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“Black Death” Highly Contagious Plague Killing People… Here’s What’s Going Down

Monday, October 9, 2017 9:39
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By Lisa Haven


All out panic has ensued in Madagascar where a recent outbreak of the plague has claimed the lives of at least 24 people, while some reports detail as many as 33 deaths, just within the past two months.

As a result, the Prime Minister Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana has announced a ban on all public gatherings and demonstrations until the outbreak is contained.

Currently, the worst form of the plague, specifically the pneumonic plague, is striking the area and can have catastrophic consequences. All that and more in the report below…


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  • dakota

    Stop your insults that hit below the belt. Nothing about her appearance, real or imagined, is any of our business. Grow up. Have some class. I know that seems impossible for skanks such as yourself, but try.
    You lose any credibility when you act like a child bully. You need a good spanking. Maybe more than one spanking. We’ll all line up and spank the daylights out of you. Creep.

    • Sean

      Um, you should be the 2nd comment not the 1st. :lol:

      I covered this already.

      Horton Hears a WHO!

      Try and keep up.

      • Anonymous

        This is true. BeforeItsNews deleted a comment that calls out Haven for what she is. Can’t have anybody express what a lying skank and degenerate click baiter she really is. She’s a star of the cheap and dumbass freak show that is BeforeItsNews. Anybody can post any lying bullshit they please. They offend the whole nation and everybody injured at Las Vegas with their lying bullshit and slanders. Now the black death is coming for your ass. Yet they censor you if the truth hits home when you call them out. Nothing intelligent goes on here, anyway. So why bother? It really is just a dumbass freak show.

        • Hayduke

          This is the first comment you have ever made that I have actually agreed with. But you have to keep in mind that Sister Heaven is really a guy named Mike, he’s a mod here. I found this out when good old Mike, aka Sister Heaven, banned me for two weeks because I guess I went into a little too much detail describing a new picture of Sister Heaven where it looked like her head was spinning around with her eyes bugging out.

          Then BOOM!!! The ban hammer!!! You have to watch out what you say about that filthy, click bait liar of a skank!!! And now it’s “BUY MY BITCOIN”!!! Give me a freakin’ break. :cool:

          • Anonymous

            Just a freak show, for freak show chump change. I pulled down over a quarter million from the web last year, clear, looking about the same this year. While these asshats are fretting over deleting comments, I look at my website maybe once a month, turned all maintenance work over to a good college kid. I never even touch products, most of what I sell have never actually held in my hand. Honest business, and good business. I cheat nobody, lie to nobody, don’t live with a bug up my ass to silence anybody for being truthful. These assholes, selling lies, couldn’t pay my taxes, from the pitiful, suck ad revenue they snag. I also have all the time in the world, to do whatever I damned well please. These asshats are going to die, worrying everyday about comments they need to delete. That’s what it’s like at the freak show. It’s like people throw them fractions of chump change, to gawk at freaks, and it’s a riot. It’s a nowhere business. They have to come up with new lies, everyday. It’s like they have to try to keep floating in quicksand, suppose that would be quickshit. I don’t even need to come up with new products. I only take a cut of my business, anymore, still make a lot more than chump change. Good days I wakeup a thousand dollars richer, my main job looking at a spreadsheet and transferring funds. I wouldn’t live like a dumbass, worrying about deleting anything on my spreadsheet, or my website, because I’m a degenerate freak, trying to hide it. I would also fire anybody’s ass who was a damned, degenerate liar, in about two seconds. These assholes aren’t even on the same planet. This is why they will never know how to make more than chump change. That damned Pritchett probably gets in a relative’s wallet while they sleep, to pay his electric bill.

  • The Ferrett

    That . . “oh so worried look” on Lisa Haven’s face is soooooooo fake and preposterous. How can anyone out there in the alt news community take her seriously?

    Are you Americans SO stupid and dumbed down that you can’t see that? Come on now . . .

    • Hayduke

      Yes, apparently we are. :smile:

  • allendaves

    123’s of true Christianity v popular & damnable heresies

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  • beLIEve

    Orsini Crime Family

    May 25, 2017

    The Orsini family of Rome, the Orsini-Rosenberg family of Austria, and the Roseneberg family of Bohemia control Rosicrucianism which is a secret society of alchemists. These families all use the rose on their coat of arms. The Rosicrucian Order is also called the Order of the Rosy Cross.


    The FDA and most food and DRUG COMPANIE$ are CON-TROLLED by Rosicrucians.


    The creator of the Georgia Guidestones which aim to REGULATE the POPULATION of HUMANITY used the name RC Christian as an aLIAS and was really Robert C Cook an AMERICAN GENE-ti-CYST INVOLVED in POPULATION CON-TROLL and EUGENICS.


    The Rosicrucians made a YouTube video placing a time cube with MM and 16 on it.
    MM for 2000 and 16 together meant 2016.




    THEY are BEHIND ZIKA too.


    :idea: :idea: The ORSINI and ROSENBERG fami-LIES were also RESPONSIBLE for the BLACK PLAGUE. :idea: :idea:


    The song Ring O Roses goes back to the times of the Black Plague. They used rose petals to mask the smell of death. I also found two people with the name Rosenberg that work in high level positions at Bayer today. The Colonna family of Rome work closely with the Orsini family and are also involved with pharmaceuticals. Stefano Colonna developed the Julia-Colonna Epoxidation which is used by Bayer and Evonik today. The Julia-Colonna Epoxidation is used for binding toxic chemicals with human enzymes.

    * * *

    The Ebola Dictatorship

    * * *

    George Soros, his Ebola bioweapons lab and the death of WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas in the Ukraine

    * * *
    Exposed! George Soros Is Funding The Bioweapons Lab At The Focus of Ebola Outbreak!

    * * *
    BIOWAR FEARS Scientists race to develop vaccine for the PLAGUE amid fears terrorists could use the Medieval disease to kill millions

    :idea: A leading researcher has warned :lol: THE DISEASE COULD BE :idea: WEAPONIZED :idea: TO DEADLY EFFECT :lol: SHOULD IT “FALL” INTO THE WRONG HAND$ !! :lol: ….aka…….SORE-AR$E….GATE$….creators of the so-called “VAC-CINE”.

    * * *

    Ebola Vaccine Weaponized…Don’t Take it under any circumstance!

  • Jeffery Pritchett

    Fuck before it’s news.

    Cunt bag pieces of shit that delete comments like some sort of modern day Nazi censorship program.

    We see you BIN, and it lowers your credibility even more every time you do it, which is really saying something since you’re the bottom of the fucking barrel, fucking subterranean already.

    As for this dipshit, fear porn, garbage article, by this idiot bitch, there plaque kills people every year, including in the US.

    So fuck off and take your clickbait, fear porn with you.

    • Hayduke

      There is a lot of anger here. It looks like you maybe could use a Snickers. :eek:

  • dakota

    Stop your insults that hit below the belt. Nothing about her appearance, real or imagined, is any of our business. Grow up. Have some class. I know that seems impossible for skanks, but try.
    You lose any credibility when you act like a child bully. You need a good spanking.

  • Anonymous

    I did not hit the skank below the belt. If I had done that, you would have seen some old crows fly out. All that aside, Haven is a damned liar. What kind of class is that? You’re a fan, defending the liar. What kind of class does that display? Damned degenerates should never even use the word class. Does that register, moron? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to insult you. I mean you’re a moron, sincerely, just being honest. Let’s make a deal. I’ll grow up, if you’ll get your frontal lobes repaired.

  • dakota

    Thank you. You just PROVED me right.

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