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A Deadly Poison Is Killing Thousands of Americans and the Supreme Court Admits It

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 11:19
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By Lisa Haven


Today many methods of depopulation are being implemented, however, the biggest attack is being initiated against our health using chemtrails, fluoride, GMO’s, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccinations and Obamacare death panels, to name a few.

The campaign to eliminate “useless eaters” on behalf of the planet’s “privileged ruling elite,” is sure to take a more ravenous toll as global population levels rise. It can be expected.

It is no secret that the elite wants millions dead, and no longer do they hide it. No, it’s out in the open and they are proud of their stance, and any numb-nut who denies it, well, they can just rest in their stupidity.

In the video below I interview Ronnie McMullen, health expert, and CEO of Life Change Tea, a man who himself suffers from diabetes due to the harmful toxins being pushed on humanity via the elites depopulation agenda. As a result of taking Life Change Tea, his body has had a dramatic turn for the best. No longer does he feel helpless under the circumstances our elite have placed him in, and neither should you. Here is the answer to how you too can be free from Big Pharm’s chess game of life. All that and more below…




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Total 8 comments
  • Slimey

    This seems to be a wholesale RULING in favor of vaccine manufacturers and gives them carte blanche to now actually be careless or even RUTHLESS in MAKING them and you even TAKING them.

    The Supine Court, ironically, just made it DANGEROUS for your whole country in this endeavor. This is Hillaryous!

    Historians will look at this hundreds of year later and scratch their heads on how incredibly STUPID the people are in calling for their own demise. :twisted:

    • Equalizer

      Yes! A truly sad mentally debilitating disease, which also affects the spine (ANTIFA treason Berkeley fuc-tards). Leaving a human “spineless” with no mental capacities to think for themselves (always funded by George Soros) whatsoever… In multiple various spoken/written languages know as “liberalism”. This repulsive, disgusting, pathetic incapacitation of human mentality is the lowest level of brain deterioration. Regretfully brought on by CNN and MSNBC brain washing. Easily cured without the use of pharmaceutical psychotropic medications which are known to cause delusions and suicidal tendencies (Mass school shootings etc.) only known cure… Awakened from MK ultra Media industrial complex/Saul Alinsky brain washing. Happy 4th of July awakened Americans…America 1st!!!

      • Equalizer

        Awaken from your “libtard-delusion” with a yuge winning dose of Donald J. Trump!

  • Don - 1

    The top secret Operation Mockingbird sponsored by the CIA and black funded by US tax dollars is the same thing. The US taxpayer is funding their own death by media. Its no accident that the NDAA was created to make propaganda fakery legal in the US….just like it was legal in nazi Germany and communist Russia. America…you’ve been royally F’d.

  • truck driver

    VA clinic doctor some Leftist woman going over my blood work , I heard say outside the door before walking in , we need to kill him he’s a soldier veteran, just mess him up with a vaccine so we can make money from long term medication.

    • Slimey

      I know a friend that took his brother to the hospital the other day. He went in for stomach problems and he said one of the first things the nurse said to him was his brother needs to take vaccine shots. One for the flu and something else (I forgot).

      Really? :twisted:

  • Man

    yea know…. they are really failing at depopulation when the the global population keeps growing.

    If you want to depopulate you want it fast and not that people enjoy a satifying life…

    it also doesn’t help the economy when you consumer base has shrunk and you don’t havbe people to do the labor…

  • Everette

    These evil reptilian people need to be named along with their commits they have made with their desiring death to millions ! Then the people need to demand the deaths of these jackasses ! Force our army ( because we out number them and many are our children ) to round up these scum bags and hang them with media on sight for all the world to see ! If they reside in a foreign country , drop a bomb on their stinking tails . The representatives are suppose to work for the tax paying citizens which are the government , us ! Seems these jackasses have forgotten who they are ! We then need to check into the new laws they have made to see if they are kissing the reptilian vatican NWO’s butts and UN muslim butts . If so hang their butts with media present for all the world to see for Treason ! Remove the Treasonist laws ! Treason and murder of American citizens needs to stop ! They want death then I say give it to them ! They desire 95% of the worlds population gone , leaving their 5% to repopulate earth . I think GOD would step in here to stop lucifer’s repopulation of HIS planet earth . Why ? Because in Revelation chapters 21-22 it states earth will soon become GOD’s new abode . HE is coming to live with mankind and will be bringing HIS city with HIM . We are the center of the universe in GOD’s eyes ! If only people would open their eyes and see GOD loves them . The reptilians are lucifer’s children ! I challenge anyone to put forth where the Bible tells us to love lucifer and his descendants ! GOD destroyed them with the flood . Then again using the children of Israel to wipe out entire towns and animals . Why ? Because the fallen angels had began mixing with humanity and animals again . We are told in the end times which is now they will begin doing it again . How do I know it’s the end time ? Science states earth now has 63 years left before All life is dead on planet earth . How ? When the tidal wave hit the nuclear power plant in Japan and caused it to melt down spueeing forth radiation into the air and ocean continually . It will soon begin to change to its deadly state and begin killing off earths population of life . It is said most of the Pacific ocean life is almost gone now , fish and sea life wash up on shores now . California is now receiving radiation from the ocean and air . YESHUA ( Jesus ) stated that GOD was going to have to shorten the end days or no flesh would be saved ( Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 ) . And it is now being said that the UV rays from the sun are baking the center of the earth like a micro wave oven , causing the volcanos to erupt . Look up (EPA UV index) and see we are in the ( very high ) ranges across the United States . Some are running in the extreme conditions . We are told that the next 10 years it will become worse . Well this is Bible also , because we are told that the heat will increase and scorch men , who then will curse GOD instead of repenting of their evils . I just want to say those trying to tell you the truth are having to fight a hard battle now to get the truth to you . On this sight I have face many distractions . Each new topic I pull up face book throws up a 1/3 page add to cover the pictures and words , but I know how to get around it . They shake my options where I can chose on the right side page bouncing it up and down . Figured how to get around that too . My YouTube is cut off to stop me from seeing the videos . Some are now leaving YouTube using other video media which has helped me out . So to respond I read the words after getting rid of Facebook 1/3 page covering , then go to the commits and read their responses . I find only a few that give me a clue to what has been said on the videos . Then I respond with my 2 cents worth . Truly their is an evil agenda to sway the minds towards their evils . Why ? Because they know GOD steps back away when the people choose evil over righteousness . Then they can start their destroying process on mankind . Until the righteous leave the camp the wicked ones are held at bay . Seems in our world today the righteous are far and few between . Evil is running rampant . Lisa keep pushing out the truth . Because in the end they can’t say you never told me about it ! The watchman that doesnt sound the horn will find themselves in trouble . But those who do will be rewarded ! Keep up the good work girl !!! Now I am fighting the submit button ! If it gets posted thn you know I made it thru !

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