed vitamin D recommendations, seemingly in an effort to keep boosting the profits of the cancer industry by denying any real benefit to vitamin D. The IOMs most recent recommendations seemed designed to actually cause vitamin D deficiency in the U.S. population (…).

The IOM has even gone out of its way to artificially lower the threshold of vitamin D deficiency by claiming that 20 ng/ml is a sufficient level. This magically transforms a “deficient” person into a “non-deficient” person by merely changing the definition. So a person with a level of 22 ng/ml, for example, is not considered “vitamin D deficient” by the established medical system, even though their vitamin D levels are so low that they may not be able to prevent cancer, MS or type-1 diabetes.

Why the truth about vitamin D is a huge threat to the established for-profit medical system

As NaturalNews has documented and reported many times over the last several years, the medical establishment — and especially the cancer industry — has willfully engaged in attempts to prevent people from learning the truth about vitamin D in order to protect the lucrative profits generated from sickness and disease. Vitamin D represents a greater threat to the medical establishment than any other single nutrient for three reasons:

1) Vitamin D is FREE (you can get it from the sun, without a prescription).

2) Vitamin D prevents over a dozen high-profit diseases and health conditions (osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, MS, and others).

3) Vitamin D is extremely safe, even when taken in supplement form, because it’s a natural vitamin / hormone that the body recognizes.

Read more in our downloadable special report, “The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D” at…


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  • Anonymous

    “Vitimin D” (sic) in the headline!
    I would like to pass on this article to others but what’s the point when the very name of the miracle vitamin is misspelt IN THE HEADLINE? Unforgivably sloppy editing.

  • Anonymous

    Now it’s changed to “Vitiman D”. What’s going on?

  • Anonymous

    So, a misspelling makes the health facts not worth passing on?
    Typical micro-brain thinking! So, you never spell things wrong? Oh yeah, perfection is what you live for….must be painful to be around so much humanity!

  • HIStoryIndeed

    Our bodies used to get the majority of the Vitamin D we needed directly from the sun.

    The overcast skies that occur as a result of the almost daily worldwide spraying is creating a barrier between us and the sun preventing the synthesis of the vitamin D you’d normally receive via exposure through your hair and skin.

    So regardless as to what you think the chemtrails are for, or what’s in them, they are certainly acting as a barrier preventing certain frequencies of energy from hitting us, the plants, and everything else that is used to getting some or all of its energy in that manner.

    The sunblock campaign has been a big part of this also in that when we do spend time outdoors and exposed, we place a barrier directly onto our sun energy synthesizer. Mike Adams The Health Ranger did a great piece on it.

    Our farming methods are contributing also. Remember, you are what you eat. By keeping chickens inside and in the dark it reduces the amount of vitamin D in their eggs. They get less, we get less.

    First we were told to eat less because too many were bad for you, then when we didn’t curb our consumption to their desired levels they went to the source and by unnaturally raising the birds were able to achieve a less nutrient dense product for our consumption.

    Hey Barra, They’re covering the western Suffolk sky as I type, how about by you?

  • Anonymous

    In reply to Anonymous Fri Mar 04 2011 11:56
    I take 10,000 i.u. of vitamin D3 daily and have been trying to persuade a sick friend of the vitamin’s merits, against his doctor’s advice. This article is just what they need, but if I recommend it to them they’ll fall about laughing before they’ve even got through the title. When your mission is to increase public and professional awareness of the health benefits of vitamin D, to refer to it in the MAIN TITLE of your paper as vitiman (oops! a squiggly red line has just appeared – what can that mean?) is not the way to go about it. It shows that you can’t even use a spellchecker. You seem to be of a peevish disposition. Have you tried cholecalciferol?

  • Anonymous

    here is an even more important government recommendation, which clearly needs looking at.If you follow the recommended cholesterol intake, it will literally shrink your brains, your brain is 70 plus % cholesterol.Yes chemtrails, imagine, how much sicker people are, and are getting, no vitamin , not enough, you get sick, unwell, period.Big pharma cartels, are holding the health of humans hostage, chemtrails, is a part of that, with holding information, another huge part, toxic vaccines, huge role also, useless endless treatment protocols, and pharmaceuticals, that only work on a very small number of patients.The fda just banned 500 over the counter medications, because they were not tested properly, well h ow did they get on the market in the first place, someone approved them?.Their lies, and greed, and thievery knows no bounds.Corruption, aligned with more corruption in gov,t and regulatory boards.Monsanto is also a huge part of making people sick, for profit.

  • Pix

    This is not groundbreaking anything, they’ve known the cause and cures for ALL diseases since the 1960′s… ascorbates and oxygen. Western medicine is a total fraud designed to bankrupt sick people, not cure them.

  • Anonymous

    Trader Joes has a great deal on the Vitamin D3′s and the shelf life is a few years.

  • Pix

    How’s that groundbreaking. They’ve known the cause and cures for all diseases since the 60′s. Ascorbates and oxygen. The cancer research fundraising is totally fraudulent. The medical proffession allows millions of kids to die painful deaths so the big pharma corporations can bankrupt the sick with their toxic chemicals that don’t cure anything.


    Hey Barra, They’re covering the western Suffolk sky as I type, how about by you?

    Just saw this now. The spraying has been heavy by me except for yesterday.Finally a break. Guess they were waiting for a shipment to refill the tanks.Nice to see someone from suffolk out there.

  • yes2truth

    Lack of Vitamin D also causes rickets. Indian kids from the Sub-Continent who come to live in The UK are prone to getting rickets ‘cos we don’t get the sunshine like India + fish is not something they eat a lot of.

    Now you know why the Brits love their fish and chips. Eat plenty of fish for Vitamin D.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WARNING …… I upped my intake of Vitamin D to 2000 units per day and develped painful kidney stones. Had to go to the ER for help. One year later passed another kidney stone. Finally, I realized it might be the Vitamin D and threw them away. Never got another kidney stone and am fine now.

  • terry the censor

    While the paper you cite does suggest high levels of D are not toxic, they still could be lethal.

    “Both high and low concentrations of plasma 25(OH)D are associated with elevated risks of overall and cancer mortality. Low concentrations are associated with cardiovascular mortality.”

  • Syx

    This is for HIStoryIndeed ;
    Hi. I agree with you and have felt that way for a long time now. As you say, The Ingredients in the ChemTrails are indeed bad for us and the way they block the Sun does stop us from getting the Vitamins from the Sun that we need to stay Healthy. I believe what’s in the Spray does fall, thus getting onto our skin and we breathe this in, doing more harm to us. I feel the stuff in the ChemTrails make our immune systems work overtime, and eventually it will stop our I S’s from helping us overcome even the most common colds. ‘They’ are doing ‘Their’ best to cull this Planet’s Population. Google ” Georgia GuideStones ” if you aren’t familiar with this already. It will be an eye opener for ya. Take Care of Yourself and be Good to All who are in Your Family and Friend’s Circles. Later, Syx.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your valuable post.

    We have decided to share it with our global physician audience at

    Ruby Osorio
    Team Member
    Physicians connecting worldwide

  • RainMan

    A spelling mistake!! Horriffc.
    Nobodys perfext.

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